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Chapter 1 539 BC, Ashkelon, Israel. 2 In the early hours of the morning a young man hurried down to the coastline, panting breathlessly as he clutched a bundle of cloth to his bare chest and tried not to stumble on the hot, loose sand. With the sun beaming down onto the beach he reached the water's edge, furtively glanced behind him to ensure that he was still alone, and then began to carefully pull apart the ball of rags, wiping away beads of sweat from his brow as he tried to keep his hands from shaking. 3 The makeshift wrapping fell away to reveal a peculiar, small metal box, and the man held his breath as he gingerly extracted the unusual object and held it up to the light, allowing himself one final moment to marvel at its unique design. 4 "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world they didn't exist..." 5 The man whispered to himself in a trembling voice as he let the box fall back down to sit in his open palm, then he turned so that he stood side-on to the shore and launched it as far as he could, away into the Mediterranean Sea. 6 The box glinted under the sunlight as it arced across the sky, hanging in mid-air for a moment as if it was reluctant to fall, but then it splashed down into the water where in an instant it was gone, lost under the turquoise swell of the ocean. The man let out a strained gasp of relief, squeezed his eyes tightly shut as he recited a prayer, and then turned to trek back across the sand, satisfied that he'd done all he could. 7 Deep beneath the waves, just now sinking down to settle on the pitch-black seabed, something sighed quietly, made itself comfortable, and settled in for a long, long wait. 8 ***** 9 Present Day, London, England. 10 Zoe Coulson, a twenty-year-old politics student who was home from university visiting her family for the weekend, finished off her shower and padded back across the landing to her room, wearing one towel loosely wrapped around her hair with another held against her chest. As her wet legs shed droplets of water onto the carpet she shut her door behind her, fished some clothes out from the wardrobe and threw them onto her bed, then turned to her bedside cabinet and picked up a bottle of lotion. 11 Zoe had been doing a lot of tanning in the backyard recently, and was really starting to see the results of her hours spent lazing around in the sun, so with that in mind she'd recently ramped up her moisturising regime to take care of her newly bronzed skin. After squirting some cream onto her hand Zoe began to moisturise her arms, then her shoulders, and as she moved onto her upper chest she casually let both towels unravel and fall away to the floor. 12 Now standing naked in front of her full-length mirror she continued to rub the scented lotion into her upper body, finishing off her torso and back before moving on to her thighs. She turned to the side to check out her butt as she massaged her glutes, which were particularly tight after a leg session that morning at the gym, and as she proudly admired her toned reflection there came a knock at the door. 13 "Zoe? Do you still need that light changed love? I've think I've found the right bulb." 14 Zoe's bedside lamp had unexpectedly switched itself off last night, and so earlier at breakfast her dad had offered to come up and swap out the blown bulb for a new one. Right now though Zoe's hands were still covered in moisturiser, so she quickly began to wipe the last streaks of cream onto her lower stomach and called out for her father to wait and give her a moment to get ready. 15 "Yeah Dad, just a min!" she shouted. 16 Unfortunately for Zoe her father slightly misheard her, and instead thought that she'd yelled 'yeah Dad, just come in'. Admittedly it was an easy mistake to make, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing when Zoe's door was unexpectedly pushed open and she received the shock of her life as her father walked straight in. 17 To be fair he was equally surprised to be greeted by the startling sight of his totally naked daughter as she stood there facing him head-on, with her completely exposed and freshly lubricated body glistening all over and her oiled-up hands suggestively hovering just above her groin. 18 Rather understandably Zoe screamed. "Fuck! Dad, get out!" 19 The mortified student instinctively drew both arms up and clamped them across her chest, then drew one thigh over to tightly squeeze against the other and collapsed down into a ball, as she desperately tried to hide everything that her father had unfortunately already seen. He in turn immediately realised his terrible mistake and brought a hand up to cover his eyes, then began to blindly back out of the room as he apologised profusely. 20 "Oh sorry, sorry! I thought you said to come in!" he winced. 21 "No Dad, I said to give me a minute! God!" Zoe scooped up one of the discarded towels, holding it against her chest as she stomped forwards and slammed the door in her father's face, then she threw her head back in exasperation and swore. "Shit..." 22 "Sorry again love!" her father called out from the corridor, but apologise as he might the damage had already been done. 23 Zoe spent the rest of the day moping around the house as she tried her best to forget about the painfully cringeworthy accident. It was no good though, as every time she bumped into her dad he would give her the same apologetic little smile, and just like that Zoe would be reminded about what he'd seen when he walked into her room unannounced. 24 She began to wish that she could mess with her father's brain, that she could delete the memory of her naked body from his mind, so that then they could both go back to acting like the unfortunate incident had never happened. 25 However, as Zoe would soon discover, you should always be careful what you wish for. 26 ***** 27 "Achoo!" 28 The following afternoon Zoe's head flew back as she erupted into a loud sneeze. With a snivel she rubbed her eyes and tried to blink away some of the dust that was swirling around her head, but it didn't work and she immediately sneezed again. 29 Zoe had spent the day after she'd accidentally flashed her dad precariously wedged halfway up a ladder, blindly feeling around the recesses of a musty old loft and tugging out boxes of ancient clothes and long forgotten trinkets as she helped her parents to clean out her recently deceased grandmother's house. 30 "You alright love? Do you need a break?" 31 Zoe coughed as she cleared her throat to answer her mother's concerned call from down below. "No don't worry mum, I'm fine," she replied, "there's only a couple more left to go." 32 As Zoe reached back into the farthest corner of the attic, straining as she tried to pull forwards the penultimate box, she accidentally ripped off part of the faded cardboard and looked down in surprise as it came away in her hand. Through the tear she'd inadvertently created something small and shiny come loose, falling out and then clinking loudly as it first hit the exposed wooden floorboards, then rolled over a couple of times, and finally came to a stop. 33 Zoe leant over into the shadows to pick up whatever it was she'd dropped, and as she brought her hand back into the light she found herself staring down at a peculiar metal cube. It was a perfect five-by-five inch box, made out of solid copper or maybe bronze, she wasn't sure, and it felt heavy and strangely warm to the touch, as if there was something heating it up from within. 34 There were no markings or decorations on any of the smooth surfaces to give her a clue as to what the box's purpose was, but as Zoe rotated it around in her palm she found that embedded in one of the six sides there was a beautiful green Emerald, an Emerald which glinted and sparkled as she tilted it left and right. 35 When Zoe lightly traced along the surface of the precious Jewel it too felt as if there was some energy source beaming through it from below, which would account for its unnaturally brilliant and intense shine, and when the intrigued student held the cube up to her ear she was convinced that she could hear a very deep, albeit almost imperceptible, hum. 36 She wasn't sure what the mysterious box was, or how on earth her grandma had ended up with such a fascinating object tucked away in her attic, but out of sheer curiosity she decided to hold on to the cube and have a proper look at it when she was back home. 37 ***** 38 It was early evening by the time Zoe and her parents had driven all the carboard boxes over to their house and dumped them all in the garage, and after all of that hard work she'd actually completely forgotten about the strange cube which was tucked away in her back pocket. That soon changed when she returned to her room and flopped down onto the bed, then immediately bounced up again as she felt a pointy metal edge dig painfully into her butt. 39 "Ow!" Zoe rolled over, pulled out the box, and then sat leaning against the wall as she used the tips of her fingers to slowly turn it around, enjoying the feeling of the warm metal as it gently vibrated against her skin. Once again her attention was drawn to the gorgeous Emerald, and she found herself wondering how much such a perfect rare stone would cost. 40 As she gently ran her thumb over the Jewel's crystal-clear surface she felt it budge slightly, almost as if it was slightly loose. Intrigued Zoe pressed down harder, and to her great surprise the Emerald slid effortlessly into the cube with a satisfying metallic click. Instantly a brilliant burst of white light shot out from the box, temporarily blinding the astonished student, and a wave of hot, turbulent air sent Zoe's hair flying wildly across her face. 41 "Shit!" For a moment Zoe genuinely thought she'd set off some kind of small bomb, so she instinctively chucked the box away from her across the room. 42 It ricocheted off the door with a bang, leaving a not-unnoticeable dent, and then came to rest in the middle of the carpet. Still perched up on her bed Zoe rubbed her eyes, got her vision back as the imprint of the dazzling whiteness began to fade, and then let her jaw fell open in complete disbelief. 43 "What the hell..?" she gasped. 44 Hovering there in front of her, floating a metre or so above the box, was a projection of what appeared to be a beautiful woman. They were suspended in mid-air, sitting there with their legs folded and their head bowed low as if they were asleep. The incomprehensible figure was constructed out of rays of golden light, meaning that their body was very slightly see-through, and their otherworldly form shone so warmly that it cast a rich orange glow onto the bedroom walls. 45 It was all so unbelievable that Zoe had to briefly consider the possibility that yes, she had actually detonated some kind of bomb and died, which would mean that this was heaven and the stunning woman hovering in front of her was actually an angel. The golden figure opened their eyes for the first time and calmly looked around, and after they'd taken in their surroundings their gaze finally settled on Zoe. 46 "Hello," they said in a surprisingly normal voice. 47 Zoe realised that her mouth had totally dried up, so she gulped a couple of times and then managed to force some words out. "Who... who are you?" 48 The figure smiled softly, but their eyes remained cold and unblinking. "I am Jinn," they replied, "an ancient Spirit who has been entrusted with protecting the Forgotten Cage. And you are Zoe Coulson, correct?" 49 Zoe tried to pinch herself awake but no, somehow she wasn't dreaming. There really was some kind of ghost or phantom floating there in her bedroom, and rather alarmingly it already knew her name. 50 "Err, yeah?" she stammered, unsure of what to say. "But sorry, Jinn? Forgotten Cage? What are you talking about?" 51 The Spirit sighed quietly, rubbed their brow with a definite sense of world-weariness, and then adopted a drier, almost patronising tone. 52 "The ancient name 'Jinn' has had many human interpretations over the centuries, but I think these days 'Genie' is probably the closest translation," they explained. "Although I'm not entirely sure, it's been a while since I last visited this dimension you see, and your people seem to change your mind about these things quite a lot." 53 Zoe was still confused. "So you're like a genie? And you're in charge of this box?" she asked, pointing at the metal cube on the floor. 54 Jinn seemed to bristle at Zoe's crass remark, and this time their reply came through slightly gritted teeth. "I am the Guardian of the Forgotten Cage, yes. Thousands of years ago mankind found a way to bind Spirits to physical objects, in order to harness our powers for their own use. I was one such Spirit and they used me to create this... this 'box', as you put it." 55 Zoe nodded slowly, even though that still didn't really help to her to understand anything at all. "Why though, what does it do?" she asked. 56 Jinn cleared their throat and sat up a little straighter. "Well, whomever wields the Forgotten Cage, in this case you Zoe, has the power to permanently wipe the short-term memory of anybody they meet. Simply depress the Emerald and everyone you've met that day will suddenly have absolutely no recollection of the last time they saw you." 57 Before Zoe hadn't been able to believe her eyes, but now it was her ears that she couldn't trust. "Seriously? This box can really erase anyone's memory?" she asked. 58 Again Jinn's eyes flashed in irritation, but then they seemed to give up on trying to correct Zoe's terminology and instead sighed again. "Yes, the Forgotten - fine, yes the box really can do that." 59 Zoe frowned thoughtfully. "So I can just press the button, and then people will forget about the most recent time they saw me?" 60 "They will indeed," Jinn confirmed. 61 'Jesus Christ', thought Zoe, 'if that's true then this is a pretty overpowered box'. "And it's all mine now, because I found it?" she pressed. "I'm the only one who can use it?" 62 Jinn stretched out their fingers as they absentmindedly checked their nails, then patiently nodded again. "Quite so, the box is now yours and I am merely here to act as your guide." 63 "Wow..." Zoe took a moment to digest all of this new information, then she quickly came up with another question to ask. "And... err, Jinn?" 64 The Spirit looked up. "Yes?" 65 "Why... are you naked?" 66 "Oh..." Jinn looked down at their golden body, which indeed wasn't covered up by even so much as a scrap of clothing, and shrugged indifferently. "Well this is only a rough interpretation of my ethereal form as it might appear in your world... I can look like anything to be honest, it doesn't really matter to me..." 67 Jinn's image flickered in and out of focus for a moment before their body suddenly reappeared dressed in a beautiful satin kimono, with their hair tied up in a messy bun. The Spirit looked down at their new outfit and smiled to themselves, then glanced up at Zoe with a grin. 68 "Is this better?" they asked. 69 Before Zoe had even opened her mouth to reply Jinn had transformed again, this time returning clad in a gleaming suit of armour complete with silver chainmail and a worryingly large sword. "Or is this more to your taste?" the Genie joked. 70 Zoe shrugged apologetically. "No, I didn't mean that you had to -" she began, before being cut off again. 71 "Oh, so you did prefer my natural form after all?" Jinn sheathed their new weapon and interrupted Zoe with another transformation, this time reverting back to their completely naked state. The Spirit still wasn't done playing around though, and just to amuse themselves they leant back to sit with their legs unashamedly angled out to the sides and casually resting their forearms their knees as they shamelessly flaunted their body. 72 It was clear now that Jinn was just messing with Zoe, so the rather taken aback student just shook her head in bemusement and courteously averted her gaze. "No really, I just... ok, never mind. Dress as you like," she surrendered. 73 The Spirit smiled. "Alright, I shall." 74 As Jinn lazily stretched her arms high up above her head Zoe risked a quick peak at the golden Genie's flawless body. It really was the most enviably flawless figure she'd ever seen in her life, and Zoe found herself thinking that if she looked like that naked then she probably wouldn't wear clothes that often either. 75 Forcing herself to refocus Zoe looked back up at the Spirit's eyes, noting how they were the only part of Jinn's body that didn't seem to shimmer with that golden glow, and then asked them a question. "So Jinn," she said, "can I try out this box now?" 76 The Genie rolled their head around as they loosened their neck, before nodding as if the answer were blindingly obvious. "Of course, it's yours to use as you see fit." 77 Zoe grinned. "Ok great... wait here, I'll be right back." 78 ***** 79 Zoe stepped out into the hallway, making sure to shut her door behind her in case her parents walked past and wanted to know why there was a naked woman floating by her bed, then walked across to her brother Chester's room and poked her head inside. 80 "Hey Chester?" 81 "Yeah?" Her older brother, who had just got home and was sitting on his bed untying his shoelaces, frowned suspiciously as he glanced up to see Zoe lurking in his doorway. "What do you want?" 82 Zoe smiled apologetically and held up her phone. "Sorry but I've lost my charger somewhere," she lied, "so can I borrow yours for half an hour?" 83 Chester sighed but then nodded and reached over to unplug his cable from the wall. "Fine, but make sure you give it back afterwards, ok?" he warned. 84 Zoe took the outstretched charger and grinned. "You're the best, thanks." 85 She went back to her room and found an increasingly bored Jinn waiting for her, lying on their front with their legs nonchalantly kicking back and forth behind them as they watched Zoe conduct her little experiment. 86 "So?" the Genie asked. "Do you believe that the Forgotten Cage works yet?" 87 "Hold on Jinn..." Zoe took the box in her hand and cautiously pressed down the sparkling Emerald, nervously holding it away from her at arm's length as she braced herself for another explosion. This time though there was no loud bang but just another reassuring click, and the Jewel activated and sent a warm pulse of energy up through her finger. "So was that it? Did it work?" 88 Zoe stared anxiously over at Jinn who listlessly rolled over onto their back and twirled a lock of hair around their little finger. "Yes, it worked," they replied nonchalantly. 89 "Ok, let me go and see." Zoe headed back down the corridor to her brother's room, her heartrate beginning to rise as she thought about the mind bending power she now held, provided that the box really had done its job. "Hey Chester?" 90 "Yeah?" Her brother was still sitting on the bed with his shoes now lying discarded on the floor. "What do you want?" 91 'Holy shit, it might actually be working', thought Zoe, as once again she smiled apologetically and held up her phone. 92 "Err... sorry but I've lost my charger somewhere, can I borrow yours for half an hour?" She made sure to deliberately repeat herself word for word to see if Chester would notice, but to her complete shock and utter delight her brother didn't seem to notice that they were echoing a conversation they'd just shared less than thirty seconds ago. 93 Chapter 2 Instead he simply sighed again, nodded, and then reached over to unplug his cable from the wall. "Fine, but make sure you give it back - wait, where's mine? Did you steal it or something?" he frowned as he noticed the empty plug socket. 