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https://www.literotica.com/s/strip-club-7 ~~~ Strip Club ~~~ 2 Chapter I Everything was ready. Hiring the girls had been the hardest, the booze for the bar the easiest. Keeping all this from my wife had been impossible. Tonight was the opening night of my version of the latest and greatest gentlemen's club. 'The Club' was divided into three huge sections catering to diverse groups. The first section was for women only. It featured buff young studs that would strip down to the buff. Touching by the women was up to the men. 4 The second featured sweet young things all under twenty-five. Everyone could enter and watch. The girls stripped down to the buff. No touching allowed. Lap dances were available. The third section was special in that it only featured women over forty. Well not really true, over thirty-five. There were absolutely no women under thirty-five stripping on its stages. This section catered to those gentlemen and ladies who liked their women mature and experienced. In this section, touching was up to the woman performing. 5 There was no law in the state to disallow touching, just club policy. I had talked to many a girl who had mistakenly worked at a club that allowed unlimited touching by the clientele. Most of these girls were in the under twenty-five-year-old group, but a few of the thirty-five and over women complained too. So, I decided to have the young girl's section be, no touching. The more mature women could make up their own minds. 6 A friend of mine, who could walk a two-hundred-fifty pound man on his tiptoes out the front door of the club with one hand, trained our bouncers. All my bouncers were bonded and licensed. None of them had criminal records and all of them were big, except my head bouncer. Luke was only five-six weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds, but he could take down the biggest drunken patron without working up a sweat. 7 As we were catering to women as well as men, the licensing had been that much tougher. All the girls and women had to go through a background check. Plus, I didn't want any professional prostitutes working in my club. All the girls and women were told if they wanted to have sex for money to go somewhere else. One of the women asked me 'What if we want to give it away?' I was stunned, to say the least. However, I told her, as we didn't have a license for that they couldn't. She smiled and winked at me. They were all told where the rules were posted and if they decided to break the rules I would not hesitate to have them escorted from the building faster than they could say 'I'm sorry'. 8 Because of where we were located, I had to hire a private police force to patrol the parking lot and surrounding area. It was cheaper than what the Sheriff's department wanted to charge. Most of them were off-duty cops and Sheriff's deputies. Some were ex-military sent to me by friends. My chief of police was a close personal friend of my uncle. 9 All the employees were standing by and ready for the doors to open. We were opening at eight in the evening on a warm spring Saturday. The ads had been playing on the radio for a couple of weeks. As I looked out over the club from up in my office, I could also see the crowd waiting by the door to come in. Most were single men but quite a few couples were standing under the moonlight. I smiled as I looked at all the girls and women anxiously waiting for our first rush of customers. 10 The clock ticked down and Luke opened the doors. The line of bouncers just inside the doors kept them from just rushing in. We had standards here. You had to be twenty-one or you didn't get in. As the first ones in line were carded and let in, they stood to one side waiting for friends or looking over the further entrances to the different sections of the club. The dancers were waiting at those entrances greeting each arrival. 11 Some couples split up as the woman went into the 'Dude Ranch' and the man went into the 'Chic Coup' or the 'Granny Shack'. Most of the young guys went for the 'Coup', although I saw several, head for the 'Shack'. At about nine o'clock the bouncers were turning people away, we were full. The 'Ranch' had more women in it than I had thought. The 'Coup' was almost full, while the 'Shack' was maybe half full. 12 As I watched, the first sets were starting on the stages. Luke came up beside me and leaned on the railing. He didn't say a word as we watched the show start on each stage. 13 "How is the crowd?" I asked him. 14 "Fine but it's early. There is a group of guys that might be trouble later, especially when they find out their wives or girlfriends get to touch the strippers in the 'Ranch'." 15 "Well, keep an eye on them." 16 "Got it covered." 17 "Good." 18 We stood there and watched the girls spin and dip on the closest stage, which was the 'Coup'. She was a cute little redhead. She didn't have big boobs but she did have more than a handful. The guys down close at the edge of the stage were going wild. They were waving dollar bills and putting them on the stage in front of them. Karen, the little redhead, would twirl and dip over to them and pick up the dollar as she danced on the stage just for them. She was almost naked now, just her g-string covering her crotch. 19 "Karen was all nervous about being the first one on stage tonight," Luke said as she kicked her g-string off with a big smile on her face. 20 "Yeah, she kept begging me to put someone else on first." 21 "You go, girl!" Luke shouted. 22 "She can't hear you from up here." 23 "I know, just moral support." 24 Luke pushed off the railing, walked back to the stairs, and disappeared. I looked over at the stage in the 'Shack'. Lori was on stage giving a great show. She was down to the g-string and a smile as she strutted around the stage. Lori was a brunette whose hair cascaded down her neck to the middle of her back. She was thirty-nine years old on her application. In reality, she was forty-five and looked thirty-nine. Her body was tight and her boobs didn't sag. Her greatest asset was her legs. They were slender and shapely. 25 As she kicked her g-string off one of the guys at the stage edge, placed a ten spot on the rail. Lori sauntered over looking down at him as he memorized her body. As she squatted down to pick up the ten spot, he reached forward and touched her leg. His fingers grazed her inner thigh. She reached for the bill and opened her legs farther, inviting his caress. The guys around him hooted and hollered as he ran his fingers up her smooth skin. As his finger, reached the place of dreams, Lori threw her head back and allowed him to insert a finger into her body. 26 The crowd went wild. Lori pulled back popping his finger out of her vagina and continued to dance around the stage. One guy climbed up on the stage and started to dance with Lori. Five bouncers were converging on the stage as she pushed his ass off into the crowd to the hoots and laughter of his friends. The bouncers picked his ass up and two of them dragged his ass to a door and threw him out into the night. 27 The song that was playing ended and Lori danced off the stage. Everyone up front sighed as she disappeared behind the curtain. As the next song started, a new dancer was standing off to the side waiting for the lights to pick her up. When they did, she went into her routine. Marie, the lady on the stage now, was a petite brunette with deep red highlights. By some standards, she might be considered skinny. She was forty-three years old and highly educated. She was doing this for some excitement in her life. 28 She danced around the stage with a smile on her face and fire in her eyes. This was her first time in front of a crowd of strangers. She had rehearsed but it was always in front of the other ladies and stage crew. People she knew, people, some of whom were her friends. She was actually very good for an amateur. She was sweating a little by the end of the first song. As the second started, she lost the dress. She now pranced around the stage in a g-string and see-thru bra. She unclipped the bra and threw it behind her. 29 Her breasts weren't big but she wasn't flat either. Some of the men around the stage were calling out to her and waving ten spots. Marie danced over to one, looked down at him, and squatted with her legs spread wide. Reaching out with the ten spot in his hand, he hooked it under the waist of her g-string. Marie squatted there licking her lips as she stared at him. He slowly reached forward until his finger touched the triangle of material covering her crotch. He pulled it aside and slowly inserted a finger into her vagina. She shuttered as her mouth opened wide. She watched his finger disappear into her. 30 The crowd went ballistic. Everyone was waving a ten-spot in the air. Marie was hard-pressed to keep up the pretense of dance as she made the rounds collecting the money from the horny guys at the stage edge. Somewhere along the line, she had lost her g-string. Even from where I was, I could see the sheen of liquid running down her legs. She was enjoying herself. Her song ended as she was in the throes of orgasm in the middle of the stage. The lights went out and two other girls came out and helped her backstage. 31 My phone rang as the next song started. Looking at the display, I saw that it was my wife. 32 "Hello," I said. 33 "Hi hon, how's it going?" she asked. 34 "Real good so far." 35 "Good. I'll be there in a little while. Tell Gail to put me on the schedule." 36 "What? No, no you don't have to do that sweetheart." 37 "But I want to I want to help in this endeavor of yours. Got to go, see you on stage!" She hung up. 38 This was the part that had been hard. Once Sally had found out that I was opening a strip club, she insisted on being one of the strippers. I had tried to put my foot down and tell her no but she had insisted. I loved my wife very much. She loved me too. She was mad that I had gone into the strip club business without telling her. When she found out, I slept on the couch for a week. 39 She had come down to the club every day after that. She took the time to get to know everyone that worked there. From the busboys to Luke and the Chief, she knew everyone by name and they knew she was my wife. Marie was a friend of hers from her day job. Now they both were going to be working here at night, both in the 'Shack' on stage and in the 'Pit'. 40 The 'Pit' was the area behind the seats at the front of the stage. The girls would circulate around the tables giving customers lap dances or just sitting talking. The ladies decided their state of dress. Marie and Sally had a bet that neither of them would do it totally nude. Looking down I could see Marie circulating in the pit. She had on a short robe that covered her unless she bent over. 41 I dialed Gail. It would not do me any good to ignore Sally's request. 42 "Gail, Mark, put Sally on the schedule. About an hour from now, thanks." 43 My radio beeped at me. 44 "What?" I said. 45 "We have a little problem in the 'Ranch'," the voice of one of the bouncers said. 46 "Luke you copy?" I asked. 47 "On it boss." 48 Looking over to the 'Ranch' I saw a couple of guys trying to smack around a couple of girls. Five bouncers and Luke were there almost before a hand was laid on someone. The guys were subdued quickly and escorted out the door. The ladies left the 'Ranch' but huddled in the lobby. They looked afraid to leave. 49 "Chief, get me two officers to the front door pronto," I said into my radio as I headed for the stairs. 50 I walked down the stairs and through the 'Shack' on my way to the front lobby. Marie saw me and waved as she sat on some guy's lap his hand under her robe. I hurried not wanting to think about what goes on in the pit at the 'Shack'. I left the 'Shack' and hurried across the lobby to where the girls were sitting. 51 "Are you ladies all right?" I asked. 52 "Yes, but I'm scared to death." 53 "Who were those guys? Your husbands?" 54 "God no, just boyfriends. Ex's now. Assholes." 