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https://www.literotica.com/s/my-wifes-family The idea of a weekend with the in-laws didn't rank high on my list of things for a fun weekend. Julie and I had been married two years and I had avoided most of those obligations. Her parents lived outside the country since her father worked overseas for most of his career. His company moved him and his family wherever they needed his talents. 2 Now after an early retirement her parents had moved back to the U.S. and bought a home on a small acreage near the west coast. Their new home was a couple hundred miles away from us in a resort community. The weekend trip was a small compromise and I was learning to handle those trade-offs in our marriage. 3 Julie agreed to drive and picked me up at the office on Friday afternoon. She stopped by the curb and greeted me with her teasing line, "Do you need a ride stranger? I'm going as far as you want to go." 4 Climbing into the passenger seat, I laughed and tossed the playful banter back to her. "Oh girl you have no idea how far that is. We'll go places you've never imagined. Then again, maybe you're going that way already." We leaned close and kissed before pulling away from the curb. 5 After merging into traffic she looked at me. "Thanks for doing this with me. It means a lot and my parents really want to know you better. You've only really spent a few short days with them in the time we've been together. They are a lot of fun once you get to know them." 6 The drive was relaxing as the countryside rolled past. Julie drove the car and I watched the scenery. Like many men I sometimes look at other women in a passing appreciation of their beauty. Julie had caught me looking often enough, and rather than becoming angry or spiteful about it, she'd laughed it off knowing it was nothing more than a passing look. 7 Julie was true beauty in her own right. Her light brown hair, olive skin, and slender athletic build made most other guys drool when they saw her. Those lucky enough to know her were even more attracted by her charm and wit. She was a 10, and she knew it. I knew it. She wasn't threatened by my passing glances at a stranger. In her playful way she'd started letting me know when I was busted on those trespasses. She'd comment "I bet she'd rock your world" after she caught me in the middle of a hungry stare. Eventually the phrase was shortened to simply "rocking" so it would be our private joke in mixed company. 8 After an hour on the road we came along side a red Mercedes convertible. The car caught my eye and I was looking it over. We pulled along side it and the two occupants were beautiful blondes. They glanced over and smiled and waved at me as we rolled down the road. We drove side by side and I was unaware that Julie was watching me and holding her speed steady with the Mercedes. 9 Finally she giggled and said "rocking" to break the silence, and then passed the other car, leaving the two blondes behind us. "Is that drool on your chin or just car envy? Maybe we should pull over someplace to help you get over that car." 10 We both knew I was caught and she teased more by tugging at her top blouse buttons to make the point. Her fingers worked on the buttons and her smooth silky skin was exposed showing the curve of her 34C breasts. My cock twitched with her seductive tease. She reached over stroking my eager cock through my pants to make her point. With a throbbing hard-on, I was ready to pull the car over and screw her on the side of the highway. It was only the bad timing of a passing highway patrol car that put our minds back on the driving. 11 Julie was in a teasing mood and she pressed the point after a few more miles. We often had fun debates while on road trips or sitting at home. Her years growing up in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, London, and Paris had given her a diverse education and perspective on many things. She could discuss philosophy or psychology in three languages. 12 She was usually kind and generous but her mind was like a steel trap when she wanted to attack an idea. And now she was going to grill me about my wandering thoughts. "What was it about those two blondes that caught your eye?" she asked. 13 Trying to avoid her grilling, "It was the car really, and I was only wondering if they were sisters or friends that looked alike. You've got to admit they did look alike." 14 After a moment she looked at me. "That was an awful long stare to consider that small fact. You must have thought something else about them. After all, you really don't know anything about them. You never can really tell about people without knowing all their secrets. They could be saints or sinners, debutantes or poor working girls that are credit card payment slaves. For all you know they might have been hookers on their way to a party, or sisters on their way to church. Come on tell me big boy. What was going through your mysterious mind?" 15 I wasn't taking her bait and tossed it all back at her. To tell you the truth I was thinking all that. "They looked like sisters, with a lot of credit card debt on their way to a party to find a sugar daddy to bail them out of their predicament." 16 Julie laughed, "oh and I suppose you were the good looking rich stud that was going to be their knight in shinning armor. Were you going to save both of them or did you have your eye on just one of those sisters?" 17 Groaning in mock agony "Ahh, I have to make the tough choices all day long at work and now you want me to make more choices". 18 Julie pressed on. "So you're saying you'd take both sisters. Aren't you the wild one? I better turn up the heat a notch or two in the bedroom to keep you under control" 19 I countered, "Yeah, line them up for me baby. I am a stud muffin sex machine ready for all you can give me. Turn up the heat all you want girl." 20 Her smirk grew wider. "That sounds like you're into incest. What wicked fun were you and those sisters getting into with your incest fantasy. You're just full of secrets and surprises. It seems there are more than a few impure thoughts under your proper exterior" she jeered. We laughed at her teasing and continued down the road. 21 We drove on as darkness covered the countryside and arrived at her parent's house around 10pm. They greeted us warmly and Julie ran to her father and jumped into his arms. She buried her face in his neck and wrapped hers legs around him as he lifted her off the ground. His arms wrapped around her waist and then his hands slid down her back and cupped her ass while he lifted her off the ground. 22 Before their embrace ended her mother joined in the hugging and kissing. I was surprised to see her kiss them both on the lips but shrugged it off as cultural. They held each other close for the longest time before turning to welcome me. Elle was warm and hugged me with enthusiasm. Her touch was inviting as her body pressed tightly against mine. She had on a perfume that made me want another whiff of her scent. Dick was robust and gripped my hand tight while slapping my back like an old friend. Elle wrapped her arms around Julies' and my waist as she escorted us into the house. 23 Richard and Elaine, or Dick and Elle as they liked to be called were fit and tanned and well relaxed from their new found free time in early retirement. Both of them could be mistaken for a couple in their 40's even though Dick was 53 and Elle was 51. The retirement package Dick was given ensured they didn't have to worry about money. They were now free to pursue the things they enjoyed. Dick was an avid cyclist and Elle was a runner and a fanatic about yoga. They both enjoyed golf, swimming, and hiking. 24 Once inside the house they began showing off their new place. It was spacious for the two of them. Elle offered to show us around to which Dick laughed and said "Elle will give you the twenty-five cent peep show and I'll get everyone a drink." 25 Julie chimed in. "Make sure that Mike's is a double. He had to work all day and he's been "rockin" all the way here and needs to unwind." She grinned at me wickedly and then took her mothers arm to walk up the stairs. I watched in uneasy silence as they wiggled up the stairs. 26 Their home was in a private setting perched on a hill overlooking the valley and a lake. It came with a pool and fitness room. The acreage had the start of a small vineyard that intrigued Dick. He joked the house was the fruit of his labors, Julie was the fruit of his loins, and grapes would be the fruit of his vines. 27 We toured the house while Elle and Julie talked. They shared so many similar mannerisms and gestures that a casual observer might think they were sisters. There was no mistaking they were related. Julie moved lighter on her feet and had an eager playful mood. Although normally calm and witty, if not graceful, now less than 15 minutes in her parents' house she was bouncing around like an energetic teen. Her giggles and playful ways seemed nymph-like when she spoke with her father. There was an obvious spark of electricity between them. 28 Seeing their photos and personal decorations gave me a new perspective on my in-laws and my wife. There are some things you never learn about your spouse unless you spend time with their family. Pictures of family skiing trips in Europe, hiking in some rain forest, and sail boating in the Mediterranean filled one wall. The photos of Elle on a beach in France made me take a second glance. She'd accepted the European custom of topless and nude beaches and didn't mind showing a few photos of herself, Julie, and her twin sister and brother from years past. Other pictures told the story of an adventurous life filled with enjoyment. 29 As I stared at the naked photos of Elle, Dick walked up behind me. "They were the sexiest girls on the beach that day, and they still are" he said with a tone of pride. I nodded in agreement and we laughed and then followed the girls down the hallway toward our guest bedroom. 30 The upper floor was split by a staircase and sitting area with a hallway going to each side. The master suite was on one side of the house and two guest rooms were on the other side. The hallways each had glass doors to close them from the rest of the house. The guest room was spacious and comfortable with a view of the pool area and the valley below. The bed looked inviting and I commented how it had been a long week. 31 Without further prompting Elle placed her hand on mine and said "Don't let us keep you up dear. We'll have plenty of time to talk in the morning. If you need anything at all you just come and ask me. Julie will probably chatter on for a while with us if you don't mind. 32 Dick chimed in "you won't mind if I keep Julie for myself for a while, do you Mike?" We chuckled at his comment and I turned in for the night. 33 Sleep came easily and I was sound asleep minutes after hitting the pillow. Waking sometime in the middle of the night I was alone in the bed. Without a second thought, I rolled over and drifted off again until the morning light spilled through the window. The sounds of birds and crickets were a relaxing change from the urban sounds of sirens and car engines that often woke us at home. Julie was smiling softly and content in her deep slumber. I slipped out of the bedroom into the quiet house. 34 Making my way down the stairs without a sound, I was surprised to see Elle standing in the kitchen. Her back was to me. She wore a short silk robe that barely covered her behind. When she reached for a dish on a high shelf, her tanned naked ass was exposed. Her muff peeked out from between her legs as she stood on her tiptoes and leaned forward to reach a high shelf. Startled and with an eyeful, I stepped back around the corner. Making a few noises at the bottom of the stairs, I once again entered the kitchen. 35 Elle turned to greet me and smiled warmly. Her short robe was tied loosely around her waist and her tempting cleavage, shapely legs, and toned ass were there for the peeking. She wasn't at all concerned about her skimpy attire. I struggled to maintain eye contact with her as she leaned forward to pour my coffee and her robe spilled open. She was charming and began making breakfast. Her tanned and toned body was on display as she worked in the kitchen. The morning sun shone through the thin material outlining her body. I sat watching her every move and talking casually with her. 36 "We didn't keep you awake last night did we?" she asked tentatively. Julie said you could sleep through anything and never wake. We stayed up late even though Dick set a tee time for us to play golf today. He's really excited about getting you and Julie out and cutting loose. He always complains the local stiffs are too uptight to have a good time. 37 Before I could respond, Dick's voice boomed out from behind me. "You bet your sweet ass they're a bunch of uptight pricks. You'd think they were playing for the pro tour the way they get all fussy about the rules. Me, I just want to enjoy a good time with some friends and we can bend the rules as we please. You're not going to go heavy on the rule book on me today are you Mike?" Elle looked at her husband with a smile that had a look indicating she would have a word with him at some later time. 38 Before she could say anything, I replied "Dick, it's your house, your tee time, and we'll play by your rules. Whatever you want to play is ok by me. Scramble, best ball, handicap, or hack and cuss is all good for me. Just promise I won't go home $1,000 bucks poorer." 39 He laughed and slapped my back in a jovial way. "Hey I won't take your wallet but you might be dancing naked on the 18th green if I win by more than five shots. Just to keep it fun, let's have the losers make dinner for the winners. We'll switch partners to keep it interesting. You and Elle can play against me and Julie. She's got a sweet stroke but I'll warn you in advance though, don't let her get you in the deep rough looking for balls. You might lose your pants!" Amused with his own joke he chuckled and poured another cup of coffee. Dick was a full time joker and always looking for a way to turn the conversation bawdy if not sexually suggestive. 40 As we talked, the water upstairs started running. Julie was in the shower. She bounced downstairs after a few minutes and came into the kitchen. She was glowing and radiant, and hadn't looked this relaxed in a long time. She wore a sleeveless blouse and tight shorts that hugged her perfect ass. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail with a visor perched on her head to shade her pretty face. She was the vision of a playful sexy sports girl. 41 Julie kissed me and I noticed the way her parents looked her over. It seemed like Dick was checking her out with something more than parental pride. We ate breakfast and Elle stood around playing the perfect hostess with her cleavage on display and most of her body showing. Several times Julie caught me looking at her barely clad mother and each time she smiled slyly at me and winked. 42 After a leisurely morning we drove two cars to the golf course. Elle rode with me while Julie jumped in with her dad. The weekend was turning out to be fun. It was almost like spending a weekend with old college buddies rather than my in-laws. The way they joked and teased made me loosen up and I was soon returning some of their suggestive remarks with a joke or two of my own. 43 The game was rowdy fun and in spite of all Dick's jokes he was a solid player. He had a competitive streak that was masked by his joking loose attitude. Dick was a joker about most things and golf was no different. He had a work hard and play hard attitude, and now that he was retired his playing was even harder. By the 15th hole Dick and Julie were beating us by 7 strokes. The teasing increased and he and Julie suggested Elle and I should both dance naked on the 18th green. 44 Elle laughed and shot back at him. "Dick honey you forget I have the young stud on my team and he can go the distance. You better save your energy for the 19th. Mike has been going easy on you and I think he's got a lot more game in him. Besides, I might not be able to control myself with this handsome young stud if we are both naked." With that reply Elle patted me on the ass. "Break out that big driver of yours with the extra stiff shaft and show that old goat who can go the distance." 45 Elle and I closed the gap but we still lost the match by two strokes. As agreed we were going to cook dinner for everyone. After a couple drinks at the clubhouse, Elle and I left and went on home to start dinner. Dick and Julie ordered another round for themselves as we got up to leave. 46 They were happily taunting us. "You two kitchen slaves run along and prepare to feed and entertain the victors." They traded high five hand slaps and clinked their glasses in a toast as we left the club. 47 The hot sun and the drinks were having an effect on me. It was also showing on Elle and she was giggling and tipsy. We pulled into the driveway and as I unloaded the car my ankle turned on the abrupt edge of the driveway. Losing my balance I fell into the rose bushes. The sharp thorns scratched and pierced my legs. "Fuck me!" I cursed without thinking; laying there in the dirt. Looking up at Elle I realized my mistake and apologized. 48 "Oh, there's no need for apologizing. I've said the same thing myself on a number of occasions" she said grinning. "Are you all right? I've been after Dick to fix that since we moved in." Rising from the ground Elle brushed the dirt and blood off my leg and said "you better grab a shower and clean up. Come on let's go inside." 49 The hot shower pounded down on my body and refreshed me. The thorns had both scratched and sent slivers into my thigh. I needed to remove them before getting dressed. Sitting on the bed with only the bath towel wrapped around me I picked at the thorns with my fingertips unaware that Elle had entered the room behind me. 50 I was startled as her hand touched my shoulder. Again she asked "Are you all right Mike? Those are some nasty scrapes. You'll need this tweezers to get those thorns out." 51 She looked down at my bare thigh and stepped around in front of me. Without another word Elle knelt down and began removing the thorns from my thigh. Calm and softly she worked. Her body pressed close against me. One hand rested on my thigh and her other arm lay across my crotch and pressed on my cock through the towel. Her soft breast pressed against my leg. The sight of her kneeling between my legs was strangely exciting. My cock twitched and began to pulse. Her hands worked gently on my thigh. Her arm brushed against my crotch with just enough force to fuel my guilty thoughts. My heart raced as I knew my cock could peek out from under the towel if it kept twitching and swelling. 52 Elle nudged the towel up higher following the scratch running up my leg. She leaned in closer so her hair was brushing against my chest. The towel was opening and her arm brushed the bare skin of my cock. The touch was electrifying and it made my cock throb and swell. Feelings of guilty lust raced through my head. I wanted to jump up before I embarrassed myself with her. 53 She lowered her head for a closer look at the wound as she worked intently on pulling the final thorn. Satisfied she had removed all of them Elle set the tweezers aside and looked at my growing cock sticking out from under the towel. After a brief pause she ran her hand over the head and down the shaft. It twitched and throbbed and grew harder with her touch. My head was spinning as she continued touching my pulsing flesh. Slowly and deliberately her hand slid up and down the shaft and then rolled over the purple head with her soft palm. My pulse quickened, and I was losing all thoughts of stopping this before it went any further. 54 Elle looked up at me from between my legs and smiled sweetly. She held my hard cock in her hand and stroked it slowly as our eyes locked. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and she held my gaze as my cock touched her wet lips. The swollen purple head slipped into her mouth with our eyes still locked. I groaned when her tongue slid around the shaft. She stroked and sucked it deep in her soft wet mouth. My hips began to rise and fall on the bed as my cock sunk deep into her willing mouth. 55 Chapter 1.2 I was delirious as she sucked and stroked and licked my stiff cock. Elle unbuttoned her blouse and was tugging on her nipples and playing with her breasts as she devoured my shaft. Harder and faster she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Swirling her tongue around the head and licking the shaft as it slid back in. She was giving one of the most incredible blow jobs of my life. My mother-in-law was sucking my cock like a porn star. 57 After several minutes the tingle started building in my toes and legs and the tightness in my balls signaled a nearing orgasm. Elle showed no sign of slowing down or stopping and she was intent on finishing what she started. I was going to let her have it. She was going to have my entire load. My breathing was slow and deep. My hips thrust forward and then relaxed as she milked my hard cock with her mouth. My cum was building and it was going to fill her mouth. 58 Moans and gasps became louder and I was pounding hard cock into her face. Faster and harder I pumped and she sucked until a long stream of hot cum splashed in her mouth. I groaned and clutched her head as stars exploded behind my eyes. She stroked my shaft a few more times and another stream exploded on her tongue and dribbled out the side of her mouth. I was breathless and numb with pleasure. 59 As quickly as it began it was over. I was tingling with orgasmic bliss as Elle suckled the last drops of cum and licked my shaft clean. She cooed softly and then stood up with a sweet wicked smile that reminded me of Julie. "Well, it seems we are getting to know each other very well. I can see why my Julie is so happy with you. You know she's a special girl with her needs and desires, and she's never been one to ask for things. We all want her to be as happy as she can be, and I know you're the one who understands what makes her happy." 60 Then she turned and walked toward the door saying she needed to freshen up and start dinner. My cock was becoming limp and rational thoughts started leaking back into my head. What hellish torture had I just gotten myself into? What have I done? Elle is going to hold this over me from now to eternity. I could never talk my way out of this with Julie if she found out. I am so screwed. 61 Washing Elle's lipstick off my cock and slipping into my clothes were done with little time to spare. Julie and her dad pulled up in the driveway just as I made my way into the kitchen and opened a beer. I dreaded seeing her knowing my face would be filled with guilt. I was busying myself with chores in the kitchen and avoided them as they walked upstairs laughing at one of Dick's jokes. 62 I was outside tending to the grill and prepping the steaks when Julie and her parents entered the kitchen. They were laughing and Dick was pouring drinks for everyone. I tensed as Julie came bouncing outside. Her eyes were fixed on my scratched leg. 63 "Mom told me what happened." Taking another gulp of beer I braced myself thinking I am so fucking dead now. I avoided eye contact with her 64 "Oh what did she say?" I replied waiting for the noose to tighten around my neck. Her hand ran down my leg as she examined my scratches. 65 "She said you nearly broke your neck with a nasty fall into the rose bushes." She set down a glass of wine for me and rubbed my shoulders. 66 I shrugged "Its nothing honey, really. I turned my ankle and fell over." I tended to the grill avoiding her gaze. Every nerve tingled as I expected her to strike with more news from her mother. 67 After what seemed to be an eternity she slapped my ass playfully. "As long as you can pay your debts big boy. Make sure my meat is thick and juicy and hot. I am hungry tonight. We worked up quite an appetite beating you today." 68 Elle joined us on the patio. "Julie he was a brave patient, and took his medicine without complaining. We better keep him overnight for observation just to make sure he's fully functional." 69 Julie giggled at her mothers' joke and replied. "Where is my nurse's costume when I need it?" 70 Dick joined in the conversation. "Hey what's this I hear about you trying to weasel out of paying your debts with an injury? You'll need more than a skinned knee to get my sympathy. Here, have another drink. You'll feel better." Dick handed me a tall glass and jokingly cautioned to keep it away from the flames of the grill. "Drink up sport! Those are doctor's orders" 71 We ate dinner and the joking and drinking continued. Dick was the master of ceremonies and he told stories and dirty jokes without pause. He was enjoying the attention of Julie and Elle. I was laughing and encouraging him to continue with more stories. 