95 Zoe had to pinch the palm of her hand to stop herself from gasping out in disbelief - everything Jinn had said actually appeared to be true! Chester had absolutely no memory of already lending her his charger, which he now assumed she'd stolen, and as he glared accusingly at Zoe she managed to gather herself and convincingly play dumb. 96 "No? Why, is your charger missing too?" she replied innocently. 97 Her brother scowled but then resumed his search. "Umm, yeah... I thought it was right here... maybe I left it downstairs or something? Weird..." he muttered. 98 As she felt herself starting to grin uncontrollably Zoe decided that she'd better leave, before the rush of power went straight to her head. "Ok, don't worry about it then," she said, "I'll go and borrow Dad's one instead." 99 "Err yeah... no worries." Chester wasn't listening properly anymore as he rummaged along the side of his bed, wondering how on earth his charger could have disappeared all on its own, and behind him a thrilled Zoe rushed back to her room to tell the Spirit what had just happened. 100 "Oh my God Jinn, it actually works! I really wiped my brother's memory, and he had absolutely no idea what was going on!" she exclaimed as she burst through the door. 101 Jinn, who by now was so bored that they were floating completely upside down, slowly rotated themselves back around and eyed up the overexcited student. "Really?" they replied, with a wry roll of the eyes. "My, who could have guessed that the floating Genie would tell the truth about magic being real?" 102 Zoe was too thrilled to be annoyed by Jinn's tired sarcasm, and she jumped onto the bed to cradle the Forgotten Cage with a newfound affection and respect. "I just couldn't believe it, that the box would really do that to Chester! But he had no recollection that we'd just spoken at all, I could see that he'd completely forgotten about seeing me..." she explained, speaking at one hundred miles an hour. 103 Wearing a quietly amused expression Jinn listened to Zoe babble on for a while, but their faint smile soon dissolved into a wide yawn as the Spirit grew increasingly weary. "Yes, well, I'm glad that you found it all so exhilarating," they interrupted. "You seem to be a natural at using the box, so that's good. And if there's nothing else you need for tonight then... I'll be off." 104 Zoe looked up and frowned. "Wait, you're going? Already?" 105 Jinn gestured towards the box. "Only to rest, I can't exist outside of the Forgotten Cage for too long or I begin to dissipate. Us Spirits weren't really designed for this world, not that your ancestors took any notice of that. Don't worry though, you can still use your box without me, I'll just be inside restoring myself." 106 "Right... but what if I need you your help," Zoe fretted, "what if the box breaks or something?" 107 Jinn casually waived her concerns away and stifled another yawn. "You can always summon me at any time, just chant 'Jinn, Jinn, Jinn' three times and I will return. Don't wake me up too often though, as I said I do need some sleep," they replied sleepily. 108 "Seriously? Just 'Jinn, Jinn, Jinn'? That's it?" Zoe sceptically repeated back. 109 Her new Spirit friend made another vaguely dismissive hand gesture but conceded the point. "Yeah I know, it's not exactly imaginative but I didn't come up with the system. Ok then, see you." 110 And with that Jinn abruptly flickered back out of view, leaving Zoe to sit there alone in her room gazing thoughtfully down at the magical little box. After spending a moment or two with her thoughts she decided that she wanted to experiment with her new toy a little more, so she got up and took the Forgotten Cage downstairs to see who was about. 111 Her mum was nowhere to be seen but from the living room she could hear a pair of voices, so Zoe tiptoed up to the door and peered inside. Her dad had invited one of his friends, a middle aged man who Zoe knew as Mr Holgate, over for the evening, and the two men were sitting on a sofa chatting away with a couple of tumblers in their hands. 112 "Can I get you another one?" Zoe's dad inquired, and Mr Holgate nodded gratefully. 113 "That would be lovely, thanks." 114 Zoe watched on with interest as her dad disappeared through the door which led to the kitchen to refill the men's glasses. This left Mr Holgate sitting on his own, tapping away at his phone, and as she watched him from the doorway Zoe suddenly had a very bad idea. For some reason her mind cast back to the previous day, where she'd wished more than anything that she could make her dad forget about walking in on her naked, and weirdly that memory gave her the inspiration for a more exciting way to test out the Forgotten Cage's capabilities. 115 And so, before she could ask herself what the hell she thought she was doing, Zoe quietly slipped into the living room, discretely placed the box on mantlepiece, and then made her presence known with a gentle cough. "Ahem, Mr Holgate?" 116 Her dad's friend looked up from his phone and smiled pleasantly when he saw her. "Oh hello Zoe, how are you doing? I haven't seen you for a while, you must be back from university for the weekend?" 117 Instead of answering Zoe just grinned down at the older man, gripped the base of her hoodie, pulled her top and bra up and over her boobs, and gave the gobsmacked Mr Holgate a direct view of her bare breasts. She managed to hold that position for a couple of seconds before her nerve broke, and as her cheeks immediately began to turn bright crimson she let her hoodie fall back down and cover her up again. 118 She'd never flashed anyone before, well never on purpose anyway, but the hit of adrenaline that immediately began to coarse through her body gave her an insight as to why certain people might enjoy doing it - it was undeniably fun, albeit in a naughty kind of way. 119 "I... uh..." Poor old Mr Holgate understandably had no idea about how to react to his friend's usually innocent daughter walking into the room and exposing herself to him, so he just sat there with his jaw hanging open as he watched Zoe skip back over to the mantelpiece, retrieve the Forgotten Cage, and push the Emerald down. 120 The effect was immediate, and Zoe studied Mr Holgate's face with a keen interest as she watched his memory getting wiped right in front of her. First his eyes appeared to glaze over, his whole body seemed to relax, and then his head suddenly jerked back as his brain kickstarted itself back into action. His vision seemed to take a moment to fully return but when it did he looked up kindly at Zoe with a friendly, trusting smile. The box had worked again. 121 "Oh hello Zoe," he repeated, "I didn't see you there. How are you doing? I haven't seen you for a while, you must be back from university for the weekend? And what's that you've got there?" he asked, gesturing towards the Forgotten Cage. 122 Zoe couldn't stop grinning - she'd just flashed her dad's best friend and he was completely oblivious to the fact. "I'm doing great Mr Holgate, how are you?" she replied cheerfully. "Oh, and this is nothing," she added, discretely slipping the box back into her hoodie. 123 Although Zoe appeared quite calm as she struck up a conversation with her dad's friend, inside she was absolutely squealing with delight - in her pocket she now held the secret to getting away with absolutely anything she wanted, and my oh my did that feel good. 124 ***** 125 Zoe's trip home was only a fleeting one, and on Sunday night she got a train back up to campus to enjoy the last few days at university before she graduated. She impatiently toyed with the Forgotten Cage for the whole journey, resisting the temptation to summon Jinn right there just to mess with her fellow passengers, and once she'd arrived back on campus she headed straight for her accommodation block. After rushing down the corridor she eagerly unlocked her door and headed inside to find Alesha, her roommate and best friend, sitting on the bed. 126 The two girls had met nearly three years ago on their first day at university, where they'd immediately clicked and quickly become incredibly close. Since then they'd always shared a dorm room and had rarely left each other's sides, and so naturally there was no one else in the world that Zoe would rather share her new secret with first than Alesha. After a hug and a brief catch up they settled down cross legged on the floor, and Zoe proudly set her magic box down between them. 127 "Ok, so this is what I found in my grandma's attic, and seriously Alesha, you're not going to be able to believe your eyes," Zoe grinned, anxious to introduce Jinn to her friend. "Now watch this, and try your best not to freak out." 128 "Alright..." Alesha replied nervously, grabbing a pillow from the bed and hugging it to her chest as she waited to see what was up. 129 Zoe took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and then spoke in a clear, confident voice. "Jinn, Jinn, Jinn." 130 Instantly the Spirit obeyed Zoe's call and appeared floating in the air above the box, still completely naked as before, but this time graphically decorated with a few BDSM-themed accessories. 131 It really was quite an intimidating outfit - Jinn's body was trussed up with thick black ropes which crisscrossed underneath their breasts and down between their legs, there were two alarmingly large metal clamps fastened over their nipples, a variety of piercings and tattoos adorned every inch of their skin, their arms were securely bound behind their back in a decidedly submissive pose, and finally there was a large red ball gag wedged between their lips. 132 Zoe's momentary delight that the summon had worked was instantly replaced by a startled horror as she took in Jinn's outrageously depraved appearance, and she quickly scolded the mischievous and unexpectedly kinky Genie as beside her Alesha quietly began to wonder if she'd gone mad. 133 "Oh my God Jinn, no! We have company, please put something else on!" Zoe demanded. 134 "Huh?" With their head and hands immobilised by their shackles Jinn, who was clearly very pleased that their scandalous outfit had provoked such an extreme reaction, hadn't initially noticed Alesha's presence. The Spirit grunted in surprise as they turned to peer down at Alesha with interest, before turning back to Zoe and mumbling some muffled words which were almost impossible to hear through their gag. "Oh whoops, sorry, that's my bad..." 135 The tied-up sex slave iteration of Jinn quickly flickered back out of existence and then reappeared in a new form, this time going from one extreme to the other as they elected for an infinitely more respectable nun's outfit which covered them from head to toe. They'd even conjured up a set of rosary beads, and they slowly passed them between their fingers as they looked down at Zoe for her approval. 136 "Is this ok?" the Spirit winked, and below them Zoe shook her head in disbelief. 137 "Yeah, I guess..." she sighed, knowing that she had no control over the mischievous Genie whatsoever. "Ok, Alesha this is Jinn, who's like a magical Spirit, and Jinn this is Alesha, who's my roommate and best friend," Zoe said, trying to get the introductions back on track. 138 Alesha was still too stunned to speak, but Sister Jinn didn't let their awkward first impression slow them down as they smiled and bowed their head reverentially towards Zoe's friend. "It's a pleasure to meet you my child, truly a blessing indeed. May the Lord be with you, forever and always." 139 As the Spirit, who was clearly enjoying the chance to roleplay with their new costume way too much, made the sign of the cross Zoe shifted forward in her seat and tried to get Jinn to focus. "Hey Jinn? I know you said that I'm the owner of the box, but would Alesha be able to use it too? Or will she get her memory wiped like everyone else?" 140 Although Jinn smiled pleasantly at the girls their eyes remained cold and detached. "As the owner of the Forgotten Cage Zoe do indeed have the power to share its secret with whomever you choose," the Spirit confirmed. "So yes, Alesha can use the box while staying immune from its effects, her memories will remain untouched just like yours." 141 Zoe grinned as that's just what she'd wanted to hear. "Ok perfect, thanks. Come on then Alesha, this will blow your mind..." 142 The girls left Jinn fiddling with their prayer beads and walked down the corridor, as Zoe searched for someone to act as her unwitting guinea pig. 143 "So, that thing really is a Genie?" Alesha asked, gesturing back towards the room. She'd decided that if she had gone mad then there wasn't really much she could do about it, so she might as well just kick back and enjoy the ride. 144 "Yes," Zoe replied, "and it's called Jinn." 145 "Right," Alesha said. "And why was it dressed like that?" 146 "I don't know," Zoe shrugged, "it just seems to like hanging around naked for some reason. I don't think Genies are very self-conscious." 147 "Ok," Alesha nodded slowly, unsure as to what to make of that. "And then this box thing," she continued, pointing down at Zoe's Forgotten Cage, "it can change people's memories?" 148 "Well it can delete them," Zoe clarified, "so if you press this jewel thing here then everyone will immediately forget about the most recent time they've seen you. Get it?" 149 Alesha didn't get it. "I'm... still confused," she confessed, and her friend nodded reassuringly. 150 "Ok, but don't worry, that's why we're looking for someone to use it on," Zoe explained, "so you can see a demonstration." 151 They walked into the communal kitchen and found their flatmate Jermain leaning against one of the counters, eating a bowl of pasta as he watched a football match on his phone which was propped up on the side. 152 "Oh, hey guys," he grunted through mouthfuls of spaghetti, briefly glancing over at the girls before returning his attention to the game. 153 "Hey Jermain," Zoe replied brightly as she walked over to him, "that smells good, what did you cook?" 154 "Hmm? Oh, just some spaghetti with a bit of - " Jermain began to reply, using his fork to stir his pasta around as he was momentarily distracted by Zoe's question. However, before he got a chance to finish his description he was unexpectedly cut short as his flatmate knelt down before him and violently tugged his shorts and boxers down to his knees. 155 "What the fuck?" he yelled as Zoe unceremoniously stripped him naked from the waist down. 156 Jermain was frozen in place for a brief moment, standing there with his hands full and his soft cock and balls now out on display to the two girls. As Zoe and Alesha giggled at his unimpressive size Jermain's brain finally managed to process what had just happened, immediately ordering one hand to fling itself down to cover his dick as the other began to tug his shorts back up. This motion inadvertently launched his dinner into the air, and with a crash his bowl of spaghetti shattered as it hit the kitchen floor. 157 "Sorry Jermain!" Zoe, who wasn't that sorry at all, quickly tugged Alesha back out of the kitchen and into the corridor, then pulled the Forgotten Cage out of her pocket. 158 "What the hell did you do that for?" her friend demanded. Although it had been funny to see Jermain exposed like that it was still a pretty nasty thing to do, and Alesha wanted to know why Zoe had just humiliated one of their flatmates in such a cruel manner. 159 "To show you what the box can do!" Zoe grinned, unperturbed as she pressed down firmly on the Jewel. "Now come on, you're not going to believe this..." 160 Zoe strode confidently back into the kitchen with Alesha cautiously following behind, and inside they found Jermain, all covered up again now, crawling around on his hands and knees as he tried to collect all the little shards of ceramic and strands of spaghetti that were littered across the floor. 161 "Oh no Jermain," Zoe gasped theatrically, "what happened here?" 162 Her flatmate looked up and titled his head to the side slightly. "Oh, hey guys," Jermain repeated. "Err yeah, I think I dropped my pasta, and broke the bowl," he replied, visibly confused as to exactly how he had manged to make such a mess. 163 "Aww no, do you want any help?" Zoe asked as she nodded over at Alesha and winked. 164 "No I'm ok thanks, don't worry," Jermain replied as he carried on cleaning up. The girls decided to leave him to it and began to walk back to their room, but as soon as they were out of earshot Alesha turned to grab Zoe by the arm and squeal excitedly. 165 "Oh my God Zoe! That was insane! He really had no idea that you'd pulled that prank on him, did he?" Alesha marvelled, as she took the Forgotten Cage from Zoe and studied its Emerald intently. 166 "Nope," Zoe laughed, pleased that she finally had someone else to share her secret with. "See, I told you, the box really does work." 167 "Yeah, it's insane... poor Jermain though, you could still have chosen a less embarrassing demonstration," Alesha giggled, "I'll never be able to look at him the same way now, I'll just be picturing his dick every time!" 168 "To be fair though," Zoe argued as she defended herself, "one of the first things I did to test if the box really worked was to flash my boobs at my dad's friend!" 169 "No you didn't! You idiot, what if it hadn't deleted his memory properly?" Alesha laughed. 170 Zoe giggled and tried to imagine what she would have done in that scenario. "Well then I'd have been fucked, I guess," she concluded, "but luckily it did work. Now come on, let's see if Jinn has decided to keep their clothes on." 171 Jinn, who had grown tired of their life of worship and changed into a loosely tied loincloth, turned to greet the two girls as they opened their door and bounced down to sit on Zoe's bed. 172 "So, Alesha," the topless Spirit smiled, "has Zoe taught you how to use the Forgotten Cage? Are you convinced that magic is real yet?" 173 Alesha, who was still quite wary of the Genie and their carefree attitude to nudity, looked down at the box thoughtfully. "Yes she did," she replied politely, "and yes, I saw it work. It really can alter people's memories." 174 "And so," Zoe joined in, "there's only really one question left to ask - who should we use the box on next?" 175 Jinn and the two students all began to grin at each other, albeit for very different reasons. 176 ***** 177 After dismissing Jinn for the night the first thing the girls did was go down to the shop on the corner, grab two bottles of wine each, and then sprint out of the front entrance without paying for them. An outraged security guard immediately gave chase and followed them out of the store and into the street, but as soon as Zoe and Alesha had rounded the corner they pulled out the box and pressed the Jewel. 178 Now with their stolen bottles of wine boldly swinging by their sides the girls turned around and confidently strolled back the way they'd come, and as they passed by the suddenly very confused looking security guard, who was trying his best to work out why he'd run out of his shop for no reason, they turned bright red as they desperately tried to contain their laughter. 