55 Two of my cops came walking in and I motioned them over. 56 "Ladies, would you like to go back in and enjoy the show, drinks will be on the house, or would you prefer to go home?" 57 "I want to go home, but I'm afraid that dipshit boyfriend of mine will be out there waiting for me." 58 "No problem these two officers will escort you to your car and if you want follow you home to make sure you get in safely." 59 "That would be very nice." 60 "Do you two live together?" 61 "No, but Jenny can stay at my place for the night." 62 "Jerry, Cal, get these ladies home safely. If their boyfriends try to make trouble call the local P.D. Tell them we have tape of the assault committed by them and will be happy to turn it over to them." 63 "Right boss," Jerry answered helping Jenny to her feet. 64 I watched them walk the two women to their car. Two guys jumped out from behind a van trying to get at the girls. Three more officers walked up behind the two and put them in chokeholds. The two ladies climbed into their car. One of our police vehicles pulled up behind them. The officers that had walked them out changed places with the ones in the car and followed the ladies out of the lot. 65 The officers brought the two boyfriends to the lobby kicking and screaming. I signaled the officers to take them back to the holding room. I followed at a discrete distance listening to their complaints about their treatment. I took out my phone. 66 "Phil, Mark, get that video of those two punks hitting those ladies in the 'Ranch'." 67 "Sure, holding room one?" 68 "Yep, thanks." 69 The holding room was a little crowded as I stepped in and closed the door. The two guys were struggling in the grasp of my two cops. I signaled my boys to let them loose. 70 "Gentlemen," I said, "why don't you have a seat? I have something to tell you and a little something to show you." 71 "You can't do this to us. This is fucking kidnapping." 72 "Have a seat and we'll discuss this like gentlemen. You are gentlemen, aren't you?" 73 "I just want out of here." 74 "I'm afraid that is not going to happen. You see you committed a crime, two in fact, and until the Sheriff's Deputies get here, we have a right to hold you until they do. So if you would like me to call them we will leave you two alone until they arrive." 75 "What crime?" 76 "Have a seat I will be glad to explain." 77 The two looked at each other still a little steamed but sat looking up at me. 78 "First, you two can be charged with assault to commit bodily harm. Second, because of the first act I as owner of the club can and will press charges of criminal trespass with intent. Third, you each took more than one swing at my officers, who are sworn and commissioned law enforcement officers, adding another assault charge to your list. They are all felonies in this county." 79 "You got no proof... " I pressed a button on the remote I had in my hand and a screen lit up on the wall. 80 "You can see here where you are wading your way through the crowd. Then here you two are grabbing two of my customers and whack, there you are hitting them. Any questions?" 81 Both of them were silent as the segment played over and over. 82 "Now," I said pressing another button, "here you are swinging at my people in the parking lot." 83 I let it play as I looked at them. The silence drew out for a good five minutes. 84 "Nothing clever to say?" 85 "Fuck you." 86 "Now we can add battery to the charges." 87 "What do you want from us?" 88 "Now that's the cleverest thing you've said so far. You will go home and never return here, ever. I have it on good authority that the two young ladies you tried to assault are now your exes, so you will not go within five hundred yards of them for the next month. They have my card and private phone number. If you bother them in any way, these tapes will be turned over to the Sheriff for prosecution. My people will testify against you and you will be in jail for a long time. Is that clear?" 89 "You can't do that?" 90 "I can and I will. Now get that through your thick heads. Three felony counts will get you five to ten in a medium-security prison and a record if you don't already have one. If you have one the sentence will be ten to fifteen." 91 They both sat mute. 92 "Can we have a minute?" 93 "No, I don't have a minute. I walk out that door without an answer I call the Sheriff." 94 "Fine, we agree." 95 "You too?" 96 "Yeah, I agree." 97 "Now just in case you think you put one over on me," I pressed another button and they appeared on the screen agreeing to the terms. 98 Both their shoulders sagged as they watched. 99 "This whole thing is on record. Sam, Len, get them out of here. Make sure they leave the property." 100 The guys stood up and my cops led them out of the holding room and then out the front door. Sam and Len stood and watched them walk to their car and drive away. 101 Looking at my watch, I saw that a lot of time had slipped away dealing with those two assholes. I hurried back up to my office. Sally was there waiting for me. I stopped dead in my tracks as I caught sight of her. The love of my life was dressed to the nines. She was a beautiful woman, so beautiful in fact, I was amazed that she was mine. Although I'm not that bad-looking, she was amazing. 102 Standing there, I couldn't help admiring her beauty. She sat there with her slender legs crossed, the hem of her skirt riding up to show off the tops of her stocking and a little of her flesh just above them. Looking a little higher I could see she was displaying a good amount of cleavage. Her breasts were not huge but with her thin waist, they appeared to be bigger than they really were. What had drawn me to her were her eyes and smile. Her face was adorable. 103 I found myself falling in love with her all over again. My heart was in my throat as I gazed upon her beauty. I cleared my throat drawing her attention and her gaze to me. 104 "Well, there you are sweetheart. Luke told me you were handling a problem so I waited for you." 105 "Hello darling," I said with a catch in my throat. 106 Walking to me, we embraced. Her mouth met mine in a kiss that took my breath away. I wrapped my arms around her gently as she pressed her body against mine. Closing my eyes, I found myself in a sweet world where it was just her and I floating on a cloud holding each other and kissing forever. Breaking our kiss, she put her mouth by my ear and sighed softly. 107 "I love you," she whispered in my ear. 108 "I love you too, sweetheart," I answered giving her a little squeeze. 109 "I have to go now but I will be back. Are you going to watch me?" she asked as she stepped back from my arms. 110 "If nothing comes up I will. You know you don't have to," I again made my plea to her. 111 "But I want to. I'm getting excited already, just thinking about what I'm about to do. If you don't want me to, all you have to do is forbid me from doing it." She taunted knowing I would never forbid her from doing anything. It wasn't that I didn't want her stripping and even her working the pit really didn't bother me, it was her reputation, about which I was worried. Her career could be damaged by what she was planning to do tonight. 112 "You know I won't and you know why I don't think it's a good idea." 113 "I know darling and I appreciate your concern. Now I have to go get ready, wish me luck," she said kissing me on the cheek. 114 "Good luck dear, knock 'em dead," I told her patting her ass as she turned and walked away. 115 As she walked away, she wiggled her ass. I love her with all my heart, but at this minute rage was running through my mind. Shaking my head, I went to the rail to watch the goings on in the club. Tonight was our big night and my wife would be part of it, no matter what I did. 116 Chapter II As I walked away from Mark, my husband, I knew he was watching my ass. He loved my ass. According to him, it was my best asset. Personally, I thought my breasts were my best asset. As I crossed the lobby on my way to the 'Shack', my excitement level started to rise. When I was up in Mark's office, I had a couple of glasses of liquid courage. It had settled my nerves, but now I was getting excited again. 118 The fact that my dear loving husband had put together a business and tried to keep it a secret from me had raised my ire. What I was going to do tonight was payback for not including me in his plans. I don't know why he tried to keep me from knowing, I have always supported him in all his endeavors and I would have supported, I do support him, in this one. Tonight would be my debut and as far as I was concerned my closing night, but I would be damned if I told Mark that. 119 I was walking through the 'Shack' when I saw my best friend Marie. She was standing next to a table talking up a couple of young guys. I walked up behind her and put my hand on her ass. She wiggled it and then turned to see whose hand it was. She squealed and wrapped her arms around me in a quick hug. I smiled at her and the guys she was talking to. 120 "How was your first dance tonight sweetie?" I asked her. 121 "Oh god I was so nervous and so excited," she yelled. "Excuse me for a minute guys, I have to go tell my friend a couple of things, I'll be right back," she told the guys. 122 She guided me away from the table towards the backstage door. Once we were in the dressing area for the dancers, we wouldn't have to shout to be heard. 123 "God, Sally, I was so damned excited up there taking my clothes off in front of all those people. It was such a rush." 124 "So you went through with it?" I asked. 125 "Yep, I have been up on that stage four times now, each time just as exciting as the first. In addition, the crowd loved every minute of my routine. So far I have made a little over a thousand dollars." 126 "What? You're letting them touch you then?" 127 "God yes. I couldn't help myself. After I let the first guy touch me I was addicted, so to speak." She giggled at her little pun. 128 I looked at her with a scowl on my face. She just stuck her tongue out at me. I leaned into her and hugged her to me. She hugged me back. 129 "What about George?" I whispered in her ear. 130 "He was the first to touch me on stage," she whispered back. 131 "He's here? He watched you dance?" 132 "Yes he did and he said I looked wonderful and he encouraged me to continue to allow myself to be touched, felt up, and fingered. He is sitting at a table in the back just smiling and watching as I work the 'Pit'." 133 "My god. I wonder if Mark will come down to watch me?" 134 "Let them touch you and he probably will," Marie said smiling at me. 135 "We'll see, now I have to get ready for my first and my stomach is full of butterflies so off with you my dear." 136 "Listen, just get up there, do what you have been rehearsing, and have a good time. You'll do great sweetie." 137 "I plan on having a good time tonight no matter how difficult Mark makes... " 138 "He won't you know. He told George he can't wait to see you up on that stage." 139 "That devious devil. Go, go out and make your hubby happy." 140 "I will," Marie leaned in and kissed me on the cheek then turned and ran back to the 'Pit'. 141 "Ten minutes Sally," Gail strolled by. 142 "Right, thanks Gail," I replied turning toward the mirror to straighten my hair and makeup. 143 I quickly stripped out of my clothes and shimmied into my g-string and gown I would be taking off in five minutes or so. I slipped on a pair of four-inch heels that screamed fuck me. That term for a pair of shoes was new to me. I had learned that from the other women here in the 'Shack'. The name of this part of the club has been my one contribution to this enterprise so far. The 'Granny Shack' had popped into my head as Mark and several of the ladies had been sitting around trying to come up with a name for this section of the club. 144 As I said it for the first time, everyone looked at me and smiled. They all loved that name and what it implied. Older, more mature, and experienced women who would know how to please. That was our business. All three rooms were in the business to please the customer. I was about to go out on a stage so I could please some customers. I was about to go out on the stage to also... what... please my husband? Why was I going out on that stage? 