72 Elle talked with Julie and she never taunted me with an indication she was going to say anything about our afternoon encounter. Each time we made eye contact I expected some signal from her. All I could feel was a pang of guilt that I tried to drown with more drinks. As the night wore on the impact of Dick's doctor's special drinks started to hit me. I was drunk and staggered upstairs after bidding everyone a goodnight. Elle and Julie yelled a parting tease at me about my appointment with the nurse later that night. 73 I woke in the darkness and the clock beside the bed glowed dimly. It was 1:00am and my head was pounding. I needed ice-water and aspirin. Julie wasn't in the bed and I walked downstairs for a tall drink of ice-water. The house was dark and Julie wasn't up watching television or anywhere in sight. The fog on my brain was thick and started to clear. I looked around the pool and other rooms on the first floor. Breathing in the fresh night air helped with the headache. A dim light was visible through the window in Dick and Elle's bedroom. 74 Climbing the stairs I wondered where the hell Julie had gone in the middle of the night. Did she go for a walk? The French doors that led down the hallway to Dick and Elle's bedroom were closed. Their bedroom door at the end of the hallway was opened slightly and the dim light spilled into the hall. My hand rested on the door knob briefly as I considered my next move. 75 Curiosity is a strange thing and it makes people do the craziest things. And so, I opened the door and tiptoed down the hallway toward my in-laws bedroom. I stopped a few steps away and listened for voices. A low muffled voice trailed into the hall. Their movements could be heard on the bed. A low whimpering moan was punctuated with squeaky pleas of yes, yes, yes. My hands trembled and my heart raced. The steady rhythm of bodies slapping together filled my ears. Curiosity made me inch closer to the narrow opening so I could peek inside their bedroom. 76 There was a limited view through the door opening. Part of the bed was visible from the side and back. Dick was naked and kneeling on the bed. His hands were gripping the taught cheeks of a shapely upturned ass. Her body was mostly blocked from view. Glimpses of an arched back were visible with a chest and face pressed into the bed. Her legs spread wide and she was completely submissive to him. Dick pounded her doggie style with a deliberate pace that made her whimper and coo. His strong thighs slapped against her body on each stroke and the moans escaped from her face buried in pillows and blankets. 77 Feelings of guilt shot through me as I watched my in-laws in their most intimate act. I should have turned and left but an erotic thrill held me in place and my excitement grew from watching them fuck. Glimpses of her naked body teased my lust and I wanted to see more. The memory of Elle sucking my cock overpowered my feelings of guilt as I watched. 78 A floorboard creaked as I moved closer for a better look. Breathless and with heart racing I froze in the darkness. Then Elle's naked form came into view. She walked alongside the bed. The fear of being discovered swirled in my head with the confusing sight before me. Elle sat on the bed. She began stroking and touching the other woman with a vibrating dildo. She purred and kissed them as they continued to fuck. The fog in my mind cleared and it hit me like a truck. That was my Julie. That lovely body that Dick gripped in his hands wasn't Elle, it was Julie. 79 I was dizzy and stepped back. The floor creaked again. Elle looked up from nibbling on Julie's body at the noise. Our eyes locked as she peered through the narrow door opening at me. The sly smile she flashed at me earlier in the day returned to her face. She rose from the bed holding a finger to her lips in a conspiratorial shush gesture and walked toward me in silence. Dick and Julie were unaware of my presence and continued fucking. 80 Elle pressed her finger to my lips urging I remain silent. She took my hand and quietly led me away from the doorway. My thoughts were a confused tangle of fear, anger, shock, betrayal, guilt, and lust. We sat on a sofa and Elle looked at me intently with her sparkling eyes. Her naked body was pressed against mine. Her hard nipples traced against my skin as she moved. 81 "Are you feeling left out? I know this a shock to you, but some things are better experienced rather than explained. Some things can't be explained just now. There will be time to talk later. You didn't mind our little adventure this afternoon and this isn't all that much different. Would you like to continue the adventure? Its ok, trust me. If you can't trust your family who can you trust?" 82 As Elle spoke her hand petted my cock. It throbbed and pulsed with her touch and my confusion and anger began turning to a powerful lust. I wanted to run from the house and scream into the night, but something deep and primitive inside me forced me to stay. Elle started saying something and in that instant my decision was made. 83 Without waiting to hear what she was saying my mouth covered hers in a deep kiss. Our tongues pushed and probed hungrily. My hands explored her naked willing body. She was soaking wet and her swollen clit throbbed with every touch of my fingers. Elle pumped my cock feverishly in her hand until it was fully hard. Not waiting another second I lifted her on my lap. She faced me as her legs straddled my hips. She pressed her aching nipples to my mouth to be suckled. My tongue swirled around each of her stiff pink nipples making her moan with pleasure. 84 In a deep throaty whisper she moaned. "Yes fuck my hot cunt. Shove that hard cock of yours in my cunt and fuck me now. Come on, give it to me! Fuck me, use me. Do you want to cum on my tits and fuck my ass? We can do whatever you want! I am a very naughty mom and you need to fuck me big boy." 85 Elle was in heat and so was I. Pressing my cock into her wet slit I teased it back and forth feeling her slick heat. Then I slammed my cock deep into her wet pussy with a single thrust. Our hips rocked and she rode up and down on my cock. Her clit rubbed against my shaft on each stroke and our bodies moved in a heated frenzy. I licked and nibbled on her nipples and then rolled them between my fingers. Elle threw her head back in delirious pleasure and moaned loudly. 86 All my emotions were funneled into this act of fucking. I was focused on holding back my cum and I wanted to fuck her for hours. I was angry and confused and wanted to make her whimper and confess all the dirty family secrets. I wanted to use her in every way for having my Julie in her bed. I lay back and urged Elle to ride my cock. 87 Gripping her hips I rocked her in a tempo I could maintain for a long time. Raising and lowering her body on mine she kept riding my shaft. Her thighs were tensing and relaxing as she lifted and fell on my cock. It sunk deep into her wet pussy on each stroke. She was close to cumming. Her face clenched with every shiver of pleasure and I began to toy with her. 88 "Elle you are a very naughty mom. Are you a dirty little cocksucking slut that likes to help fuck your daughter? Do you cum harder watching your daughter fucking her daddy? Maybe I should just cum on your tits and watch you lick them clean for me." She groaned and gurgled animal sounds of agreement as an orgasm washed through her body. 89 Her pussy clenched and quivered around my hard cock and in a breathless whisper she said. "Stop Mike, stop, please don't cum yet! We can do all of those things." She was breathless and panted but held her body still. Our bodies were locked together and motionless. Without another word she stood up and my raging hard cock slid out from deep inside her warm velvet slit. She took my hand and we walked toward her bedroom. 90 In the bedroom father and daughter continued their coupling. In a slow deliberate motion my Julie lifted her hips and rolled from side to side moaning with ecstasy. She now lay on her back with her legs spread wide with her arms flung above her head. Dick was teasing her body with the vibrator by running it around her nipples and down over her belly. He nudged it into her pussy and pressed it against her clit until she shrieked with delight. "Oh daddy, make me cum again. Fuck me good with that dildo daddy. His own stiff cock nuzzled and rubbed along her inner thighs as she lay back enjoying his attention. 91 Elle walked in and nibbled on Dicks' ear. She whispered to her husband. He lifted an eyebrow and turned toward me without stopping the erotic massage of his daughter. He motioned me into the room casually like I was cutting in on his dance partner. I walked in nervously and looked down at my wife. There she was on her fathers' bed with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was puffy and swollen with her labia in full bloom. Julie was naked and wearing an eye mask for sleeping with a strange pink bowtie around her neck. The bow tie was a soft velvet cloth with a pink electronic glow. Her face was radiant and she was lost in her pleasure. 92 Elle lay beside her and began stroking her body once again. This time I would be part of the fun and I moved toward the bed. Elle quietly motioned for me to wait. She began teasing her daughters' nipples by tugging on them and pinching them until she shivered in delight. Julie responded by rolling her hips and thrusting herself up and down on the bed. It was obvious Elle and Dick knew all of their daughters' sexual buttons. I watched the three of them and my jealousy and anger was consumed by a deeper lust. 93 Elle took the rubber vibrating cock from her husband's hand. She stroked Julies' hair and told her she needed to do something. "Warm it up for your mom dear. Make it warm and wet and slick for me so I can fuck this hot rubber cock while your daddy fucks your pussy." She eased one of her fingers into Julie's mouth. Eagerly my sweet Julie began sucking and licking the digit. 94 Dick gripped her hips in his hands and coaxed her to turn over on her knees again. She moved fluidly with their touch and rested on her elbows. Lifting her hips and arching her back, she offered her pussy to her daddy and started sucking the rubber phallus. She eagerly bobbed her head up and down on the cock as her mother winked at me. 95 I eased on the bed beside her as Elle praised her daughter. "Oh yes that's so good baby, you've made my rubber cock so warm and wet for me to play with now." She gently pulled the cock from her mouth and lay back on the bed and plunged it into her wet cunt. Moaning and rocking her hips without pause, she pleasured herself with the vibrating dildo. 96 We both watched Dick once again drive his cock inside Julie. It tortured and excited me to watch my Julie being penetrated. I moved between mother and daughter. My stiff cock still needed a release. I wanted to fuck my confusion and anger into oblivion. Elle stroked my shaft and continued plunging the dildo in her cunt with her other hand. 97 She sat up and leaned over my shoulder. "Oh baby, mom needs you to suck on my fuck toy again. Go ahead and suck it good baby. Swallow this cock while your daddy fucks you so good." 98 Again Julie responded by opening her mouth. This time Julies' warm wet lips slide down the length of my hard cock rather than the rubber dildo. I watched her for a reaction of shock or surprise as she felt it was a real cock sliding into her mouth. She moaned a low guttural sound and sucked on my cock greedily and made no effort to lift her eye mask and see who was now with her on the bed. She only became more aroused. 99 Her hips thrashed wildly and she thrust her body back, and drove her fathers cock deeper into her pussy and then rocked forward ramming my cock down her throat. Elle continued urging her on. "That's it baby, suck that hard cock. You like it when daddy fucks your pussy and you can suck cock. Be good for daddy and milk his cock." Elle teased herself with the rubber cock and petted Julies' hair. 100 Elle moved around to my side and she began licking my shaft as it slid out of Julies' mouth. The two of them licked and sucked my cock and I was close to blowing my load. I stopped myself from cumming and pulled out of Julies' mouth. After gaining control I moved Elle on top of me. 101 She spread her legs wide and straddled my hips. We faced Julie. My cock sunk into Elle's dripping wet pussy again and I whispered in her ear. "She needs to suck my balls and lick your clit while I fuck your hot cunt. You're such a naughty mom. You want her to lick your clit and my cock while you watch her daddy fuck her tight pussy." 102 Elle pulled her daughters face closer to her throbbing clit and moaned when Julies' tongue flicked over her clit again and again. Julies' tongue was sliding up and down my shaft as I pumped in and out of her mother. 103 The four us fucked, and licked, and kissed and sucked indulging all our frenzied passion. I was consumed in the lust and surreal pleasure and lost focus of everything other than sex and fucking until Julie began to moan and shake as she started cumming. She licked my cock and also swirled it around her mother's hard clit as her father pushed her over the edge with his stiff shaft. Elle also began to moan and quiver with another orgasm. I controlled my building orgasm with every bit of concentration I could gather. 104 I whispered in Elle's ear, "Its time you return the favor to your special girl. She has so many needs." I slipped my cock out of Elle and then lay her on her back. I straddled her chest and my balls rested between her breasts. I then turned Julie around and she kneeled with her legs straddling her mother's head. She lowered her hips until Elle's mouth began suckling at her daughter's throbbing clit. I thrust my hard cock into Julie and began fucking her with a fevered passion. I shook her body with powerful strokes. 105 Her open mouth accepted her daddy's cock and she sucked him eagerly. She whimpered and moaned and let out muffled cries of pleasure from between his legs. "Give it to me daddy give me your hot jizz. Cum for me daddy! I want your hot cum in my mouth!" 106 She jacked his shaft with one hand and sucked it and eagerly coaxing his cum. All my energy was focused on fucking Julie. I wanted to make her cum harder than she ever had cum before. I wanted her to explode on my shaft and drip our cum juices all over her mothers hungry mouth. I wanted her to swallow her daddy's cum. I wanted to explode inside her and spray my anger and lust and confusion deep inside her pussy. She had her special needs she could never ask me for, and I was going to let her enjoy all of them. 107 Sweat covered my body and I was hammering her cunt like a wild animal. She rocked back and forth between sucking and fucking. Her body was filled with hard cock from her father and husband. Julie was approaching another orgasm when she started gulping her daddy's load. Dick jammed his cock deep in her throat and sprayed his cum in her throat while gripping her hair tightly. His strong hands froze her in place and her pussy quivered and gripped my cock deep inside her. She was breathless and panting as his spent shaft slid from her lips. I pounded her harder and faster. Elle's tongue swirled around her clit and her tongue washed over my balls. 108 Chapter 1.3 All of the confusion and anger and betrayal and shock welled up from inside me and suddenly exploded with a powerful blast of jizz that filled Julie's pussy. I moaned and yelled without holding anything back. It felt like my balls were shooting out of my cock. I had never cum that hard before. Julie exploded with another orgasm and her pussy clenched tightly around me. She moaned and purred as the pleasure rippled through her body. Our sweaty bodies collapsed together on the bed in exhaustion and we fell into a deep slumber. 110 The morning light streamed through the window. I woke and looked around in a daze. Dried cum was stuck to my legs. Julie lay beside me naked and curled up spooning. We were still in her parents' bedroom. I started sifting through the fog of the previous night. Holy fucking shit! What the fuck happened? I thought. Lying there quietly, I recalled the night as my eyes darted around the room trying to confirm if it was real or a dream. 111 Julie stirred in my arms and then leaned up on one elbow. She lifted her eye mask and let out a low anxious sigh as she looked around her parents' bedroom. Then she turned to look at me. Her look was nervous and unsure. The relaxed contentment on her face was there again and it made me smile. Her eyes sparkled when I leaned over to kiss her shoulder. 112 We looked at each other in silence for a few minutes until I flicked the end of her nose playfully with my fingertip. "Now who's rocking?" I whispered. We lay there naked and our hands began stroking over each other. Unsure of what to say, our hands spoke in reassuring ways. After several minutes of nervous silence I asked "Julie, what happened last night? It was incredible and such a shock, but we need to talk." 113 Julie fumbled for the right words as Elle walked into the room carrying a tray of coffee, juice, and fruit slices. She wore the same short robe she had on yesterday. This time she hadn't bothered to tie it closed and her body glided by in a tempting pose. Her breasts swayed and jiggled. 114 "Good morning to you kids. We thought you might sleep all day long after last night. The sun is so warm already you might want to wake up with a dip in the pool. Is there anything special you'd like to do today?" She winked at us and laughed softly. We can play golf again or we can relax by the pool. Did the doctor order more bed rest for my patient" she asked looking for some reaction. 115 Elle set the tray down on the night stand and then sat on the bed with us. She stroked Julies' cheek and leaned down to kiss us both. "Maybe you have other ideas to get your blood moving this morning." Her eyes wandered over our naked bodies in an expectant way. "You two take your time. Dick and I are downstairs making plans for this summer when your sister and brother come to see us." 116 I watched as Elle walked toward the door and left us laying there in her bed. The way her hips swayed from side to side made my cock stir. As she turned the corner and was out of sight, I looked back at Julie only to be greeted with her phrase "uhh huh, rocking! And yes we do need to talk." 117 https://www.literotica.com/s/my-wifes-family-confessions The aroma of fresh coffee tempted me to rise from my in-laws bed. I lay back and stared at my wife recalling the lewd frenzy we'd enjoyed during the night. Julie sat on the edge of the bed looking though the window. She was thinking and choosing her words. 119 She suddenly got up and stretched in front of the mirror and tossed her hair from side to side. Her fingers smoothed the tousled hair and then caressed the soft skin on her throat while she toyed with the strange velvet bowtie that was still around her neck. With a deft move of her fingers it was loose and she set it aside on the dresser. She then turned on the TV to the local news and poured us coffee. I watched her every move waiting for an explanation how she had ended up in her parents' bed. She smiled to herself and handed me a plate of fruit slices that her mother had brought to us. 120 Sipping coffee and eating breakfast with the news droning away added something normal to a very strange morning. At any other time this would have been a perfect morning for us. We often enjoyed lounging about naked and having breakfast in bed. 121 As I looked around the room, the rubber dildo mocked me from its perch on the dresser. It seemed to scream at me in lewd defiance as a reminder of last night. The coffee sharpened my senses and chased the fog of last nights' drink from my head as we ate breakfast in silence. Somewhere outside a car pulled way from the house. 122 Julie finished eating a pear, turned, and faced me. "Ok Mike, I expect you have a million questions. I'll answer them if you promise we can be open and honest. We've never asked each other about former lovers. We both know we had others then, and we both know we've had others now. We're not going to start making accusations. " 123 Nodding at her in agreement I set down my coffee. We were in this together. It really didn't matter at this point who started it. We had both enjoyed the incestuous romp the previous night. 124 She got up and stretched her supple body in a luxurious pose. "I am going for a swim before doing another thing. Come join me and we'll talk by the pool." With that she bounded out the bedroom door. Her naked body disappeared into the hallway as I sipped more coffee. 125 The sound of a splash in the pool brought me to my feet. The sight of her naked body gliding under the water was framed perfectly by the bedroom window. Her athletic grace and beauty was so fluid. For one anxious minute I considered finding my swimsuit before joining her and then laughed to myself while walking down the stairs, "Fuck it anyhow. I don't think her parents would be pissed having us skinny dip in their pool." 126 The dive into the water shocked me awake like no coffee ever could. The water washed over me and set me at ease as I floated and swam a few laps. I eyed Julie as she passed by, then and gave chase in a playful pursuit. We splashed and frolicked in the water and enjoyed the sunshine on our naked bodies. I was seeing her through new eyes this morning. 127 After a few minutes she couldn't stand my silent stares any longer. "Alright Mike, I can't stand the sight of you starring at me like a boy peeking at his naked sister when she's changing clothes. Let's have that talk." 128 She climbed out of the pool and toweled off in the sun. She sat on a lounge chair and ran a comb through her hair and made no effort to get dressed. 129 I thought to myself, "when in Rome…." and climbed out of the water and sat beside her on another lounge chair. 130 She took a deep breath and looked at me calmly. "I wanted to tell you for so long, but there was never a right time, and even if there was, I didn't know how you'd react. If you are looking for someone to blame, you are looking at her now. I didn't know what I was doing the first time, or the second, or third or fourth time it happened. Each and every time after that was my willful choice, and I enjoyed them all." 131 I listened and nodded. "Go ahead, keep talking Julie. I want to hear it all. Tell me about those first few times. How did they happen?" 132 "We'll get to that in a minute. You know how you always admired my confidence and sense of adventure? Daddy gave me most of that spirit. He was the one telling me it was ok to dive off the high platform when I was younger. He was the one telling me to ski fast and take chances. He told me to think for myself and ask questions; to push forward with my own ideas. I always did just that. 133 During my last year of school I was tired of Europe, and wanted to get away and attend classes in the states. I found a program that let me finish classes here. Daddy and mom helped me chase that dream. 134 While I was here at school I met a guy named Brian. We thought we were in love but it was just our twenty year old hormones screaming at us to have more sex. Anyway, I was free and on my own and we moved in together after dating a couple months. 135 He was the first guy that I really explored sex with. It wasn't the puppy love of the teen years or the intense passion that a first love leaves with you. I'd been through all of those and had a few other guys that were fun dates. Brian and I connected sexually and we both wanted to explore the erotic pleasures. 136 We'd been living together and had tried everything two people could do. That wasn't enough for either one of us. We wanted more new pleasures. 137 One Friday night we got dressed up and went to a party that was rumored to be wild. I wore a leather mini skirt and high heeled boots with a silk blouse and no bra. I didn't wear any panties that night either. Brian was practically drooling and begging for sex before we ever got to the party. I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived at the house, but I had that sense of confidence and could handle anything. 138 It was a typical party thrown by a guy who was used to spending his dad's money. A lot of people were there trying to pick up someone. There was a lot of booze, some drugs, and more pick-up lines than a singles bar. 139 Several of the guys noticed I wasn't wearing panties and my leather mini didn't do a good job of covering things when I sat down. It gave me a thrill to tease them and Brian was getting off knowing they were watching me. That constant arousal for several hours was delightful and Brian was growling in my ear begging for sex like a puppy dog. 140 I had almost expected some kind of orgy scene to break out the way Brian had described these wild parties, but as the night continued it seemed the only sex happening at this party was after the pick-up lines worked and the new couples left for their own place. 