179 "God, we're like super heroes," Alesha giggled as she and Zoe walked back to their accommodation block, taking sips of their stolen wine as they chatted. "We literally have magic powers now." 180 "Well, probably more like super villains to be honest," Zoe replied, nodding back towards the scene of their first crime, "because I don't think we'll be using this box to do much good, do you?" 181 Zoe's suspicions were confirmed almost immediately when the girls got back to their dorm. After turning into their corridor the now slightly tipsy friends almost walked straight into another one of their flatmates, a beautiful but unpleasant girl called Becky, as she came out of her room. 182 Chapter 3 "Look where you're going!" Becky snapped at the pair, before turning to stomp off towards the communal showers with a rolled-up towel and a bag of toiletries stowed under her arm. 184 "Bitch..." Alesha muttered under her breath, watching Becky go with a contemptuous sneer. 185 Becky and Alesha had actually been really close in their first year, right up until the moment Becky ruined everything by sleeping with a guy that Alesha had been dating. When Alesha found out about the betrayal she'd been heartbroken, and the former friends had quickly become archenemies as Becky inexplicably refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Even though two years had passed since then the two still hadn't made up, and every time they bumped into each other in the corridors they were barely able to contain their contempt for each other. 186 "Hey, come on, leave it," Zoe urged as she pulled her seething friend back towards their room. She knew all about Alesha's feud with Becky of course, and she knew that there was no point in letting the two squabble. 187 Alesha allowed herself to be led away, taking another sizeable swig from her bottle to soothe herself as she stomped down the hall, before a wide grin suddenly appeared on her face. "Hey, you know what Zoe?" she smiled as the fresh influx of wine provided her with a startling moment of clarity. "I just had a very good idea..." 188 Two minutes later Alesha confidently strode back up the corridor and barged into the girl's bathroom, and then, after checking that it was just her and Becky in there, loudly made her presence known. "Hey Becks!" 189 "What?" From behind the shower curtain Becky's confused face appeared, and she rubbed her eyes and blinked away the streaks of shampoo that were dripping down from her hair. When Becky saw that it was Alesha standing in front of her she immediately broke out into another ugly sneer. "What do you want?" she demanded. 190 "Well your clothes, mostly," Alesha grinned as she pulled Becky's towel from where it hung over the shower curtain rail, then began to scoop up her neatly folded outfit from the changing room bench. 191 "Hey, what the fuck are you doing? I'm going to call security on you!" Becky yelled. She briefly considered bursting out from the cubicle to grab her stuff back, but ultimately her modesty prevailed and she instead settled on shouting at Alesha from behind the privacy of the shower curtain. "Give me my clothes back, right now, or you'll be in so much trouble!" 192 "Oh Becky, I doubt that very much," Alesha chuckled as she quickly walked around the bathroom to check that there weren't any spare towels or other forms of cover lying around for her flatmate to use. Satisfied that there weren't she walked back over to her cowering victim and smirked at her. "Now this is for cheating on my boyfriend, you back-stabbing snake!" 193 Becky was left speechless as Alesha flipped her off, spun around on her heels, and then walked straight out of the bathroom, taking her flatmate's towel and outfit with her. As Alesha stepped out into the corridor she bumped into Luke, another one of their flatmates, and he looked down at her armful of clothes suspiciously. 194 "Are those yours?" he asked as they walked back down the corridor together. 195 "Nope, they're Becky's," Alesha replied cheerfully, "I just stole them from the bathroom while she was in the shower." 196 "Umm ok... should I ask why?" Luke frowned, unsure as to whether or not his flatmate was pulling his leg. 197 "Don't worry, you'll see in a second," Alesha laughed as she carried on down the hall towards her room, eager to enact stage two of her plan. 198 On the wall by the side of her door there was a fire alarm, and without a moment's hesitation Alesha reached out and slammed her fist into the glass to set it off. A piercing siren immediately filled the corridor, and as Luke called out to ask what the hell she thought she was doing Alesha quickly barged into her room to use the Forgotten Cage. 199 "I need the box, quick!" she called out to Zoe. 200 "What?" Her roommate was standing by the window with her hands clamped over her ears, grimacing at the fire alarm's high-pitched blare. 201 "The box!" Alesha shouted as she chucked Becky's clothes down onto the floor. 202 Zoe got the message and reached over to retrieve the Forgotten Cage from its place on her shelf, then she tossed it over to Alesha who immediately pressed down on the Jewel. 203 "Ok great," Alesha said, excited to see if her plan would work. "Now I guess we should evacuate! Come on, let's go." 204 "I assume you set this alarm off?" Zoe shouted as the two girls hurried back out of their room and headed for the emergency exit which lay at the far end of the corridor. 205 "Yep," Alesha nodded, watching on as the rest of their flatmates filed out into the hall. They were all groaning and complaining about the racket the alarming was making, which they incorrectly assumed was just part of one of the regularly scheduled fire drills. 206 "But why?" Zoe demanded. 207 Halfway along the hall Alesha noticed the door to the shower room slowly creeping open. "That's why!" she replied triumphantly, pointing along the corridor. 208 Up ahead Becky's face had reappeared, poking out of the doorway this time, as she did her best to keep her body hidden whilst hopelessly looking up and down the corridor, searching for someone to help her. Her hair was still dripping wet and covered in soap suds, and she looked a sorry sight as she forlornly turned to Alesha and Zoe for help. 209 "Umm, guys?" Becky clearly didn't want to appeal to Alesha of all people for assistance, but even she realised that in her current predicament she really couldn't afford to be picky. 210 "Becky?" Alesha stopped at the door and smugly folded her arms. She could see that the box had worked as Jinn had promised, and Becky clearly had no idea that it had been Alesha who had left her stranded without anything to wear. "What are you doing in there? We need to evacuate!" she teased. 211 "I... I don't have clothes on, or even a towel to cover up with!" Becky fired back, flinching as the siren above her continued to wail. 212 "What? You mean that you're completely naked?" Alesha asked, intentionally raising her voice above the wail of the alarm in order to attract the attention of the rest of their flatmates who were walking up behind them. 213 "Please, keep your voice down!" Becky hissed, self-consciously pulling the door back to better shield her body. "Someone must have come in and stolen all my stuff while I was in the shower!" 214 Alesha was about to reply with something suitably sarcastic but at that moment the trio were interrupted. 215 "Hey, what's going on?" Luke, Jermain, and five other members of the flat had caught up to Zoe and Alesha, and they quickly formed a small semi-circle around Becky as they studied her wet hair and flushed cheeks with interest. 216 "Becky's trapped naked in the bathroom," Alesha replied wryly, immediately drawing a few wolf-whistles and chuckles from the boys. "Someone stole her clothes and so now she can't come out..." 217 "Please, can someone just get me something to wear, and quickly?" Becky looked desperately around at the rest of her flatmates but unfortunately for her she wasn't a very popular figure in the apartment, even if no one hated her quite as much as Alesha. She was also very attractive, and so the boys at least weren't exactly falling over each other to find her some clothes to put on. 218 "Just get something from your room Becky," they all teased, daring her to walk out into the corridor in her birthday suit. 219 "Seriously guys, this isn't funny!" Becky begged, but her increasingly frantic pleas fell on deaf ears. 220 At that moment a campus security officer appeared at the fire exit, and when he Alesha, Zoe, and their group of flatmates milling around in the middle of the corridor he almost exploded with rage. 221 "Hey! What the hell do you all think you're doing?" he yelled, aggressively beckoning them towards him. "The fire alarm has sounded, so get out of there now! Move!" 222 "Sorry Becky but the building's on fire, we're going to have to leave you here," Alesha smirked, winking at Becky as she led the rest of the flat along the corridor towards the fuming security officer. 223 Becky tentatively leant out further from the safety of the doorway as she watched everyone walking away from her, and the security officer noticed her for the first time. "Oi, you in the bathroom, what are you playing at?" He made eye contact with Becky and glared at her in pure disgust. "This is not a drill! Get your arse down here, this instant!" 224 For all poor old Becky knew the fire alarm was legit, and so finally even she had to concede that burning to death would be worse than leaving her hiding spot behind the bathroom door. So she reluctantly covered her boobs with one arm, thrust the other between her legs, then burst out from the doorway and sprinted out into the corridor. 225 Alesha and Zoe turned to watch their naked flatmate streak her way down the corridor, stepping back out of the splash zone as Becky's wild, panicked movements sent droplets of water flying off her skin. The soap suds also slid down over her butt and legs as she ran, leaving a trail of bubbles on the carpeted floor in her wake. 226 Becky squealed as she passed by them. "Stop looking at me!" She cried, cringing as she imagined the unrestricted view of her bare, glistening butt that she was presenting to her flatmates as she tore along the hallway. As Becky reached the security officer she came to a stop and just stood there, awkwardly hugging herself tight as she looked up into the large man's eyes. 227 "Please, I can't go out there like this! Can I borrow your coat?" she said, hunching over as she tried to make her naked body as small as possible. 228 The security officer had clearly been expecting Becky to emerge from the bathroom wrapped up in a towel or bathrobe, and he certainly hadn't anticipated her running out completely naked. He seemed totally taken aback by the young student's nudity for a second, then he regained his composure and nodded sheepishly. "Err yeah. Here, cover yourself up." He shrugged off his coat and passed it over, and Becky tried her best not to flash her boobs as she fed her arms into the sleeves, then gratefully pulled the jacket closed around her. 229 "Ok, now everyone down the stairs, and quickly!" The security officer began to shout again as he led Becky, followed by Alesha, Zoe, and the rest of the flat, out into the car park where the students from the other accommodation blocks were waiting. "And if I ever see you lot failing to evacuate immediately again then you'll all be fined," he grumbled before disappearing off into the crowd. 230 As everyone waited for the fire brigade to turn up and inspect the building Zoe pulled Alesha to one side and nodded over at Becky, who was standing away from the rest of the group and looking very, very sorry for herself as her wet body continued to drip down onto the pavement. 231 "That was quite the trick you managed to pull there, so tell me - how does revenge taste?" Zoe asked, grinning at the devilish ingenuity of Alesha's clever plan. 232 Her roommate chuckled, stretched her arms out above her head, and then sighed contentedly. "I can't lie Zoe, it tastes pretty sweet! I've waited two whole years to get my own back on Becky, but it was definitely worth the wait." 233 Eventually the all-clear was given, everyone was allowed back inside, and the girls returned to their room to polish off the rest of their wine and laugh themselves silly as they relived Becky's humiliating ordeal. As she drank straight from her bottle Alesha held the Forgotten Cage up to the light and admired the Jewel's shine. 234 "I'm so glad you found this box Zoe," she murmured. "We're going to have so, so much fun with it..." 235 "Me too my friend," Zoe replied, reaching across the bed to clink her bottle of wine against Alesha's in a toast to their new toy. "To the box!" 236 "To the box!" Alesha cheered. "And to tricking idiots out of their clothes!" 237 ***** 238 The next day the girls spent the morning getting coffee with a few friends, then afterwards they went to the supermarket, used the box to shoplift a few bags full of food and alcohol, and headed to the sports fields for an afternoon picnic. They found an elevated sunny patch of grass, which overlooked a game between the university's cricket team and one of their local rivals, sat down, and laid out their stolen goods. 239 "Man, everything tastes so much better when its free," Zoe commented as she hungrily tore open a bag of crisps. 240 "You can say that again," Alesha agreed, reaching for an olive. "Just think, now that we've got the box we'll never have to pay for groceries ever again. Or clothes... or jewellery... or anything really." 241 "True," Zoe smiled, turning to watch the match that was being played out below. 242 Cricket is a slow and boring sport at the best of times, but some of the guys playing were cute enough to provide the girls with a bit of eye-candy, and Zoe and Alesha enjoyed watching them run around in their tight white trousers as they ate their lunch and basked in the beautiful weather. 243 "It is mad, isn't it, how we can just do anything we want now... and get away with it, no matter what," Alesha mused as she eyed up the latest batsman to step out on to the field. 244 "It's insane," Zoe agreed, popping a cherry tomato into her mouth as an idea occurred to her. "Hey, you know what we should do? Start giving each other crazy dares!" 245 "Oh yeah?" Alesha said, pulling out the box from Zoe's bag and placing it on the picnic blanket they'd spread across the grass. "What kind of dares do you have in mind?" 246 Before she could even elaborate on her first idea Zoe was struck by a second one. "How about though," she added, quickly building on the concept, "before we start we both agree that, no matter what the other person dares you to do, you have to say yes." 247 "That's a very dangerous deal to make!" Alesha laughed nervously, knowing full well just how competitive the two girls could become when they were trying to outdo each other. 248 "But we have the box," Zoe countered, confidently sticking out her hand, "so what's the worst that can happen? If anything goes wrong then we'll just wipe everyone's memories, no harm no foul. Deal?" 249 Alesha had to admit that the idea did sound fun, and so, safe in the knowledge that the Forgotten Cage gave the girls a permanent get out of jail free card, she agreed to play along. "Ok... alright, fine. Deal!" Alesha shook Zoe's outstretched hand and just like that the roommates' fates were sealed. 250 "Great," Zoe grinned as she immediately gestured down the hill towards the group of boys on the cricket field. "Then for your first dare I want you to go and hug the bowler - topless." 251 Alesha had gone in for another olive, and upon hearing the details of Zoe's outrageous challenge she did well to avoid choking on it. "Oh my God! You're starting straight off with that?" she spluttered indignantly, but Zoe just laughed. 252 "Yeah, why not? The first thing I did when I used the box was to flash my tits, and now its your turn!" she giggled. 253 "But Zoe, I'm wearing a sundress!" Alesha complained, even though she knew her friend wouldn't think twice about making her run around in only her panties. 254 "Well then you better start taking it off..." Zoe replied flippantly. "Now come on, we haven't got all day. Chop-chop." 255 Although Alesha had witnessed the magical effects of the Forgotten Cage on their flatmates she'd never had to rely on its powers herself, so for her this challenge was quite the leap of faith. She nervously glanced down at the cricketers as she tried to decide how brave she was feeling, then turned back to stare earnestly at Zoe. 256 "Do you promise that the box will work?" she asked. 257 "I promise," Zoe nodded reassuringly, "now get that dress off!" 258 "OK, fine..." Alesha muttered, reluctantly getting up to her feet. Although the idea of undressing in public was mildly terrifying Alesha had to confess that the idea was also exciting her far more than she'd have anticipated. "Shall I leave it here?" she asked as she hesitantly began to strip. 259 "Yep," Zoe instructed, "I want you to be topless for the whole run, there and back." 260 "I am so getting you back for this," Alesha said, nervously unzipping the back of her sundress until it was hanging loosely off her shoulders. "Ok, here I go!" 261 Zoe collapsed into a ball of laughter as she watched her friend wriggle out of her dress and let it fall down to the floor. Due to the heat Alesha had decided to forgo a bra so in an instant she was left standing there wearing just her trainers and panties, and without wasting a second more she gathered her boobs up in her arms, stepped out of her discarded outfit, and sprinted off down the hill. 262 Almost immediately one of the cricketers on the far side of the field noticed Alesha's pale body darting across the grass, and when he called out to his teammates all of the boys stopped playing and turned around to watch the semi-naked student streaking towards them. 263 "Oh God, sorry guys!" Alesha winced as she jumped over the boundary and ran past the first couple of fielders, before heading straight towards the bemused bowler who was standing by the stumps. As she reached his side she let go of her boobs and flung her arms around him, and after a moment she felt his hands cupping around her butt as he cheekily squeezed her back. 264 "You alright love?" he chuckled, grinning around at the rest of his teammates as they watched him and Alesha share an unusual hug. 265 "Yeah sorry, this was for a dare," Alesha explained as she broke away, smiling apologetically as she clamped her hands back over her tits. "Ok, bye!" 266 With her challenge completed Alesha turned tail and fled back the way she'd come, and the bowler admired her panty-covered butt as it swayed back and forth as she ran. With both teams watching her from below Alesha stumbled her way back up the hill and returned to Zoe's side, and her friend helpfully chucked her dress towards her as she got within throwing distance. 267 "There you go," Zoe laughed as she watched her friend gratefully reach for her clothing, "you can get dressed again now." 268 "Fucking hell, that was insane! And that hill is so steep!" Alesha panted breathlessly, keeping her back to the cricketers as she gratefully tugged her sundress back on. As soon as her boobs were covered up again she turned to Zoe and gestured for the Forgotten Cage. "Hey, give me the box!" 269 Zoe passed it across and Alesha slammed her hand down on the Jewel, then turned to peer down at the cricketers as she searched for any signs that the box hadn't worked. Fortunately for her it had, and after a pause the boys on the field all turned to frown at each other as they tried to remember why they were all staring up at the two girls on the hill. The umpire was just as lost as the rest of them, so after a moment he called for play to resume and the peculiar moment was quickly forgotten. 