145 Things, places, times, people whirled through my head landing on my husband's face as I told him I was going to be one of his strippers. A slight twitch to the corners of his mouth, the rise of an eyebrow, and the twinkle in his eye all came into sharp focus in my mind's eye. That son of a bitch, he... he... he had played me. He wanted me on that stage getting naked in front of all those horny men and women. He probably wanted me touched by as many as I would let touch me. 146 I shook my head. It was time, time to make his dream... fantasy come true, time to make mine come true too. Getting up I walked to the stage door and went in to stand behind the curtain as the last bars of music played for the woman that was currently on stage. As the song ended, I stepped through the curtain and waited until the lights hit me. My music started and the lights lit me up. I flung my arm up into the air and smiled at the crowd I knew was out there past the light. I spun around and gracefully danced out to the edge of the stage. 147 I could now see the men and women lined up along the stage edge hooting and hollering at me as I stood swaying my hips back and forth. I smiled as I caught sight of Marie jumping up and down at my feet with George standing right behind her. I spun away gliding over to the other side of the stage to give my admirers a glimpse of my body under my sheer black gown. My brown hair cascaded down my back as I threw my head back pushing my breasts out. I twirled around and let my gown slip from my shoulders. It fluttered down to puddle at my feet. My hands were covering my nipples, which were hard as diamonds. Smiling at the men at my feet, I threw my hands up and away from my breasts. 148 The crowd in front of me cheered as my breasts swung free. Spinning around again I danced to the opposite side of the stage to let the men there have a good look at my breasts. There at my feet was Mark with a big smile on his face as he devoured me with his eyes. I smiled sweetly at him squatting down in front of him. Reaching out with a twenty-dollar bill, he slipped it in the waist of my g-string. His hand casually rubbed my hip then onto my thigh and up to my vagina. Pulling the small patch of cloth aside, he slipped a finger deep into my pussy. 149 I shuddered with excitement as he wiggled his finger in me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw George waving a twenty in the air. I winked at Mark rising and danced over to George. I squatted in front of him and Marie. George reached forward with the bill and slipped it under the waistband of my g-string. He then slid his hand down to my thigh, he was trembling as he did. His finger slipped past the g-string and into my body. I closed my eyes as his finger slid into me. 150 "Finger fuck her George," Marie said loud enough for me to hear. 151 I shook with an orgasm as George pulled his finger out. Marie reached up and tweaked my nipple laughing. I stood up fast and twirled away. My first song ended as I squatted in front of a complete stranger. He slid the twenty in my g-string and quickly plunged his finger into my wet tingly pussy. 152 For the next two songs I danced from one guy to the next having twenties handed to me, I had lost my g-string somewhere along the line, and fingers slipped into my body. I was so excited that towards the end of the third song I was overcome by another orgasm. I collapsed in the middle of the stage as I shook and spasmed with my excitement. The stage lights went out and two girls were there to help me up as my legs shook. I got backstage and they put me on a couch to recover. 153 Opening my eyes, I saw my dear husband Mark sitting beside me. Marie and George were standing in front of me. They all had concerned looks on their faces. I started laughing as my excitement waned. Reaching out I grabbed George's hand and pulled him down to me. I kissed his lips with all the passion I was feeling. Marie was laughing as our lips parted. Turning to my husband, I pulled him to me and kissed him just as hard and ardently. 154 When we broke our kiss, Marie leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. I slapped her on the ass as she stood up. She jumped giggling as she covered her face with her hands. 155 "You were spectacular sweetheart," Mark told me. 156 "Yes, I was, wasn't I," I said smugly. 157 "You were my dear," Marie whispered. 158 "I can't wait for my next turn," I said looking at Mark. His eyes widened and his lips curled into a smile. "And neither can you, it appears, my dear Mark." 159 "I... I... I have to go," he stuttered as he got up and walked quickly away. 160 "Now what's got into him," George asked watching Mark almost run across backstage. 161 "He can't wait either," I said turning to look at George, "and where do you get off sticking your finger in my pussy?" 162 "I... I... Marie made me do it," George said as he looked to his wife for confirmation. 163 "What? I did not... well maybe," Marie stuttered. 164 Now I had a reason to be in the 'Pit' when next Marie was on stage. I sat there with Marie sitting next to me finally relaxed enough to think about what I had just done and what had been done to me. 165 "How many guys, besides you and Mark got to cop a feel of this old lady?" 166 George blushed at my mention of him touching me so intimately. Marie giggled as she handed me a wad of bills. 167 "Count the twenties, Mark set the price, to find out," Marie told me. 168 I took the bills and started to count them out. I was amazed as I lay the last bill on the pile. 169 "Holy shit, forty-five guys, I think that's now the record. Gloria did twenty-nine but she only got ten bucks each," Marie informed me. Altogether, I had made nine hundred dollars for six minutes of work. 170 "Let's go get you a robe and go out in the 'Pit', they ought to love you out there," Marie said grabbing my hand a pulling me toward the dressing room. 171 "Where's George?" I asked looking around for him. 172 "He's back out in the 'Pit' waiting to watch me get felt up and fingered." Marie smiled at me. 173 That's where I would be next. Wandering around in the 'Pit' being handed money to dance for them and letting them feel me up and stick their fingers in my body. I couldn't wait. In my forty-three years, only two men have ever touched me intimately, my husband Mark, and a college boyfriend. Tonight, I had forty-five men touch me in ten minutes. Now I was getting ready to just wander around and let anyone with enough money touch me. When I got home tonight, Mark was in for one long, hot night. 174 "Here, put this on." Marie threw me a robe from the rack in the dressing room. 175 I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw turned me on. I saw... a petite brunette with a perky set of knockers only slightly covered by the royal blue robe. The bottom of the robe stopped just below the juncture of my legs. Raising my arms would allow anyone looking a perfect view of my... pussy. Normally I don't use that word but tonight was... special. 176 Spinning I faced Marie and smiled. Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips hard. Pushing her back, I laughed at the look on her face and walked past her toward the door to the 'Pit'. 177 "Let's go make some men happy," I said as I pulled on the door. 178 Chapter III I ran from backstage through the lobby and up the stairs to the sanctuary of my office. I was so turned on and excited by what Sally, my wife, had done. I really thought that I would be jealous as she took her clothes off for all those screaming men. I also thought I would hate them touching her. To my surprise, when George slid his finger into her I almost came in my shorts. When Marie reached up and squeezed her nipple I did. 180 I went into my private bathroom, dropped my pants, and cleaned myself up. My cock was still stiff. I would have a hard-on the rest of the night. Once cleaned up I went to my desk and flipped all the monitors on. Each room had six cameras mounted in the ceiling. I had six monitors hanging on my wall. I could put any six cameras up there that I wanted at the press of some buttons. I pressed all the buttons for the 'Shack'. 181 Searching the screens, I finally spotted Sally and Marie coming out from backstage. My darling had on probably the sexiest piece of clothing I had ever seen her wear, a short, very short, royal blue see-through robe. I could tell from the angle of the camera that if she shrugged her shoulders everyone would see her most private of privates. I sat down to watch her. I know I had a business to run but I couldn't take my eyes off my beautiful wife as she sauntered through the 'Pit'. 182 A group of college kids sitting back from the stage stopped her. Her smile was beaming as she talked with them all. One of the guys asked her something to which she nodded. He sat in his chair with Sally climbing into his lap. He held a fifty out that she made disappear. His hand then disappeared under her robe. I watched in amazement as my once prim and proper wife sat talking with a group of men while one of them felt her up. I could tell where his hand was by the ruffling of her robe. First, he squeezed her right breast then her left. Next, he pinched her right nipple. She just continued the conversation with the others like nothing was going on under her robe. His hand moved down her stomach and I watched as she spread her legs allowing him access to her vagina, now it was her pussy while she sat there with these guys. 183 However, to these guys, she was just another cunt, an older cunt but still a cunt. Mark hated that word but Jennifer had told him that's how most of the men that come to a strip joint think about the women that dance there. If Sally ever heard them use that word there would be trouble. She said she didn't mind pussy but the 'c' word was off-limits around her. 184 All this went through my mind as I watched a stranger take liberties with my wife. After three minutes, she hopped off his lap and stood talking to them. The guy next to her started to run his hand up her leg. As it rose, she stepped back from him grabbing his hand and putting it in his lap. He frowned but didn't try to touch her again. After a few more minutes of bullshitting with the college guys, Sally moved on. 185 I was glad everything was going smoothly as I watched her sway her hips as she walked. So far, only two little incidents marred our opening. It was now midnight. In each section, there was to be a special show to mark the turning of the night into a new day. All sections went dark. A single voice echoed over the speaker system. 186 "Ladies and gentlemen please bear with us for this very special event. For you ladies in the 'Dude Ranch' for your viewing pleasure please give your attention to center stage." 187 The lights in the 'Ranch' popped back on and all the dancers were on the stage. 188 "Now for those ladies and gentlemen in 'Chic Coup' please give your attention to center stage." 189 The lights came on in the 'Coup' and on the stage was a single young lady with two big feather fans. 190 "And the ladies and gentlemen in the 'Granny Shack' please give your attention to center stage." 191 A single light came on pointed at center stage in the 'Shack'. There stood Jennifer in all her naked glory. She had yet to dance tonight and stood there waiting. Seven other lights went on around the stage. Seven beautiful women stood in the circles of light. Each holding a ribbon attached to the top of Jennifer's head. The music started and the seven women started to dance around the stationary Jennifer. 