141 My flashing fun had even started to grow old and we both wanted another thrill. I had an impulse to give him a blow job right there on the sofa and shake things up at this so-called wild party. Modesty prevailed and I decided against it. 142 We noticed people coming and going from the upstairs hallways and bedrooms and went to see what the attraction was upstairs. The first room had several people dirty dancing to CD's in the dark. We joined in for a while and got worked up grinding and rubbing each other until we couldn't stand it any more. We went down the hall and found an empty bedroom. The door was open and we went inside. A large brass bed filled one wall. The bed was rumpled and I told Brian he'd been a good boy and could have his reward now. 143 I unzipped my mini skirt and let it fall to the floor. My nipples poked through the silk blouse and I stood there with legs spread. The door was still open when I leaned forward and gripped the brass footboard and told him to fuck me right there and now! He didn't hesitate. 144 He had some of his own teasing in mind and he kneeled behind me. His nose was pressed up my ass and he tongue fucked my pussy and teased my clit until I was panting and begging him to fuck me. I gripped that bed tighter and lost control as he fucked me from behind. I was so hot and turned on it could have been Brian or ten other guys jamming their cocks in me. I didn't care. 145 As we fucked another couple came in and watched us before they climbed on the bed and began their own fucking. The woman was on top straddling her lover and they faced away from us. It was such a thrill watching his cock plunge in and out of her wet snatch. It was way beyond anything either one of us had done before. We both loved it!" That night changed me in a lot of ways and was a turning point. 146 After that night we started talking about having sex with other people. We began planning our fantasy sex adventures as we lay in bed. The fantasy was the easy part for us. Finding the people that could fulfill the fantasy was a lot harder. 147 It's strange how a couple can find a third partner for a 3-way affair much easier than they can find another couple for a couple swapping fun. One of the four always has objections about one of the others in a 4-some. 148 Finding another guy to enjoy a MFM 3-way with was easy. Brian had several friends that interested me. We explored that passion several times before he suggested including one of my girlfriends for a FMF 3-way romp. 149 I agreed to his request and wanted to experience that and so much more. It took several nights going out to seduce her. After we finally got her in bed, it was wonderful. It wasn't all energy and power and frantic mad fucking like it was with two guys. It was slow and erotic and sensuous. At times I enjoyed it more than Brian. I'm not sure who was seduced the most through all that, but she moved in with us after a month. 150 It really was an erotic and blissful time. I had all I could do to stay in school and finish the year. Somehow I managed to study enough to graduate between the endless hours of sucking cock, licking pussy, and fucking both of them. There was even enough rational thought in my head to find a job when school was finished. 151 It's funny how great things all seem to happen at once and bad things all happen together. After graduating and having my "summer of love", everything crashed in around me. I came home one day to find Brian and our live-in lover had decided to move. They thought the two of them made a better couple and they were truly in love. It knocked me back on my heels and I was unsure of myself after that blow. The next setback came when my job vanished and I was laid off with thousands of others in the city. After a month of job hunting and rejection notices I decided a change was needed. 152 Mom and daddy were happy to have me come see them for an extended visit. I put my things into storage and bought a plane ticket back to Europe." 153 Julies' confession was spellbinding. None of this had ever been mentioned before. She had her past just as I had mine, but this was a surprising part of her life I never knew. I was still confused how she had become sexually intimate with her parents. 154 The warm sunlight on our bodies was doing its magic as we lay there talking beside the pool. My cock pulsed and rolled from left to right as I envisioned the events of her past. I was aroused by her frank honesty, but also feeling unnerved by the reality of it all. What would it mean for us going forward? 155 Julie sat up from her chair. "I'm thirsty Mike. Do you want a drink or something? I'll be right back." 156 I lay there with my eyes closed thinking through all the things I never knew about my wife. Our four month romance and running off to be married in Las Vegas hadn't given us time to even consider all those chapters from the past. It hadn't given me time to meet Dick and Elle. Even so, there were no regrets even now. I was trying to cope with the situation and simply understand. 157 The sound of voices in the house startled me from my rambling thoughts. I was suddenly self conscious about my nudity as Julie and Elle emerged from inside. Julie was still naked and Elle wore flimsy running shorts and a runners' bra. They talked casually like they'd been at the shopping mall all morning. 158 Elle greeted me smiling and sat down. She pulled her bra over her head exposing her breasts and then untied her shoes. Julie handed me a tall drink as her mother undressed beside us. 159 "Isn't this the best spot in the morning?" Elle commented a she sat back fully undressed. I just love to go running and come out here to relax afterward and get some sun. It's so peaceful and I can relax while your father is always doing something. You know how he can never stay still for a moment. He just had to run off and do an errand this morning. How are you two getting along this morning anyway?" She looked at both of us with great interest. 160 Julie answered. "Mike wanted to know how things got like this with us. I was going to tell him about my trip home after Brian and I split up." 161 Elle turned to me. "Mike it might help if I explain some things along the way. That is assuming you don't mind. I don't want to be the meddlesome mother-in-law" 162 I laughed. "Elle I think we'll have to re-define that idea of a meddling mother-in-law after what we went through last night." The three of us chuckled with a nervous laugh. 163 "Mike, you'll find that through a long marriage things change. There is always the glue that keeps you together, but the things you do to find excitement change with the seasons of your life. When Julie moved away to the states, and the twins struck out on their bohemian adventures, Dick and I found a lot of free time on our hands that we hadn't had in a long time. We were like kids again in some ways. But after twenty years of marriage and three kids, the bedroom sparks needed a little help. 164 We started going out to dinner and visiting nightclubs rather than sitting in an empty house. It was fun to go out and mingle and not worry about rushing home for baby sitters, or to find the kids trashing the house with their own parties. So we got to know the city and all the attractions. Eventually we came across a club that we liked. 165 It was an upscale adult club with three parts. There was a public dance club and bar in one part, with a back room and performance stage in another section. They had some very good acts on that stage. They were better than any adult video you could buy." Elle smiled and looked at me as if she expected to see shock in my expression. 166 I was well beyond feeling shocked or intimidated by Elle. My eyes shifted from mother to daughter. "So tell me about the other part of that club Elle." 167 Eager to continue she began talking again while her fingers brushed the neatly trimmed hairs on her bush. "There was a private section of the club. It was by invitation or membership only. Everyone had to wear a special bow tie that they issued. The bow ties have a small battery pack and give off a neon glow. The boys glow blue and the girls glow pink. It was called the "Firefly Room." The club rules said anyone inside with a glowing bowtie was willing to dance or anything else unless they said no thank you. 168 If the bow tie light was flashing it meant the person was willing to entertain either sex. You could even make two bowties pulse in unison as a matched pair by pressing them together for a few seconds. A micro transmitter inside them lets them sync up with their mate when they are less than 10 feet apart. Anytime that person comes close to you in the dark you know they are near. 169 The lighting inside the room was nothing more than a few black lights that made the bow ties glow brighter. There were floor exit light strips. For the most part it was a pitch black and you had to feel your way around. 170 The Firefly room had a small dance floor, but most of the people weren't in there for dancing. The dancing was a way to approach and feel someone that excited you. The whole idea was about connecting by touch and taste and smell. It wasn't a place where you were excited by someone's appearance or clothes or social status. It was all about tactile and sensory pleasure and letting yourself go to enjoy pure erotic thrills. There was a large area of cushions and several padded booths for anything you wanted to enjoy. 171 Dick and I got separated in the dark the first night we went there and spent an hour groping around looking for each other. Some of the people were naked and others partially clothed. I had never imagined groping or being groped by that many naked men and women before. It really got me going once I let go and enjoyed the erotic thrill of it all. 172 During all this I ran into a man that was built like a rock. This guy was solid muscle and he didn't have a hair on his body other than a soul patch on his chin. His head was shaved and all the body hair on his arms, legs, and genitals was gone. His eyebrows were even shaved off. Running my hands over that smooth muscled body set me off. His touch was so exciting and reassuring. We never spoke a word. 173 It was an animal response and within two minutes of encountering that chiseled body in the dark, I was stroking his cock and letting him toy with my pussy. He had me near an orgasm with his fingers when he stopped and knelt down and began lapping at my clit. I was standing in the middle of a crowd letting a total stranger please me. I exploded in his mouth in no time with all those people around us in the dark. 174 He stayed there with his hot breath on my clit until the last waves rippled though my body. Then he picked me up with my legs draped over his shoulders and my muff pressed against his face, and made his way to the edge of the room where he set me on the cushions. The feeling of raw muscle power lifting me straight up with such ease was a thrill in itself. 175 After he set me down and I lay back and pulled him on top of me. I sucked his cock and inhaled his scent. When his shaft was as hard as the rest of his body, I urged him to fuck me as hard as he could. He made me cum two more times before he spewed his hot load on my chest. 176 Dick had his own adventures in the dark that night and we both wanted to come back again. We were becoming regulars at the club when Julie decided to come home." 177 Elle stopped talking and sipped her drink. I looked at Elle and then to Julie. "So the bow tie you had on last night was from the club? Did you get a family discount on the membership?" I teased. 178 Julie smiled at me. "Are you getting more than you bargained for my curious husband? It wasn't like I came home and mom and dad took me to daughters' night at the club. It was quite by accident. 179 I had been home a couple weeks and was getting restless. It was great being there with them. Little did I know that mom and dad were getting restless from behaving like responsible parents." She tapped her mother's leg in a teasing gesture and giggled. 180 "One of my old girl friends invited me to her place for a few days. I went to see her on the other side of the city. We went out clubbing and she knew I was feeling down from being dumped. She promised a perfect cure for my funk and was going to get me into a wild club. I had no clue how wild this Firefly room really was. 181 Another friend of hers was a member and got us into the Firefly room and told me how the rules worked. After feeling my way around in the dark I ran into a man that made me feel safe and comfortable. He moved slowly and his touch was easy. His fingers coaxed me to come closer and touch him. He wasn't pushy or needy. I loved the feel of dancing with him completely naked in the dark. The dancing turned to kissing, and the kissing turned to petting. I could tell he was older by the feel of his body. He felt solid and warm. When he nudged me toward the cushions I didn't hesitate. 182 Hell, I had gone from having sex three times a day back at my apartment, to nothing overnight when dickhead moved out. I needed to get off in the worst way and this man was going to make me cum. 183 We were both ready and he sat down with me straddling his hips. His cock nudged my pussy and he entered me with ease. His touch was so familiar and yet so erotic and strange. His shaft slid in deeper and deeper and we began moving as one. Our tempo started slow and we quickened our pace as the passion and tension increased. 184 Chapter 2.2 He knew how to fuck and he knew how to make love. From the very beginning it seemed we were doing both. He knew exactly how to make me comfortable on his lap and when I needed another kiss or a nibble. His tongue felt wonderful swirling around my nipples. He could feel my body tensing and he knew just how to make me relax and breathe as he worked me closer to each orgasm. He made me cum twice as I rode his cock. My second orgasm lasted thirty seconds. I thought I'd pass out from the pleasure. 186 I clung to him like a rag-doll after I finished cumming. My arms hung around his neck and he pressed his bowtie against mine for a few seconds. They began pulsing in unison. I was amused by their pulsing glow and completely relaxed. He laid me on the soft cushion and whispered in my ear to come back on Saturday. As we kissed, I whispered yes, and then he was gone in the darkness. 187 For the next two weeks I kept returning to the club and finding that mystery man. When we were near each other in the dark our firefly bowties would start flashing in unison. Each time we met was better than the time before. He was playful and erotic and the things his body did to mine were like nothing I had ever experienced. His touch, his scent, his feel was so inviting and so reassuring. We barely spoke. If anything was said, it was a monosyllable grunt urging for more." 188 Elle laughed in her quiet playful chuckle as she noticed the effect all the talk was having on me. My cock was throbbing and now lay against my belly. It was nearly hard and ready for action. Her fingers traced lines around her pussy and down her inner thigh. I lifted my hips seductively for Elle and Julie. Two could play that game. 189 Her gaze was leveled at my swelling cock. "Mike, women know when something is up with our men. It was obvious that Dick had found someone special at the Firefly club. I wasn't going to press him about it, but we enjoyed sharing some of the details. We had agreed to enjoy anything we desired in there, and I wasn't about to become jealous of a nameless woman in the dark. 190 I sometimes indulged my enjoyment of bi-sexual pleasures in that dark room. One night Dick asked me to join him in a group grope. We split up when we got to the club and went looking for others to join us in the group romp. 191 Later when we connected, Dick was already with his mystery girl. I eased onto the cushion beside them with a wonderful Dutch couple that agreed to join me. She was a tall slender woman with large breasts and short hair. He was a few inches short than she was and he wore a make shift belt and holsters on his hip that carried two dildos. He was like some comical cowboy gunslinger. 192 I was curious about this mystery woman that had captivated Dick. Her bowtie and mine flashed in unison with Dick's when I approached them. The sight of her bowtie pulsing with Dick's sent an unexplained shiver through me. 193 The Dutch couple was everything I had hoped for. He knew it would be a long night and that his tongue could last a lot longer than his cock. His wife lay on her back and he crawled between her legs and began sucking on her clit. She pulled me onto her face and plunged her tongue into my hungry pussy. I rocked forward and began touching Dick and his mystery lover who were there in front of me. My fingers quietly invited them to move closer. 194 They made the most delicious sounds in the dark while I caressed their bodies. Dick was fucking her doggie style. I loved the feel of my hand on his ass when he was thrusting and clenching his ass cheeks and driving his cock into her. I held Dick's hips and began pushing and thrusting his hips. His power and passion for this strange woman was almost as arousing as that Dutch woman's tongue fucking me. 195 I eased forward and kissed her on the neck and waited for her reaction and was pleasantly surprised when she turned her head and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Her body was so warm and willing and we kissed deeply. Dick continued ramming his cock in her and I was in heaven riding that sweet Dutch woman's tongue. 196 She explored my body and I did the same with her. We both shuddered feeling our nipples being pinched by the other. I suckled her breasts and she worshipped mine. 197 It was just then some idiot threw the wrong light switch by accident. The Firefly room went from pitch blackness to full illumination and everyone inside was blinded for a brief second. When our eyes adjusted to the bright light shock filled our faces." 198 You can't imagine how shocked I was to see Julie there. Dick's mystery lover was Julie. Her naked body was pressed between her father and me. Her sweet body rocked back on her fathers' stiff cock. We looked at each other in total confusion while Dick looked back into the room for an understanding of the sudden lighting. Julie and I shared an expression of surprise not unlike you had last night Mike. 199 Dick didn't see Julie's face and was blissfully ignorant of his actions. The house lights were turned off after a few seconds and we plunged into the darkness again. I don't know which bothered me more; my embarrassment at having Julie find me like that, or the shock of seeing Julie with her father. 200 I was stunned in the dark. Before I could react the Dutch couple had rolled me to my back and her mouth covered mine in a deep kiss. Her dildo gunslinger husband went to work fucking me with his vibrating toys and pushed my body closer to a climax. My outstretched arm reached for Julie and Dick and found they had continued their coupling. I lay there knowing Julie was screwing her father in the darkness three feet away from me and a wicked wave of forbidden freedom shivered up my spine. Rather than jumping up and hauling our asses out the there, I clung to my secret and let go of all inhibition. The Dutch woman rolled over on top of me, and her clit slid back on forth against my tongue. My hips thrust wildly against her husband's rubber cock until I climaxed again and again. 201 Hearing the events re-told by her mother was having an effect on Julie. Her nipples were erect, and several times while Elle was speaking Julie touched herself. I noticed that both mother and daughter had assumed a reclining pose with one leg bent and one hand casually stroking the soft white skin of that exposed inner thigh. I did my best to act nonchalant in spite of my stiff cock standing proudly in the sunshine. The smirks from Julie and Elle said my condition wasn't going unnoticed. The ice cubes in my empty glass rattled as I took the last swallow. 202 Julie refilled our glasses with white wine and orange juice. She looked at me, giggled, and rolled the chilled glass back and forth over her nipples before sipping her drink. 203 "Mike, that night opened my eyes in the way I thought about mom. She called me the next day and wanted to talk. She'd never lectured me about being a good girl before. I didn't know if she was having an affair or enjoying a private pleasure at the club. There were times when I was younger and daddy was away from home on business that made me wonder if her friends were something more. When she called, something in her voice told me I'd find out soon enough. 204 After a couple weeks of club hopping and staying with my girlfriends, I was ready to go back and stay with mom and daddy. The next afternoon mom and I talked. The conversation was reserved and we were both nervous as we touched on the topic. She didn't ask who I went there with, and I didn't ask her if daddy knew she was there. That one brief image of her in the Firefly club had changed my view of her from plain old mom, to a sensual sexual woman. I was in awe. She always had a nice body and she took care of herself, but that was so wild seeing her like that the previous night. 205 I told her whatever she enjoyed doing was ok with me. I didn't think poorly of her. A lot of women were learning to explore their desires. I raised my hand as if joining a league of newly liberated kindred spirits and we giggled. Then, she looked at me for the longest time, started to say something, and then stopped. We came to an unspoken understanding. I held her secret, and knew nothing of the secret that she kept. Like mothers everywhere she was a keeper of secrets great and small. 206 A few nights later she announced we were going to have a gourmet dinner at home. She enjoyed doing things in the kitchen and had taken cooking classes when we lived in France. She asked that we all get dressed up just to make it special and fun. 207 The dinner was incredible and it lasted most of the evening. Several courses were served and an endless supply of wine flowing around the table. Mom wore a slinky black dress with an open back and plunging neckline. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. I didn't have a formal dress with me, and wore a skirt and blouse. Daddy wore a dark suit, white shirt, and tie for the dinner. We laughed and told stories and joked through the night. Mom had a sexy excited movement in her step all night and her eyes twinkled. 208 After desert was finished mom told us she had a surprise for us. She doted over daddy and removed his necktie. She filled our wine glasses and turned down the lights before leaving the room. A single candle glowed in darkness from the middle of the table. Daddy looked at me shrugging his shoulders to signal he didn't have a clue about the surprise. 209 A few minutes later she returned wearing her bowtie from the Firefly room. She had two more in her hand. She stood behind daddy and placed one a round his neck. The other she placed around my neck as she leaned forward and blew out the candle. The room was dark and I touched the bowtie's power switch nervously. The glow from moms' bowtie began to pulse in harmony with the bow tie around daddy's neck. 210 Silence and darkness were punctuated by the pulsing neon glow and the sound of an opening zipper. Mom's dress fell to the floor. The outline of her naked body moved toward the bedroom. She disappeared from sight without a word. Daddy and I were sitting at the table. His bowtie stopped pulsing when mom left the room. After a brief moment he reached across the table and flicked on the power to my bowtie. His fingers trembled, and he reached for more wine as my bowtie began glowing and pulsing in a steady synchronized rhythm with his. It was then we both knew the full extent of this surprise. 211 Pounding hearts and shaking limbs come from fear, and also from excitement. We sat quietly in the dark absorbing the obvious truth and all the shaking from confused emotions. Daddy reached out for me. His touch was gentle, like any father comforting his daughter. His finger tips stroked my arm and shoulder. My thoughts were a whirlwind of everything and nothing at all. He stood up and helped me to my feet and carried me to the sofa. My head lay against his shoulder as he walked. He sat down with me in his lap. My arms were wrapped around his neck and he held me tight. That feeling of safety washed over me there in his arms. 212 The longer we sat in the darkness, the calmer I began to feel. The steady pulsing glow from the bowties reminded us of the intense anonymous sex we'd enjoyed over the past two weeks. I looked up at daddy's face and kissed him on the cheek. He turned and our lips met again. We began kissing with the same passion and desire that had excited us in the club. Within minutes we were tearing our clothes off and denying what we both knew and surrendering to what we both wanted. 