270 "Wow, what a rush," Alesha gasped as she slumped down to sit beside Zoe, her chest still heaving from both the running and the excitement. "I thought my heart was going to explode, that was so intense!" 271 "Scary but exhilarating too, right?" Zoe replied, pleased that her friend seemed to have enjoyed flashing the boys just as much as she'd enjoyed exposing herself to Mr Holgate. 272 "Yeah I guess," Alesha smiled, lying back on the picnic blanket as she stared up at the sky. "It was definitely fun... and a bit of a turn-on too, now that you mention it! Did you get a buzz when you showed your dad's friend your boobs?" 273 "Oh yeah," Zoe chuckled, "I was thinking about it for the rest of the night, couldn't stop smiling to myself." 274 Alesha puffed out her cheeks and nodded. "I can imagine... but anyway, enough about that - now it's your turn to do a dare!" 275 Chapter 4 Zoe giggled nervously as she wondered what Alesha would come up with. "True, it is," she replied, "so what do you want me to do?" 277 ***** 278 Alesha's first demand was that the girls head back to their dorm room to drop off their stuff, and once that was done she immediately led Zoe back outside and steered her towards the university's leisure centre. 279 It was a boiling hot day and after all of the running around Alesha had done she'd worked up quite a sweat, so in order to cool down she suggested a dip in the swimming pool. Zoe, who was now indebted to her friend, had no choice but to agree, and so after leaving the Forgotten Cage in Zoe's locker the friends changed into a couple of two-piece swimming suits, headed out to the main pool, and then spent half an hour or so messing around in the refreshingly cool water. 280 The leisure centre was quite busy that afternoon as a lot of students headed indoors to try and escape the heat, and so Zoe was getting increasingly nervous as she floated around and waited for Alesha to reveal what her dare would be. Eventually she was put out of her misery when Alesha pulled her over to the deep end, where the two rested up against the side of the pool and looked up at the diving boards. 281 "So your first dare," Alesha grinned, "is to fake a wardrobe malfunction." 282 "What does that mean?" Zoe asked, unsure as to whether or not she wanted to find out. 283 "Well," her friend continued, "in a minute I dare you to go up to the highest board and dive off it. Then, before you resurface, I want you to take off your bottoms and get out of the pool, acting as if you didn't notice that they slid down when you hit the water. Oh, and then you can only cover up if someone comes over to tell you that you're half-naked, but until then you have to pretend that nothing's wrong." 284 Zoe stared at her friend in total disbelief. "What? You want me to flash my pussy and butt to everyone in here?" she gasped. 285 "Hey, you started this," Alesha smirked, "I had to flash my boobs to all those cricketers, so now it's your turn to show some skin." 286 "But you got to cover yourself up with your hands," Zoe objected, as she only half-jokingly splashed some water in her friend's face, "so they barely saw anything!" 287 "Yeah, but mine was clearly an embarrassing and humiliating dare," Alesha argued, splashing Zoe back, "while yours will just be a harmless accident! You'll have nothing to be ashamed of." 288 "Nothing to be ashamed of?" Zoe hissed, even though she knew that her protests were in vain. The game was the game, and as Alesha correctly pointed out Zoe had started this whole dare thing off in the first place. "I still think this is massively unfair, but fine," Zoe grumbled, shaking her head disapprovingly at Alesha before pushing off from the side and swimming down towards the end of the pool. 289 Alesha watched on with glee as her friend pulled herself out of the water and began the long, long climb up the stairs to the highest diving board. Zoe had to wait there for a moment as a couple of other swimmers jumped off first, but then all too soon the board was clear and it was her turn to take the plunge. 290 "Woo, go Zoe!" Alesha whooped as she unhelpfully cheered her friend on from bellow, and in return Zoe gave her the finger, took a deep breath, and then jumped off the board, performing a half-turn in the air before landing in the water with a considerable splash. After taking a moment to reappear Zoe's head broke back up above the surface, and with a resigned look on her face she began to slowly swim back over to Alesha. 291 "Did you do it?" Alesha asked as Zoe drew near, but then before her friend could answer she ducked under the water to take a quick peek for herself. "Ah you did!" she squealed as she resurfaced, and Zoe, who had indeed secretly stripped as she'd been instructed, grimaced a little as she self-consciously palmed her swimming bottoms over to Alesha. 292 "Can you keep hold of these please, I don't want to lose them," she muttered as she doggy-paddled her way past Alesha, heading straight towards one of the ladders in the corner which led up out of the pool. 293 If any of the other swimmers had paid close attention to Zoe as she swam past then they may have realised that there was a noticeable lack of material covering her butt, but luckily for her the distortion through the water was just enough to keep her naked lower half unnoticed. Unnoticed that was until she reached the side of pool and began to climb out. 294 Alesha couldn't stop herself from grinning as she watched her friend's bare butt emerge from the pool, her eyes widening as streams and rivulets of water ran down off Zoe's legs as she reached the top of the ladder, turned to her left, and then began what felt like a very long walk back towards the changing rooms. 295 To be fair to Zoe she managed to hold her nerve remarkably well and convincingly act as if she had no idea that she'd left her bottoms in the pool, walking slowly and calmly with her hands swinging freely by her sides. A few shocked whispers and giggles emerged from the swimmers around Alesha as they noticed Zoe's shocking 'wardrobe malfunction', but no one called out to her until a life guard jumped down from his elevated chair and ran over to intercept her. 296 "Err miss?" he stammered, nervously glancing between Zoe's eyes and her bare pussy. 297 "Yes?" Zoe replied, cringing internally as she forced herself not to cover up despite the acute embarrassment of standing there bottomless in front of this good looking lifeguard. In an attempt at nonchalance she shifted her weight onto one hip and tried not to clench her butt, as she forced what she hoped looked like a laidback kind of smile. 298 "You, umm..." The lifeguard seemed genuinely lost for words as he awkwardly gestured down at Zoe's crotch. "I think you've forgotten your..." 299 Zoe looked down and pretended to notice her nudity for the first time. With a genuine scream she clamped both hands down over her pussy, then changed her mind and used one to futilely try and cover up her butt too as she adopted a comically embarrassed pose. 300 "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" she squealed, barging past the lifeguard and running along the edge of the pool as everyone around her burst out into laughter. 301 Alesha pulled herself out of the water and hurried after her friend, and when she reached the changing rooms she found Zoe sitting in front of her locker with a towel wrapped around her waist and the Forgotten Cage sitting on her lap. The other women around the bench were watching Zoe warily, which was unsurprising as she'd just burst through the door half naked. 302 When she saw Alesha appear Zoe smiled ruefully and pressed the Jewel, then with her dignity restored she shook her head, slumped back on the bench, and laughed. "Fuck you, that was so much worse than my dare!" she joked as Alesha took a seat next to her. The other women had now gone back to changing in or out of their swimwear, and so the girls were free to chuckle to themselves as they reflected on Zoe's embarrassing challenge. 303 "You handled it like a pro though," Alesha laughed, giving her friend a hug. "Everyone definitely thought that it was a genuine accident." 304 "Yeah well, you just be careful my friend," Zoe said as she got to her feet, making sure to keep her towel held in place. "It's your turn next, and I'm coming for revenge!" 305 ***** 306 After getting changed the two girls strolled back out into the sun and began the walk back to their dorm. Although it was now late afternoon it was still warm out, and as the girls strolled down the road, idly chatting away, an ice cream van parked on the other side of the street caught Zoe's attention. 307 "Hey," she said, nudging Alesha as she had an idea, "can I give you two dares in a row?" 308 "What? No!" Alesha instinctively replied. One dare on its own was already bad enough, and she definitely didn't fancy dealing with a pair of them at once. 309 "Oh come on, please," Zoe pleaded. "If you do it then I'll let you give me two in a row afterwards as well, how about that?" 310 Alesha thought for a moment and then groaned. "Urgh... fine. Deal," she relented, wondering why she put herself in these kind of situations, and the girls shook hands again. 311 "Ok great - so your first dare is to go over there and get us two ice creams," Zoe instructed, pointing at the van. "But... you can't use any money to buy them." 312 Alesha frowned. "So how am I meant to get them for free?" 313 "By using your other attributes!" Zoe replied, glancing meaningfully down at her friend's chest. 314 After a second or two Alesha realised what she meant and began to laugh. "Oh my God Zoe!" she blushed. "You mean I have to flash the guy in return for an ice cream?" 315 "In return for two ice creams," Zoe specified, "and if you only get one out of him then you fail the dare. Now come on, get over there and put your girls to work!" 316 Alesha dramatically rolled her eyes but then dutifully set off across the road and walked up to the van. Inside it a young, skinny guy was hunched over, tinkering with something at the back of the soft-serve machine, and when he noticed Alesha approaching he stepped to the window and leant down to take her order. 317 "Hi there," Alesha said, "could I have two magnums please?" 318 "Sure," the skinny guy replied, reaching into a freezer by his side and pulling out the ice creams. "That will be three-fifty please." 319 "Erm... two secs..." Alesha made an exaggerated show of searching through her pockets as she pretended to look for any cash, patting at the shorts she'd changed into after the swimming pool and shaking her head as if she were confused. "I'm so sorry but I seem to have forgotten my money," she eventually explained apologetically, and the ice cream guy shrugged. 320 "No worries, I'll be here for a while if you want to come back later," he said noncommittally. 321 "But my dorm is so far," Alesha moaned, turning to look forlornly down the road. "And it's so hot out today... are you sure there isn't any other way I could pay you?" 322 "What do you mean?" the guy asked. 323 "Well, I don't have any cash," Alesha said, pointedly readjusting her top to better emphasise her cleavage, "but maybe I could trade you something else instead?" 324 "Such as?" 325 "Such as," Alesha giggled excitedly, "a quick flash of my boobs?" 326 The ice cream guy grinned and leant back slightly, crossing his arms over his chest as he considered this unusual offer. "Oh, ok... well let's see them first, and then I'll decide if that's a fair deal," he smirked. 327 "Oh trust me," Alesha scoffed, "they're worth it." 328 She hadn't bothered putting on a bra after the pool and so, after quickly glancing left and right to check that no one would see, when Alesha pulled her t-shirt up to her neck her tits were fully exposed, to the obvious delight of the ice cream guy. 329 "Very nice," he nodded appreciatively, and Alesha playfully shook her chest at him before pulling her top back down. 330 "So, is that a fair enough deal for you?" she asked, proud of the reaction her boobs had elicited. 331 The guy smiled cheekily. "Sure. Here you go, one magnum as we agreed." He smugly placed one of the ice creams on the ledge of the van's window, causing Alesha to scowl. 332 "One? I thought we said two?" 333 "Nah," the guy replied, "don't get me wrong, you do have amazing tits, but they're still only worth one ice cream I'm afraid. For the second one I'm going to need to see something else." 334 Alesha shook her head. "You're unbelievable!" 335 Despite melodramatically pouting at the guy's mischievous demands, in reality Alesha wasn't actually mad. Flashing this grateful stranger was actually proving to be quite a thrill, and seeing as he'd be forced to forget about the entire thing in a minute did it really matter if she showed him a little more skin than she'd originally intended? 336 "Hey," the guy reasoned, "you were the one who suggested this trade in the first place. I'm still letting you off without paying, remember?" 337 "Fine... you win," Alesha tutted, turning her back on the van and quickly unbuttoning her shorts. 338 Although there were plenty of pedestrians walking past no one seemed to be paying any particular attention to Alesha, so she quickly bent at the waist, slipped her shorts and panties down, and flashed her butt at the ice cream guy. Alesha stayed frozen in that position for a few seconds, with her legs locked straight and her bottoms hanging half way down her thighs, and trying hard to ignore Zoe who was clutching her stomach as she laughed at her friend from across the road. 339 "Happy now?" Alesha asked, tugging her shorts back up and spinning round to face the ice cream guy. 340 "Very," he grinned, passing over the second magnum. "Here, you've earnt these. And hey, if you ever pass by here again then come over and say hi, I'm sure we can think of a few more ways to get you some free ice creams." 341 Alesha chuckled to herself as she picked up the magnums and turned to walk away. "Thanks, I'll consider it..." With her dare successfully completed she strode triumphantly back across the road, strutted up to her friend, and passed Zoe her ice cream. "There you go," Alesha smiled, genuinely quite pleased with herself. "One magnum, free of charge, as promised." 342 "Thank you my friend," Zoe grinned, "and may I say how impressive your little display was? I thought you'd have a hard time convincing that guy but no, with boobs like yours it was like stealing candy from a baby." 343 Alesha sniggered as the pair began to walk again. "Well, more like stealing ice cream from a horny nineteen-year-old, but sure. Now pass over the box, please," she politely requested, reaching her hand out for the Forgotten Cage. 344 "Hang on," Zoe replied, unwrapping her magnum and taking a lick, "I haven't given you your second dare yet, have I?" 345 "Err, no?" Alesha replied cautiously. 346 "Well then your second dare," Zoe laughed as she suddenly took off and began to run away down the street, "is to not use the box!" 347 "Oh you bitch!" Alesha gasped as she looked back at the ice cream van in despair. The skinny guy was still watching her walk away, and when their eyes met he gave her a cheery wave. Now he'd be able to keep his memories of Alesha's tits and ass, and every time she passed by she'd be reminded of that fact. 348 "Hey, a dare's a dare!" Zoe cackled over her shoulder as she fled back towards their dorm. 349 "I'm going to kill you!" Alesha screamed, chucking her ice cream into a bin as she began to chase after her friend. She didn't know what she'd make Zoe do for her double dose of dares, but now she knew it would be something pretty extreme. 350 ***** 351 With no more lectures or exams to worry about the girls were free to enjoy the rest of their final week at university as they pleased, and those last few days just so happened to take place during the middle of one of the hottest summers on record. Keen to make the most of the heatwave Zoe and Alesha packed some drinks, towels, and tanning lotion into a couple of bags, then headed out to the small park across the street from their accommodation block to soak up some rays. 352 Soon the friends were stretched out on the grass, basking in the scorching midday heat, and to entertain herself Alesha had begun to check out some of their fellow sunbathers, starting with one woman who was lying on her back a few feet in front of the two girls. 353 "Damn... check out that ass," she murmured, nudging Zoe in the ribs to make her look too. 354 "Mmm..." Zoe glanced up and nodded approvingly at the aforementioned ass, as it really was quite impressive. It was made even more eye-catching by the fact that its owner was wearing a skimpy thong-style bikini bottom, one which left very little to the imagination. 355 "I wish mine looked that good... and that tanned," Alesha sighed, taking a rueful sip from her can of gin and tonic. 356 Zoe reached over and slapped her friend's butt scoldingly. "Oi, don't say that. You have an amazing ass too, and you know it. And as for tanned then well, how do you expect to put on any colour when you're still all covered up?" she argued. 357 The girls had worn relatively skimpy bikinis under their t-shirts and denim shorts, and the moment they'd reached the park Zoe had stripped straight down to her bathing suit, thinking nothing of it after all of the time she'd spent sunbathing at home in her parents' backyard. Alesha was a little more self-conscious though, despite her antics with the cricketers and the ice cream guy, and so far she'd only taken her shirt off. 358 "I don't know Zoe, it just feels weird... there's so many strangers around, I don't know how I feel about lying here with my ass out," Alesha protested, looking around at the park which was indeed completely rammed full of sunbathers. 359 Her roommate tutted at her disapprovingly. "Then just lie on your back! Come on, get them off..." 360 Zoe pestered Alesha until her friend finally caved, flipped over, lifted up her hips, and slipped off her shorts. "Ok you're right... this does feel nice," Alesha admitted, smiling as the sun quickly began to warm up her thighs. 361 She began to relax as she adjusted her bikini bottoms, bundled her shirt up over her face, and then started to nap, and by her side Zoe peacefully read her book as she lay stretched out on her stomach. Someone somewhere was playing low-fi hip-hop on a speaker, and it provided a pleasantly vibey soundtrack to what was a gloriously lazy afternoon. 362 After five minutes or so Zoe felt confident enough to reach behind her and untie her bikini top, in order to avoid getting any tan lines across her back, and then a moment or two later she stealthily pulled out the top half of her swimming suit out from under her boobs and stuffed it onto her bag. As well as being more comfortable it also felt a little bit naughty to be sunbathing there properly topless, even if she was still lying on her front, and Zoe smiled to herself as she noticed a couple of people nosily glancing over at her. 363 "Ooh, someone's feeling daring," Alesha giggled, rolling over onto her front and noticing Zoe's completely bare back for the first time. 364 Her friend turned and grinned back at her. "Honestly Alesha it feels so much better, you should lose your top too," Zoe urged. 