192 Slowly, they wrapped Jen in the bright red ribbon. As the other women danced, Jen became a mummy. There was a gap in the ribbons for her eyes, so she could see all the people watching as she was tightly wrapped in red. When the ribbons covered her breasts, her nipples poked out between the sharp-looking edges of the ribbon. The rest of her body was completely covered by the end of the second song. As the third song started, the seven women started their dance in reverse. By the end of the song, Jen was again naked to the world. 193 All eight women now danced around the stage taking tips. Jen was in high demand by the crowd at the stage edge. For the first time, I noticed Sally and Marie were both part of the dancers on stage. Almost falling backward, I shook with sexual tension as I watched George slide two fingers into my lovely wife. Marie was on the other side of the stage lying on her back letting two guys feel her up. Her legs were straight up in the air so I had a great view of her cute ass and shapely legs. 194 I had to keep Sally from dancing, even though I wanted her to. I couldn't watch over her and the club at the same time. It is nerve-racking knowing that my attention was now on my wife instead of the business. I sat down, picked up the phone, and dialed an extension. 195 "Gail, when my wife is done on stage would you ask her to come up to my office, please? Thanks, Gail." 196 Hanging up the phone I sat watching as the lights went out on the stage. Everyone looked to be having a good time. A couple of scuffles had broken out in the 'Coup' but Luke's boys had handled them coolly and efficiently. Tonight looked to be a stellar night, with a little less than two hours to go until closing. As I watched the monitors, I saw Sally with Marie trailing her walking across the 'Pit' to the entrance. I flipped through the cameras checking on the other two venues. 197 "Hi darling, Gail said you wished to see me," my wife said as she glided in the door. 198 "I did," I froze. I was struck dumb by what she was wearing. It was the same royal blue robe but she had added a pair of royal blue thigh highs along with royal blue stiletto heels. Her beauty stunned me to silence. I stood there, staring. 199 "About what sweetheart?" she asked coyly posing in the doorway. 200 Her right arm was up as she leaned on the doorframe. This pulled the hem of her robe up allowing me an unobstructed view of her beautiful pussy. Her legs encased in nylon looked better than I have ever seen them. 201 "Cat got your tongue?" she chided me. 202 "Ahem," I cleared my throat, "you look absolutely beautiful... " 203 "And... " she said her eyebrows rose. 204 "... and totally slutty," I told her my face breaking out in a big smile. 205 "Thank you dear, I love you too," she said pushing off the doorframe and swaying her hips as she walked over to where I sat. She spread her legs straddling my knees. Her hands on her hips caused the hem of the robe to ride up again allowing me to gaze at her very wet pussy. "Touch me dear," she whispered. 206 I reached out, my stomach doing flip-flops, and tentatively placed my index finger against her naked wetness. A moan escaped her lips. I pressed my finger up into her slick folds toward her vaginal opening. 207 "Put it in me, Mark, now," she whispered hoarsely. 208 I slid my finger through her folds and into her hot, beautiful body. She was so wet her juices were running down the side of my hand on down my arm to be soaked up my shirt sleeve. Sally convulsed and moaned when my finger slid in her as far as it could. I pulled out just a little bit so I could add another finger alongside the lucky one already being heated by her body. 209 As he laid me on the bed, he stood smiling down at me undressing as quickly as he could. I watched as each inch of his wonderful body was revealed to my eyes. His masculinity proudly stood forth to show me his arousal. In a wonderful display of manly passion, he climbed into bed kneeling between my outstretched thighs. Looking down at me with the burning flames of a passion he had felt all night, he leaned forward touching my soft petals of flesh with his cock. 210 Moaning I watched as his manhood slowly disappeared into my body. Controlled by pure lust now, it consumed my being. The feeling of him slowly penetrating my very soul was wonderful. After all the fingers that had been in me tonight, the one thing I had craved through it all had been him. To have my loving husband slowly make love to me. 211 As I shook in the first throes of orgasm, my darling pushed all the way into my body pressing against my cervix. 212 "I love you," I told him as I ran my hands through his hair. 213 "I love you too, Marie. More than you will ever realize," he whispered in my ear. 214 "No my dear I realize just how much you love me, I assure you." 215 He started to slowly slide in and out of my vagina mashing my clitoris between us on each down stroke. This shot wonderful feelings through my abdomen. He started to move faster and faster, I bucked my hips to match his thrusts. My lust grew as he pounded into my body. Orgasms ripped through me. Throwing back my head, I cried out my pleasure. My heels pressed into his back forcing him deep inside of me. I felt the warmth of his seed splash against my cervix. I shook and shivered all the while he was pressing into me ejaculating deep into my womb. 216 "Yes, yes, yes," I said softly through my orgasm. 217 "Oh god," George said as he pressed into me. 218 His lips touched mine. I pulled him against me with all the passion I felt for my dear husband. He moaned into my mouth, our bodies pressed together. Breaking our kiss, he pushed himself up on his arms looking down at me. His eyes scanned my body a smile on his lips. 219 "You are so beautiful," he said to me. 220 "Thank you my dear and you are so handsome and such a great lover," I told him in all honesty. 221 His softening cock slipped from my body allowing the flood of our mixed cum to escape. He lay on his side propped up on his elbow looking down at me. My legs were still spread a sheen of sweat covered me from head to toe. 222 "You look so beautiful after you have had sex, cum dripping from your pussy, sweat covering your body. That just fucked smile on your lips, that twinkle in your eyes. God I love the way you look right now." 223 "What are you getting at George?" I asked. This was leading somewhere, I didn't know if I was going to like it or not. 224 "Nothing, darling, honest, I was just commenting on how sexy and beautiful you look right now. You are a beautiful woman. Your hair, your face, your eyes, your breasts, your hips, and your legs, are all so wonderful. I love looking at you, watching you. Tonight was the most exciting night I have ever had in the entire time we have been married. You looked so beautiful up on that stage. I didn't even know you could dance like that. 225 "Then when you decided to allow those strangers to touch you, I almost... well, I almost did. Then the look on your face when they were touching you, I did without even touching myself. I love you and whatever you want that will make you happy is yours." 226 "Umm... I don't know what to say to all that except that I love you very, very much and that I am yours to do with as you please." 227 George's eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open, in surprise at my statement. I smiled up at him spreading my legs just an inch wider to acknowledge what I said was true. 228 "What are we talking about Marie?" 229 "I don't know, where were you headed with your little speech?" 230 "I told you. Now what are you getting at my dear?" 231 "What I'm getting at is that I will do anything for you. Anything you want me to. I love you and I will endeavor to make you happy. I will be happy only if you are happy." 232 "Umm... I also will do whatever you need me to do to make you happy." 233 "Are you sure my darling? Are you sure you're willing to do anything I ask?" 234 "Yes, anything. Will you do anything I ask?" 235 "Yes. Yes. Yes." 236 George leaned down and kissed me on the lips hard. I ran my fingers through his hair. Grabbing two handfuls of his beautiful hair, I pushed his head down my body. He slowly moved with my hands. I stopped at my breasts letting him suckle for a few seconds. Lower I pushed. His tongue shot out and into my navel giving me a chill that ran up my spine. Further, down I pushed. Now he was starting to resist just a little. 237 "Are you sure you want this?" he asked me. 238 "More than anything else in the world right now," I answered him with lust in my voice. 239 His head moved out of my grasp. The next thing I knew his tongue was lapping up our combined juice from my pussy. My passion soared as his tongue pressed through my velvety lips into my vagina. Grabbing his head once more, I pressed his face into my crotch and started bucking my hips smearing our love all over his face. 240 "Oh god, oh god, that's it baby eat my cum drenched pussy. Oh god, that feels so good," I screamed in pleasure. 241 He licked me all over after that. His hot tongue felt wonderful on my body, when he was back up by my face I grabbed him and licked our cum off him. He was delicious. Then I plunged my tongue into his mouth so I could taste the both of us. 242 "That was wonderful," I told him. "I love you so much." 243 "I love you too." 244 "What would you like me to do darling?" 245 "You have already done it my sweet. If I think of something else I will let you know." 246 "Okay, remember anything you want." 247 "I will. Now let's take a shower and go to bed." 248 "Yes, my darling." 249 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 250 "Now what was it that you wanted to talk to me about sweetie?" I asked Mark as we lay next to each other in bed. 251 "Oh, it was nothing." 252 "It was something, now what was it sweetheart?" 253 "I was just wondering." 254 "Wondering what?" 255 "How far you would go?" 256 "Go where?" 257 "How far you would let some guy go with you? Would you have sex with another guy?" 258 "Mark! Whatever are you talking about of course I wouldn't do that!" 259 "Even if it was okay with me?" 260 Silence filled the bedroom. I was shocked to hear that from my loving husband. I also felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach that shocked me even more. 261 "You would want that?" 262 Now the silence was on him. The future of our lifestyle was now in his court. I lay there wondering how he would play the ball. 263 "Now you're mad at me?" Mark asked. 264 "No darling I'm not. Now answer the question." 265 "I can't, not yet. I need to think some more." 266 "About what sweetheart?" 267 "The answer to your question." 268 "Oh. You know I love you darling?" 269 "Yes, I know. I love you too, with all my heart." 270 "But you... have been... what... thinking about me with other men?" 271 "Well, you were tonight, in a way. Is there that much difference between what you did tonight and whatever?" 272 "Of course there is. Oh dear, oh dear you don't think....you wouldn't... you don't think that I enjoyed tonight too much, do you?" 273 "Oh god no! No, sweetheart. I loved watching you enjoy yourself tonight. Really." 274 "Then what is it you are thinking?" 275 "I don't know right now. I need to think. Okay?" 276 "Sure sweetheart, sure." 277 "I love you, baby." 278 "I love you too." 279 "Good night my sweet." 