213 We petted, licked, and sucked and rolled on the carpet with our clothes piled around us. I sucked his cock and my body tingled as his hands touched every part of me. When he lifted me onto his chest and pushed his head between my legs, I nearly came on the spot. It was far more wicked and wild than the anonymous fucking in the darkness of the Firefly room. I knew it was my father sucking on my clit while I stroked and licked his hard shaft on the living room floor. 214 We teased and pleased each other openly and freely. He made me cum once with his tongue. I rolled off his chest and kneeled beside him on the floor. I wanted him to fuck me doggy style again. My legs were spread wide and my ass turned upward for him when I saw mom's dress on the floor. It was a subtle reminder, but effective. We walked hand in hand to the bedroom to find mom laying on the bed waiting for us. When we entered the bedroom, she began smiling widely if not wickedly. The rest I think you already know. Or at least you've seen a repeat performance." 215 Julie stopped her confession. She and Elle were silently watching me. Their gaze seemed as intense as the mid morning sun, and after a minute or two of silence Julie spoke again. "Mike, I'll understand if you run out that door and never come back. It wasn't fair of me to do this to you. I know this is a lot to handle, but we can work it out." 216 Elle sat up and began to excuse herself. "This is probably a good time for me to give you two some privacy." 217 Before Elle could rise from her chase lounge I jumped to my feet. My stiff cock bounced up and down and pointed out from my body. I straddled Elle's chair and stood over her, blocking her exit. My cock was level with her face and I turned to Julie. 218 "I am not going to run out the door and leave you. Oh no, that won't be the case at all dear. We are in this for the long run. You have some special needs and desires and I am the one that can give those things. You could never ask for something like this, could you?" With that I thrust my hips forward and pushed my stiff cock closer to Elle's mouth. She looked up at me and smiled before parting her lips. My cock eased into her mouth while my hands rested on my hips. 219 My hips rocked back and forth as Elle bobbed her head back and forth on my shaft while Julie watched me fucking her mother's mouth. 220 "You like watching and you like playing, don't you? What would you like to do next Julie? Do you want to watch me fuck your mom? Do you want to lay back and finger your pussy while I fuck her? Maybe you'd enjoy seeing me cum on her face and tits. Do you want to fuck her while I watch? I think you both need a good fucking. What's it going to be? I am here for you." 221 Elle moaned and stroked my thick shaft fitting all of it in her mouth and throat. She tugged on her nipples as I stood over her with my thighs pressed against her breasts. Julie stood up and we kissed deeply and madly as her mother sucked my cock. 222 As our lips parted Julie whispered "Mike, you should lie down and let us take care of you." Her soft hand gripped my hard shaft as it slid out of Elle's mouth. She guided me to recline in the chair. 223 I lay there with my stiff cock pointing straight up as Julie guided her mother to straddle me. I wasn't sure if this was their idea of a peace offering or her real desire. Elle flexed her knees and lowered her wet pussy toward my waiting cock. She impaled her body on my shaft while Julie straddled my head and pressed her muff closer to my mouth. 224 As her thighs pressed around my head, the last view I had was of Julie kissing Elle and fondling her breasts. I plunged my tongue into Julies' pussy and suckled her clit. The two of them were riding me. Elle bounced up and down on my cock as Julie rode my tongue. Faster and faster they bucked and bounced. Moans and giggles became louder as I thrust my cock deeper into Elle and swallowed a river of pussy juices. 225 Julie's hands roamed over her mother's body as the three of us fucked without pause. She gripped her mother's hips and rocked them back and forth, faster and harder. Her thighs became tense. She squeezed my head and her clit was grinding hard against my tongue. She was close to exploding. 226 She cried out "Yes mom, Yes, ride his cock! Take it all! Take his hot jizz load! Make him cum inside you. Fuck him harder! Cum on his cock." 227 Julie started exploding on my mouth. Her cum juices ran over my tongue. My balls tightened and Elle was bouncing wildly on my shaft. I could hear her moans and felt her pussy quiver. After a few more strokes and I couldn't wait any longer and my jizm exploded inside of Elle. A long hot spurt shot deep in her pussy. She continued rocking her hips and milking my balls, and a second and third blast erupted inside her. 228 Elle and Julie clung to me and each other for several minutes. The rush of sex and the close embrace afterward was like a narcotic. Nothing was better. 229 Julie was the first to move off the lounge chair. She dove back in the water and began taunting Elle and me. She splashed us and played. She was so energized like all women are after an orgasm. I felt the sleepy relaxation that great sex brings to all men, but fought the urge to drift off and sleep. 230 I got up and hoisted Elle over my shoulder as she squealed in protest, and we fell into the pool. The three of us enjoyed the swimming until a clock reminded us it was noon. Damn the responsibilities I thought, but we climbed out and went to shower and clean up before the long drive home. 231 Elle made us lunch and Dick returned from running his errands. He walked into the kitchen and cast a wary eye around the room before setting an envelope down on the counter. Elle gave him a wink and reassuring gesture on the sly. 232 Dick was encouraged by her signal and walked across the room and slapped me on the back. "Hey cowboy, are you still riding tall in the saddle this morning?" He leaned over and kissed Julie while she ate lunch and picked a bit of food from my plate. "I suppose you'll have to run off and hit the road again? I was going to give you a shot to get even with me on the golf course. Next time you come down we're on. Before you leave you have to promise and come back in a month. I was out buying tickets for Julie's brother and sister to come visit. Those two find a way to travel all over Europe and the Mediterranean, but they hold me hostage to pay for their visit here." 233 Elle teased her husband. "Maybe you'd rather pay for the four of us to fly over there and see them? We did enjoy staying at that villa in the south of France." 234 Dick looked to me for male support. "See what we are up against sport? Don't kid yourself. These ladies are two steps ahead all the time. Watch yourself. My Julie is a sly one." He grabbed her in a playful bear hug before she could slap him. 235 We talked for a while after lunch and put the luggage in the car. Standing in the driveway saying our goodbyes, we promised to return and see the Julie's younger twin sister and brother in a month. I shook hands with Dick and Elle kissed me on the cheek like a proper mother-in-law. The two of them looked so normal standing there arm in arm waving to us as the car pulled away. I glanced at Julie and thought to myself. What other secrets does she have locked away? 236 https://www.literotica.com/s/x-rated-vacation My wife Jill and I had saved up and were on a one-week vacation to southern Portugal. It turned-out to be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with a XXX rating. 238 We had rented a hotel room a block from the beach on the Mediterranean Sea. They call that area of southern Portugal 'The Algarve'. We flew to Lisbon and made the connections to the local airport and taxied to our hotel. We had considered renting a car, but Jill wanted to just stay in one place, relax and enjoy the beach. We both have rather stressful jobs so the opportunity to just get away from everything was irresistible. We shut off our phones and had told all our friends and associates not to bother us unless there was a dire emergency. 239 The sun and the beach were lovely. The bright blue sky, the tan sand and the deep greenish sea were absolutely wonderful. We rented a beach umbrella and camped out on the beach for the first day. Jill wore an immodest bikini that she had brought just for the trip. It was dark blue with two triangles over her breasts and a thong-like bottom barely covering her pussy. Seeing her in that bikini made me horny and I had to lie on my stomach for much of the day to conceal my erect penis. She kidded me about it and asked what I would do if we were at a nude beach where there was no place to hide my misbehaving tool. She suggested that I would drill a hole in the sand with little 'John Henry' and I told her 'he' certainly would be hard enough. 240 She asked if I really wanted her to be nude on the beach where others could see her and I told her it was one of my favorite imaginary events. She just smiled dismissively and changed the topic to other things. She did undo the strings in the back of her top to tan her back. Her ass cheeks were uncovered by the bottom of her suit. The string around her waist and the string in her ass-crack were the only things visible. She was amazing lying there essentially naked. I more than adequately covered her with sun lotion a few times. Running my hands over her back and her bare ass kept my pecker hard all day. We went in the water and I coped a feel of her ass and pulled one of her tits out of her suit where nobody could see us. When she was lying on her stomach, topless again, I did convince her to roll onto her side for a moment so I could take a photo of her. She is a beauty with her pretty face, tantalizing legs, sexy navel and lovely breasts. It was an amazing day and despite the lack of physical activity, I knew I wouldn't be bored for the rest of the week. 241 We'd had lunch at a little café before the beach and then ate dinner in the hotel. That was when we met Phillippe. He introduced himself. He was the son of the hotel proprietor, his mother. His mother, sister and he managed the hotel. The father had passed away years before. Phillippe was a delightful young man with a good command of English and had one of those intriguing European accents. He also spoke Spanish, as did my wife, in addition to his native Portuguese. 242 He chatted with us after dinner while we sat in the lounge and we told him about ourselves and how we had enjoyed our day at the beach. When Jill mentioned that she was hoping to get a good tan, he mentioned that there were some secluded beaches nearby that provided the opportunity to get tanned all over. He was speaking of nude beaches. As I said earlier, I had wanted to get my wife to a nude beach and see her walk around naked among other people. It was a titillating fantasy of mine. She had always dismissed the idea saying she wasn't going to go naked in front of a bunch of strangers. Of course, I asked if she would get naked on a beach with people she knew and she declined that option as well. So, when Phillippe mentioned the nude beach and she showed interest, I saw an opportunity. I asked Phillippe if he would give us directions to the beach. He said it was difficult to find and suggested that he show us where it was in the morning. 243 We made love in the hotel that night. Jill was particularly passionate. I suspected that the prospect of going to a nude beach excited her as much as it did me. She awakened me in the middle of the night, which was very unusual. She wanted to do it again and I was more than willing to accommodate her. She was like a sexual tigress. I hadn't seen her so passionate since before we were married when we first started sleeping together. When I mentioned the young man Phillippe, her passion increased, revealing her unspoken attraction to him. 244 The next morning, we slept in and found Phillippe in the hotel lobby doing some maintenance. He said he would get cleaned up and take us to the secluded beach in his car. 245 He had an old European semi-junk car that was adequate for the trip. I wouldn't trust it for a longer ride. I let Jill sit in the front. She is more of an extrovert and was trying to learn some Portuguese from our guide and I knew she liked him. We drove off the main highway on a dirt road to a spot overlooking the dunes and the beach. Phillippe asked if it was okay if he joined us at the beach, explaining that he was off for the day and mentioned that we would never get a ride home from the remote location otherwise. He said he would find a spot far away from us to protect our privacy. 246 We walked to the beach and found a nice location. Phillippe had brought a beach umbrella which he set up for us. He pointed to a location behind one of the dunes and said he would wait there for us. Jill said he didn't need to move away from us. He could join us. I looked at her with surprise. She was inviting the young man to stay with us while she prospectively was going to get naked. She just smiled. 247 We got settled and Jill revealed another stunning bikini when she removed her beach dress. It was yellow with blue strips and swirls. It covered only the tips of her breasts. She has nice D-cups and nearly all of them could be seen regardless of the small triangles of cloth over her areolas and nipples. The bottom of the suit was more or less another G-string with a frilly hint of a skirt around the waist. Her ass cheeks were not covered and her pussy was covered by another triangle of the yellow and blue material. 248 Phillippe was wearing one of those European speedo-type suits that covered his package, but left little to the imagination. I noticed my wife glancing at his manhood while we were getting settled. His cock and balls bulged and presented a clear outline for her. Phillippe's dick was partially erect and the tiny blue suit barely held it in. 249 I wore a suit that was like boxing shorts, revealing nothing at all of what I carried between my legs. I hadn't been able to conceal my boner the day before and I was a bit embarrassed knowing that I would be showing my arousal and lack of decorum as the day progressed. 250 Jill got things going right away when she undid her top and her luscious breasts sprung free. Seeing her tits in the bright sunlight immediately aroused my dick and I had the first moments of what promised to be and all-day hard-on. I was wondering if my wife was going to strip completely with this young man close beside us. 251 She laid on her beach towel and asked me to put sun lotion on her back. 252 While I was massaging the cream into her smooth skin she asked me, "Do you want me to remove my bottom?" I said, sure why not. She said, "This young man will see me naked, is that okay?" I said it was. 253 I sensed that she really wanted to get naked for this guy. I reflected that he was a stranger who we would never see again, so why not. The idea of her stripping for him was exciting and stimulating. 254 Then she asked, "There are other people here. Do you want them to see me naked?" Again, I said yes. This is what I thought I wanted to see. She was going to get naked. 255 Jill rolled onto her back and asked me to put sunscreen on her front. She could've done it herself, of course, but she wanted to give me the thrill of massaging the lotion into her breasts while Phillippe watched. It didn't hesitate. Her nipples were as hard as little pebbles. Her taut stomach and belly-button were just as erotic. Rubbing her naked thighs was thrilling as well. 256 Then she asked me to remove her bikini bottom. I looked at her for confirmation and she said, "Go ahead. It's what you've wanted to do." 257 I did it. I pulled her tiny suit down over her hips and exposed her light brown beaver. She has a beautiful patch of pubic hair that drives me crazy. Stripping her to expose her bush and the slit of her sex below it was surreal, like a dream. I noticed that Phillippe was watching me strip my wife from a few feet away. I smiled at him, confirming that it was okay for him to look. Getting my wife naked under the gaze of another person was truly erotic. My dick was straining to get free. 258 I finished with the sunscreen. Spreading it over her pussy. I was a little bold when I applied lotion to her vulva. I slipped a finger into her slit, caressing her inner lips and her clitoris. She looked at me with a wanton stare. She was horny. 259 She said, "Okay, I'm naked, now you guys." 260 Phillippe stood and casually pulled his suit down his legs. An impressive slab of man-meat flopped out. I was taken aback by the size of it and realized that he was more than half-way erect. He was getting a hard-on over my naked wife. I had to force myself not to stare, but my wife was not shy at all about checking out his package. 261 I pulled off my suit and quickly sat down to conceal my arousal. I don't know why it was embarrassing but this was theoretically supposed to be a non-sexual experience; just sunbathing. Still, I think most guys would get a hard-on seeing their wife strip in public. 262 I laid on my stomach beside my wife, who was on her back, displaying herself to the sun and the occasional passer-by. We were about twenty yards from the edge of the surf and there were a number of other people on the beach. They were all nude and some of them were walking along the beach, getting exercise and taking in the sights. I noticed a number of men and women glance at my naked wife as they walked by. One pair of men stopped while the one guy pretended to clean something from his foot while he was getting a good view of my wife's snatch. I used my phone to occasionally take a photo of my exhibitionist wife. 263 Jill whispered to me, "This is so hot. I'd like to fuck you right here in front of everyone." 264 Then she said, "Do you see that Phillippe has a hard-on. Is that because of me?" 265 I said, "It sure is. I have one too. You are beautiful." She was, lying naked in the sunlight. 266 We sunned ourselves for over an hour, turning over occasionally. It was about lunch time when Jill sat up and said we should eat. We had secured a lunch from the hotel and Phillippe had brought some food as well. We all moved under the umbrella to be out of the sun while we ate. I thought Jill might've put on her suit or her beach dress, but she stayed naked. She sat cross legged across from Philippe while we conversed and ate. Her pussy was the centerpiece of the triangle made by her parted legs. Her cunt was spread open and we could see the deep pink of her vagina. We shared some of our food with Phillippe and he shared some of his local fare. I was intrigued watching the two of them talk. They seemed oblivious to their nudity, leaning toward each other to share food. Jill's tits jiggled as she moved and talked and Phillippe's cock bobbed as he shifted around. At one point, he stood to go over to get something from his blanket. When he did, his cock was bouncing at my wife's eye level, only two feet away from her. She looked at me and made her eyes open widely, appreciating the presence of another man's cock right before her face. 267 Now Jill had seen cocks before. She had relationships before she'd met me, but this was the first dick she'd seen since we'd been married, and it was perhaps the closest she'd been to another man's dick in her sweet life. 268 After lunch, Jill and I went in the water. Phillippe said someone should stay with our things to preclude theft. He said there were teenagers who would steal people's clothes so they would have to deal with going home naked. 269 Jill and I walked to the water. I was self-conscious of my boner, but I don't think any of the people we passed were looking at me, well maybe a few of the women. My naked wife was stunning and she immodestly walked to the surf while casually talking to me. She was tanning nicely and her soft brown ass wiggled when she walked. Her normally white breasts were turning a nice brown. The cool water helped to deflate my dick a bit. We waded until the water was up to our chests and began to jump to avoid the waves. I pulled Jill to me and gave her a kiss. I told her I loved her and was proud of her for being so daring. 270 "You like me naked for people to see, don't you?" She observed. Duh! 271 Then she asked, "Does it turn you on to see Phillippe get a hard-on for your wife?" 272 I said, "I suppose it does. I guess it affirms my belief that you are one truly hot woman. Other men would like to fuck you, but you're mine." 273 She said, "Do you really think he like to fuck me?" 274 "Of course." 275 She pulled away from me to dive into the surf and asked, "Would it turn-you-on if I played with him a little-bit?" 276 I was not ready for that question and thought about it while I watched her naked brown ass bob in the water while she dove into an approaching wave. This was truly amazing. I wondered how I would feel about seeing my wife messing around with the young guy. My dick was hard despite the cool water. The thought of seeing Jill teasing someone with her body was erotic and I was inclined to see what would happen. 277 She swam back to me and rose from the water. She grabbed my hard cock and kissed me and said, "We're on vacation. Let's have some fun." I knew what she meant generally, but I had no idea what would happen specifically. 278 We returned to our beach towels. Jill surprised me again by saying to me. I want Phillippe to apply the sunscreen to my back." 279 I nodded my assent and Phillippe moved over to kneel beside my naked wife. He squirted some sunscreen onto his hands. I sensed the symbolism of him squirting the white gooey stuff onto his hands and then rubbing it onto my wife's back. He took his time with her back, her neck and her arms. He applied the lotion to her sides including the sides of her breasts. Her arms were above her head and the sides of her beauties were tantalizing. The temptation to reach under and grab her breasts must've been hard to resist. 280 When Phillippe began to rub the lotion on my wife's naked ass and her upper thighs, I snapped another photo of the young man with his hands on her nude body. I noticed that she spread her legs a few inches to give access him access to the inside of her thighs as well as a view of her female treasures. Jill looked at me through her sunglasses and smiled as the young man massaged the oil into her delicate skin, sliding his hand between her legs. 281 We laid in the sun for a while. It was getting hot and we were drinking our water quickly. Jill got to her knees. She said she needed to cool off in the surf again. I was a little surprised when she asked Phillippe to join her with me watching our things. I shrugged, letting her control what was happening. 282 I got a photo of the two of them walking away from me, two bare asses with people around them. My naked wife was walking next to a relative stranger whose cock was bouncing as he walked beside her. She looked gorgeous from behind. They waded out and then dove into the surf. They played around in the surf for a bit and soon were holding hands and jumping up to stay above the waves. Her tits bounced up and down with each wave. Jill seemed to slip at one point and ended up in Phillippe's arms. He waded out into deeper water with my wife's arms around his neck. I was further surprised when my wife kissed him. She was wrapped around him and based on their posture his prick would've been between her legs while they kissed. She had moved quickly and I was enthralled watching her fool around with this guy. She was going to give the poor guy a case of blue balls. Or, she was going to get him off somehow. I took a photo, of course. 283 They came running out of the surf. Her boobs bounced as she trotted across the beach. He had a hard-on that flopped with each step. She was out of breath when she reached our towels. She sat down and kissed me. She asked if I wanted to put lotion on her front or if Phillippe should do it. My repressed desire to see my pretty wife with another man was rising to the surface when I said, "Let him do it." With each activity, she was pushing boundaries and I was acceding to her continuing. 284 She asked Phillippe to apply the sunscreen and he willingly agreed. He looked at me and we smiled at each other. Once again, the symbolism became apparent with Phillippe squirting the thick white sun-lotion onto his hand. He held the container near his hips (near his cock) and squeezed the viscous liquid onto his hand. He put his hand on her belly and began the application there. I watched him rubbing his hand over her taunt belly, swirling his fingers between her pussy and her breasts, coming closer to each area as he continued. He used another handful of lotion to start on her breasts. Jill sighed with contentment and pleasure when the young man fondled her breasts. Her nipples were hard, of course, and her breasts were browning in the sun light. A few times, his prick briefly touched her body, her upper leg once and her hip twice. Phillippe did her shoulders and her arms and delicately applied the lotion to her face. She was looking directly into his face while he touched her cheeks, her neck and the chin. It tremendously erotic. His cock was resting against her forearm. 