365 "I'm sure you're right... so do you take your top off when you're sunbathing in your back garden too?" Alesha deflected, even though she'd already heard quite a bit about Zoe's tanning regime over the last few months. 366 "Yeah, all the time now," Zoe confirmed, folding her arms and resting her head down onto them. 367 "Even when your dad and brother are around?" Alesha teased, admiring the impressive amount of side-boob that was bulging out from underneath Zoe's chest. 368 "Well obviously when they're in the house I just stay lying on my front. But when it's only me, or just me and Mum, then yeah, I go fully topless," Zoe laughed, angling her sunglasses down to look directly at Alesha. "And this is probably too much information, but when the sun is beaming directly onto your nipples it feels so, so good!" 369 "Really?" Alesha sniggered, having never tried it before. 370 Zoe sighed contentedly, arching her back as she stretched out on her towel. "Oh my God yeah," she purred, "and again, this might sound weird, but it makes you feel kind of horny too!" 371 Alesha and Zoe giggled as they continued to discuss the more sensual effects that tanning could have on one's body, and after a while their conversation turned to how unfair it was that women weren't allowed to sunbathe topless in public. 372 "It's so ridiculous! I mean look at that guy over there," Zoe complained, gesturing over at a very overweight man who was quickly turning dark red as he reclined on the grass, dressed only in a pair of shorts. "I mean his man-boobs are bigger than mine! But he can chill there, nipples out, without a care in the world, but if I, with my perfectly nice, inoffensive tits, were to sit up then oh no! Someone will complain, the police will probably be called, and somehow it's my fault. It's such a double standard..." 373 Chapter 5 With her rant over Zoe took a rueful sip from her drink, then absentmindedly began playing with the edge of her towel. For a moment the girls lay there staring into the distance, lost in their own thoughts, then Alesha sat up and readjusted her bikini. 375 "Free the nipple I say," she murmured solemnly as she quickly checked that neither of her own had slipped out of her top. 376 "Free the nipple indeed," Zoe agreed, raising her can in a sarcastic toast to a more liberal future. 377 "No I mean it, really," Alesha insisted, looking around them in excitement. "You said it yourself, the only reason you can't go topless here is because you'll get into trouble. But we have the box, so we can make the trouble just... go away." 378 "I mean..." Zoe was going to come back with a sensible reply as to why Alesha was talking nonsense, but as she tried to think of one she quickly realised that her friend was actually right. "I mean yeah, I guess... we could." 379 "And like you said, it would feel way better, right?" Alesha pressed. 380 "Right..." 381 "And you still owe me two dares, do you not?" 382 Zoe had forgotten all about that. "I - oh, yeah... yes I do." 383 "Then dare number one," Alesha declared victoriously, "is to roll over onto your back! Let's see some tits!" 384 "I'm starting to regret this game..." Zoe grumbled as she leant up slightly to reassess how busy the park was. 385 Surrounding the girls there were groups of sunbathers covering almost every blade of grass, meaning that the chances of Zoe's bare boobs going being noticed were absolutely non-existent. But then again Zoe had been the one to suggest this whole dare thing in the first place, and she was heavily indebted to Alesha. And so she reluctantly agreed, reached an arm under her chest to cover her boobs, and then used her free elbow to ease herself up and over onto her back. 386 "Hey, hands down," Alesha instructed as she watched her friend settling down into place. "Free those nipples, right now." 387 "Oh God..." Zoe scowled, forced her arm away from her chest, and then lay flat on her towel, with her hands clenched by her hips. "Happy?" she asked Alesha as she kept her eyes staring straight up at the clear blue sky, trying futility to distract herself from the fact that her tits were now out for all to see. 388 "Very," her friend replied cheerfully, reaching out and playfully flicking one of Zoe's hardening nipples. "And I can see that your body is already enjoying it too!" 389 "Leave me alone you pervert, they're just sensitive," Zoe joked, flinching away from Alesha's touch. "Now get your hands off me, and let me tan in peace." 390 Immediately Zoe's boobs began to attract a great deal of attention from the other people in the park, particularly when she sat up and began to massage some sunscreen into her tits as she felt her chest starting to burn. No one ever said anything though, and most passers-by contented themselves with sneaking a few surreptitious glances at Zoe's body as they walked past, the men leering at the young student's svelte body with lust and the women glaring at it with envy. 391 From behind her polarised sunglasses Zoe noted everyone's interest with a quiet delight, and soon the intoxicating combination of the sun's heat, along with the thrill of all the public exposure, was starting to get her seriously turned-on. She kept finding her hands creeping their way up to her nipples, or sliding down towards her bottoms, and she'd have to force herself to remember that she wasn't in the privacy of her own back garden anymore, where her fingers would be free to roam wherever they pleased. 392 Beside Zoe Alesha had turned over onto her front, to ensure that she was tanning evenly too, and after a while she decided to escalate things by reaching over and gently tapping her friend on the hip. "Ok, so dare number two..." she grinned, before being immediately cut off. 393 "Alesha!" Zoe's head whipped round to the side as she glared at her friend in alarm. She'd assumed that sunbathing topless in the middle of the park would mark the end of their current round of dares, but now it seemed that Alesha was intent on evening the score right there and then. 394 "What, I still have one more to go right?" Alesha winked knowingly. "And I can't help but notice that you still have half of your bikini left on..." 395 "You can't be serious..." Zoe whispered under her breath as she felt her skin erupt with goosebumps. 396 She'd never tried sunbathing naked before, not even in the safety of her own home. As she'd told Alesha earlier she didn't mind going topless when it was just her and her mum in the house, but going fully nude would have left her feeling way too exposed. And yet her best friend was now trying to make her strip off in the middle of all these strangers, completely out in the open where there was no cover, or any hope that she wouldn't be seen. 397 "Alesha," Zoe pleaded, "I think this might be going a bit too far..." 398 Alesha tutted disapprovingly. "Ok, then how about you just pull your bikini bottoms down a little?" she suggested, grudgingly acknowledging that demanding complete full-frontal nudity was quite a big ask. 399 "What, and just casually flash my pussy to everyone again?" Zoe replied incredulously, and perhaps a little too loudly, as a couple of eavesdroppers turned to look over towards her with interest. 400 "Well then turn back onto your front, and just flash your butt instead. Either way though I'm pulling those bottoms down - you owe me, remember?" Alesha insisted. 401 "Alesha, I don't think -" Zoe began, but this time it was Alesha's turn to butt in. 402 "Oh come on," Alesha interrupted impatiently, "we have the box, so no one here will even remember any of this by the time we leave. What are you scared of?" 403 Zoe, who was almost used to being topless by now, leant up to look around again as she deliberated with herself. Although she hated to admit it, Alesha was right - the Forgotten Cage made it almost impossible to wimp out on a dare, no matter how insane it may be. 404 "Ok... I'll do it, but only if you lose your top," Zoe bargained, "so then I won't feel like I'm the only one lying here on display, getting stared at. How about that?" 405 "No, hang on," Alesha protested, sensing a trap, "that wasn't what -" 406 "Oh come on," Zoe mimicked, "we have the box, so no one here will even remember any of this by the time we leave. What are you scared of?" 407 Alesha exasperatedly shook her head as she looked down at her body, which was glistening with a combination of tanning lotion and tiny beads of sweat. And then, just like Zoe had done before her, she decided to play along too. It seemed that neither roommate was willing to be outdone by the other, and their competitive spirit was pushing them both far, far outside their comfort zones. 408 "Urgh, fine," Alesha relented, "you win, I'll take off my top. But I'm staying on my front, and I'm stripping you first, so come here!" She made a sudden lunge for her friend's bottoms but Zoe was just quick enough to dodge the attack. 409 "Oh my God, hold on!" Zoe squealed as she batted away Alesha's prying fingers. "Let me turn over first, Jesus..." She flipped back onto her front, got comfortable again, and then looked over her shoulder. "Ok... do your worst." 410 "Alrighty," Alesha grinned as she got onto her knees and reached for Zoe's waist. 411 All around the girls astonished sunbathers, pretending not to look, watched on in visible surprise as Alesha slipped her fingers under Zoe's bikini bottoms and tugged them straight down. Zoe gasped as she felt the material between her legs being aggressively pulled all the way to her knees, revealingly her bare ass to the warm summer air. She'd never felt a breeze down there before, and it was an eye-opening, if surprisingly pleasant, sensation to experience for the first time, especially with so many strangers watching on. 412 Despite the pleasant tingling Zoe kept her legs clamped tightly together, trying not to imagine what kind of view she was presenting to the strangers who were sitting behind her, and then she squealed as she felt two cold splatters of sunscreen landing on either butt cheek. 413 "Enjoying yourself back there?" she asked as she craned her neck to look back at Alesha, who was busy massaging the lotion into Zoe's ass. 414 "Yes actually, you have a very squeezable butt, and some very cute tan lines too!" Alesha laughed, slapping the side of Zoe's ass and watching it jiggle. "And obviously we don't want you to burn," she continued, working the sunscreen lower and lower until she was dangerously close to Zoe's pussy, "so I'm making sure that you're all covered up..." 415 "Thanks..." Zoe replied suspiciously. She wasn't sure if she was more concerned by how hands-on Alesha was being with her naked body, or by how turned-on she was getting as she felt her friend's fingers tracing over her sensitive skin. Before things got too intense Zoe decided to call a halt to proceedings and put the focus back on Alesha's side of the deal. "Ok, I think that's enough," she frowned, twisting her hips away from her disappointed roommate. "Now it's your turn now, get that top off!" 416 "Fine..." Alesha wiped the last of the tanning lotion off her hands and lay back beside Zoe on her front. Copying her friend's technique from earlier Alesha then slipped her bikini top off her shoulders and pulled it out from underneath her boobs, successfully stripping topless without flashing her nipples to anyone. "Mmm," she murmured, smugly wiggling her bare chest into her towel, "you were right, this does feel nice." 417 "Told you," Zoe grinned, reaching over and stealing Alesha's top away before stowing it in her bag with the rest of her clothes. 418 And so the two girls, now wearing only half a bikini between them, began to doze off as they lay there roasting in the sunshine. Zoe became used to her unusual state of dress surprisingly quickly, despite the fact that other than her bottoms, which were uselessly wrapped around her knees, she was now totally naked. She reasoned that people were now staring at her bare butt as opposed to her boobs, and so in a weird way she didn't feel that much more exposed than she had done before, she'd just swapped one notable body part for another. 419 Her train of thought clearly wasn't being followed by the rest of the park though, and she was now well and truly the centre of attention as people walked past and did a comedic double take when they noticed her nudity. Zoe largely ignored them and found herself going through different phases, switching between periods where she felt so warm and gooey that she thought she might actually melt away into the ground, before experiencing moments where she felt so incredibly vulnerable that every single fibre of her being tingled with an electric energy. 420 After another half hour or so this inner turmoil made Zoe increasingly restless, and she began to think about whether or not she could get Alesha, who was still only topless, to strip naked too. "Is there any way I can convince you to pull your bottoms down too?" she enquired, turning to murmur confidentially into her friend's ear. "My butt has never felt as good as it does right now, and I really think yours would enjoy a bit more sun as well." 421 "I don't know," Alesha replied, raising her head up as she glanced back at her friend's bare behind. "You look a bit too naked for my liking, so I think I'm good as I am thanks." 422 Zoe stared down at the grass for a moment, then apprehensively cleared her throat. "Alesha..." she began, speaking slowly and deliberately. "If you let me pull your bottoms down ... then I'll roll over onto my back." 423 This time it was Alesha's turn to stare at her friend in complete disbelief. "Seriously?" 424 Zoe nodded slowly. "Seriously." 425 Things were getting properly dangerous now. Sunbathing topless was one thing, and flashing your butt was another. But lying bare-ass naked on your back and letting everything hang out on display? That was upping things to a whole new level, and both girls knew it. Alesha had to think about the offer for a moment, but in reality she immediately knew what she was going to say. Both girls were now officially addicted to showing themselves, and each other, off in public. 426 And so Alesha buried her face into her towel and sighed, knowing that although this was definitely a bad idea, it was also one couldn't bring herself to say no to. "Fuck! Ok fine, strip me!" came her muffled reply as she groaned into the ground, and Zoe smiled to herself as she realised that her friend was just as into their crazy new game as she was. 427 Now it was Zoe's turn to reach for her friend's bikini bottoms, but instead of just slipping them down a little she pulled one of the side knots completely loose, sharply tugged the entire garment away from underneath Alesha's body, and in a moment had stripped her friend totally naked. 428 "Hey!" Alesha squealed in outrage, turning around to look at her pale naked butt. "I better be getting those back," she grumbled, watching as Zoe stuffed the bottoms into her bag along with the girls' tops. 429 "Don't worry, I'm just keeping your clothes safe," Zoe smirked. "We don't want to lose our bikinis now, do we? It would be a long walk back to our dorm without them..." 430 Alesha didn't respond, she just squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her butt as she tried to come to terms with lying there on the ground in the nude. She kept her arms bent and tucked tightly into her sides, with her ankles crossed over one another in an attempt to preserve a tiny bit of modesty, and after she'd taken a moment to adjust she looked over at Zoe and laughed. 431 "Zoe... we're naked!" she giggled, looking around in delight. "Totally naked in public! Ahh!" 432 Zoe also found herself laughing at her friend's giddy excitement. "I know... I had hoped that out last week at uni would be a crazy one, but I never thought we'd end up doing something like this!" 433 The girls chatted for a little longer but then the relentless heat began to take its toll, and soon they both shut their eyes and began to melt away back into the ground. It felt vaguely ridiculous to be lying there with her bottoms tangled around her knees, so after a while Zoe sat up to pull them off and add them to her bag. She then settled back down onto her towel and laughed to herself as she wondered what her poor mother would think if she could see her daughter now, sunbathing completely naked in the middle of town. 434 Zoe's legs inadvertently opened wide as she squirmed around on her towel to stretch out a kink in her back. When she settled back down she did so with her knees angled out to the side in a butterfly pose, purely out of habit because it was such a comfortable way to lie. She also found herself blocking out the sun from her eyes with her forearm, while her other hand lay on her stomach and gently stroked her skin. If she'd been left there to her own devices she genuinely may have ended up masturbating right there where she lay, but unfortunately for her that decision was about to be taken out of her hands. 435 "Right you girls, wake up!" 436 Zoe's heart dropped, and her legs instinctively snaped shut, as she first felt a shadow move over her face and then heard a deep, commanding voice appear from somewhere above her. Trying her best to play it cool she levered herself up onto her elbows, adjusted her sunglasses, and then squinted up at the policeman who had appeared to stand over her. He was a tall, burly man, and he was looking down at her with his hands tucked inside his stab vest and a fierce scowl on his face. 437 To his right was a female officer, who was muttering something into her radio, and as Zoe looked around she realised that the entire park had fallen quiet as everyone sat up to watch the girls' imminent arrests. 438 "Umm, hi?" was the best Zoe could manage as she tried to fight the instinct to guiltily cover up, and beside her Alesha craned her neck to peer up at the police officers. She too manage to resist the urge to curl up into a ball or reach for some clothes, although seeing as the girls' outfits were tucked away in Zoe's bag that wasn't really an option. 439 "So is there any reason why you two aren't wearing any clothes?" the policeman enquired, adopting a mildly patronising tone. "I assume you both know this is a public park?" 440 He let the statement hang in the air as beneath him the girls squirmed uncomfortably, wilting under both the sun's dry heat and the officer's stern glare. 441 "We were just tanning here sir, we weren't trying to do anything disruptive," Zoe replied as calmly as she could, while her eyes darted anxiously over to her bag. 442 This was actually a pretty risky situation, now that Zoe came to think about it - in order to get away safely she'd first have to get her clothes back on, and then use the Forgotten Cage on the officers, but if she made a lunge for her belongings too soon then there was a good chance that they would grab her, arrest her, and haul her naked ass down to the police station before she got a chance to wipe their memories. 443 "And yet you are aware that public indecency is a crime?" the policeman continued, clearly unimpressed with Zoe's feeble excuse. "You can't just undress anywhere you please." 