280 "Good night Mark." 281 I rolled over as he turned out the light. He snuggled up against my back sliding his arm around my waist and laying his hand on my stomach. I sighed softly at his touch my mind racing with the thoughts put there by his questions. Eventually, I fell asleep in my wonderful husband's arms. 282 Chapter VI The schedule Mark and I had worked out had me working at the 'Shack' the next weekend. I had been waiting for Mark to bring up the subject he had broached but to no avail. He worked every day and night at the club. With my schedule at my day job, we didn't see each other at all. A quick phone call at lunch was about all the talking we did that week. I had just arrived home from my day job, Marie was with me, and I found Mark sitting at the kitchen table feeding the children. I smiled at the scene as Marie pitched in to help with them. 284 For the next hour and a half, it was all about the children. There was no time for adult talk. There wasn't even time for Mark and me to kiss each other hello. We were both happy to be together with our children though. Marie was a jewel helping us get them ready to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend. My father pulled into the driveway right on time. Mark and I went out, strapped the children in the car seats, and told them to be good just like any other parent would. My dad kissed me on the cheek a told me they would be back Sunday afternoon. I kissed him back and stood there waving at them as they drove off. 285 Mark put his arm around my waist as we walked back to the house. He pulled me close as we walked without saying a word. As we stepped in the back door, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me so hard that I thought he might split my lip. His passion, hidden until now, exploded into the open. 286 "God I love you so much. I have missed you too," he told me as he hugged me tightly. 287 "I love you too darling, I've missed you too," I told him hugging him back. 288 He pressed his lips to mine gently. I parted my lips to allow his tongue to invade my mouth. I was starting to heat up as my man kissed me pulling me into his strong muscled chest. Pushing me away, he looked into my eyes as I smiled at him. His beautiful blue eyes filled with passion, passion I could imagine, as I'm sure, mine filled with passion too. 289 "We have to get ready, you're on the schedule at eight, first dancer at the 'Shack'," he told me. 290 "First," I gulped, "you put me on first tonight. Oh my god, no I can't go first. Not on the second night of being a stripper, no, call Gail and change it, now." 291 "Nope, you're first, Marie is second," Mark said as we walked into the kitchen where she was sitting. 292 "Second, that's cool. I was first on Thursday night, so second will be just fine tonight," Marie babbled. 293 "Mark," I scowled. 294 "First, sweetheart, you will be first tonight. Tonight I will be sitting in the 'Pit' watching you work." 295 "Oh my god, first," was all I could say. 296 Marie grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to get ready. We had to leave in twenty minutes. 297 "Is George going to be there tonight?" 298 "You bet. He's going to meet us there. He's dropping Kacy off at my mom's house as we speak." 299 "Oh god, how was going first for the night?" I asked her. 300 "It... was a treat. I really liked it, I set the mood for the whole night on Thursday," Marie told me proudly. 301 "Oh god, oh god. What will I do, how do I set the mood for the whole night? Geez, why did he do this to me?" 302 "Because he loves to not only watch you expose yourself to all those men, he loves to watch you squirm." 303 "What?" 304 "You'll see. Tonight he will set the pace for you in the 'Pit', just as George set it for me on Thursday." 305 "What do you mean set the pace?" 306 "You'll see my dear, you'll see." Marie smiled wickedly at me as she helped me get my hair just right. 307 "Oh god," was all I could say. 308 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 309 As we left the house, Mark was driving with Sally sitting next to him. I was alone in the back seat. My face hurt from smiling so much the last couple of days. They had even noticed my mood at work. Once we were down the road from their house Sally undid her seatbelt and crawled in the back seat with me. 310 "Hold me Marie, I'm so nervous about tonight," Sally told me. 311 I wrapped my arms around her as I smiled at Mark in the rearview mirror. I hugged Sally feeling her shake and shiver. Mark was splitting his attention between the road and us. I gave him a stern look and nodded toward the front of the car. 312 "My dear it won't be as bad as you are building it up in your mind, I assure you." 313 "I know but... just kiss me, darling," Sally told me. 314 I pressed my lips to hers, they were soft and pliant. The heat in her lips turned me on. Her tongue flicked between her lips to touch mine. I opened my mouth in invitation. We kissed and frenched until Mark pulled up to the back door of the club. I was so turned on by then that I wouldn't care what I had to do once inside, I just hoped Sally felt the same way. 315 "Now I feel better, let's go dear I have a show to put on tonight, I really hope you're up for it sweetheart," Sally told Mark as she climbed out of the back seat. 316 I followed a short distance back as they hugged each other as they walked to the back door. When we got to the door, Mark knocked. The door popped open and Sam, one of the bouncers let us inside. Sally grabbed my hand and we went trotting off to the dressing room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mark head for the entrance to the 'Shack'. 317 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 318 I dragged Marie back to the dressing rooms with me, she would be up right after me and she could help me pick an outfit that would drive the people wild. Then I would help her select an outfit to keep them going. 319 Standing in front of the rack of sexy, gauzy outfits, I eyed them with trepidation. First, how could Mark do this to me? Marie held up a beautiful yellow evening dress, with dark blue sequins in a branch and leaf pattern down one side. The top would barely cover my breasts as I danced around the stage, but that was the whole idea. I tried it on and looked at myself critically in the full-length mirror. The material clung to my skin. It moved with me, not after me. I could see every goosebump on my body, including the two biggest ones on my chest. 320 Marie clapped her hands together as she watched me turn and twist to see myself in the mirror. Nodding my head, I turned back to the rack and spied a brilliant red sheer dress hanging there. It was as if it was made for the petite redhead standing beside me. Pulling It down I handed it to Marie who stripped and slid the gown on. She looked spectacular. I could see her breasts and her pussy through the material. It was as if she was wearing nothing. 321 Standing in front of the mirror Marie was nodding to herself as she watched how the material moved with her as she twirled before the mirror. 322 "You have excellent taste and a good eye for what will titillate the men in the audience," Marie told me. 323 "As do you my dear, as do you," I hugged her to me as we both heard Gail yell, two minutes. 324 The warm-up music started and I rushed to get my hair done. Marie pushed it up into a pile on the top of my head and put some clips and a tiara in to hold it in place. A pair of evening-length black cotton gloves and I was ready to make my entrance. Oops almost forgot shoes. A pair of black stilettos and I was ready. 325 I stood just behind the curtain waiting for my music to start. The curtain whooshed to the side and I was standing in the dark looking out at the crowd of horny men. I spotted George and then Mark sitting right up front at the foot of the stage. I smiled wondering what Mark would do to me to set the pace. I shivered as I thought about the possibilities. 326 I didn't have long to think as my music started and the lights hit me in the face blinding me for an instant. I threw my arm up and twirled. I heard the roar of the crowd and this gave me a chance to clear my eyes. Most of the girls started with their eyes closed when the light came up, but like an idiot, I was looking at my wonderful husband. 327 I stepped out and started to dance to the song playing. Around the edge of the stage, blowing kisses to the people in the front row. As I passed Mark, he smiled a wicked smile and licked his lips slowly. Wondering what was on his mind, I almost missed the end of the song. By now, I should be down to a g-string but as I wasn't wearing one, a surprise for Mark, I continued to dance in the slinking yellow dress. As the second song hit the halfway mark, I shrugged the straps off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I was now completely naked, brightly lit, and standing on a stage in a room filled with horny people. I loved it. 328 Spinning around I looked at Mark who was waving two twenties at me. Dancing over to him, I squatted down in front of him. He handed me the bills and immediately plastered his mouth to my pussy. I was so shocked I froze for an instant. His tongue was twirling around the entrance to my vagina causing me all kinds of pleasure. One of his hands was on my left breast and the other was squeezing my ass. I was shocked, dismayed, and excited beyond belief. If this is what he wanted, then so be it. I pushed his head away from my pussy looking him in the eye. He nodded yes, as I raised my eyebrow. The second song ended as I climbed to my feet. 329 As the third song started I stomped my foot and twirled on the ball of my foot. When I stopped, I was facing George. George held a fifty up for me. Sauntering over to my best friend's husband, I squatted down gabbed the fifty from his hand, and pulled his face to my soaking wet crotch. His tongue shot out of his mouth and into my vagina. I screamed as he tweaked my nipple and lapped my juices from my pussy. I was coming hard as I caught sight of Mark. He was smiling and nodding a bulge in his pants as he watched George eat my pussy. 330 I stood up and twirled again this time facing across the stage. There were about ten guys waving fifties and hundreds in the air, but what caught my eye was a geeky-looking guy waving a twenty. I high-stepped it over to him. 331 "I'm sorry I don't have but this twenty, I'm a medical student... " I grabbed the twenty from him and pulled his face to my crotch. 332 "Eat me like there is no tomorrow doctor," I shouted and stuffed the twenty back into his shirt pocket. 333 His tongue was long and slipped into me with ease. He lapped at my pussy and it felt like I was being fucked right there on stage. I stayed there longer than I should have but it felt so good I couldn't move. Racked with orgasm I saw two bouncers heading our way. I shook my head 'no' at them and let go of the young man's head. Pushing his face away, I looked into his thankful eyes. 334 As I stood up my music ended and I waved at everyone and walked to the back of the stage where Marie was waiting to go on. 335 "Good luck, how much do you want to bet George does the same thing to you." 336 "I hope so, then I'm going to have Mark do me," she quipped. 337 I swatted her ass as I went backstage and put on the same royal blue number I had on the first night. Walking out to the floor, I saw Mark waiting for me. I pointed toward the stage and whispered in his ear. 338 "Marie wants you to eat her after George," he froze and then almost ran to the edge of the stage. 339 I watched as he stood there waiting for her to notice his cash waving in the air. Marie was squatting in front of George as he lapped at her sex. As Marie stood, she smiled down at Mark and pranced over to where he stood. Squatting down she pulled his head to her pussy. Throwing her head back, she yelled as he licked her. She was crying by the time his turn was over. Marie went on to four other guys before her set finished. 340 She was sweaty and panting, by the time she emerged from the back of the club. George was smiling at her, his cock stiff in his pants. Mark was standing next to me a grin on his face that made Marie blush. 341 "You taste wonderful," Mark told her making her blush even more. 342 "As do you my dear," George said to me making me blush too. 343 "Now go do what you want to do my dear," Mark told me with a nod of his head. "I'll just be over there," he turned pointing to a table in the corner, "watching over you, I promise." 