285 Then, he moved down to her hips. He quickly did Jill's legs, swabbing the goo on her shins and working his way up her legs, over her knees and then between her thighs. My previously modest wife, opened her legs, bending a knee and putting her foot on the ground to give Philippe access. I watched the young many carefully rub my wife's soft skin at the top of her legs. His prick rested against her foot for a few moments. From where I sat, I could see the lips of her pussy. I wondered how far she would let him go? Would she let him finger her? Would she let him fuck her? Would I let it happen? 286 Philippe held the tube of lotion right beside his cock while my wife watched him squirting the juice onto his hand. The stuff looked like and had the consistency of cum. He put his hand on her pussy and massaged the lotion onto her bush before he ran his hands over her crotch. She moved her foot, stroking his cock. He seemed to slide a finger between her pussy lips but she pulled his hand away, letting him know that he had gone far enough. He finished and she thanked him. I noticed the size and hardness of the young man's prick. He had been blessed with a substantial penis. Both he and I wanted to get off, but we wouldn't cross the barrier of touching ourselves despite the naked beauty lying between us. Had she grabbed either of our pricks, I know I would've exploded. Philippe and I had to satisfy ourselves with rubbing the lotion on ourselves. 287 But then, Jill asked if we needed help with the lotion. Phillippe and I both said yes. She went to him first, giving me a wicked grin. "You boys don't just need sun-lotion, you need some relief." 288 I watched her. I didn't dare blink my eyes for fear of missing something. She put the lotion on his back and massaged some into his hard young butt. He rolled over and she rubbed lotion onto his chest and finally moved down to his manhood. His young cock was standing up proudly. 289 "Did I do this?" she asked. He said she did. She said, "I'm sorry. Let me see if I can make you feel better." 290 She took a glob of the semen-like lotion onto her hand and grabbed his cock. She straddled his shin, letting her pussy touch his leg. I took a photo and had a difficult time keeping my hand off my own dick. She rubbed his cock up and down, fucking it with her hands. The diamond and gold on her wedding rings sparkled in the sunlight. It didn't take long for Phillippe to spout a jet of semen, followed by another and another. My wife caught some of it in her hands and rubbed it into her chest, just like it was the sunscreen. She sensuously rubbed his sperm into her breasts, rubbing some into her nipples. 291 Chapter 3.2 Then she scooted over to me. I asked her, "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" 293 She leaned in and kissed me, then rubbed her cum-coated breasts over my face. I was spread eagled with a tremendous hard on and all she had to do was touch my dick and I exploded. I shot a stream of semen that hit her arm up to her shoulder. She held my cock while the remaining spurts gushed from my cock onto my belly. Her crotch was resting across my thigh and I could feel the tremendous heat in her pussy. 294 She kissed me while rubbing my cum over my belly as if it were sunscreen and said, "I'm having a good time. We're on vacation. You said I should enjoy myself." 295 I affirmed what she said. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Enjoy yourself." 296 After another hour in the sun, we were out of water and decided to head back to our hotel. Jill put her sundress over her head to deprive Phillippe and I of further viewing pleasure, but we all knew she was naked beneath her little dress. Her legs were exposed to within a foot of her crotch. 297 He drove us back home with Jill in the passenger seat. I couldn't help but notice that my wife's dress was drawn up her legs and her pussy would peek out occasionally. Phillippe certainly noticed. 298 When we got back home and we adjourned to our hotel room. We both got in the shower and immediately began to make love. We quickly dried ourselves and fell into bed. While I leisurely pumped away at her pussy, we exchanged comments about the day and how hot Jill had acted. 299 I said, "When you were in the water with him, you had your legs around him. It looked like he was fucking you." 300 She said, "He wasn't, really." 301 "What do you mean he wasn't really?" 302 She said, "Well he wasn't fucking me. His cock slid into me for a second or two before I could get away. I wouldn't call it fucking, just a momentary contact." 303 I was stunned. The guy had put his cock in her and she thought nothing of it. 304 She added, "He's big." 305 Then she asked if I had seen his cock brushing against her while he applied the sun lotion. 306 I said, "I did, and I saw you press your pussy against his leg." 307 She giggled and said, "You sure liked it when I did that to you too." 308 I asked. "Do you want to fuck him?" 309 She said, "I don't know. He's kind of hot. I like how he touches me and he has a nice cock." 310 "You like his cock?" She'd mentioned it a few times already. 311 She answered honestly, "It turns-me-on to have a man get hard over me and he has a nasty looking prick. Would you be mad if I let him fuck me? We are on vacation and you said I should enjoy myself." 312 That was the big question. I was conflicted in my emotions. She was my wife and I didn't want to share her with others, but on the other hand, it made me so damn hot watching her do things, particularly with other men. If she really wanted to do it, maybe I should let her have a fling. There was no danger of a long-term relationship or losing her to this guy. 313 I told her "I don't know. I have to think about it." 314 I was still inside her and she noticed how hard I was and how I was fucking her. 315 She said, "You are turned on by the thought of me doing it with another man." 316 I said, "I like watching you come." 317 She replied, "I like showing off for you. I'd like to have him fuck me while you watch, or maybe I'll just fuck him and tell you about it." 318 We went down to have dinner and then we went to bed. We made love again after she gave me a nice blow-job. She said she felt sorry for my prick, having to be hard but unsatisfied all day. 319 "I'll bet your friend is jacking-off thinking about putting his tortured prick inside that pussy of yours." 320 My wife answered, "I was cruel, wasn't I. Maybe I should make it up to him." 321 "You did jack-him-off." 322 "I did, but I'm sure he'd like something more." 323 I knew what that meant. 324 The next day, we decided to take a break from the beach and do some shopping and sightseeing. At Jill's suggestion, we invited Phillippe to join us as a tour guide and driver. We'd save on cab fares that way and she was delighted by Phillippe's company and attention. We started late, Jill and I had to make love before we set out on the day's activities. 325 We drove out to the southeast tip of Portugal where the explorers had trained for their voyages to Africa and Asia centuries ago. On the way back, we stopped a village to shop for some souvenirs. 326 Throughout the day, Jill had worn a light, loose skirt that would blow up with the wind revealing her pink panties. Phillippe and I would walk behind her and let her cross streets first in hopes of a glimpse of her panty covered ass. She was oblivious to the show she was giving for a while but eventually caught on. It was surreal to be sharing her with Phillippe. We both watched her move and both spied on the flashes of her panties and the spectacle of her titties poking through her blouse. I asked her to remove her panties, but she said, "Maybe later." 327 We stopped for lunch in a little café. Then we went shopping for some outfits for her. Phillippe found a nice store that catered to tourists and sold swim wear and women's summer clothing. Jill didn't need any clothing, but I encouraged her to try things on. I enjoy her giving a fashion show of sorts when she tries on clothes. Seeing her undress is the best part of the show. 328 Of course, Phillippe and I settled into seats near the dressing room and Jill left the curtain open a bit while she changed. She tried on a few dresses and we were treated to views of her slim body wearing just her underwear. She removed her bra after one dress didn't 'look right with a bra'. I heartily agreed so we watched her changing in just her panties. When she lifted her arms to try the dresses, her breasts bounced and jiggled to our delight. After a few changes, Jill decided to just leave the curtain half-open since we both had seen her nude and she liked the attention. With a couple of the dresses, she asked me, then Phillippe to 'help' her by doing or undoing the zippers in the back. Zipping the fabric over her lovely tanned back was a real treat. She picked a dress that she liked and then I encouraged her to get a new swim suit. 329 She let me pick a suit for her to try on and Phillippe chose another one. We had evolved into a threesome couple and were having a great time. I asked her to try a bright, safety-vest yellow suit. When she put it on over her underpants, it wasn't possible to see how it would actually look. With her eyes on me, Jill peeled off her panties and stood there, nude. She slowly pulled the suit bottom up to her waist and then dangled the skimpy top over her breasts. She looked stunning with the bright suit contrasting with her well-tanned body. She paraded around for us. She wanted try the other suit so I undid the top and she removed it, baring her breasts in view of another couple that had come into the store. 330 The suit Phillippe had chosen was chocolate brown. It was very skimpy. The top wasn't much, hiding her nipples a bit, but it provided no support to her breasts, which hung down a bit too much. She picked the yellow suit and we headed back to the hotel. 331 She put her dress on, but had neglected to wear underwear. With the light breeze, we were treated to a few glimpses of Jill's naked ass. A few other people were treated as well. 332 She rode again in the front passenger seat beside Phillippe. They were in animated conversation the whole way home. She was really taken with this guy. He reached over occasionally when he thought I wasn't looking and rubbed his hand on the inside of my wife's thigh. She didn't object. They were talking about the nightlife in our little town and he invited us to go to a few clubs with him. We agreed to go. 333 Jill and I had dinner at a little restaurant near the hotel. It was a late dinner as per the fashion of the local culture. Phillippe was to meet us at eight and show us some of the local night-life. 334 During dinner, Jill and I had an important conversation about where things were going. 335 At one point I said, "I saw his hand on your thigh in the car. You didn't seem to mind." 336 She replied, "Well you didn't seem to mind either. It felt really good. You know I like to have my thighs tickled." 337 "You showed him your pussy yesterday riding back from the beach." 338 She said, "I didn't think you'd noticed." 339 "Did he touch it?" 340 She said, "Don't be mad." Meaning that he had touched her there. 341 I asked, "Was he getting you hot today?" 342 "I guess, yes, a little." An understatement, for sure. 343 "You liked undressing for us when we were in the clothing store." 344 Jill answered, "Yes again. You seemed to like me doing that, having other people see me naked is a real turn-on for you, isn't it?" 345 I said, "It is." 346 "You've had that fantasy of seeing me with another man." 347 "Yes, I still do." 348 "Would you like to see me with another guy, watch some other man fuck your wife?" 349 "I have mixed feelings. I'd be afraid someone would be a better lover and steal you." 350 Jill said what I had been thinking. "If it was someone we'd never see again, what would you think then?" 351 We both knew she was advancing the idea of screwing our friend Phillippe. 352 As I was about to answer, Phillippe approached our table. He was dressed smartly with his shirt open. He asked if we were ready to go. 353 On an impulse, I decided to let my wife go nightclubbing with him alone and have a good time. Whether I admitted it or not, I was giving her permission to screw our new friend. "You two go ahead. I'm tired and don't feel like going out. We have a boat tour scheduled for tomorrow, so don't be too late." I told my wife. 354 We had scheduled a day trip into the Med to see Gibraltar and Africa. Jill had forgotten it. I had been looking forward to taking photos and seeing some famous sights. 355 She gave me a peck on the lips. I told her to have a good time. Then she kissed me again, more deeply and said, "I love you. Don't wait up for me; I have my own key to the room." 356 I did go up and with the help of a couple of shots of bourbon from the mini-bar, fell asleep. My thoughts were roaming about the possibility of where my wife was as I drifted off to sleep. I was imagining her in bed with our young friend. My cock was hard when I finally fell asleep. 357 I woke the next morning a 5:00 AM to my alarm clock. We had to meet the bus for the tour at 6:00. The bed beside me was empty. Where was my wife? Was she okay?" 358 I grabbed my phone to look for a message. She had texted at 1:30. "I'm okay. Don't worry about me. See you in the morning." 359 I called her on the phone, but it went straight to voice mail. I don't know why cell phones do that sometimes, but the same thing happened after two more tries. I had no idea where she was, but assumed she was in Phillippe's bed. I faced the realization that I had encouraged her to sleep with him when I let her go out alone with him. I dressed and went down in the lobby. I asked a few people if they knew where Phillippe lived. They said nearby, but didn't know where. His mother and sister had not yet arrived. I saw the boat tour group gathering and had to decide whether to go or not when I got another text. 360 Her text said, "On the way back to the room. Go on the tour without me, I'm not feeling well and fell asleep last night. Will tell you about it when you get back." 361 I was perplexed and concerned, but she had told me everything was alright. Of course, I presumed that my wife had spent the night in another man's bed. I realized I had expected that and shouldn't be upset about it, but wow, what a thing to think about. We'd both need some time to gather our thoughts if that was what she had done. 362 I went on the trip and my mind was taken off my wife for much of the day by the wonderful scenery and history. Still, I often found myself wondering what I thought about my previously faithful wife screwing another man. Part of me was jealous and bothered, but another part of me was aroused by the idea. I was imagining her, naked with Phillippe between her thighs. 363 I returned to our room at about 7:00 PM and found my wife, in bed, sleeping. She was naked and I crawled in beside her, cuddling her precious body. She hadn't showered and still smelled of sunscreen and her perspiration which made her skin glow a lovely brown. She was slippery and sticky from her sweat and a day of activity. Her skin was deeply tanned, with no bikini lines. She woke in my arms. 364 "I've been a bad girl." She said. 365 "What did you do?" I asked. 366 "I fucked other men." 367 Men??? 368 After a moment to gather myself, I asked. "Tell me about it. What happened? Did you have a good time?" 369 She said, "I did. I hope you are not mad. I wish you had been there with me but I thought telling you about it would be almost as good." It was. 370 She said, "After we left you, we went to two clubs and had some drinks, but it was clear that he was interested in something else. He wanted to get me in bed. I wanted him. He turned-me-on. He doesn't have much in the way of husband-potential for some girl, but he knows how to make a woman feel good." 371 "Go on." 372 "He's a high school drop-out and does unskilled labor work for his mom in the hotel. He likes to hook-up with tourist women and gets lucky once or twice a year. He said he was very lucky to find me. I knew we were just going to screw for pleasure with nothing more to come of it. The freedom to be with a guy just for sex was unique, no worries about getting involved or hurting someone's feelings." 373 I queried, "It's a good thing you are on the pill, aren't you?" 374 She said, "Yes, but the thought of him getting me pregnant is so hot. When he was fucking me bareback, I thought about his little soldiers trying to get in my uterus and make a baby." 375 She continued, "We went back to where he lived, which is a block or so away from the hotel. He has a room on the second floor of a rooming house. It has a bed, a balcony and a bathroom down the hall. He took me there and as soon as we entered the room, he kissed me. He pulled me to him and he began to undress me. I figured he wasn't going to see anything he hadn't already seen, so I let him and stripped him as well. His prick was hard and I wanted to feel it inside me. His cock is bigger than yours and I've wanted to know what it felt like to have a bigger cock inside me. It's a big brown thing and he knows how to use it." 376 "Did you suck it?" I had to ask. 377 She said, "Yes, a couple of times." 378 I was amazed at what I was hearing as she continued. 379 "He went down on me and gave me the most intense cunnilingus I ever had. No offense babe, but he really wanted to eat my pussy. I'll have to teach you some of his tricks. His tongue and his fingers were inside me and he started me on what seemed to be an all-night orgasm. Once we finished one thing, he was on to another. I sucked his cock, but he wanted it to be all about me, pleasing me. When his cock finally slid into me, I felt the big head of it spreading me open. He reached deeper than you've ever been and the tighter sensation around his bigger cock in my cunt really set me off. I felt like I was being wrecked by his cock. It was marvelous. But he didn't come. He was pacing himself to give me an all-night fucking he said." 380 I would have to accept some of her comments about my size and skill in bed. I'd have to do better to satisfy this amazing sexual creature who I was holding in my arms. My cock was hard against her ass, letting her know that I was enjoying her tale, but I was feeling self-conscious hearing my wife tell me how another man was a better lover. 381 She went on with her tale, "The most unusual thing was when he took me out onto his balcony. It overlooks this little street and there were people walking about. I was totally naked and he leaned me over the metal railing. The railing was just some metal bars and it didn't hide anything. My tits were hanging over the street. I was leaning over and Philippe was sticking his cock in me from behind. It was as public a fucking as I've ever imagined. People walking below knew Philippe and a few said 'hello' to him. I couldn't tell what they were saying in his language, but I knew they were congratulating him about his latest conquest. One guy spoke to him for a bit longer, a cousin who I would meet later." 382 "It was the ultimate in exhibitionism. I was naked with a cock in my pussy while people walked around below. The cool air kept my nipples hard. Passers-by could look up and see everything I had with the light from a nearby shop illuminating me. My tits were glowing in the light and they could see the dark patch between my legs. I moved with every thrust of Phillippe's cock. A few people applauded when he rammed his cock into me and came. I felt his semen rushing over my vagina and I added my cum to his." 383 "We went back in the room and I had to pee. Phillippe told me to go down the hall to the john. I was still naked. After I peed, I came out and there was an older man walking down the hall. I hadn't realized that it was a communal bathroom. I just pointed to Phillippe's door. He nodded knowingly and smiled. He let me pass and had a good look at me as I went back to the room." 384 I stated the obvious, "You spent the night with him." 385 She continued, "I did. That's when I sent you the text. I still wanted more, but poor Phillippe's dick wouldn't respond until I sucked it for him. He got hard again and I rode him for a while before I fell asleep, naked in his bed. I'd only known him for two days and I'd wanted him to fuck me over and over. I felt like a slut." 386 I asked, "What happened the next morning?" 387 She continued her tale, "We went to breakfast. I was wearing the skirt and blouse from the night before except Phillippe had convinced me to not wear panties. I wasn't wearing bra either." 388 "We were eating breakfast in the hotel. You'd already left. Then the guy who had watched us on the balcony the night before approached us and Phillippe introduced us and invited him to sit with us. His name was Timmo or something. He was Albanian and that was the best I could pronounce his name." 389 "Well, Phillippe convinced me to give his friend an upskirt beaver shot. I sat there and spread then lifted my legs to give this stranger a nice view of my open cunt." 390 Phillippe was telling me that Timmo had a big cock, bigger than his. I didn't care, but they wanted to show me. The three of us went back to Phillippe's room. I was horny from flashing my beaver and walking around with no underwear so when Phillippe got me on the bed, I didn't resist at all. He was kissing me and opening my blouse. He pulled my skirt up. I had forgotten about his friend, but I remembered he was there when I felt his mouth on my pussy. I hadn't seen his dick, but he had a big tongue and long fingers. Phillippe was sharing me with his friend. Wasn't that nice of him?" 391 "Really nice." I replied. My gosh, what else had she done? 392 "Well of course, I found out about Timmo's cock when he put the thing inside me. I thought he was going to split me in half. I know my cunt can stretch open enough to have a baby, but he was going in the other way. His prick was enormous, but I took the whole thing inside me. Phillippe was still tongue-fucking my mouth. My poor pussy was leaking juices again. I was afraid of being dehydrated from coming so much. Timmo filled me with a big gusher of cum after a few minutes. His technique wasn't as good as Phillippe's, or yours for that matter. He just had a huge cock. It felt good going in, but once I adjusted to the size, it was no big deal." 393 I said, "I've lost count of how many times you've been fucked on this trip." 394 She said, "Well, I wasn't done yet. I was really feeling decadent, and I asked Phillippe to fuck me in the ass." 395 I was surprised. "You asked to be fucked in the ass. You won't let me near your back hole." 396 Chapter 3.3 She said, "I know. I think they suggested it, but I thought "You only live once" so I told them to give me the rectal rooter." 398 My wife had let me fuck her ass only once. It hurt her at first, although she ended up liking it, but she didn't let me do her there again. Now, I learn that she was asking some guy she barely knew to plunder her anal orifice. 399 "Did he do it?" I asked. 400 "He sure did. He had a jar of Vaseline or something and he greased me up and stuffed his cock into my back hole. It felt so different when his cock pushed past my sphincter and slid deeper and deeper into my ass. I thought he was going to poke my stomach with the thing. I felt so full and I was impaled and couldn't move. I've never felt so dominated during sex. He could do anything he wanted to me with his cock in my ass." 401 "Did you like it?" I asked. 402 "I did, but it scares me. I'd want you to be there if I ever do anything like that again." 403 "Did he come in your ass?" 404 "He did. That felt weird too." She said. "Oh. Do you want to see a picture." 405 The 'friend' Timmo had taken three photos with Jill's phone. The first showed Phillippe straddling her hips, riding a bit high, indicating his cock was in my wife's ass. The second was a close-up of his cock filling her asshole and the third one showed her empty, gaping asshole with a trace of semen around it. 406 "Did the other guy fuck your asshole too?'' I had to ask. 407 "Nope. One reaming back there was enough. He wanted to fuck my ass, but I said no. I wanted to do something other than fucking." 408 I commented, "That's amazing considering what you've told me so far. All you were doing was getting fucked." 409 She said, "I think of it as making vacation memories and experiencing everything good in life." 410 We went down for a late dinner and after me telling her about my day, we continued to discuss her adventures. 411 She asked about my boat trip and I told her all things she had missed. 