444 "But there are other women here just wearing bikini bottoms," Alesha protested as she found her voice again, covering her boobs with one arm as she twisted at the waist to glare up at the policeman. "And all the guys in the park are allowed to be topless, so is going just one step further really that bad?" 445 The female officer cut in irritably. "Right enough, we're not having this debate here. We've received multiple complaints about you two so you're officially causing a disturbance, understand? Now get up and come with us, then you can talk more back at the station." 446 Zoe realised that this was their only chance to get to the Forgotten Cage in time, so she nodded obediently and then gestured down at her body. "Yeah, alright. But do you want to march us out of here naked, or can we put our clothes back on first?" she asked, pushing her chest out a little to emphasis her point, or rather points. 447 The police officers rolled their eyes and turned to the side, averting their gazes to give the girls a modicum of privacy as they got dressed. Zoe immediately reached over to her bag and chucked Alesha's bikini over to her, then the two began to tug their clothing on, ignoring their shirts and shorts as they prioritised getting their swimsuits on as quickly as possible. 448 Zoe decided to bite the bullet and stand up to slip on her swimsuit, telling herself that everyone had probably already seen everything anyway, while by her feet Alesha awkwardly wriggled around on her stomach as she tried to pull on her top and bottoms without exposing herself any more than she already had. 449 As she unsteadily got to her feet, tangled bikini in hand, Zoe found herself making eye contact with another girl around her age who was looking up at her from where she lay on the grass. She allowed herself a moment to stare back at this stranger as she stood there with her arms by her side, feet a shoulder width apart, her naked body bared to the world. For a second Zoe felt like the most powerful woman on Earth, knowing that everyone in the park was absolutely fixated on her, but then she draped her bikini back over her figure, retied all of the strings, and just like that the moment was over. 450 "Ok," the policewoman said as she turned back to address the girls who were both finally covered up again. "Now put your hands behind -" 451 Before she could get another word out Zoe reached into her bag, pulled out the Forgotten Cage, and smugly pressed the Jewel. Around the park hundreds of pairs of eyes glazed over, blinked a few times and then slowly refocused, and in an instant Alesha and Zoe's naked tanning session had been completely forgotten. 452 Chapter 6 "Sorry there, excuse me," Alesha said in a noticeably shaky voice, cautiously stepping around the policewoman to roll up her towel and gather her belongings. 454 The girls packed up their stuff, shouldered their bags, and then walked past the two bemused police officers, who turned to each other in the hope that one of them might know what they were doing standing there in the middle of the park. The rest of the sunbathers also looked around groggily for a moment, before forgetting what it was that they were confused about and lying back down. 455 "Fucking hell that was close," Zoe muttered under her breath as the girls hastily weaved their way across the grass. Parked by the gate which led onto the street was an empty police car, and Zoe nodded at the back seats as they passed by it. "Without the box we'd probably be handcuffed in that thing by now," she noted, and Alesha breathlessly agreed. 456 "I know, God that was so terrifying!" she gulped, nervously looking back the way they'd come. "I was almost asleep when those two appeared, I didn't even hear them walking up to us." 457 "Yeah same," Zoe agreed, " and when I opened my eyes and saw that it was a policeman standing there I nearly had a heart attack!" 458 "And what if they'd cuffed us before we got a chance to get to your bag?" Alesha gasped, reliving the encounter with a new appreciation of the danger the pair had been in. "What would we have done then?" 459 "Yeah, I don't know..." Zoe replied grimly. "I think we might have to be a bit more careful from now on, because that could have ended really, really badly..." 460 The pair walked in silence for a moment, oblivious to the glances they were still receiving from their fellow pedestrians as they walked along the road dressed only in their skimpy bikinis and sandals. 461 Alesha was the first to break the silence. "But I can't lie... that policeman's uniform did get me going a little." 462 "Oh yeah?" Zoe laughed, already knowing exactly what her friend meant. 463 "Oh my God yeah!" Alesha giggled. "Lying there, completely naked in the park, while an officer of the law stood over me and told me that I'd been a bad girl and he's going to lock me up? I know we nearly got arrested, but at the same time that was also kind of hot! You were weirdly turned on by the whole situation too, right?" 464 "Yeah, I was, " Zoe admitted, blushing a little as she reflected on just how horny she'd felt lying there totally nude in front of the two police officers. "Honestly it's weird... I never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist or anything before Jinn came along, but I think the box has unlocked a side of me that really enjoys flashing people!" 465 Alesha giggled and then impulsively hugged her roommate. "I'm glad you said that, because I've been thinking the same thing too!" The pair grinned like idiots as they stood there clinging to each other, their sweaty, sticky bodies quickly gluing themselves together, then Alesha broke away and began to use her towel to dab at her skin. "Right, the second we get back I need to take a shower," she declared, looking down at her legs which were still glistening with tanning oil. 466 "Sure, but then afterwards I dare you to do a Becky and walk back to our room naked," Zoe teased. 467 "Oh God! Fine, but then I dare you to do it too!" Alesha immediately countered, taking her friend's hand and hauling her towards their accommodation block. 468 Bouncing up and down in Zoe's bag, hiding deep inside the Forgotten Cage's metal core, something began to smile. 469 ***** 470 The following evening Zoe and Alesha went along with the rest of their flat - well, the rest of their flat minus the recently disgraced Becky - for one final night out on the town before they all graduated, and after an evening of drinking and dancing they found themselves partying into the early hours of the morning in one of the city's biggest, and busiest, nightclubs. 471 Zoe, who was soon several drinks past her usual limit, was having a great time as she twirled around under the strobe lights, singing and chanting along to the music as if her life depended on it. Across the crowded floor appeared Alesha, stumbling slightly in her heels as she wiped away the last traces of a tequila shot from her lips, and she strutted straight over to Zoe and shouted into her friend's ear. 472 "You brought it with you, right?" she bellowed. 473 "What?" Zoe shouted back, so Alesha yelled even louder. 474 "The box Zoe, do you have it on you?" 475 "Oh sure, it's in here," Zoe nodded, patting the handbag which was slung over her shoulder. She took it wherever she went now, just in case the opportunity for a fun new dare presented itself. 476 Her friend grinned mischievously. "Perfect..." Then, without any further words of warning, Alesha brought her hand round to the back of Zoe's head, assertively pulled her roommate in close, and kissed her. 477 The pair had drunkenly made out a couple of times before, after receiving a dare at a party for example, but this time Zoe was not prepared for Alesha's unexpectedly intense show of affection. With her lips now locked onto Alesha's Zoe's vodka-addled-brain took a few seconds to process what their bodies were getting up to, but when it did she broke away and threw her hands up in confusion. 478 "Hey, what was that?" Zoe demanded, gesturing indignantly over at the rest of their flatmates. They had all immediately began to crowd around them as they cheered and applauded, urging the two girls to keep on going. "Are you crazy?" 479 Alesha just shrugged at her friend and smiled sweetly, before gently moving a strand of hair away from Zoe's face with the tip of her fingernail. "What?" she said. "We have the box... we can do what we want." 480 Zoe frowned. "Yeah, but that's not really what I meant... mmm..." Her protests were quickly forgotten as Alesha confidently pulled her back in again and the pair melted into another long kiss. 481 Although Zoe wouldn't go as far as saying that she was bisexual, and she certainly didn't think about Alesha in that kind of way, she did have to admit that she'd always enjoyed making out with girls, especially when she had a few drinks inside her. So, perhaps against her better judgement, Zoe decided to humour her friend, who was definitely enjoying the experience, and began to kiss Alesha back with a little more intent. 482 "Ayy, go on girls!" 483 "Let's see some tongue!" 484 The girls now had a tight band of onlookers encircling them, a mixture of their flatmates and just random clubbers, and their impromptu audience all hollered and clapped as they watched the pair of hot students passionately making out. Zoe could hear all of their comments, even with the deafening sound of the club's music ringing in her ears, and she began to enjoy the fact that she was now the centre of attention once again. 485 The box's insurance policy was definitely giving Alesha a lot of confidence too, and Zoe giggled as she felt her friend's hands slithering down her back and then firmly grabbing her butt. It felt like Alesha was determined to push through this giggly, teasing phase that the girls found themselves in and move on to something a little more explicit, and Zoe's suspicions were quickly confirmed when Alesha broke away and reached hungrily for her roommate's top. 486 "Hey... not here, not in front of all our friends," Zoe hissed, suddenly noticing for the first time just how dilated her friend's pupils were. 487 "Why not? We can make them all forget... come on, I dare you..." Alesha slurred, batting her eyelashes at Zoe who in turn nervously glanced away. 488 "Yeah I know, but Alesha -" she began to shout over the roar of the club's music. 489 "Ok fine, then do me instead," Alesha interrupted, eagerly taking her friend's hands and guiding them onto her chest. 490 After a brief pause Zoe decided to let herself go with the flow once again, and to indulge her surprisingly horny roommate. Alesha was dressed in a strappy, shiny bralette top that was already fairly revealing, but in her drunken state she was clearly in the mood to show off a little more than just her cleavage. 491 Zoe made Alesha's wish come true by slipping the left strap off her friend's shoulder, which got a huge whoop from the crowd, and then, when Alesha showed no signs of embarrassment, Zoe pulled the right one to the side too. Now Alesha's bralette was only being precariously held in place by the friction between the top and her tits, but still she didn't tell Zoe to stop. And so, with the dramatic flourish of a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat, Zoe yanked the bralette all the way down over Alesha's boobs and bared her daring roommate's nipples to the dancefloor. 492 "Oh my God, nice tits Alesha!" 493 "Where have you been hiding those?" 494 The girls' flatmates went wild as Alesha turned to give them all a good look of her body, taking great pleasure in bouncing her chest up and down as she shook her boobs in everyone's faces. She'd never done anything like this before encountering the Forgotten Cage, but now she was more than happy to give in to her newfound fondness for public flashing. Soon though her attention returned to her fully dressed friend, and with a renewed energy and sense of purpose she grabbed Zoe by the arms, trying once again to get her top off. 495 "And now you?" she whispered coyly as behind them the DJ transitioned into a more psychedelic, almost hypnotic dance track. 496 As the thumping bass reverberated through her body Zoe realised that she was feeling a little bit jealous now that it was just Alesha receiving all of the attention. Jealous and maybe also quite turned-on as she watched Alesha standing there topless in the middle of the dancefloor, with flashing rays of multi-coloured lights casting pretty patterns over her boobs and back. 497 And so, with another roll of the eyes, Zoe gave in and nodded at her friend. "Alright... after all, a dare's a dare..." 498 Alesha's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Yay!" 499 The girls giggled as Alesha clapped her hands together and then immediately got to work on Zoe's strapless dress. It was fastened with a long zip which ran all the way up to the neckline, and so Alesha made the process of stripping her friend much more of a tease by slowly unfastening Zoe's top, then jiggling Zoe's boobs together as she kept her palms cupped over her roommate's nipples. She then let her hands slide down Zoe's waist as her tits burst free from her dress, then quickly pulled her in again for another reassuring kiss. 500 "Woo, go on Zoe!" 501 "Shake those things!" 502 The two topless friends zoned out their flatmate's crass remarks as they got lost in each other's arms again, making out with a renewed intensity as Alesha playfully massaged Zoe's tits. Yesterday at the park it had been Zoe who had been the bolder of the two but tonight Alesha was the one leading the charge, and she continued to heat things up by moving down to kiss Zoe's neck, then the top of her boobs, and finally her nipples. 503 Zoe squeezed her eyes shut and threw her head back as she felt her friend hungrily sucking at her tits, taking each one fully in her mouth as Alesha teased and probed. The girls were definitely entering into unchartered territory now, but Zoe had also reached the point where she was too aroused to properly think about whether or not they should stop. To her disappointment Alesha eventually did stop, abruptly breaking away and taking a couple of steps back as she decided to put on even more of a show. 504 Suddenly fully exposed again Zoe frowned as she tried to keep up with what was going on and instinctively brought her hands up to cup her boobs. "Hey, what are you doing?" she asked, not quite believing her eyes as she watched Alesha reach down to the sides of her hips. 505 "Me? Getting naked of course!" Alesha cackled, tugging her mini skirt down to the floor and confidently stepping out of it, then doing the same with her top, which had just been hanging uselessly around her waist, by shoving it over her hips until she stood there in the centre of the club in nothing but her panties and heels. Around her the crowd erupted, hungrily demanding more. 506 "Alesha, show us your butt!" 507 "Take it off, take it off!" 508 Worried that any second a bouncer might notice her strip show and throw her out Alesha then pulled off her underwear, chucked her thong to one of the guys in the crowd, and victoriously raised her arms above her head. The mob of onlookers, who also sensed that they needed to keep the totally naked student hidden from the club's security, gathered in even tighter to form a protective shield around Alesha as they applauded her confidence. 509 Alesha responded by reaching out and plucking an attractive guy out from the crowd, dragging him into the middle of the circle by the collar of his shirt. Alesha then pushed the guy down until he was kneeling before her, turned around to face the other way, and arched her back so that her bare butt was pushed out into his beaming face. 510 "Someone get me a drink," Alesha demanded, and immediately a plastic cup was offered out towards her. Alesha took it and carefully reached behind over her shoulder, taking care to keep the drink level, then poured a thin trickle of the rum and coke down her back, shivering as the chilled alcohol came into contact with her skin. 511 The stream of liquid followed the natural path created by the arc of her body, and quickly flowed along the curve of her spine and straight down into her butt crack. The hot guy didn't need to be told what to do as he eagerly reached out his tongue and intercepted the dribble of rum, thirstily diverting every millilitre straight into his mouth, and once Alesha felt him nestled snugly in between her cheeks she used her free hand to reach behind her and pull his head in even tighter. 512 The hot guy gripped her by the hips for support as the trickle of alcohol turned into a steady flow, and to his credit his tongue managed to lap up every last drop. With the cup now empty Alesha spun around and playfully shoved the guy back into the crowd, dismissing him from his ass-licking duties. 513 "Now I'm thirsty too..." she grinned, walking back over to Zoe and squatting down in front of her. 514 Now it was Alesha's turn to get onto her knees in a suggestive pose as she reached for Zoe's zip, which was already at her belly button, and began to pull it even further down. Zoe, who felt like she was in some kind of trance by this point, just watched on as her dress was suddenly pulled completely wide open, immediately falling away from her body before landing in a heap on the floor. 515 "Someone get this woman a drink too!" Alesha cried, and again a half-full vodka lemonade was instantly thrust into Zoe's hands. 516 Zoe barely even noticed herself taking the cup because in that moment her attention was solely focused on Alesha, who was now eagerly reaching out for her underwear. Zoe felt herself breathing heavily as she watched her roommate pull her panties down a couple of inches, just enough so that her bare pussy was exposed to the room but not enough to tug them all the way off. The crowd went wild as they realised what was about to happen, and sure enough Alesha then leant forwards, tentatively reached out her tongue, and rested the tip of it on Zoe's mound, just above her clit. 517 Zoe had never let a girl go down there before, let alone her best friend, but she immediately realised what Alesha wanted her to do. And so, acting autonomously as if someone else were in control of her body, she leant back as far as she could without toppling over, squeezed her shoulders together to make her boobs squidge up against one another, then brought the cup up to her chest and began to pour. This time the vodka trickled straight through her cleavage, flowed over her flat stomach, and then weaved its way down to her mound, where Alesha's tongue was ready to lick it all up. 518 "Holy shit..." Zoe muttered to herself, looking down the length of her near naked body in amazement. The stream of alcohol glistened under the lights as it worked its way across her skin which looked like it was glowing, and Zoe made eye contact with Alesha as her friend's tongue darted left and right to mop up every drop. This sensation on her most sensitive skin was almost too much to bear, and Zoe felt herself getting wetter and wetter every time Alesha's lips brushed against her mound. 519 All too soon Zoe's cup had run empty too and Alesha slowly got up off her knees as she kept her tongue glued to Zoe's skin, licking all the way up along her stomach, in between her boobs and up her neck, before going in for one final lemonade-flavoured kiss. 520 After that the girls broke away from each other for the final time and began to cover up again, as Zoe tugged up her underwear and reached for her dress and Alesha began to untangle her skirt from where it lay on the floor. Finally dressed again the two then pushed through their ring of friends and walked off, hand in hand, to go and hit the bar. Zoe waited until their bar tender had finished measuring out their drinks before she pulled out the box and gave it a tap, then Alesha grabbed their free alcohol and the pair headed back over to their friends. 