344 I smiled at my wonderful husband, grabbed Marie's hand, and headed out into the pit. It would be a long wonderful night. I could already see the guys at the tables, clearing spots for us to sit while they licked and played with our pussies. Tonight would be another night of firsts and I was so excited I expected to be coming all night long. 345 ~ ~ The End ~ ~ 346 https://www.literotica.com/s/grandmas-dirty-movies "Nice," I sighed as I looked at the little old lady puttering around in the backyard, blissfully unaware that I was watching her so intently, and even if she was aware of my staring I'm fairly sure she had no idea what thoughts were going through her favorite grandson's head. 348 It was a warm day, and the little blonde had decided to take off the shirt she was wearing and had tied it around her waist. The wardrobe change was an improvement, because the tank top she was wearing showed off her incredible assets so much better than the loose shirt had. 349 "What a pair of tits!" I said to the empty kitchen as I stared at the massive mammaries wiggling around under the pink tank-top, barely contained by the bra she was wearing. 350 "Too hot for a bra, Grandma. Think how much more comfortable you would be without it," I suggested to myself, and the mention of the word Grandma excited me, even though I knew how perverted it was for me to be mentally undressing my mother's mother like I was. 351 It was also sick to think that I knew what size bra my grandmother wore, which happened to be a 32D, a tribute to her petite frame as well as her large bosom. You didn't see that size in many of the J.C. Penney catalogues I spent my wonder years drooling over, and neither did you hear the word "bosom" much anymore either. 352 It was a word that I remember my mom using once when she was talking to Grandma about some dress she wanted to by, and when Grandma told her she should buy it I recall my Mom saying she would if she had Grandma's bosom. I guess Mom didn't get the tit genes passed down to her, because she's flat-chested. 353 Not Grandma though. Her tits seem to get bigger all the time, and now in the yard those babies looked amazing, especially when you looked at the petite frame they were attached to. Grandma's legs were slender and her butt was small, she had no wait and her arms were lean and supple, but oh man, those breasts! 354 I was supposed to be helping my grandmother get ready for summer by putting the screens in the windows, but I figured I deserved a break, and what better way was there to pass the time than checking out my grandmother. 355 Grandma had been picking up around the back yard, gathering up the things that had blown back there during the winter, and when she looked up and saw me she smiled and waved to me. 356 "Hi Grandma," I mouthed to her as I returned the wave with my left hand, since my right one was occupied. 357 I nodded as Grandma wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand, dramatically indicating that it was warm out there. It's hot in here too Grandma, I wanted to say as I looked at the glistening moistness of her underarm and the faint peach fuzz that coated the pale hollow, and I suddenly became aware that I needed to stop pulling on my cock through my shorts or else something nasty was going to happen. 358 "Back to work," I said, ending my conversation with myself and grabbing the next screen. 359 This was a ritual that I had been doing for a number of years, since Grandpa passed away. Each spring I would come out and help my grandmother get the old farmhouse ready for summer. Putting in screen windows, taking the storm windows out and bringing her patio furniture out from the shed - things like that. 360 Come fall I would do the opposite to get her set for the long cold winter. I didn't mind doing it for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that I loved her, but I admit that there was a sexual attraction that I first attributed to typical teenage lust. 361 I'm almost 19, so I still qualify as a teenager, but I'm no kid. Strangely enough, I'm not that interested in girls my age. Older women always turned me on, and maybe it's because they seem to be attracted to me. I've got a baby face, with dimples and long blonde hair that people say makes me look like the kid that played Dennis the Menace on an old TV show. 362 I'm Jordan Wilson... 363 My name is Jordan Wilson, and will be attending our local Community College in the fall. Nothing remarkable about me academically, and as far as sports go, my only accomplishment is riding the bench on the soccer team. I'm 5'8" and about 135 pounds soaking wet, so while I guess I'm considered attractive looking, with one exception I'm rather nondescript. 364 I do fairly well with the opposite sex, although I could do a lot better if I wanted to. The thing is, I find myself more attracted to older women, and as far as I'm concerned, if they are attractive, there's no such thing as too old. 365 There's something about getting your cheek patted and being fussed over that really excited me. I know that it really bugs some guys when older folks do that to them, but not me. I love the attention and the physical contact. 366 I have a friend who was all excited a while ago because he had gotten hold of some X-rated movies. He stayed over at my place and we watched them in the bedroom at a low volume. One of them was about this woman who ended up fucking her son, and even though I knew they were actors the idea was exciting. 367 "Man, no offense but I would do your Mom in a second," Todd said while we watched this big titted woman suck on her son's cock. "You ever think about that?" 368 "No," I lied, and I felt uncomfortable about talking about this with Todd, for a reason I will get to shortly. 369 "You should just show her your cock," Todd suggested. "Yours is as big as that dude's is. Maybe bigger." 370 Truth be told, I had "accidentally" exposed myself to my mother a couple of times, and while she did a double-take the first time, she did not attack me or anything, and actually seemed a bit scared of it. 371 What made me uncomfortable about this talk of fucking our mothers was not because I would have loved to have screwed my Mom. The problem was that the woman that took my virginity was HIS mother, and what brought it on was showing Mrs. Baylor my cock. 372 It was unintentional, at least at my end. I was swimming at Todd's house and was changing into my swimwear. The door popped open and there I was with my cock flopping around while I stepped into my trunks. 373 Betty Baylor did more than a double take. She just stood and stared at me until I got my trunks up, and then she called my house the next day, asking me if I could come over to help her do something. 374 She was all over me the moment I stepped inside, and me telling her that I was a virgin only seemed to inflame her. I was probably pretty bad at first, but by the time I staggered out the door hours later I was considerably better. Maybe it was because she was a divorcee, or maybe she just had a thing for big cocks. Either way was fine by me. 375 What that did was to make me feel a little creepy about talking to Todd about stuff like this. He would probably freak out if he ever found out that I screwed his mother. I think it might bother me if the situation was reversed, even though I consider myself enlightened in that regard. 376 After seeing Betty Baylor's reaction to seeing my stuff, I learned a couple of things. One thing was that I'm very well-endowed. That wasn't really news to me, since I had noticed the looks I got from the guys in the locker room. I guess what makes me look even bigger is that the rest of me is so scrawny. Put my 9" on a big guy and it wouldn't seem all that out of the ordinary. 377 The second thing I learned was that seeing Todd's mother's reaction turned me on. I'm not what you would call an extrovert by any means, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the looks I would get from other people, even guys, although I don't go that way. It's not like anybody ever oohed and aahed over my grades or goal scoring ability. 378 As the day went on... 379 The last room that I put the screen in was my grandmother's bedroom, and she was in there with me, helping keep the curtains out of my way as I removed the storm windows. Grandma still smelled nice to me as we worked in close quarters, and I did my best not to stare at her chest while working around her. 380 "Where would I be without my Jordan?" Grandma said, as I finished up, giving me a pat on the rear as I walked past her. 381 "New TV?" I asked when I saw what looked like a new set on the stand in the corner. 382 "I splurged a little," Grandma said of the small flat screen set, and when I looked to see what brand it was I noticed that there was a VCR hooked up to it. 383 "What's this?" I asked when I saw a couple of video tapes on the shelf below. 384 "Oh nothing nothing," Grandma huffed, talking them out of my hands and easing me out of the room while she blushed. 385 "Grandma!" I said, enjoying the look on her face as her pink face turned red. 386 "Your grandfather's things!" she said, dismissing what I had seen as being her husband's. 387 I let her usher me out, but when she took a shower after dinner I snuck back into her room to make sure what I had seen was not a hallucination. 388 Sure enough, there were a half dozen VHS there, and all of them were porn tapes. The titles of two of them nearly floored me. The one was called "Taboo 2", which must have been a sequel to the movie that Todd had shown me. 389 The second one was called "Mature Women and Their Boy Toys", and as I looked at the matronly women on the box cover with their young studs I couldn't help but notice that the box was empty. The tape was inside the VCR. 390 My Grandma is a great cook and she has a knack with flowers and things, but she's a lousy liar. I knew she was bullshitting me when she tried to pin the existence of the porn on my grandfather, but actually seeing the tape inside the VCR gave me an instant hard-on. 391 I wanted to go into the bathroom, strip down and get in the shower with my grandmother. I wanted to tell her that I thought it was so hot that she watched dirty movies - porn with older women getting fucked my young dudes - and wanted to show her that her little Jordan wasn't really little any more. 392 I didn't though, and chose to wait. The night was young. 393 **** 394 The evening brought with it thunderstorms, and that always freaked my Grandma out. It started when I was taking a shower myself, and I finished up when I heard her scurrying around out in the hall, warning me about how dangerous it was supposed to be in the shower during a storm. 395 Grandma thought everything was lethal when there was lightning around - telephones, appliances - everything was a potential danger in her mind. If I wasn't there I suspected she would have gotten into the closet and hidden like she often did, so I hurried up and dried off, got my pajamas on and joined her in the living room. 396 Grandma was huddled at the end of the couch, clutching the top of her robe together with one hand as she stared at the TV, which was turned on but was showing nothing but static. 397 "The cable went out," Grandma said. "Don't touch it." 398 "The storm is passing over," I said, noting the faint rumblings of the thunder that was heading east. "Funny how somebody who has no problem picking up snakes or slapping a band-aid on a cut that should get a couple of stitches, gets so shook up over thunder and lightning." 399 "You sound like your father now," Grandma said, shaking her head and smiling. "Darn cable." 400 "We could watch a movie," I suggested. 401 "Okay," Grandma said. "I could make us some popcorn. You pick us out something you want to watch." 402 "Be careful that storm doesn't come back while you're near the microwave," I kidded as she went into the kitchen. 403 After she left the room, I hurried into her bedroom and grabbed the movie I wanted to see. After getting back into the living room, I popped the tape into the VCR, stopping it just before it started to play, and then positioned myself near the little rack that held a couple of dozen VHS tapes - NOT the kind that were in the bedroom but good old family fare - and waited for Grandma to return with the popcorn. 