412 She said, "But you didn't get laid today. Poor baby. I'd make it up to you but my holes are too sore." She was taunting me. I was second fiddle to other men for her pussy. I didn't care for the feeling. 413 "What did you do the rest of the day?" I asked. 414 She told me, "Well I came back to our room and took a shower with Philippe." 415 "What?" 416 "He needed a shower too and we thought we would save water. It turns out we stayed in there for a while." She added, "Then he fucked me." 417 "Where?" 418 "Right here!" 419 "In our bed?" 420 "Well, it's the hotel's bed and I didn't think you'd mind." 421 I did but asked, "Okay then what?" 422 "He took me back to the beach with Timmo. That's why my tan is so much nicer." 423 She did have a beautiful brown tan all over her luscious body. 424 She continued. "They found a section of the beach where the unofficial rules are different." 425 "Different how?" 426 "People were fucking on the beach. It was a voyeur's beach where people could watch others have sex and do it themselves." 427 "So, they fucked you on the beach?" 428 "Yes. They each fucked me twice. It was non-stop sex. But then was the best part." 429 Oh boy, I thought what else could have happened. 430 She told me. "Well, you know another one of our role plays was for me to be a hooker and get paid for sex." 431 "They paid you?" 432 "No, silly. Some other guys paid for sex with me." 433 "What did you do?" 434 "I sucked the one guy's cock and the let the other one fuck me. He did it doggy style. I was 'spit roasted'." 435 I had to ask, "How much did they pay?" 436 She said, "Only two hundred Euros, whatever that is. I got fifty." 437 "What so you mean you got fifty?" 438 "The guys kept the rest for pimping me out." She went on, stunning me with each new revelation. "So now I've been a whore. It's a little weird and very scary to fuck some dude who you don't know at all." 439 I chimed in, "Yes, you at least need to know a guy for a day or two or have met him at breakfast before you fuck them" 440 "Then we came home, and I fell asleep and awakened in my true lover' arms." 441 "Well tomorrow is our last day." I said. "What do you want to do?' 442 She was drifting off to sleep but said, "I want you to watch Phillippe fuck me. That's my favorite fantasy, to be taken while my husband watches. I want you to watch him put his cock in me and then get sloppy seconds." 443 We fell asleep. She said she was too tired and sore for more sex. We slept late and found Phillippe hanging around in the hotel lobby after we'd eaten breakfast. Jill knew what she wanted. She told me and then Phillippe that she wanted to go to the nude beach and let me watch and take photos of him fucking her. I was too overwhelmed by all of this to really realize how brazen my wife was acting. We were doing things we would never have thought about (well we had thought about them, but never would've done them). 444 We did it. We drove to the beach and spent a pensive hour in the sun. Phillippe was an expert by now at greasing up my wife with the sunscreen. I watched him stimulate her clitoris and have her gasping for air with his fingers in her cunt. I watched them go out into the surf where she straddled his waist and he pushed his cock inside her. They were fucking in the surf. 445 The highlight was late in the day. Jill came over to me and kissed me. "Get your camera ready. I'm never going to fuck anyone else again so you better get something to remember it by when we are old and in the nursing home and your prick won't work anymore. I want you to remember this." 446 I said, "I imagine you'll remember it too." 447 She said, "I'll always remember the feeling of Phillippe's cock inside me." 448 She knelt beside Phillippe, her vacation lover and kissed him. They swirled tongues for a few minutes, getting each other to frenzied arousal. Her hand went to his cock and his hand found her bare ass. She lifted up so he could suck her breast. He bit her nipple and she yelped and twisted his cock. She looked at me and with my camera phone, I recorded my wife sucking another man's cock. She drew my attention to her wedding rings holding his cock with her mouth over the mushroom-shaped tip. She slurped and swallowed his manhood. She licked under his balls and then put the cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking more and more of his cock into her throat with each thrust. She was trying to deep-throat his prick for me. She was gagging, but kept at it. Phillippe was lying there watching her try to take his whole prick into her gullet. Deeper and deeper his cock went until finally she gave a thrust and her nose touched his belly. She was gagging with her throat full of cock. It was an obscene sight, seeing my wife choking on some dude's cock, damned if it didn't arouse me like nothing I'd ever seen before. 449 Then, she moved up and straddled his hips. She poised her pussy over his erection and let me get a photo of the tip of his dick broaching the entrance to my wife's vagina. She did it a few times and then took a couple of inches into her vaginal channel. She looked at me as she lowered herself onto this man's prick. She called me over to her and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth as she sat down with Phillippe's cock buried inside her. She grabbed my cock and held it firmly while she rocked back and forth on another man's cock. 450 "He's fucking me. Do you see!" She asked with urgency as she built toward a climax. "I want you to see me get fucked but I'll always come back to you." 451 I wanted to fuck her myself. She said, "Put your dick in my ass. You can feel him fucking me (through the membrane between her colon and her vagina)." 452 I used the sunscreen. We were almost out. I squirted some into her nether hole and greased up my cock. I put it at the opening of my wife's anus and split her little rosebud open with a thrust of my cock. I pushed past the sphincter and she groaned, telling me to hurry. My cock slid into her dark channel and I immediately felt the movement of her other lover's cock in her vagina. I held still and felt another man fucking my wife from inside her. I don't know of anything that can match it. His prick was pushing the membrane against the underside of my penis which stimulated me. She was going wild. In a way he was fucking both of us. It was amazing. Then I felt him pause and push his dick deep into my wife's cunt. I could feel his cock jerk inside her as it squirted another load of semen into her womb. She said she felt him hit her cervix and pump his seed into her womb. I followed with my orgasm and Jill was almost shrieking with passion as two cocks unloaded in her simultaneously. A number of spectators had gathered and applauded our display of raw sex. 453 She bent over and tenderly kissed Phillippe while I pulled out of her. She dismounted and collapsed to her side. I had stopped taking photos when I had entered her ass, but some of the nearby voyeurs got some. I remember negotiating for an air-drop of some photos with one of the voyeurs. I was naked, with my just-used prick dangling from my hips. He agreed and sent me his whole array for twenty euros. 454 We went in the surf and washed the sex from our bodies. We drove back to the hotel, mostly in silence. Jill and I went to bed. 455 We arose early and packed for the trip to the airport. We had a direct flight to London from where we would head back home. Phillippe had volunteered to give us a ride to the airport. Jill was fully dressed, so he couldn't rub her naked thigh on the drive to the airport. She wearing a bra as well. But when we got to the airport and checked our bags, I lost sight of my wife and her friend. I thought they had each gone to the restroom. But a few minutes later, I happened to see them emerge from a locked 'security' door. He gave the guard some money as they reentered. He taken my wife off for a last piece of her pussy. 456 I asked where she had been. 457 She said, "I had to fuck that wonderful cock one more time." 458 We boarded the plane and I could see Jill was uncomfortable. I asked what was wrong. 459 "I let him have my panties so I have no underwear and his cum is leaking onto my pants." She was wearing white leggings so the semen stain was visible at the top of her legs and under her crotch. She used some paper napkins, but she was still uncomfortable. 460 I pulled a blanket over us and turned off our lights. We flew the entire way with my wife's cunt leaking another man's semen. In London, we had just a short layover so she only had a few minutes to clean herself. She did find a sundress, very expensive, in one of the shops and changed into it. She left her leggings in the bathroom where she changed. 461 On the final flight to the U.S.A. we were sitting in our two-seats, me on the aisle and Jill by the window. The lights were off and I was asleep. I woke to hear my wife sobbing quietly. 462 I asked, "What's the matter?" 463 She had been thinking about her adventures and was upset, "I am so ashamed. I was such a slut, going off with some kid I barely knew and letting him and then others fuck me. You must be really disappointed in me. I wouldn't blame you for dumping me. You don't deserve a whore for a wife." 464 I comforted her and told her I loved her and wasn't going to dump her. "You were so sexy. I encouraged you to have a once-in-a-lifetime fling, to feel what it's like to have uninhibited sex." 465 She was still sobbing. "I'm not even wearing underwear. I let them fuck me in public with other people seeing their American whore." 466 I reached under the blanket that was covering both of us and I reached under her dress. She still was without panties. "I love you. I love you more than ever." I whispered in her ear. 467 Then my fingers found her pussy. I felt between her pussy lips and touched her clitoris. I whispered to her, "I'm thinking now about how you looked being fucked on the beach with all those people watching you. The guys all had hard-ons. They would've welcomed the chance to put their dicks into your nasty little cunt." 468 She looked at me, surprised at my reaction to her dalliances. 469 I continued, "Remember how it felt to have my cock in your ass, feeling Phillippe fucking your pussy. It was so hot. My dick is hard thinking about it." I put her hand on my prick to verify what I was saying. 470 She looked at me, less concerned. She said. "That was pretty wild, wasn't it. It felt so good having your and his cock against my membrane. You were feeling another man fuck me." I was rubbing between her pussy lips and she was getting more aroused and wetter. 471 I continued, "I wish I had seen you on that balcony, naked with a cock in your cunt and all those people watching." 472 She groaned and spread her legs for me. Her eyes were closed, remembering. 473 I went on, "You are so damn hot. And I loved seeing you on the beach, walking around without any modesty, letting everyone see your naked body. You have an amazing tan. You'll have to show your friends." 474 She laughed at that. "I can't show them my tanned tits and pussy." 475 "Then you can show my friends." 476 "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" 477 I said, "I sure would. I want others to see what a beautiful, uninhibited wife I have." 478 She said, "No way." 479 "Then I can tell them and I can show them some photos of you." I pulled up a photo on my phone of her lying on her back, nude, in the bright sunlight. 480 "You wouldn't dare." 481 "Oh yes I would." I said. "Would you like me to show some of these?" I showed her some of the photos having sex with Phillippe. "Here's one of him fucking you in the surf. Here's one on the beach with people watching. Here you are walking down the beach nude. Here's one of you jacking-him-off with the sunscreen. And here's one of him with his fingers in your cunt, applying sunscreen to where the sun never shines." 482 My fingers were inside her vagina as I said this. She was squirming and was dripping her juices onto my hand. 483 She put her head on my shoulder and asked if I could ever forgive her. 484 I said, "There is nothing to forgive. I wanted you to do whatever you felt like, to cut loose. Hell, I told you to go out with him and I expected you to end up in his bed. I wanted to try sloppy seconds on my wife." 485 I said, "Close your eyes and remember Phillippe's cock in your pussy and in your ass." 486 She closed her eyes while I pumped my fingers into her juicy pussy. 487 "Having you watch me was so hot." She said. 488 She was nearing her climax. She bit into my shoulder and shuddered with her orgasm. A woman across the aisle looked to see if Jill was alright. I waved my hand to let her know she was okay. Jill was panting and nuzzling my neck. 489 She said, "I love you. Thank you for the vacation. I'll never do anything like that again. I promise." 490 I kissed her and held her in my arms the whole way across the Atlantic. 491 Well, we got home late in the day. Her folks picked us up at the airport. We got to their house and retrieved our kids. We gave everyone the gifts we had bought and gave them a G rated version of our trip. When we deleted the nude beach and the sex, there wasn't much to tell. Jill did tell her sister about the nude beach and showed her tan. Her sister's husband Jeb wants to see it too. I'm trying to talk Jill into sharing her beautiful tan with a few friends. 492 Monday, we woke up, had breakfast without much conversation. Then we went back to work and our lives resumed the daily routine. That night, however, we made passionate love, both of us remembering the events of the previous week and our 'once in a lifetime vacation'. 493 https://www.literotica.com/s/nerd-becomes-a-cumslut-ch-1 Ashley Harmon was extremely uncool, more from necessity than any wish on her part. Her dad was painfully strict, she wasn't even allowed a smartphone. She had to come straight home after school, and the only exceptions were for extra-curricular activities. So, she signed up for pretty much everything: marching band, mathlympics, film club -- until she was banned from that after The Shining was scheduled -- and Battle of the Brains. 495 Battle of the Brains -- or BoB as it was usually called by those lame enough to be involved -- was an inter-school competition where teams of students competed to beat increasingly elaborate challenges that drew on all sorts of different knowledge. Needless to say, it was only major nerds who were involved in BoB, and Ashley was one of those nerds. 496 That's why she was surprised when just after final bell rang, Harry T., a senior who spent most of his time smoking cigarettes behind the gym and making out with whichever girl he was with that week, spoke to her. 497 "Hey bitch," he said. "Wanna take my load?" 498 Ashley blushed, first with embarrassment at the fact that he was addressing her, then with a humiliated anger that he had called her a bitch. But it was too exciting that Harry was speaking to her, so she ignored it as best she could. 499 "Um, like, your bag?" she stammered out. "I could carry it for you if you want?" 500 Harry and the two guys he was with burst out laughing at her. 501 "This dumb bitch doesn't even know what a load is!" 502 They walked off, laughing at her as her face burned hot and red. She silently prayed for a meteor to strike her dead, but when that didn't happen, she started the long walk to the Hellgate. The Hellgate was what everyone called the strange little underground basement under the main quadrangle. To most people it was just a weird red gate, but it was the place the school allocated for Battle of the Brains practice. 503 The current team consisted of Ashley and four boys: Justin, Tom, Hugh and Vincent. They were fine -- mostly they included her and listened to her during practice, but when they went off topic they talked about things she didn't really understand because of her dad, like Netflix and video games. Justin Ho was her particular friend though. He was in the year above her and he always went out of his way to chat with her and try to make her feel welcome. That's probably why when BoB practice finished up, he hung around a minute after the others left. 504 "Hey, everything alright Ash? You seemed kinda weird at the start of practice." 505 She blushed again in memory of what had happened. Practice had let her mostly forget her interaction with Harry, as they had devised answers to sample questions and built little contraptions to complete odd tasks. 506 "Um, yeah, there was... I'm okay. It's just..." She trailed off, embarrassed. 507 "It's alright, you don't have to tell me, but you know, I hope you're all good," said Justin. 508 "It's fine. It's just..." Ashley swallowed her anxiety and asked the question. "What's a load?" 509 Justin blinked at her. "What's a what?" 510 "A load?" she said. 511 "What are you talking about?" 512 She shook her head. "I don't know. It's nothing. Just today, Harry asked if I wanted to take his load. I didn't know what he meant and he laughed at me." 513 Now it was Justin's turn to blush. 514 "Ohhhh, like, a load," he said. Then he looked at her curiously. "You... don't know what a load is?" 515 She looked down at her hands in her lap, shaking her head. 516 "Like, cum? Jizz?" 517 She shook her head again. 518 "Didn't you do sex ed?" 519 She looked up at him then. "Yeah, of course," she said. "But like. I don't get it. What does he mean by take his load?" 520 Justin opened and closed his mouth a few times, lost for words. Then, seeming to make a decision, he pulled out his phone. He pulled up a website and then put his phone out on the table in front of Ashley. 521 'Oh fuck yeah, give me that hot fucking cum!' 522 The phone was quite loud. Justin turned it down a bit and went and closed the door that led to the Hellgate and the rest of the school. 523 'Give me your big load all over my fucking tits!' 524 The video was called 'Big loads on slutty teens'. Ashley stared transfixed as the naked woman on the screen kept talking to a man in front of her who was -- Ashley gasped -- masturbating! This was the first time she'd seen a penis other than in a textbook. It looked... interesting. 525 'I want your cum, make me your cumslut, I want your load all over meeeee!' 526 The man grunted and orgasmed. His load shot over the woman who kept making horny noises as the cum dribbled down her face. The scene changed. Now there was a woman lying upside down on a couch while a man fucked her face. She made indecent noises and when he pulled out, ropes of saliva fell over her face. 527 'Yes! Paint my face with your hot load baby, paint my dumb slutty little face with it!' 528 He came, the cum and saliva mixing in a frothy white mess on her face. The scene cut again. This time a tiny blonde girl made gargling noises as a huge black dick plunged in and out of her mouth. 529 Ashley looked up at Justin in shock. 530 "This is... he wanted me... to do that?" 531 Justin looked uncomfortable but met her eyes. "Yeah, something like that. But he didn't really mean it, you know Harry, he's a dickhead." 532 "Oh," said Ashley, and without really meaning to, she looked back at the phone. A girl with black hair in pigtails grinned up at the camera as man after walked up to her and came on her face. 533 'Oh yeah I love that cum. Give me more, I want another load. Cum all over my slutty face.' 534 "Do you, um... have you ever..." She didn't really know what she was asking. She was pretty sure Justin wasn't a porn star who had cum parties or whatever was happening on his phone. "Have you ever cum?" she finished lamely. 535 He laughed, but stopped when she cringed. 536 "I'm sorry!" He said quickly. "I'm not laughing at you. I just... yeah. I, uh, cum all the time. I wank a lot, you know, I don't have a girlfriend or anything." He blushed, and with an awkward smile he said "Now we're both embarrassed, at least." 537 She smiled back at him. She always felt comfortable with Justin. Without even meaning to, she found herself speaking. "Can I see you do it?" 538 Justin went from blushing to pale in a couple of seconds. 539 "Can you... what? No!" He walked away from the table, where his phone was still playing 'Big loads on slutty teens'. 540 'Yes baby give it to me! Cum all over me, I want your load baby, paint me with your load!' 541 With a thrill of adrenalin, Ashley decided what she was going to do. 542 "P...please, Justin! G...give me your load?" 543 Her voice was shrill and anxious but hearing her own voice say such a dirty thing was an immense turn-on. She was sheltered and nerdy, but she had masturbated a few times, but more because she felt like it was expected than because she was really excited to do it. But this thrill in the pit of her navel felt like cold fire. It gave her more certainty. 544 "Please, I want your cum. Cum for me. You can... you can cum on my -" She paused momentarily. She didn't want to say slutty. " - You can cum on my face. Please I want to see it." 545 Justin had frozen and was looking at Ashley in shock. She felt herself turn red. Was he about to laugh at her? Would he tell everyone? In the background the video kept playing. 546 'I'm your nasty slut baby, use my slutty little face however you want, just give me your cum, I want it' 547 "Ashley... You can't be serious. You've never even... Have you kissed anyone?" 548 She felt herself turn redder. "No. But. I don't want to kiss anyone. I want to see you cum. Please Justin. You said you cum all the time. You... wank?" 549 She tried the unfamiliar word in her mouth. "You wank a lot, you said. Would you wank when you get home?" 550 "Uh, yeah, I guess so?" Justin said nervously. 551 "Well then do it here! Cum on... cum on my tits!" 552 In a final plea she got off the chair and knelt on the ground in front of him and started to unbutton her shirt. She looked down at her hands, thought he was going to stop her. But when her shirt was open and her blue B-cup bra exposed, Justin was looking down at her with a strange grin on his face. 553 "Damn," he said. "You're... you're super fucking cool. Okay just give me a second." 554 He looked at his phone on the table where a woman was begging for cum as two huge cocks loomed over her. He started rubbing the outside of his trousers, trying to let his teen horniness overcome his self-consciousness, which wasn't hard. He'd never had an orgasm in the same room as someone else, let alone cum on someone's tits. He took a few deep breaths and kept rubbing while he watched several more loads land on slutty teens. 555 As his cock grew hard he started undoing his belt and button. Before he unzipped his fly, he looked at Ashley again. She was on her knees in front of him, staring up at him with wide eyes. 556 "Are you sure you want this?" 557 Even before he finished the question she was nodding. 558 Justin grinned nervously and pulled out his cock. Ashley didn't know what to expect, but she liked it. It was fairly long and thin, and smooth. It wasn't huge like the ones she'd just seen on his phone. It looked... nice. She smiled. 559 Immediately he faltered. 560 "Oh my god," he said. "You're laughing at it. This is so embarrassing." 561 He started to put it away as his face burned red. 562 "No, Justin!" she said, anxious to reassure him. "I was smiling because, um, I was thinking it looked nice." 563 She smiled again, sheepishly. 564 So did Justin. 565 "Would you cum for me?" asked Ashley. The phone was sitting right behind her on the table and there was a constant stream of teenaged sluts begging for cum right into her ear, alternating with the gargling and glawk glawk noises that she was learning were the sounds of -- she was embarrassed to even think the words to herself -- a blowjob. "Please give me your load, Justin." 566 Justin straightened up and regained some confidence. He dropped his trousers and let his dick hang out towards her. He started stroking it. 567 Looking at Ashley was hard. She was so cute and also it was so weird that this was happening. It was easier to look at his phone. One girl licked cum off her tits. Another was upside down and being throat fucked. Three guys took turns fucking her face and coming on her. It cut to a particularly cute brunette who looked a little like Ashley. 568 The phone continued: 'Make me your cumslut. Cover my face in your hot cum.' 569 Ashley liked the way Justin's face looked when he saw or heard something particularly hot. His face had twitched just then and she also liked the sound of this particular girl's voice. She suddenly wanted Justin's attention. 570 "Make me your cumslut Justin," she said quietly. 571 He looked back at her and away from his phone. 572 "What? I didn't hear you?" 573 She repeated herself more clearly. "Make me your cumslut Justin!" Without really noticing she had started rubbing her boobs. 574 "Cover me with your hot cum." 575 He nearly came right then. This was a fantasy come true. He decided to push his luck a little. 