521 "Was that ok?" Alesha asked, aware that she had probably just crossed a line of some sort. 522 Zoe took a sip from her cocktail and then reached around her friend's waist, pulling Alesha in tight. "Was that ok?" she laughed. "Alesha, that was the single hottest thing I've ever done!" 523 "Ok good, because I really liked it too!" Alesha grinned, playfully squeezing her friend's butt again in return. "You know I almost feel sorry for our friends - the poor boys have absolutely no idea that they just witnessed the show of a lifetime! They must have been so turned-on..." 524 "Yeah," Zoe agreed, "and then they must have been so confused when we used the box, because they'd all have suddenly realised they were rock-hard, but with absolutely no idea why!" 525 "Oh my God yeah, that's true..." Alesha mused as the cogs in her head slowly began to turn. 526 ***** 527 Half an hour or so later Alesha had once again grown bored of simply dancing, and as she zoned out and began to disassociate her overactive mind continued to wander. Soon it had come up with another fun new idea to try, an idea so appealing that she immediately had to share it with Zoe. 528 "Hey, over here," she said, pulling her friend to one side so she could explain her plan. "I've thought of something else I want to do - I've got a great idea for how we can mess with Luke and Elliot." 529 Luke and Elliot were two of their flat's most notorious fuckboys, both relentless flirts who seemed to bring home a different woman to screw every night. Ever since the first time they'd met Zoe and Alesha they'd made it very clear that they also intended on adding them to their list of conquests, but to their disappointment they'd always been firmly turned down. 530 Admittedly both guys were very attractive, and under different circumstances the girls may have been willing to give them a chance, but they were both so obnoxious and cocky that neither Zoe nor Alesha would ever dream of giving them the satisfaction of sleeping with them. Unfortunately the boys never quite got the message and whenever they were all out together they would still always try to buy the girls drinks or dance with them, in a futile and vaguely pathetic attempt to get their hands on Zoe and Alesha's bodies. 531 Over the years this had become increasingly tedious to deal with, and now this final couple of days before graduation provided the girls with their last chance to extract any kind of revenge. Alesha drunkenly shouted her plan of how they could get their own back on Luke and Elliot into Zoe's ear, and when her friend understood the idea she laughed and then nodded approvingly. 532 "Oh my God Alesha," Zoe grinned, "that's brilliant! Right, you take Luke and I'll go for Elliot." 533 Chapter 7 The girls split up and zigzagged across through the dancefloor until they found their targets, who as usual were trying to dance with a cluster of largely disinterested girls, and when Zoe caught sight of Elliot she walked up her target and grabbed him by the arm. 535 "Hey, Elliot!" Before her flatmate even had a chance to speak Zoe got onto her tiptoes and jammed her tongue down his throat. Elliot took a moment to react but then he began to snog Zoe back, and once she was sure that she had his undivided intention she broke away then gave him her very best 'fuck me' eyes as she walked backwards away from the crowd. 536 "Follow me," she silently mouthed and Elliot immediately obeyed, quickly hurrying over to Zoe who took his hand and pulled him to the side of the dancefloor. When Alesha saw what her friend was doing she grabbed Luke and did the same, and together the girls led the boys over to the ladies bathroom. After checking that the coast was clear they pulled their targets inside, pressed them up against the sinks, and resumed their drunken make out sessions. 537 As Zoe kissed Elliot she felt his greedy hands paw over her boobs and then quickly slide lower down to grasp her butt, quickly confirming that his handsy reputation was an accurate one. To be honest though Zoe was still feeling pretty horny after Alesha had got her all worked up earlier, and so she decided to let Elliot have his fun, just this once. 538 In return she ran her fingers down over his shirt to feel his impressively firm abs, then reached below his belt and cupped the front of his jeans where she felt the unmistakeable hardness of his quickly growing erection. Beside her Alesha and Luke were both engaged in a similar manner, and after a few more moments of mutual groping Zoe and Alesha broke away to enact the next part of their plan. 539 "Holy shit..." Elliot whispered as he watched Zoe give him a knowing wink and then run her hands along his thighs as she got onto her knees. 540 Both girls sunk down to kneel with their heads resting in front of the boys' crotches, and Zoe looked up and grinned at Elliot as she playfully unbuckled his belt with her teeth. In a moment she had his pair of skinny jeans unfastened and tugged down, and out from the gap in his underwear sprung Elliot's boner, bobbing slightly as it was released into the air. It was a sizeable cock, and Zoe could immediately appreciate why Elliot considered himself to be such a stud. It was also the largest she'd ever seen in real life, so she didn't even have to feign much enthusiasm as she curiously reached out, took Elliot's shaft in her hand, and began to gently stroke him. 541 By Zoe's side Alesha was giving Luke a handjob too, and although the two friends were incredibly close they'd never seen each other involved in any kind of sex act before. So Zoe watched wide eyed as Alesha pressed Luke's dick against his stomach, leant in close, and then slowly ran her tongue over his balls and up along the underside of his shaft. 542 When Alesha reached Luke's tip she pulled his cock back down towards her, hungrily took him in her mouth, and then began to bob her head up and down as she gave him head. As Luke began to moan Zoe, who felt that maybe she wasn't treating her man with quite the same enthusiasm, reached up to fondle Elliot's balls with her left hand and began to jerk him off faster with her right. 543 Both guys were now completely rock hard, so before they got too close to the point of no return Zoe released Elliot from her grip, stood up to give him a calming kiss on the lips, then reached over and pulled a slightly reluctant Alesha to her feet. 544 "Just give us two seconds guys, we need to check that no one's going to come in and see this next part," Zoe said, flashing a smile at her half-naked flatmates. "Now make sure you keep those dicks hard boys..." 545 With Luke and Elliot standing there grinning like idiots, resting against the row of sinks with their trousers pooled around their ankles, idly stroking their erections which were pointing straight to the sky, Zoe and Alesha darted over to the bathroom door and slipped outside as they pretended to check if anyone was in danger of walking in on their impromptu foursome. As soon as they were out of sight Zoe pulled open her handbag to retrieve the box, and this time it was Alesha who was given the honour of slamming her hand down on the Jewel. 546 Inside the ladies bathroom Luke and Elliot froze briefly as their brains restarted, then suddenly they were both back and fully conscious once more. Fully conscious, half-naked, and standing there rock-hard with their dicks in their hands, alone together in the otherwise empty ladies bathroom. It was an awkward and confusing moment, to say the least. 547 After defensively blurting out a string of expletives both guys turned away from each other and tried to painfully cram their boners back into their trousers. They had no recollection of walking into the bathroom together, or any idea why they'd been jerking off together, and they weren't in any mood to stick around and try and work out what they'd been up to. 548 Outside Zoe and Alesha were hiding off to the side, waiting for the boys to re-emerge from the bathroom. The girls immediately collapsed into fits of laughter as Luke and Elliot appeared through the door, both men walking awkwardly as their tight jeans betrayed the imprints of what must be two very uncomfortably crushed erections. They were so intent in getting away from each other that they didn't notice Zoe and Alesha bent over double, tears streaming down their cheeks as tried to stop their hysterics. 549 "Ah, that was good," Alesha sniffled, getting her breath back as she began to wipe her eyes dry. 550 "Do you think they'll learn their lesson now, and stop trying to hit on any girl that moves?" Zoe asked as she finally regained her composure and began to dab at her mascara with a tissue. 551 "No... but who cares," Alesha shrugged, "that was so much fun anyway. Alright come on, let's go back and find the others. We should probably head off soon, we've got to graduate tomorrow!" 552 Zoe tucked the box back into her bag and nodded, still chuckling quietly to herself as she relived the Luke and Elliot's looks of horror as they came out of the bathroom. "Yeah ok, let's go... actually wait, before I forget - why the hell did you suck Luke's dick in there? That wasn't part of the plan!" 553 Alesha laughed as she looped her arm through Zoe's and led her friend back towards the bar, determined to use the Forgotten Cage for a few more free shots before they called it a night. 554 "Yeah I don't know," she confessed, "I just got carried away I guess, knowing that there wouldn't be any consequences no matter what I did. Honestly this box, it makes you do some crazy things..." 555 "You can say that again," Zoe smirked. "It's like there's a devil on your shoulder, constantly telling you what to do." 556 "Exactly! Now come on, follow me," Alesha said, taking Zoe's hand and shouldering her way through the crowd. "I've developed a taste for vodka lemonades and I want another one before we leave... and it looks like there's a long queue for drinks, so I dare you to flash to flash the bar tender and get his attention." 557 This time Zoe didn't even bother replying, she just sighed and reached for the zip of her dress. 558 ***** 559 During their first two days with the Forgotten Cage the girls had summoned Jinn fairly regularly, mostly for their own entertainment as they probed the Genie with questions about life in the Spirit realm. To their disappointment Jinn was always vague and elusive with their answers, never really revealing anything of note, and after a while the Genie would always claim that they were tired and needed to go back into the box to rest. 560 Ultimately Zoe and Alesha grew frustrated as they invariably got little to no useful information out of Jinn, and once the two friends were comfortable using the Forgotten Cage on their own they quickly stopped bothering to summon the Spirit at all. 561 Soon that would change. 562 ***** 563 After the craziest three days of Zoe and Alesha's lives it was finally time for their graduation, and the girls' families were all set to drive up and watch the pair collect their degrees at a large ceremony in the university's main hall. Gowns and mortarboard hats were available to rent for the special occasion, and the morning after the night at the club a very hungover Alesha bravely volunteered to get up early and pick up their outfits from the students' union. 564 Even though it was still only nine o'clock by the time she returned it was already swelteringly hot, and Alesha was sweating profusely as she trekked up the stairs which led back to the flat. Upon reaching their door she reached out and gave it a knock, then laughed when Zoe emerged to let her in wearing only a thong. 565 "Nice outfit," Alesha noted, and Zoe looked down at herself and smirked. The girls had seen so much of each other's bodies over the last couple of days that it seemed only natural to walk around as naked as they pleased, even if that wasn't something they'd done before discovering the box. 566 "Haha yeah, thanks," Zoe joked, giving Alesha a spin. "You know I literally haven't put any proper clothes on since I woke up, it's just too hot." 567 Alesha walked inside and dumped her bags on the bed. "Urgh tell me about it, I'm actually boiling. I bet our neighbours have enjoyed the view through the window then, with you walking around dressed like that." 568 Zoe looked over at the curtains, which were flung wide open, and shrugged, as after all of the girls' recent shenanigans it was a minor miracle that she was wearing anything at all. "Yeah probably, but oh well... ok, pass mine over please," she said, gesturing to the robes. "Let's try these things on." 569 Zoe pulled her gown on over her head, and without taking anything else off first Alesha did the same. They put on their caps too and posed in the mirror, laughing at how grown-up and formal they looked, but then they quickly identified an issue with their new outfits. 570 "Damn, they're a lot heavier than I'd expected, just feel how thick the material is..." Alesha complained. 571 She was already starting to melt under the weight of the dense fabric, and although she tugged at her collar, to try and let some fresh air in, it didn't help at all. Despite wearing considerably less underneath her robe Zoe still found herself nodding in agreement, as she ruefully rubbed the gown's chunky cuffs between her finger and thumb. 572 "I know," she frowned, "we'll be so hot tomorrow, wearing these things all day in the sun." 573 "Yeah," Alesha tutted as she quickly tugged her robe back off and tossed it onto the bed. "I guess we should dress super light underneath them then, make that sure we wear as few layers as possible." 574 "Yeah... you're right, we should," Zoe mused, slowly beginning to smile as she turned to her friend. "Hey... are you thinking what I'm thinking?" 575 Alesha quickly recognised that devilish twinkle in her friend's eyes, a twinkle which usually heralded the imminent arrival of a naughty, and often bad, idea. "Oh my God... you think we could just wear underwear?" she gasped, remembering Zoe's thong. 576 Alesha was shocked but also intrigued by the idea, but to her even greater surprise Zoe just smiled slowly and shook her head. 577 "Nope, not just underwear..." Zoe hiked up her gown, slipped her panties off, and then let them drop to the floor. Now wearing only the graduation robe she smoothed the material back down and checked out her reflection in the mirror. 578 "There, look, you can't really tell that I'm not wearing anything underneath the gown right? The material isn't see-through at all, and the cut is pretty loose, so you can't see the details of my figure or anything..." 579 Alesha studied her friend's reflection intently but ultimately had to concede that yes, she was right, you couldn't really tell that Zoe was naked under her gown. "I mean yeah... I guess you're right. But could we really do that though?" she marvelled. "Spend the whole day with nothing on under our robes?" 580 Zoe just shrugged cheekily. "I don't see why not? Why, what's the worst that could happen, there's a huge gust of wind and we accidentally flash someone?" 581 Zoe jumped up and down a few times to see if that induced any kind of wardrobe malfunction, but other than a brief glance of her upper thigh the robe didn't reveal anything too scandalous. Alesha still wasn't convinced, despite the enthusiastic demonstration. 582 "Well yeah, what if something just like that does happen?" she retorted. "I don't want to take any risks when my whole family will be following me around all day." 583 Zoe rolled her eyes and gestured over to her bedside table where the Forgotten Cage sat. "But we've still got the box, dummy. If anything does go wrong we can just hit the button and everything will be fine, disaster averted." 584 Her friend nodded thoughtfully, as once again the cogs in her brain began to turn. "True... we do always have the box..." 585 This time it was Alesha who had that tell-tale mischievous sparkle in her eye, and when she noticed it Zoe laughed and raised her eyebrow. "What is it? What did you just think of?" 586 Alesha licked her lips nervously as she weighed up the new dare in her head, wondering if even for them it was too outrageous to suggest. "Zoe," she began, deciding in the end that the idea was simply too exciting to ignore, "what if we do something a little crazier than just go commando? What if we really make our graduation day one to remember?" 587 "Ok... I'm listening," her friend replied. "Just exactly how crazy are we talking?" 588 Alesha sat down on the bed and took in a deep breath to steady herself. "Well, tell me what you think about this..." 589 ***** 590 Five hours later the two friends were sitting a couple of rows apart in the graduation hall, waiting for their names to be called out so they could go up and receive their degree certificates. Their families had arrived at midday and they'd all spent a pleasant afternoon walking around in the glorious afternoon sun, drinking free glasses of champagne and reminiscing about their favourite memories from the girls' time at university. Well, the memories which they could comfortably share with their parents. 591 Only wearing the robes all day had been an interesting experience to say the least, and both girls had been mildly turned-on the entire time as the thick fabric rubbed across their naked skin every time they moved. And, as Zoe had correctly predicted, no one seemed to notice anything unusual about their risqué outfits, even though she was sure that Alesha's mum and dad must have felt her nipples pressing through her gown when she'd greeted them with a friendly hug. 592 At three o'clock they'd all filed into the campus' main hall for the ceremony, and all of the students were asked to sit in alphabetical order as the Dean of the university began to call people up to the stage. Zoe felt herself beginning to get increasingly nervous as she sat there with her legs crossed under her robe, but luckily due to her surname she didn't have too long to wait. 593 As the students to her right all went up one by one Zoe reached down and slipped off her socks and shoes, then tucked them under her chair as those around her wondered why she was going barefoot. She'd agreed with Alesha that if they were going to do this then they were going to do it right, and for them that meant totally committing to the moment. 594 "And next, graduating with a BSc in Politics and International Relations, Zoe Coulson." 595 The Dean called out Zoe's name and, as the audience of families and friends broke out into a polite round of applause, she rose to her feet and turned to see a similarly barefoot Alesha getting up too, just as they'd planned. Her friend clambered over three rows of seating, stretched out her arm, and grabbed Zoe's hand as the pair walked out onto the stage, much to the confusion of the rest their course mates. 596 "Umm, sorry but we only called one of you up, I think you -" The Dean stuttered in confusion as he tried to work out which of the two students he was meant to give the certificate to, but he was ignored completely as Zoe and Alesha breezed straight past the podium and took up a position at the front of the stage. 597 "Ready?" Zoe whispered to her friend as they stopped to take in the sea of confused faces that were looking up at them from below. 