404 "Have you ever seen "Fried Green Tomatoes", Jordan?" Grandma asked as he eased back into the couch with the bowls of piping hot Pop Secret. 405 "I was thinking of something more along the line of this," I suggested while coming over to join Grandma on the couch, holding up the box that "Taboo 2" had been in before I put in the the VCR. 406 "Jordan!" Grandma said sternly. "Why I didn't throw those things out before I'll never know." 407 "Grandma," I said while easing down next to her. "You're the world's worst tale teller." 408 "What do you mean?" 409 "Those movies weren't Grandpa's," I said with a chuckle. "Grandpa's ticker wouldn't have made it past the opening credits. It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know. Still being interested in sex, I mean." 410 Grandma was shell-shocked, and her weathered hands were shaking as she held onto the popcorn bowl tightly. 411 "Heck, you ought to go down to that senior citizen center in town," I said. "Get hooked up with one of the other eligible widowed folks.' 412 "Bunch of old fossils," Grandma scoffed, getting a little feisty at the thought of hanging around with a bunch of folks as old as she was. 413 "Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace," I suggested. "Heck, you could even go out to that club out on Route 28 and try to meet somebody." 414 "Get laughed at, more likely," Grandma mused. "Not too many men there looking for a 64 year old woman." 415 "You don't look 64, Grandma," I said. "I'm not saying that because you're my grandmother either." 416 It was true, because she could easily pass for ten years younger, even with the silver mixed in with her golden locks. 417 "You've got an amazing body too," I said. "For any age." 418 The look my grandmother gave me suggested that I might be treading into dangerous ground, but the more I thought about it, maybe I wasn't the spider stalking the fly. What if Grandma had put those tapes there for me to see? Who was playing who, anyway? 419 "Where did you get the tapes, Grandma? Did you go to an adult bookstore or something?" 420 "Ordered them by mail," she mumbled while looking at the popcorn. "I could never face anybody buying them." 421 "You should have gotten them on DVD. Picture's better. You can pick up a DVD player for next to nothing these days," I opined. 422 "Never be able to hook up one of those contraptions," Grandma concluded. "Now that you know about these dirty movies, Jordan, please promise me something." 423 "Sure." 424 "If something ever happens to me, please make sure nobody - you know - sees those things here." 425 "I promise," I assured her, trying not to chuckle at the thought of Mom finding Grandma's porn stash scaring her more than death itself. "Now how about the movie?" 426 **** 427 As I hit the play button, I tried to imagine how many 18 going-on 19 year old guys were watching a porn movie with their grandmothers at that exact moment? I reached into the bowl for some munchies, patting Grandma's hand on the way. 428 "This is positively evil," Grandma said as I fast-forwarded through the coming attractions. 429 "Maybe," I replied. "It's better than watching it alone though, isn't it?" 430 What did Grandma do when she watched the porn in bed, I wondered? Did she play with herself? Did she have a dildo? A vibrator? I kicked myself for not looking in her night table drawer, imaging what my reaction would have been in seeing a big black dildo. 431 "Here we go," I said. 432 **** 433 Grandma was breathing loudly, still gripping the popcorn that she seemed to have lost interest in eating, so I took the bowl from her and set it on the coffee table. 434 "Have you seen the first Taboo movie?" I asked, and when Grandma nodded yes I told her that I had seen it as well. 435 "The woman that plays the mother - she's really hot looking." 436 "Kay Parker," Grandma said softly as she watched the screen intently. 437 "She's got big breasts," I opined. 438 "She certainly does," Grandma agreed. 439 "Are yours as big as hers?" I asked, looking over at Grandma who clutched her robe together. 440 "Heavens no, Jordan," Grandma said. 441 "I'll bet they are," I said, glancing back at the screen where a butch looking blonde was giving the busty brunette a massage. "When I saw that first movie I imagined you playing that part." 442 "Jordan..." 443 "Would you show me?" 444 "Jordan, I'm an old woman. I don't look anything like these ladies," Grandma said. 445 "I'll show you mine," I said, knowing how silly that sounded but not caring. "I'll show you mine and then you can show me yours. I want to see your breasts." 446 Grandma shook her head no briskly, but when I took her hand and brought it toward my lap she offered little resistance. 447 "These movies - this filth," Grandma said. "They make you think such dirty thoughts." 448 "I know Grandma," I agreed. "Bit it isn't the movie that caused this though. It's you." 449 "No!" Grandma said after I brought her hand inside the fly of my pajamas and pressed her wrinkled fingers onto my rock-hard cock. 450 She jerked her hand away from the hot flesh, but I held onto her hand as I undid the snap of the pajama bottoms, and the clicking sound made Grandma look in that direction. 451 "OMIGOD!" Grandma practically shouted when she saw my erection swing out from underneath the fabric, and she quickly turned her face to the wall in an effort to keep from looking at it. 452 "What's the matter, Grandma?" I asked, squeezing her little hand tight. "Don't you like it?" 453 "This is wrong," she said, her eyes watery and her chin quivering. 454 "No it isn't," I insisted. "I love you. Look at my cock. Look how excited you've made me." 455 I kept hold of my grandmother's hand and kept looking at her trying not to look, and I knew then that this was what Grandma wanted to happen. Maybe as badly as I did. 456 "Don't be afraid, Grandma," I said as she finally looked down at my crotch. "I want you to look at me. Don't you like my stuff?" 457 "You're - you're like the boy in the movie," Grandma finally said, looking dazed. "You're so very well developed. How can this be?" 458 "I dunno, Grandma," I said, bringing her hand over to it again. "Just stroke it for me. That's it." 459 "Can't get my hand around it," Grandma said, almost apologizing as her pale little fingers strained to get halfway around my manhood, and a large bead of pre-cum appeared at the puckered tip of my dick. "You're such a little boy, Jordan. How can you have such a large penis?" 460 "I'm not a boy anymore Grandma. I'm a man. I don't know how it got so big. Maybe it's because I play with it a lot. I jerk off a lot thinking about you, Grandma. Do you know that? I do. Just stroke it for me. That's it." 461 I had my hand over hers, and the trembling of her fingers only made me more aroused. If her grip was any tighter I would have cum right away, but even given her light touch, just seeing her hand on my cock, with the Grandmother's ring we had given her sparkling with all the colors of our stones, was bringing me to the brink of orgasm. 462 "Yes - yes," I gasped, having let go of her hand and enjoying seeing hers slide up and down the shaft all by itself. 463 That pale weathered hand - the fingers that had pinched my cheek - powdered my bottom - were rubbing the taut skin of my cock like I had always dreamed, and I was squirming, sliding down on the couch as my orgasm teetered on the brink for what seemed like forever, until finally... 464 "AWWW!!!" I screamed, as another hand slid down between my legs and grabbed my balls, squeezing and kneading them while bringing me over the edge. 465 I might have been speaking in tongues for all I know, because when I started cumming it felt like that time I stuck a fork in the electrical outlet out in Grandma's kitchen many years ago. My body tingled from the tips of my toes right on up to the top of my head, and I came. And came. And came. 466 I looked like Old Faithful, as jets of seed erupted out of my cock, flying a foot or so in the air before plopping down all over me, and by the time I finished cumming my Grandma's hands and wrists were dripping with ropes of my spunk. 467 Chapter 2.2 Grandma's hand was still stroking my cock as it began to deflate, and when I heard her sobbing I looked over at her. 469 "I'm sorry - I'm so sorry Jordan honey," Grandma cried. 470 "Sorry?" I replied, not understanding but needing to comfort her, so I leaned over and hugged her, letting her sob on my shoulder. 471 "I'm sorry," she whimpered. "I'm so evil." 472 "No you aren't," I insisted as I held her tight. "I wanted it. It wasn't your fault. I've wanted to make love to you all my life. If I didn't..." 473 "No," Grandma confessed between sobs. "I planned this. I'm going to end up in hell but I planned this all. I wanted us to - but when it started to happen I realized how horrible an idea it was." 474 "Grandma - please," I said. "I want to make love with you more than anything in the world. I want to do stuff with you like the ladies and the guys do in the movies. I want to put my cock inside of you and make you happy." 475 I stood up, holding out my hands, and when Grandma took them, I helped her to her feet and took her down the hall to her bedroom. 476 **** 477 "You're so beautiful," I said as I sat on the bed, with Grandma standing in front of me, her robe on the floor. 478 She was naked underneath, and when I first saw her I nearly fainted. Such a sweet and delicate flower she was, except for her breasts of course, the sight of which did not disappoint me a bit. 479 No, she didn't look like the ladies in the movie, but she sure didn't look like a 64 year woman either. Sure, there were imperfections; her stomach was trim but not tight, her bottom sagged a little, and I could see a faint network of blue veins around the bottoms of her breasts, but she was perfect in my eyes. 480 Her breasts were enormous, every bit as big and full as Kay Parker's were, and their size was such that it seemed impossible for her tiny frame to carry them. The massive bell-shaped jugs hung down to her stomach, and the aureoals, a very faint pink, were as big as saucers. 481 Her nipples, almost invisible at first, began to blossom before my eyes, and when I let my fingers graze them they popped out even further. When I glanced up, Grandma was looking at me for my reaction, seeming to be relieved at how excited I was. 482 I leaned forward, burying my face in her cavernous cleavage, and when my hands came up to cup her tits I was stunned at how heavy the doughy globes were. It took both of my hands to handle one of them, and I held the breast with the two of them while bringing the nipple to my mouth. 483 "Your tits are incredible, Grandma," I groaned as my fingers sunk into the plaint flesh, and Grandma seemed to relax, bringing her hands up to her hair and letting her fingers rake through her own silver and gold locks. 484 I eased my grandmother down onto the soft sheets, moving her further onto the bed as I ran my hands up her smooth, slender legs before parting them. Her pubic hair grew in a wide triangle, but the hair was so sparse that I could see her pussy lips clearly, and the labia were astonishingly large, making me think I could bury my entire face in her sex. 485 I lowered my face between Grandma's legs, and the aroma of her pussy was intense. Easily the most pungent pussy I had ever sampled, but the smell only made me crazier, and when I started lapping at her clit she started squealing and squirming. 486 I brought my hand into play, squeezing a finger into her pussy. Grandma might have had large labia, but her entrance was tight. If I had to force a finger in, what would it be like to try and get my cock into her? 487 "Relax Grandma," I sat as I rose to my feet, unable to wait any longer. "Let me put it inside of you. I can't wait any longer." 