576 "Take off your bra," he said. He was expecting her to refuse, but without a word she reached behind her and unclipped it. Her tits were beautiful and round. He'd never really noticed them before but now they were looking up at him and so was Ashley. 577 "Say... say please," he said, trying to hold back his orgasm. 578 "Please!" said Ashley. "Oh my god Justin, please cum for me. I want to be your cumslut!" 579 Justin came hard. Years of pent up teenaged sexuality burst out of him. He came rope after rope, hitting her face, hair, and her gorgeous tits. Suddenly overcome with post-nut clarity, he was hit with a wall of shame and embarrassment. Without a word he pulled up his pants, cum still leaking as he stuffed his mostly-hard cock back in his undies. He grabbed his phone and left. 580 Ashley was left on her knees, adrenalin coursing through her, with Justin's warm, sticky cum covering what felt like her entire body. Her left eye had a lot on it and she kept it closed. Her hands were still holding her tits and playing with her rock hard nipples, and both chest and hands were slick and slimy. Without thinking about it she brought a finger up to her mouth and licked it. It was okay, sort of sweet. She wiped the cum off her eye and licked it up. It seemed like as good a way as any to get rid of it. After eating a bit more, she slowly got up and walked to the bathroom to wash up. 581 She was a bit ashamed. She knew she had done something weird and slutty. She didn't want word to get out. But she had also had fun. Justin looked so hot while he was coming on her. She had enjoyed hearing those teenaged sluts begging for cum and she had loved repeating their lines. She was also outrageously turned on, but -- despite, as Justin had said, doing sex ed -- didn't really know what to do about it. 582 Chapter 4.2 Ashley's next few days were a bit uncomfortable. Justin seemed to be avoiding her. At practice for Battle of the Brains he avoided eye contact, and was always first or second to leave, so they were never alone together. They sat together in chemistry class as usual but he didn't joke with her like he normally did. 584 On Friday Ashley wrote him a note and gave it to him in class. 'Meet me at the Hellgate after school? I want to talk.' It had a little smiley face on it to show she wasn't mad. But if she was honest with herself, she didn't know what she wanted to say to him. Was she mad? Not really. Did she want to date him? Also not really. Mostly she just wanted things to be normal again. But there was something else, too, that she couldn't quite bring herself to even think. When he read it he looked up at her and gave an anxious little smile and nodded. 585 She was barely paying attention through her last subject, geography. When the bell rang she had to force herself to just pack up her books at a normal speed. The other kids walked towards the bus stop in twos or threes, and for the first time in her life Ashley was glad she didn't have any friends to make excuses to. It was perfectly normal for her to go to the Hellgate after class, but they didn't have BoB practice on Fridays, and she was so anxious that she almost expected someone to ask her where they were going. But she was a nerd, going to the nerd place, and no one gave her a second thought. 586 When she got there, Justin was already inside, pacing up and down. He looked as anxious as she felt. 587 "Um, hi," she squeaked. 588 "Um, hi," he said back, and made a painful attempt at a smile. 589 They stood there in silence for a few moments. 590 "Um, you said you wanted to talk?" he said. 591 Ashley realised she was standing in the doorway. She came in and shut the door behind her. 592 "Yeah, I, uh..." She trailed off, and swallowed nervously. All her thoughts and feelings started swirling around. What did she want to talk about? Dating? Battle of the Brains? Making things normal in chem class? All of a sudden, she found herself saying out loud the secret she had kept from herself: 593 "I want to watch more porn." 594 Justin blinked. That's not what he had expected. He thought she was going to call him a creep, or tell him they had to get married, or that he had to quit the BoB team, or that SHE was going to quit. He had spent the last few days masturbating furiously at any opportunity, remembering how she had asked for his cum, the way she had smiled at his cock, and imagining fucking her in all sorts of ways. As soon as he had cum, he was swept up with post-nut remorse and guilt and paranoid worries about her telling everyone what had happened. 595 It wasn't what Ashley had expected either, but now that she said it, she realised it had been hovering in the background of her mind all week. She wanted to see more cocks, and she wanted to see more women asking for them. This had all started because she didn't know the word 'load'. Were there other things she didn't know about? She wanted to watch more porn. A lot more porn. 596 "Oh," said Justin. He sat down on the busted old couch they had carried down there a few years ago, frowning as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. After a few more moments he looked up at her. 597 "Why... y'know... why me? Don't you have a phone?" Realising that sounded pretty negative, he quickly blurted out -- "not that I mind! I mean, yeah. We can do that again! I... I liked it last time. But, yeah, don't you... have a phone?" 598 Ashley sighed. Her phone was one of the things that she had been bullied about the most. 599 "My stepdad is super strict and he's a total asshole. He won't let me have a smart phone." She pulled out her old Motorola flip-phone, and rolled her eyes. "It's literally from twelve years ago. It doesn't even have wifi, just bluetooth. Totally useless for anything except them calling to tell me they booked me in for an extra tutoring session." 600 Justin grimaced. "That's rough. I thought my parents were shitty. Do you have a laptop or anything?" 601 She shook her head. He looked at her for a few moments and shrugged. He wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. He pulled out his phone. 602 "Come sit down." He smiled at her and patted the couch next to him. 603 Ashley could barely believe it. She dropped her bag and sat down. All of a sudden they were very close to each other. Justin could already feel the blood rushing to his cock, and Ashley's eyes glinted with excitement. She took note of the website he went to, then looked up at him when he paused. 604 "Do... do you know what sort of porn you want to watch?" 605 She shook her head again. "I don't know what sorts of porn there are. What... what sort do you like?" 606 Justin went red as he imagined telling her his favourite video was called 'Teenaged anal whore gets publically pounded by strangers'. He evaded her question. 607 "Did you like what we watched last time?" 608 She couldn't nod fast enough, and her grin told him she meant it. 609 "Well, that was a facial compilation. A facial is when, um, a girls face gets covered with cum. Do you want to watch more of that?" 610 "Yes!" She grinned and blushed realising how loud she had said it, and continued at a quieter volume. "Yeah, let's watch more of that. More... facials." 611 He pulled up a video and they started watching. Every minute or so a new girl was on screen. Some of them had clothes on, but most of them were naked. Each had one or more cocks pointed at them, and would pout and beg, or make loud sloppy noises while their mouth was fucked, until they finally got their face covered in cum. Ashley noticed the cum was different too, and the cocks varied in size, shape and colour. She was enthralled by all of it. 612 After a few of these, Justin started feeling unsure again. Here was Ashley, who had begged for his cum just a few days ago, totally ignoring him and fixating on 'Good girls love facials vol. 3'. Meanwhile he was as rock hard as he had ever been, and wasn't sure what to do about it. 613 "Hey, uh, Ashley?" 614 She started and smiled awkwardly at him. 615 "Sorry, I was... enjoying that. I got caught up. What's up?" 616 "Well, I was wondering..." he trailed off. 617 A few moments of silence passed. 618 "Uh, yeah?" she prompted. 619 "Well..." he was too uncomfortable. He sort of looked down at his lap where his boner was clearly visible. 620 The penny dropped. 621 "Oh my god! Do you want to take it out again?" Ashley was thrilled. She hadn't really been thinking about Justin's cock, but it was so exciting to think it was right there. 622 Justin's brain was consumed by a fog of horniness and embarrassment, and he misunderstood what she meant. 623 "Oh god. I'm so sorry. Of course that's weird. It makes sense you don't want to see it again, I'm so sorry." 624 "No no no, Justin!" Ashley grabbed his shoulder. "That would be so cool! Please!" 625 Saying the word please brought back some more visceral memories of last time. 626 "Please," she grinned at him. "Please take out your cock. I want to see it!" 627 "Y...yeah?" he asked, not able to believe his fortune. "You mean it?" 628 She nodded enthusiastically. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, and shuffled them and his undies down to his knees. His dick was hard and throbbing with excitement, and some precum was already leaking out. She bit her lip looking at it. 629 "That's so cool, Justin. I love seeing it. Can you... Can you cum for me again?" 630 He grinned nervously. "The problem might be trying not to cum, to be honest." Seeing the look of puzzlement on her face, he explained, "often times guys cum really quickly. It's sort of, y'know, a joke about being bad at sex. But also this is, y'know, super hot, so I'm pretty horny and... it'll probably be quick." 631 "Oh," she said, and thought for a moment, and shrugged. "But I want to see you cum! If it's quick that's fine, it'll be like the porn, you know!" She looked back at his phone where a brunette was barely visible under a huge black cock. She was licking his balls and asshole when he came, and he somehow managed to land his entire load on her forehead. As it trickled down into her eyes, the scene was replaced with a blonde girl with her hair in pigtails and three men standing around her. They each came on her face while she fingered herself. This time the camera stayed on her after the men were finished. She kept fingering herself with one hand while she scooped up the cum with the other and fed it to herself. 'I love being used like a slutty little jizz rag', she said. 'I'm going to make myself cum while I swallow it all!' She moaned out an orgasm while stuffing her mouth with her own cum-covered hand. 632 Ashley had an idea. 633 "Would it make you more comfortable if I touched myself too? While we watch?" 634 Justin's eyebrows rose. 635 "Not -- I mean... sort of? I mean, yes! Yes, you should do that!" He felt like a fucking idiot. Here was a hot girl -- he didn't care that she was a nerd, he was a nerd too -- asking if she could finger herself in front of him, and he could barely stammer out a 'yes'. She grinned at him. 636 "Cool. But, um..." Now it was her turn to feel awkward. "I... don't really know what I'm doing. Like. I've tried once or twice but. I dunno. It never really felt right. Do you... do you know what to do?" 637 He gave one loud, self-depracating HAH. "No clue, honestly. Just what I've seen in porn. Though, actually, that's an idea!" 638 He stopped the video that was playing and found another one called 'First time porn star has multiple surprise orgasms'. The blonde girl on screen was interviewed by someone off camera. He put her at ease with some jokes, and asked her about her sexual experiences. She said she was very hard to please and had never cum from anything her boyfriends and hookups had tried. It was hot for Ashley to hear another girl talking about some of the slutty things she'd done. As the video continued the man encouraged her to start fingering herself. Ashley figured, what the hell, now's the time. 639 She started rubbing the outside of her underwear and felt the fabric get wet as it pushed into her pussy. Justin could barely believe it when, at the same time as the girl on screen, Ashley stood up and pulled down her undies. She pulled them over her shoes and left them on the floor, and sat down on the couch again with her skirt pulled up so Justin could see her pussy and her fingers now pumping in and out of it. 640 He barely noticed when a man appeared on his phone screen, already naked, and stood in front of the first time porn star who was fingering herself on the couch. Ashley, however, was transfixed. Even with her uneducated eye, she could tell that the girl with the cock in her mouth wasn't a professional. In the other videos she'd seen, the women had taken enormous cocks all the way down their throat, made eyes at the camera while they choked it down, and talked dirty while they gasped for air. This girl was an enthusiastic amateur, though. She licked and sucked and seemed to be having a great time, but she only ever really got the head in her mouth, and the cameraman kept having to remind her to look up. Ashley could tell why. Something about seeing her eyes lock with the camera made the whole thing much hotter. 641 As promised, the first time porn star had a surprise orgasm shortly after the male -- presumably not first time -- porn star started eating her out and fingering her. The camera stayed on her face as she came, and although Ashley wasn't close to orgasm herself, she could feel the deep rumblings in her pelvis that she instinctively knew was the start of one. Her previous attempts to come by herself had been thrilling but unsatisfying. This time she had a target and started fingering herself more enthusiastically, reaching for whatever that feeling was. 642 Justin, meanwhile, was trying not to let himself go over the edge just yet. He let go of his dick before he came. Whatever Ashley said, he didn't want her to think he couldn't last. Normally it took him a good ten or fifteen minutes, but that was alone at home. Right now, he was about two feet away from Ashley and she spread her legs further and further as she got more engrossed in the video. Here, he could smell her wetness and hear the sound as she finger-fucked herself. 643 Ashley noticed when he stopped moving and suddenly became self-conscious that he had been watching her, while she had been watching orgasms two and three in 'First time porn star has multiple suprise orgasms'. She remembered what he had liked last time. 644 "Would you, um, like to see my tits again?" 645 Justin blinked. He still couldn't really believe this whole thing was happening. 646 "Y... yeah! That would be awesome." 647 She unbuttoned her shirt and made her best attempt at a sexy shimmy as she slipped it off and unclipped her bra. Justin had thought about her breasts many times since he'd last seen them, but somehow they were even better than he had remembered. Without thinking, he reached out to touch her with the hand he had just been masturbating with, but caught himself and brought his hand back to his dick. She smiled shyly at him. 648 "It's okay! You can touch them if you want." 649 He raised his eyebrows. "For real?" 650 She got on her knees on the couch and leant towards him so her breasts were at about his eye-height. He got the message. He reached out with both hands this time, and started cupping and stroking her boobs. It was the first time this had happened for either of them, and they both enjoyed it a lot. After a minute or two, Ashley wanted to keep watching the video -- and fingering herself -- but she couldn't easily do that in her current position. 651 "Can we move around a bit? I want to keep watching. But... somewhere you can keep doing that to me, too." 652 They tried one or two things that were both uncomfortable, until they had the idea to copy a position on the video, with Ashley lying upside down on the couch with her feet over the back of it and Justin next to her, so he could feel her tits with one hand and touch himself with the other. They put his phone upside down -- he didn't mind not being able to see it properly, since he had seen it before, and also he was much more excited about what was happening in the room right now than on the screen. 653 Ashley kept her eyes on the screen as Justin touched her nipples and ran his hand over her breasts and torso. She kept fingering herself, excited by the idea that Justin had a perfect view of her pussy being stuffed. She kept reaching for that thrilling feeling behind her navel that was getting stronger and closer with every minute. 654 When Ashley started making whimpering noises, it pushed Justin over the edge, despite his best attempts to hold it back. He stood up as he came and aimed his dick at Ashley's inverted face. She made the briefest moment of eye contact with him before his jizz rained down on her, landing in her eyes, nostrils, mouth, and hair. The split-second image of his cock bursting above her before she screwed her eyes shut was enough. She hit her orgasm. It poured out into her with a hot, bright series of spasms, and out her mouth in a series of gasping moans. For a few seconds her mind was totally gone as she let her orgasm ride through her. She kept gently fingering herself a while longer as she caught her breath and stopped vocalising. She let the silence wash over her. 655 Then she realised that the silence was weird. There had been noise before she came. She pulled her hand out of pussy and used it to scrape the cum out of her eyes. She sat upright and realised the silence was because Justin had grabbed his phone and ran in the time between he finished coming, and she finished coming. 656 That felt pretty shitty, but she was also feeling the warm afterglow of her first real orgasm. She used her other hand to keep stroking the outside of her pussy while she ate the cum off her face. As she went to put her undies back on and picked up her bra and shirt where she had absentmindedly thrown them, she heard her phone ping in her bag. 657 It was a message from Justin. 'Sorry. Shitty of me to run off like that again. I just felt weird & guilty again even tho i know u r into it. I have something for u 2 make up for it. Monday first break @ hellgate?' 658 Chapter 4.3 The weekend went by slowly. Ashley had tutoring on Saturday and church on Sunday, and family dinners, and had to clean her room and do her chores like she did every week. But the whole time she was thinking about why Justin wanted to see her on Monday. He had texted her on Friday to say he had something to make up for running out after cumming on her. She had felt a bit disappointed when he had left suddenly without a word, but his text message had sort of explained that. He had said he felt weird and guilty, which made sense to her. She felt weird too, and she knew Justin was sweet and inexperienced with girls and feeling guilty for leaving her dripping in his cum was pretty reasonable. Not that she minded particularly. She liked Justin, and trusted him, even though this new dynamic between them was unclear and sort of scary. 660 So while she was answering questions about Ancient Egypt to her tutor, and cleaning the bathroom, and making her bed, she spent the whole time fantasising about what would happen when she saw him on Monday. At night she lay in bed and fingered herself, thinking about how she had had her first proper orgasm while he stood over her, and the videos they had watched of women doing things she wouldn't have been able to imagine a week ago. She had a few more small orgasms while fantasising but they weren't like the one she'd had while upside down, being sprayed with Justin's cum. 661 Monday rolled around eventually. If anything, the first half of Monday went even more slowly than the weekend. She sat in maths, half-heartedly listening to an explanation of the quadratic formula. Then chemistry, which was normally her favourite subject, but today felt like an eternity of anxious boredom. Finally the bell rang for first break and she almost ran down to the Hellgate to meet Justin. She walked so quickly she was sure he would arrive after her, but when she opened the door to the Battle of the Brains practice room he was sitting at the table. He grinned nervously at her. 662 "Hi," he said, smiling tensely. 663 "Hi," she said, and grinned back at him. 664 There was an uncomfortable pause, before they both broke into awkward laughter. The tension was still there, but it was lighter, as if their laughter had acknowledged that this was a weird situation for both of them, but they were happy to be in it. 665 "Um, you said you wanted to see me about something?" she asked. 666 "Yeah!" said Justin. "Come sit down." 667 She sat opposite him and they looked at each other in silence for a moment. 668 "I, uh, I'm sorry about. You know. About leaving," said Justin, looking away from her and blushing. "It's... I don't know. It's weird and scary, I don't know how I'm supposed to act with you when we, you know, when we've done that stuff. I know it was shitty to just run out like that. I... I really liked doing that with you though."

Ashley appreciated his apology, and said so. "But it's okay, Justin, you're really nice and I know you're not trying to be nasty. And I liked doing it too. I've, you know. Thought about it a lot. Like..." she waggled her eyebrows suggestively. "THOUGHT about it. You know." 669 Justin was mildly astonished. "You mean... like... you've touched yourself about it?" 670 Now it was Ashley's turn to blush. 

"Yeah. A couple of times. It was really hot. Have... have you... THOUGHT about it?" 671 Justin grinned. "Ashley. I know you don't know much about boys. But there is a one hundred percent chance that any guy who cums on your face is going to THINK about it later." 672 Silence returned to the room as they both imagined the other one getting off to the memory of their encounters. Justin was the one to break it. 673 "So, like I said in my message. I've got something for you. I know you said you weren't allowed a smart phone and it like, super sucks you can't watch porn by yourself. Not that I mind watching it with you! But just in case you wanted to check stuff out by yourself. I wanted to give you this." 674 He reached into his bag and pulled out an old iPad. 675 "It's a couple of years old, so it's kinda slow, but you can still use Firefox or whatever and it will play videos fine."

 676 "Oh my god! Justin! That is... that's so nice! That's actually crazy though, isn't it super expensive? Don't you need it?"

 677 "Naw, don't worry. Like I said it's pretty old, so it's not worth that much, and I don't really use it any more. I have a laptop and stuff. I want you to have it." 678 Ashley was blown away by Justin's kind gift. She pulled it over the table toward her. 679 "Thank you so much! It's really... that's so nice of you. Thanks." She smiled at him, totally without any erotic aspect, just pleased that her friend had done something so thoughtful for her. Then her face fell. 680 "But... my dad won't let me keep it. He'll 100% confiscate it as soon as he sees it. I don't know why he thinks it's so bad for me to have proper internet access." She considered for a moment, then with an evil grin, said "well... I guess I do know why." 681 Justin chuckled. The erotic tension was back as they thought about the videos they had watched together. 682 "Hmmm," he said. "I guess you could leave it here? No one will steal it, and you can, I dunno, stay after B.O.B. practice or whatever to use it." 683 "That's a great idea," said Ashley enthusiastically. "Oh my god. Do you want... do you want to watch some porn now?" 684 Justin raised his eyebrows. Ashley's innocent horniness was a huge turn-on but kept surprising him. 685 "I mean... yeah? Yeah! That sounds awesome." 686 But just at that moment the bell rang for end of break. Ashley's disappointment was palpable. 687 "Damnit," she said. "Stupid school."

 688 "Another time?" asked Justin. 689 She smiled at him. "Yeah, another time." She stashed the iPad in one of the cupboards and they both went to class. 690 ---- 691 There was no Battle of the Brains practice after school that day. Ashley thought about messaging Justin, but decided that she wanted to try out her gift by herself. After all, there would be plenty of time for doing "stuff" with Justin, and she was excited about the idea of exploring the world of porn without having someone else there. 692 When classes finished, she rushed down to the Hellgate and turned on the iPad. She brought up a browser and then realised she didn't know where to find porn. So, she went to google and searched for "porn". Top result, pornhub. Then xvideos, spankbang, XXXvids, redtube... literally millions of options. Feeling a bit unsure, she opened pornhub. Straight away she saw dozens of videos. Some titles and thumbnails were more appealing than others. 693 "Gaping anal slut gets destroyed" seemed a bit intense, and "stepmom helps her son get off" seemed creepy. But "innocent blonde creampie" sounded okay - not that she knew what a creampie was. She clicked the link. 694 ---- 695 An hour had gone by before she looked at the time. 