598 "No," Alesha hissed back as she gripped Zoe's hand with an iron grip, "but I dare you to do it!" 599 "Ok," Zoe squealed, taking in a huge deep breath and clenching her fist, "then I dare you too!" 600 The girls took off their mortarboards and tossed them spinning up into the air, which to be fair was a recognised tradition, then they both crossed their arms, reached down for the hems of their robes, and pulled them over their heads, which definitely was not. A collective gasp of shock emerged from the audience, and behind them Zoe heard the Dean and his colleagues spluttering in outrage. She didn't care though, they'd all be forced to forget about this soon enough, and so instead Zoe turned and pulled Alesha into a tight hug as the two totally naked girls embraced. 601 "Fuck, I can't believe we did it!" Zoe screamed, as she felt her boobs squidging up against Alesha's. 602 "I know this is crazy!" Alesha shrieked back giddily as she squeezed Zoe tight. "But now we need to run!" 603 The pair broke off, bowed to their audience, turned to wink at the Dean, and then jumped down from the front of the stage, landing heavily on the polished floor below before they straightened and pounded up the middle row of the hall, completely and totally nude. 604 It had been Alesha's idea to leave the box in their dorm room, rather than bringing it along to the graduation ceremony. Her logic was that this would force the girls to streak all the way across campus before they could use the Forgotten Cage to wipe everyone's memories, meaning that they would have no way of chickening out of their self-imposed dare - either they'd make it all the way across the university grounds as planned, or else they'd be left stranded naked in public without any way of excusing their reckless behaviour. Either way, their graduation day would definitely be one to remember. 605 "This way, follow me!" Zoe panted as she led Alesha out of the hall and into the building's main lobby. The girls tore through the foyer, which to their surprise and relief was relatively quiet, before bursting outdoors into the sun, where the stifling summer heat hit them like a sucker punch and the paving stones burnt the soles of their bare feet. 606 "Oh my God," Zoe gasped, "there's so many people here!" 607 Outside the campus was still absolutely packed with students and their families who had already received their certificates in the earlier ceremonies that afternoon. At least five hundred people were standing around sipping glasses of champagne as they enjoyed the beautiful weather, lots of people were taking photos as they posed with their certificates, and everyone was dressed up in either robes or their smartest suits and dresses. 608 Everyone that was apart from Zoe and Alesha. Both girls immediately froze up for a moment as the magnitude of their exposure came crashing down upon them, but then Zoe, who was the marginally more experienced of the two at being totally naked in public, regained her composure and boldly pulled Alesha forwards into the crowd. 609 "Come on!" she shouted as the pair began to weave their way between the clusters of onlookers and sprint back towards their dorm. "We've got to get back to the box!" 610 ***** 611 Although their journey felt like it lasted a life time, in reality it took Zoe and Alesha no more than six minutes to make it back across campus to their accommodation block. By that point both girls' legs had turned to jelly and their lungs were on fire, but they kept on moving as the adrenaline which their exposure provided drove them forwards. After punching in the keypad combination to unlock their building's front door they both hugged their boobs to stop them jiggling uncontrollably as they summoned the last of their energies to jog up the stairs, shrieking with a mixture of terror and exhilaration as they bumped into yet another stunned family who were coming down the other way. 612 Chapter 8 "What on earth..?" muttered the astonished father, turning to watch the girls pass by as beside him his wife scowled up at him when she caught him staring. 614 "Sorry!" Alesha breathlessly called out over her shoulder as she and Zoe disappeared up the stairwell. With their journey nearly at an end they rushed into their corridor and found six of their flatmates lounging on the floor, all still dressed in their graduation gowns as they drank one final beer together before they headed off home. Their friends all turned to stare in disbelief at the naked pair as they ran towards them and vaulted over their outstretched legs. 615 "Zoe? Alesha? What the hell are you guys doing?" they demanded. 616 Zoe turned around and jogged backwards down the corridor with her arms flung out wide as she indulged in one triumphant final flash. "We're graduating naked obviously!" she giggled as she shamelessly flaunted her body. "Why, what does it look like?" 617 "What? Hey guys wait up!" their flatmates cried, but although the girls could have stopped to mess with their friends some more they'd both had their fair share of exposure by now, and so they kept on running down the hall. 618 Alesha had wisely left their door on the latch so the girls were able to burst straight into their room, bolt the lock behind them, and then collapse onto Zoe's bed as they began to cackle hysterically at the absurdity of what they'd just done. 619 "Oh my God Alesha, I can't believe we just did that!" Zoe cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. 620 "I know, I know... fucking hell, we just streaked the entire university!" Alesha kicked her legs in the air in delight, rolling around on her back as next to her Zoe slapped her thigh and struggled for breath. 621 "That was insane, so any people saw us!" she laughed, wondering how many hundreds of strangers had seen them run past in the nude. 622 "And not just strangers but our friends and families too! I saw your brother's face as we ran past him," Alesha teased, "and his jaw was practically lying on the floor!" 623 Zoe cringed as she imagined Chester watching her run past him in the nude, but despite the intense embarrassment she still found herself giggling hysterically at the sheer absurdity of it all. 624 "Eww, gross! Well I made eye contact with your dad and he was no better, it looked like he was about to have a heart attack when he saw you go past!" 625 "No Zoe stop, I don't want to think about that!" Alesha shook her head as she tried to forget about what her poor parents would have made of her extraordinary behaviour, although she too was still clutching her stomach as she continued to crack up. The girls' hysterics were then interrupted by a banging at the door, as outside their flatmates assembled to demand answers. 626 "Zoe? Alesha? Guys, what the hell was that?" 627 "Hey come on, we know you're in there!" 628 "You two ran here naked all the way from the main hall?" 629 "Are you both out of your minds?" 630 Alesha, who in that moment suddenly began to feel very naked indeed, self-consciously pulled a blanket up and held it against her chest as her eyes flickered nervously between her friend and the door. 631 "Ok, come on Zoe," she said, "this has gone on for long enough. Let's wipe everyone's memories now, I can't deal with this embarrassment anymore!" 632 Zoe was more relaxed than her roommate as she got up and nonchalantly strutted over to the Forgotten Cage, stretching her arms above her head as she enjoyed her last few moments of unconfined nudity. "Yeah, you're right," she sighed, "streaking was fun, but now it's time to go back to reality..." 633 With more than a hint of reluctance Zoe retrieved the box from its customary place on her shelf, then frowned. The Emerald, which normally glittered and sparkled even in the dimmest light, today looked strangely dull and lifeless, almost as if it had lost some of its shine. Nevertheless Zoe pressed down on the Jewel but to her confusion it didn't move an inch. 634 Across the room Alesha, still holding the duvet up to her body, grimaced as the knocking and calls from outside their door continued unabated. "Did you do it?" she asked Zoe. 635 "Umm, hold on... it's like it's stuck," her friend replied. 636 "What?" 637 "I said hold on." Zoe tried to ignore her friend's concern and began to fiddle with the box as an increasingly sharp, panicked feeling started to grow in her chest. 638 First she tried feeling along the side of the Emerald to see if there was something stuck underneath it, then she used her nails to try and wiggle it loose, and when that didn't work either she attempted to ram it in with brute force. It was useless though - no matter what she tried the Jewel simply wouldn't budge,. 639 "Zoe!" Alesha cried out in frustration, not finding the situation at all funny anymore. 640 Zoe dropped the box down onto her bare lap. "I... ok I don't know. It's not working." 641 "What do you mean it's not working?" Alesha had finally grown tired of being naked so she let her blanket drop to the floor, tugged on an oversized t-shirt, and then sat down next to Zoe. "What's wrong with it?" she demanded. 642 "The button won't go in Alesha," Zoe snapped, her voice betraying just how worried she was feeling. "I can't press it anymore, I think it's jammed." 643 Alesha shook her head, unwilling to even entertain the idea that they might not be able to get the Forgotten Cage to work. "Give it here." Alesha grabbed the box and tried the same tricks that Zoe had used, but again to no avail. She too was now starting to feel a little breathless and she wasn't sure if it was down to of the heat, or to all of the running they'd been doing or if because deep down she sensed that something had just gone very, very wrong. "Then what the hell do we do now? We need to get it to work!" she hissed. 644 Zoe was at a complete loss too, so for the first time in a few days she decided to call for back up. "Err hold on, give it back... ok. Umm, Jinn, Jinn, Jinn!" she chanted. 645 Thankfully the summoning call still worked and in an instant Jinn had appeared, this time dressed in a blood red graduation gown and matching mortarboard hat. Zoe was so flustered that she didn't even question the Spirit's cheeky choice of outfit, and instead she puffed out her cheeks in relief that they were here to help. 646 "Oh Jinn thank God, help us please, the box isn't working. The Jewel is stuck, but we really need to wipe everyone's memories, and quick. Can you fix it?" Zoe asked. 647 Jinn looked down at the sun-kissed naked student with an amused smile, then raised a quizzical eyebrow. "That's an interesting outfit you've got there Zoe, especially on your graduation day," they teased. "So what have you two been up to, why do you need to use the Forgotten Cage so urgently?" 648 Zoe realised that this was the first time that out of her and the Spirit it was she who was severely underdressed, and so she awkwardly crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. "We decided to strip naked and then streak our ceremony, ok? Just for fun, as a memorable way of ending our time at university. But now we need to make everyone forget that they saw us, but the box is broken. So please, can you fix it for us?" 649 Jinn nodded slowly as they listened to Zoe and Alesha's sorry tale, then bit their lip thoughtfully and pondered. "I... think not." 650 Zoe and Alesha both involuntarily blurted out in synchronised outrage. "You what?" they exclaimed, staring up disbelievingly at the Spirit. 651 Jinn drew themselves up tall and smiled fiendishly down at the aghast friends, and their eyes, which were normally cold and lifeless, began to burn with an amber glow. "Well obviously I could fix it, yes. But will I fix it? No." 652 Zoe nervously pulled her knees up and hugged them tightly as she began to feel very, very naked. "But why, why the hell not?" 653 The Spirit simply chuckled. "I'm terribly sorry Zoe, but I think that I may have mislead you when we first met. I told you that these days the name Jinn best translates to Genie, but if I'm being honest a more accurate description would probably be... Demon." 654 As Jinn hovered over Zoe and Alesha's heads their body, which up until then had always been formed of delicate rays of rich golden light, now darkened and turned to a deep crimson, and from their head two thin, curved horns slowly emerged to pierce through their cap. 655 Zoe's bare skin was turned bright scarlet as Jinn's form began to pulse and throb with an intense energy, and soon the entire room was lit up red as if it were on fire. Alesha cowered on the bed, terrified by the ungodly scene that was playing out before her, while beside her Zoe felt herself burning from inside with an intense anger. 656 "So you tricked us?" she raged. "You waited until this exact moment to betray us?" 657 Jinn threw their head back and cackled, which was the first time that Zoe had heard them make such an unnervingly gleeful sound. "But of course! I'm an Evil Spirit you see... deceiving and humiliating unwitting humans is what we do. Admittedly I didn't think that you two would ever do anything quite as monumentally stupid as this, but I did know that given the power to wipe anyone's memory you'd eventually end up doing something insanely reckless which you'd be desperate for people to forget. And so yes Zoe, just four days after we first met you two closet exhibitionists already managed to provide me with the perfect opportunity to make your precious 'box' suddenly stop working. You two must know the old saying about the Devil right?" 658 Jinn paused to let the girls answer, but they clearly had no idea what the Demon was talking about. 659 "They say that 'the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world they didn't exist', and looking at you two naked idiots I can see that its true," Jinn sneered, shaking their head contemptuously as they looked down and wagged a taloned finger at the two chastened friends before continuing on with their scathing attack. "I mean really, streaking your own graduation ceremony in front of all your family and friends! You know that in all my time I think you two are probably the most foolish humans I've ever met, and believe me that's saying something. Definitely ballsy, I'll give you that, but also totally moronic." 660 Zoe was quickly growing tired of this relentless barrage of insults, and so as Jinn paused for breath she took her opportunity to fire back at the Demon. "But that's not fair! Obviously we'd never have done it if we weren't sure that we could make everyone forget afterwards. You never told us that that you could just randomly sabotage the box whenever you felt like ruining our lives!" she argued. 661 Again Jinn just laughed and then did that infuriating little shrug of theirs. "Yes, well, sorry girls... but the Devil's in the detail." 662 Beside Zoe Alesha was gripping the hem of her shirt so tightly that her knuckles had turned white, and in a last gasp effort she looked up imploringly at Jinn and begged for mercy. "No, please... our parents, our siblings, all of our course mates... they all saw us. Everyone in our flat, they're all outside waiting for us right now... Jinn please, please let us use the box, just one more time, then we'll never do anything like this, ever again! Please, we trusted you!" 663 The Demon nodded slowly as they appeared to take some time to consider the desperate student's suggestion, but they were just sadistically messing with the girls at this point. Jinn had known that this would be how it ended ever since Zoe had found the Forgotten Cage lying in her grandma's attic, and they weren't about to change their mind now. 664 "I'm afraid not Alesha. You and Zoe have both made your beds and now you must lie in them, it's time for you to face the consequences of your truly inexplicable actions. Just go out there with your heads held high... but maybe after putting some clothes on first. Or just try and style it out, pretend you're both full time nudists now, see if anyone buys that. Either way this is goodbye girls, so best of luck to you both. God knows you're going to need it..." 665 "No! Jinn, wait!" But the girls' final hopeless cries were all in vain, and with that same brilliant flash of light which had heralded their first appearance in Zoe's room a few days ago the treacherous Jinn was gone. 666 Zoe took the box and began to slam the Emerald into her bedroom wall, ramming it in harder and harder until the plaster began to chip away. "Jinn! Jinn, Jinn, Jinn! Demon, get back here now!" 667 It was no use though, for no matter how much Zoe cursed and swore the Evil Spirit wasn't coming back, the Emerald would not move, and the Forgotten Cage was now just a dull, lifeless, and totally useless cold chunk of metal. 668 Zoe finally admitted defeat, slumped to the floor, and looked up in disbelief at Alesha, who could only stare back at her dumbly. "I... I... I can't make it work Alesha. I can't make any of them forget what they saw..." she admitted. Zoe then used up the last of her energies as threw the box away from her with such force that it ricocheted against the far wall, flew back across the carpet, and then rolled away under her bed. 669 Alesha was feeling so numb that she didn't even flinch as the Forgotten Cage whistled past her toes and disappeared out of sight. "What... what have we done?" she whispered as she slowly turned to look down at her naked, defeated friend. 670 "I...I..." Zoe began, before realising that she couldn't think of anything to say. 671 ***** 672 The next morning a middle aged woman called Sandra opened Zoe and Alesha's door and pulled her hoover inside. She was a part time cleaner at the university, and now that all of the students had packed up and gone home after graduation it was her job to go through the accommodation blocks, to make sure that they had been left nice and tidy. 673 She had no idea who the newly disgraced Zoe or Alesha were, and she hadn't been on campus the previous day to witness their ill-fated streak, so for her this was just another empty bedroom that needed a quick going over. Well, it could also do with a lick of paint to cover up a mark on the wall to be fair, but that was outside the scope of her remit. 674 Instead Sandra just gave all of the surfaces a light dusting, checked that the mattresses were both in a useable state, and then began to vacuum the carpet. As she poked her hoover underneath one of the beds she felt it hit something hard, and when she got on her knees to see what the obstruction was she found herself staring at a strange little box. 675 "Weird..." Sandra pulled it out and rotated the unusual metal object around in her hand slowly, as she wondered what it was for and why the room's previous occupants would have left behind such a curious trinket. She also considered whether or not she should hand it into lost and found, then quickly decided that no, she wouldn't - finders keepers and all that. 676 Instead she decided to pocket the metal cube and take a proper look at it when she got back home. Not realising the terrible mistake she had just made Sandra then got back to her hoovering, quickly finished up with Zoe and Alesha's room, and then moved seamlessly on to the next. 677 Tucked away in her apron the Forgotten Cage slowly started to warm up again, its Emerald began to sparkle, and deep inside the metal core something rose from their brief sleep and breathed a sigh of relief. 678 This time the wait wouldn't be too long, not too long at all... 679 The End? 680 END