"Fuck!" She said. She had been so enthralled by the videos she hadn't even realised how long she had been sitting there. After "innocent blonde creampie" she had watched "BBC gangbang" and "slutty librarian gives ultimate deepthroat", then "teen cums on huge dildo" and several others. She had learned lots of new words and looked at the "categories" page where she learned some of the common types of porn. 696 
Reluctantly she turned off the iPad and put it away, and rushed off to the train station. While she waited at the platform she texted Justin. 'Love the gift omg! So much good stuff. Thank you so much again xxx' 697 A few moments later her phone buzzed. 'Holy shit u tried it out? So hot :O u have to show me ur favorites next time. C u @ BOB tomorrow!' 698 She replied: 'yep! Idk if I have favorites yet but so much good stuff. Learned a few new worlds lmao. See you tomorrow. Maybe we can stay back after practice...' 699 -- -- 700 Battle of the Brains practice went as usual. Ashley and the four boys had to write and perform a short play that would respond to a problem. Later in the year, all the BOB teams from various schools would get together and perform their solutions for a panel of judges who would mark them on a number of criteria - responding to the prompt, humour, originality, and so on. There was also an improvisation challenge that they would be given on the day and have just a few minutes to work out their response. So practice generally involved some improvisation and brainstorming exercises followed by an hour or so of work on their long-term challenge. 701 Today's practice was pretty standard. They worked through a few improvisation challenges from previous years and then set to work on their play. Ashley and Justin were both a bit quiet and distracted, but the other three - Tom, Hugh and Vincent - didn't seem to notice. Vincent kept cracking jokes as usual, Hugh kept insisting they re-write whole scenes, and Tom tried to keep everyone on track. They had the play mostly finished, so there were only small details to be ironed out - Hugh's concerns notwithstanding - and props to be made. Vincent was a goofball but also a fabulous artist and so he led the team on making the props, backdrops, and costumes. 702 After a short while painting papier-mache props and sketching costumes, Hugh said he had to go to get home for his sister's birthday. The others agreed to wrap up early; Justin and Ashley both a little too enthusiastically. But again, no-one noticed, and Justin said he would stay back and clean up. Ashley offered to help. The three other boys packed up their school stuff and headed out. 703 The two of them were left in silence, surrounded by mess. 704 "Well..." said Ashley. 705 "Well!" said Justin back. 706 They smiled at each other. 707 "We should probably actually tidy up, this place is a mess, and if we just... you know. Get right to it. They'll probably notice tomorrow." 708 Justin agreed. So for ten minutes they washed paint brushes and returned equipment to the shelves, and talked about normal things: school and homework, the BOB challenge, movies they liked or wanted to see. For Ashley it was nice to have a return to their normal, pre-porn dynamic. It reassured her that they had just added something to their friendship, rather than changed it entirely. But when she went to return a few final items to the shelf, she saw the iPad, and turned around to Justin holding it, grinning with irrepressible excitement. 709 "I think we've cleaned up enough," she said. 710 Justin felt himself getting hard already. "Definitely," he responded. "Do you want to show me some of the stuff you saw?" 711 She turned on the iPad and they sat together on the couch. She opened up pornhub and found one of the videos she had enjoyed the previous day. 712 "This one was really hot," she said. "This lady gets... uh... gangbanged." Despite her new-found enthusiasm for sex and porn, she still got flustered using some of the more graphic words, and her cheeks flushed as she said it. 713 She hit play and the room was filled with the sights and sounds of a gangbang. The two of them sat next to each other on the couch, watching the video, but not sure what to do with themselves. Ashley held the iPad between them, but Justin had nothing to do with his hands and kept awkwardly moving around, not knowing if it was appropriate to touch himself, or her. The video ended with the blonde woman on screen getting covered in cum while begging for more loads. 714 "I... I really love it when they ask for cum," said Ashley awkwardly. 715 "Yeah," said Justin. "It's pretty hot. Like... when you did that the other day... I basically came just from you saying it." 716 Ashley blushed again, this time with pride. 717 "You really liked it that much?" she asked. 718 "Yeah, for real," said Justin. "I honestly never thought girls were like that in real life, you know. But it was like, you were so into it, and just knowing you wanted me to cum was such a big turn on." 719 "Would you... would you like to cum for me again?" said Ashley. 720 Justin nodded. "Should I just, like, take it out?"
 721 Ashley responded enthusiastically. She slid off the couch in front of him and pouted up at him like the woman she had just watched, and begged in her sexiest voice: 722 "Please, cum for me Justin. I want to see you cum. Please give it to me!" 723 She felt awkward but she knew Justin would like it. And more importantly, she knew how much she had liked it the last time. 724 That was more than enough for him. He reached down and unbuckled his trousers, his cock already straining at his underwear. 725 "Please Justin, can I see your cock?" 726 He slid his trousers and underwear off. She looked up at him and his penis and she bit her lip with delight. Then she refocused her attention on his face. 727 "On one condition, though," she said, in her regular voice, no longer sexy. This gave him a bit of a shock. 728 "Oh, uh, y-yeah? What condition?" he asked, worried. 729 "This time you have to stay after you cum. I didn't like it when you ran off last time." 730 He felt ashamed. 731 "Yeah, I promise," he said. "Like I said, I know that was shitty of me. I promise I'll stay after." 732 The shame and surprise had acted quickly and he had lost some of his erection. Ashley moved her eyes back down to see his no-longer-rock-hard dick. 733 "Woah," she said. "Is that... is that what it looks like normally?" 734 Justin remembered again that he was talking to someone who had only seen men in porn. 735 "Uh, sort of," he said. "Like, honestly, it's normally way smaller and softer. This is, I guess you'd call it a semi. Like, it's a bit hard but not, you know. Upright." 736 As they kept having un-sexy conversation, his semi subsided further. 737 "What can I do to get it back?" squeaked Ashley, concerned she had ruined the afternoon with her serious conversation. 738 Justin chuckled under his breath. 739 "I keep telling you, Ashley. There's nothing on earth easier than making a teenaged nerd horny. We could, I dunno, put on some more porn. Or you could keep talking sexy. Or... or you could take off your shirt." 740 Ashley decided on all three. She picked a video at random, which featured a brown haired girl sucking dicks at a glory hole. 741 "Do you want to see my... my tits?" she asked, returning to her unconfident but sexy voice. She unbuttoned her shirt as sensually as she knew how. She let it fall open and revealed her bra, and she rubbed her chest before awkwardly reaching around behind her to unclip it. As her bra fell away, she kept touching her breasts and arched her back so her nipples pointed up towards Justin. 742 "Do you like it when I'm slutty Justin?" 743 He nodded, his erection back with full force. 744 "Yeah, you're so hot when you're slutty." 745 The sounds of the video kept floating by, though neither of them were watching it. 746 "I'm such a slut, Justin. I want to be a cum slut. Please give me your cum all over my face." 747 Justin started jerking off which full force. "Keep playing with your tits," he told her. 748 She did as she was told, rubbing her chest and pinching her nipples while she looked at him masturbate. She liked how the head of his cock came in and out of his foreskin, and how his balls bounced. She wondered what it would be like to suck them, and was tempted to try it, but she was still not sure if that's really what she wanted. Watching porn together and posing for him was one thing, but actually using her body felt like a whole other level of sluttiness. 749 Justin, meanwhile, was in heaven. He was blown away that Ashley seemed to really like this new arrangement, and just the feeling of being desired was intense. He had jerked off at home thinking about Ashley giving him head, but in real life the fantasy seemed unnecessary. 750 "You're such a hot slut," he said to her. "You're a good little cum slut aren't you, Ashley?" 751 This was a huge turn on for her. Justin was such a sweet guy, but when he got horny he joined her in the fantasy of her being a slut. And she loved it. She moved one of her hands off her breasts and down to her pussy. 752 "Yes I am, I'm a good little cum slut! I'm so horny for you Justin! I want your cum all over me." 753 She stuck out her tongue like she had seen in porn, and kept her eyes on the tip of his cock while she fingered herself. Previously it had taken her quite a long time to even get close to orgasm, but the last few days of intense sexual build-up brought her to the edge almost instantly. 754 The sight of her writhing in front of him, one hand playing with her nipple, the other down her skirt, and begging for his cum, was too much. He stood up and with a few grunts of "oh, fuck" unloaded his semen onto her face. Ropes landed on her forehead, her cheek, and her tongue. She flinched a bit in surprise but kept her mouth open, and a few seconds later pushed herself over the edge into an orgasm. It went on for a while, and the noises she let out were loud enough to briefly drown out the sound of the video in the background. 755 Eventually the waves of pleasure subsided and she withdrew her hand. Justin was still standing over her, his genitals at about her eye level. She looked up at him and made eye contact. Somehow she felt like more was needed from her. 756 "Thank you for your cum," she said, still in her sexy voice. Some of it had landed in her mouth and she had swallowed it without really noticing in the brain-fog of her orgasm. But now she very deliberately wiped some off her face with her finger and put it in her mouth. The taste was okay, hard to describe. Sort of sweet, sort of salty. Mostly it didn't taste like anything in particular. She didn't mind it. But Justin was looking astonished and delighted at this pornstar treatment his cum was getting, so she kept going. 757 "I'm a good little cumslut," she told him and she kept eating the load he had left on her. After this was done, she sat back and her demeanour changed back to her every-day mode. Justin took the cue and sat down too, tucking his penis back into his underwear and pulling up his pants. Ashley reached over and turned off the iPad, the gawk-gawk noise of the glory hole stopping instantly. She smiled at Justin, not in a sexy way, but pleased and affectionate, and started putting on her clothes. 758 "That was fun," she said. 759 "Yeah, that was great," he replied. "You're... you're so hot when you're like that! I mean, you're hot the rest of the time too, but you know, you like, switch into horny mode or whatever and it's like. Wow." 760 "Thanks, Justin, that's really nice. No one ever said I'm hot before. And it's nice you think I'm hot the rest of the time too. And, thanks again for the iPad. It's super thoughtful and I've been enjoying it. I'm definitely going to come down here to use it a lot. Like. A lot a lot. Maybe even during break tomorrow." 761 Justin wasn't sure if that was an invitation to join her the next day, or not, but he was glad she liked the gift. 762 He waited around for a while longer as she washed her face in the bathroom, and they left the Hellgate together, both glowing with silent enthusiasm. When they reached Justin's bus stop, they said goodbye with an awkward but heartfelt hug, and Ashley was so full of horny joy and post-orgasmic bliss that she practically skipped the whole way to the train station. 763 Chapter 4.4 Over the next few weeks, Ashley settled into a new routine. At lunch she would go down to the Hellgate and spend the full hour masturbating to porn on the iPad. After Battle of the Brains practice, she would stay back with Justin and she would show him her favourite videos, then take off her shirt and pose for him and say slutty things until he came on her. 765 "Thank you for your cum, Justin," she would say, scrape the cum into her mouth and lick her fingers clean. He would say goodbye, and after he left she would bring herself to orgasm again before washing her face in the sink and getting dressed. They were both very happy with the arrangement. 766 But after a few weeks, Ashley decided she wanted to take things to the next level. So one day, she spent her lunch googling 'how to look like a slut', 'how to give blowjobs', 'how to be a slut'. On the way home she bought eyeliner and mascara, and a pair of skimpy red panties, and that night in the shower she shaved her pubic hair down to a light fuzz. 767 The next day Ashley had geography for her last subject. She told the teacher she wasn't feeling well, and got a hall pass to leave class. Rather than going to the infirmary, she went down to the Hellgate, and put on her new makeup. She texted Justin 'come to hellgate after school, this time ive got a surprise 4 u'. She stripped off her shirt, bra, and skirt, and kneeled on the floor near the door wearing just her new sexy undies. 768 She had the whole scene planned out in her mind -- Justin would open the door and see her kneeling there. "I want to be your little slut," she would say to him. "Please let me suck your cock. I want you to come in my mouth." Ashley was nervous, sitting there alone, waiting for the bell to ring. But she hadn't become a nerd by accident -- she knew how to study, and her time in Battle of the Brains had taught her to act and practice lines. So she sat there touching herself and repeating the words to herself. 769 "I want to be your little slut. Please let me suck your cock. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to be your little slut. Please let me suck your cock. I want you to come in my mouth." 770 She tried emphasising different words, using a sultry voice, a confident one, a desperate one. She was getting more comfortable with her lines, and almost before she realised, the bell rang. Suddenly her anxiety surged, and with it a rush of arousal. This was it. She was about to be a real slut. She was about to suck Justin's cock. 771 A few minutes later she heard footsteps approaching the door. She sat up and pushed out her boobs, ready to deliver her well-rehearsed lines. The door opened. 772 "I want to be your little slut. Please let me suck your cock. I want you to co-" she stopped mid-sentence. It wasn't Justin who had came in. It was Tom, another member of their B.O.B. team. Ashley went bright red. 773 Tom stared down at her in alarm. He was nearly as surprised and embarrassed as she was. He had just come to the room to collect a book he had left there the previous afternoon and was not expecting anyone to be there, let alone begging for his cock. That said, he wasn't unhappy about it. All the B.O.B. team got on well together, and they all felt fond and protective of Ashley as the only girl on the team. Given that they were all nerds, none of them had many female friends, and while Tom didn't specifically have a crush on Ashley, he was a horny teenager and had occasionally fantasised about her. 774 The two of them stared at each other in awkward silence. Ashley rushed through options. She could burst into tears of shame, which was certainly her first instinct, but it didn't really help the situation at all. She could rush out of the room without another word -- but then she would just be almost nude somewhere more public, and Tom would still think she was a slut. She could tell him to leave and come back in a few minutes after she got dressed, but surely he would have a lot of questions. 775 Eventually she decided on another course of action. She wanted to be a slut, didn't she? Why not suck Tom's cock? She had been excited for Justin, but Tom was nice - and reasonably attractive - and the women she watched every day on the internet didn't seem to mind who's cum they were getting. Real sluts weren't picky about that sort of thing, so she wouldn't be either. 776 She took a deep breath and resumed her lines as she'd rehearsed, pushing out her chest again, and bringing her hands up to her nipples. 777 "Please let me suck your cock. I want you to come in my mouth." 778 To emphasise the message, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. 779 Tom was thunderstruck. He had no idea about the ongoing situation with Ashley and Justin, so he had no context at all for Ashley's seeminly-sudden decision to suck his cock. But he was also thrilled. He had had a girlfriend a few years ago who he had fooled around with, but nothing very serious, and as his social status had dropped he had despaired at the prospect of finding someone to take things further with. His dick was already hard at the sight of Ashley pouting and posing on the floor, and he lept at the opportunity. 780 He dropped his bag to the ground and moved towards her, shutting the door behind him. His hands shook as he unbuckled his belt. His trousers dropped to the ground and Ashley was suddenly at eye level with his erection straining to get out of his underwear. She reached out with both hands, running them up his thighs. She had seen hundreds of cocks in porn, but only one in real life. She was about to see her second and she wanted to savour the experience. She stroked the outside of his briefs, feeling his cock under her hand, squeezing gently. When she was ready, she hooked her fingers into the elastic and pulled them slowly down. 781 Out came Tom's throbbing erection. It flicked out suddenly as she pulled down his undies and hit her gently on the chin. 782 "Oh my god," she said in surprise and anticipation. His penis looked different than Justin's. It was shorter and wider, a different colour, and he had more hair. She was about to put it in her mouth when she remembered some of the articles she had read the previous day. She didn't want to give him a fumbling teenager blowjob. She wanted to be a slut. 783 She stroked his penis gently and rubbed it over her face, looking up at him. 784 "Please can I suck your cock?" she asked breathily. "I want it in my mouth. I want your cum." 785 Tom could barely string two words together. "Y... yeah!" he stammered. Feeling that something more was expected of him, he continued "suck my cock! And... and lick my balls!" 786 Ashley did as she was told. She leaned forwards and stuck out her tongue, licking his balls. They were furry and had a funny texture, but it felt good, especially with the warmth of his dick sitting on her face. She sucked and licked his sack for a moment, then ran her mouth up his shaft and put the head of his cock in her mouth. 787 Tom, who had been watching her in amazement, closed his eyes in pleasure and put his head back. Ashley had some difficulty getting much of him into her mouth -- it was harder than it looked in porn! Those women would seemingly without effort take an enormous dick all the way into their mouth over and over again. Ashley had assumed she would be able to do that too, but instead she was struggling to take more than just the head of Tom's penis into her mouth. She also kept remembering more things the articles had said to do: work the shaft with your hand, maintain eye-contact, make noises, breath through your nose, worth the tip with your tongue. There was so much to do and she was worried she wasn't doing it right. But Tom was not a connoiseur, he was a sexually inexperienced teen. After barely a minute -- though to Ashley it felt like closer to an hour, so new and overwhelming was the experience -- Tom started to orgasm. 788 "Oh fuck," he said. "I'm going to come." 789 He reached down and gently grabbed her hair, encouraging her to continue. Not that she needed the encouragement. Ashley was intensely turned on, and knowing that Tom was about to come washed away her insecurity and replaced it with pride at her new skills. She was finally being a good slut. 790 He came. Her mouth flooded with his jizz, which she tried to swallow, but more and more kept shooting into her mouth, and she started coughing. Semen came out her mouth around his cock and dripped down onto her chest and legs. Tom didn't seem to notice. As his orgasm concluded he pulled out of her mouth and looked at her with grateful affection, and pulled his undies and trousers up. 791 "That. Was. Awesome." he said. "Thank... thank you so much. That was... yeah. That was awesome." 792 She got her airway clear and looked up at him, chin dripping with cum. She smiled awkwardly. "Thank you for your cum," she gasped, and started her usual process of cleaning her face with fingers and tongue. 793 By this point Tom had totally forgotten what he had come down to the Hellgate for. As Ashley licked up his cum, he tried to figure out what the appropriate thing for him to do now was. He decided he should leave her to get dressed, but he didn't want to just run out. Of course, he didn't know that Justin had done exactly that, but he instinctively knew it wouldn't be polite of him. He awkwardly decided on an affectionate but not romantic gesture -- he leant down and kissed her chastely on the forehead. 794 "Thanks, that was awesome, Ashley. I... I gotta go. I'll see you, um, at B.O.B. Have a good one." 795 He turned around to leave, and saw Justin standing in the doorway. It seemed that in the heat of the moment, neither of them had noticed him open the door. 796 "Oh, uh, hey, um, hey, Justin," stammered Tom. "I uh, I'm just going. Seeya." He pushed past Justin and hurried down the hallway back to the main part of the school. 797 Ashley looked up at Justin, two cum-covered fingers still in her mouth. He looked down at her. They stared at each other in frozen silence for a few moments. Neither of them knew what to say. Ashley was mortified -- was this a betrayal of... whatever their relationship was? Would he be angry? Eventually Justin spoke. 798 "Well... you DID tell me you had a surprise." He cracked a grin. Ashley smiled, and started giggling. Justin started to chuckle too. Soon they were both almost crying with laughter. After a few minutes they both calmed down. The tension was gone. 799 Ashley sighed, amused but also wistful. "I... you know, I was waiting for you. I didn't know Tom was going to be here. I wanted to suck your cock and be your little slut for real." 800 Justin smiled again. "Well. I'm free now, if you're not doing anything." 801 Ashley raised her eyebrows in honest surprise. "You mean... you'd like that? Even though you just saw me doing it to Tom?" 802 "Ashley," said Justin. "I keep telling you. There's nothing easier than making me horny. Plus, you said you wanted to be a slut. I'm pretty sure to be a slut you have to do stuff with more than one person." 803 Ashley's eyes lit up in joy. 804 "Oh my god, that... yes please! But, wait a minute. Go out the door and give me a minute and then come back in." 805 Justin cocked his head in confusion, not understanding why, but he did as he was told. He stood in the corridor for a few moments, then opened the door. Kneeling in front of him, in all her naked glory, was Ashley. She was wearing eyeliner -- slightly smudged in an incredibly sexy way -- and lacy red panties. Her breasts were pointed up towards him, and she was rubbing them seductively. 806 "I want to be your little slut, Justin. Please let me suck your cock. I want you to come in my mouth." 807 END