488 My cock was hard, and when I brought it between those lush pussy lips and ran it up and down the opening that I had made wet with my saliva, I saw my grandmother's hands clutching the sheets hard. 489 Her breastss - they still looked huge even with her on her back - were heaving up and down and Grandma was whispering - chanting "Omigod!" over and over again while I pushed the head of my cock into her opening. 490 "Ow!" Grandma cried out pathetically, but her hands were grabbing my hips, not pushing me away but pulling me into her, and after the ridge of the head of my cock popped inside of her, the rest of me slid in, impaling her as slowly as I could manage. 491 The tiny woman beneath me was practically bridging her upper torso off the bed, and she howled while my cock kept sliding deeper and deeper into her tight orifice. As I saw her eyes rolling back in her head, a scary thought crossed my mind. What if she ever...? 492 I eliminated that thought from my mind quickly and concentrated on fulfilling my, and her fantasy. Pulling my cock back out just as slowly as it had gone in, I left only the tip in before plunging back in again. 493 "Jordan!" Grandma squealed. "OMIGOD!" 494 I couldn't look at her, because she looked so sexy as she went crazy that I was already fighting to keep from cumming. While I could force myself to not look at Grandma with those big tits rolling around on her chest, I couldn't ignore her hands scratching and clawing at my arms and chest, her touch making me a bit crazy myself. 495 If that wasn't tough enough, when I began to thrust into her harder and faster, the stuff that came out of my grandmother's mouth was so out of character that I couldn't believe my ears. 496 "Harder!" Grandma screeched. "Fuck me harder, Jordan! Stick that horse cock of yours in me all the way. Yes! Fuck my cunt!" 497 Then Grandma was cumming, which was a good thing because I could no longer hold back my own orgasm. So as Grandma screamed obscenities while her body convulsed wildly, my cock sent my seed deep into Grandma's womb, urged on by the savage way her pussy contracted around my dick. 498 Suspending myself over Grandma with my arms, I looked down at the tiny lady who looked drained, her chest still heaving as the drops of my sweat rained down on her. Her body spasmed a couple of times - aftershocks of sorts - and then again when my cock slithered out of her. 499 "You okay Grandma?" I asked meekly, and she nodded. 500 "So good," Grandma whispered, and smiled when I kissed her, and continued kissing all the way down her body, smothering her wet jugs with my affection, and even going down to plant a kiss on her plump labia while my sap oozed out of her pussy. 501 A lot of things in life, when you look forward to something so much, when it happens, there's a let down. This was not one of those times. It was better than my wildest dreams, and I think I realized at that moment that no matter how long I lived and no matter how many women I got to savor, it would never get better than this. 502 "You should be in those movies," Grandma said after I crawled up next to her and cuddled close. 503 "Only if you're the co-star," I said. 504 "Who would want to look at me?" she said with a laugh, and a thought occurred to me just then, an idea that I would implement later. 505 *** 506 "Grandma!" 507 I most have dropped off for a little while, but waking up was fantastic, because what woke me up was Grandma's mouth on my cock. 508 "Grandma!" I said, feigning shock but enjoying the fact that she had my limp dick in her hand and her tongue was rolling all around the glans. 509 She hadn't put my cock in her mouth up until then, although we had made love two more times after our initial coupling. The last time I added a little spice to the mixture, with the addition of the video captured by my phone. 510 "Oh my stars!" Grandma had said when she saw herself on the little screen. 511 "I told you you look hot!" 512 "I look like a cow," Grandma replied as she saw herself on all fours, staring at the camera, those huge pendulous tits swaying down to the bedding as I took her from behind. 513 "Well, maybe I don't look as bad as I thought I would," Grandma said later as she watched the video again and again, fascinated by the technology as well as the thrill of seeing her getting fucked my her favorite grandson. 514 "I told you," I reminded her. "Just think of what we would look like with professional equipment, make-up and lighting." 515 Grandma had gotten a kick out of the thought of that, even though we were only kidding, and when I dropped off to sleep Grandma had apparently watched our little movie again and had gotten... aroused. 516 "Your penis looks as sore as I am down there," Grandma said as she held my flaccid dick gingerly, the reddish hue the result of thousands of thrusts in and out of her tight pussy. 517 "Feels nice when your wet tongue and mouth are on it," I said, brushing her hair back over her shoulder so I could watch her licking my cock. 518 "I don't want to get you all excited though," Grandma said. "I want to - really want to - but I'm so sore down there that I just can't." 519 I had seen the way she moved when she went to the bathroom before, walking like she was on a horse, so I believed her. 520 "You know, there is another orifice..." 521 "Jordan!" Grandma scolded me, giving my dick a playful bite at the thought of me taking her anally. "That would be the death of me!" 522 "Well, what you're doing there is nice," I opined as Grandma sucked on the knob of my cock tentatively. 523 "Been a long time," she said, looking at my cock that sparkled with her saliva. 524 "You're doing fine," I assured her. "So soothing. You know, if you wanted to, I could soothe some of your soreness away too." 525 "I'm a mess down there, honey," she said. 526 "I know. I helped make it, remember? I'm not afraid of it." 527 So Grandma worked herself around until we got into the '69' position, and I proved that I wasn't just talking as I ate her pussy like a starving man. We went down on each other passionately, and I got hard eventually, but wasn't sure whether Grandma was a swallower or not. 528 "That's it," I said after maneuvering my grandmother onto her back. "Squeeze those babies together tight." 529 I was straddling Grandma, and my cock slid in between those magnificent mountains of flesh, buried deep within her cleavage. It was wet and wild in there, and my cock slid effortlessly as we clamped her jugs around my tool. 530 Grandma giggled when I came, my sap tickling her as it trickled down from the valley and over her collarbone. Completely drained, I collapsed next to my grandmother, embracing her sweaty body with my own, and slept like a baby until the sun came up. 531 **** 532 I spent another weekend up there at Grandma's in the fall, taking down the screens and putting in the storms by day. At night, me and Grandma did what we did best. We made love and talked about things that we never would have talked about before. 533 "Is she a nice girl?" Grandma asked when I told her about Cathy, a fellow student who I had been dating for a while. How is she in the sack?" 534 "Not as good as you," I told her, and when she she rolled her eyes I assured her that was the truth. "You're the best." 535 "So are you," Grandma said. "And when I say that, I mean it." 536 Grandma had a boyfriend. She was afraid I would be upset so she resisted mentioning it, but when she saw how delighted I was at the news, she seemed relieved. 537 "These deserve a lot of attention," I said while playing with her tits, kneading the doughy flesh that I considered national monuments. "Tell me about him. Does he like these babies?" 538 "Oh, he's a breast man all right," Grandma chuckled. "He's a younger man too." 539 "Really?" 540 "Yes. He's 53. I chopped ten years off my age when we first met so I wouldn't scare him off," she admitted. "Don't want him to think he's with a senior citizen." 541 "Told you that you could pass for younger," I reminded her. "Are you and him - you know - not that it's any of my business or anything." 542 "Well, ever since you re-lit my pilot light, I found that I missed sex, so yes, we are doing it. It's different with him though." 543 "How so?" 544 "Well, it's only once a night once a week," Grandma chided. "And after it's over with him, I can put my legs together." 545 "I'm happy for you," I said, glad that she would have somebody to spend time with. "Now you have two men fighting for your affection." 546 "Well, I suppose we could all fit on this bed together," Grandma said with a wink that meant she was kidding, or so I thought. "I wonder what that would be like? Having two men at once?" 547 "Maybe Cathy could join us too," I laughed, and Grandma laughed as well, but after she laughed she got this look in her eye. 548 "I was kidding Grandma," I added. 549 "I know," Grandma said, nodding in a way that suggested her mind was elsewhere. "I know." 550 *** 551 thank you for reading 552 https://www.literotica.com/s/73-things-to-do-ch-01 She looked at herself in the mirror for a long time, sometimes turning this way, sometimes that. She smoothed her blouse down over her stomach, feeling only flat and hard-won muscle. Her breasts, finally healed from the surgery, defied gravity in a way that they hadn't since she was eighteen. A long time ago. They were still tender, unfamiliar. They made the woman feel like someone else. 554 Her thighs flexed slightly under her expensive wool skirt, rubbing together, the sensation pleasant. She pulled up the skirt a little, taking some time to look carefully at her legs. They were long, strong, glorious. Easily her best feature. She drug her fingernails lightly up her thighs and shivered. She ran her hands along her lower back and down over the stretched gray fabric of her skirt; her ass was perhaps not as taut as it once was, but it was still acceptable. There might be someone yet, someone out in the world, that would like to interact with it. 555 She hiked up her skirt and shimmied her panties off, pulled her skirt back down. The sensation was faintly dirty, a little delicious. She brought the crotch of the panties up to her mouth and nose, closed her eyes, inhaled. She hesitated, then dragged them along her neck, the tops of her breasts, her stomach. She unbuttoned one of the buttons on her silk blouse and lifted one of her new breasts, heavy and firm in her hand, rubbed the nipple with seam of fabric in her hand. Her eyes closed; a soft moan escaped her lips. 556 Without opening her eyes, groping along the low dresser that fronted the mirror, her fingers touched on a long and thick-bladed kitchen knife that was still sticky with blood. She absently wiped the end of the hilt on her skirt and carefully slid the handle up between her legs until it rested, cold, against that little knot of sensation at the center of her. Her head fell back. She kneaded her breast, pinched the nipple. She moved the haft of the knife in small circular motions, getting blood on her inner thighs, but she ignored this. She gasped and shifted the knife down, careful not to cut herself. She adjusted her posture, rested the tip of the knife against the top of the dresser, and then slid herself, slowly, down onto the stainless steel handle of the knife. She slid it back out, then in again; once, twice, three times. It was cold inside her, shocking. It was somethingnew. 557 She brought her panties to her mouth again and licked them, then pushed her head through one of the legs. She wrapped her fist in the damp cloth and twisted, the white fabric biting into her neck, deep enough to draw white to the fine skin. 558 She brought the knife up to her lips and licked the wetness, the taste of herself, from the handle. Her eyes fluttered; she twisted harder on the faintly damp cloth. She set the blade of the knife against the first button on her blouse and jerked it away. The button flew free, exposing slightly freckled and rounded skin. Slowly, she cut the rest of the buttons away, then worked the tip of the bloody knife under the side of her bra and sawed at it until it broke loose. Her breasts spilled out and the nipples hardened painfully in the air. 559 She toyed with one with the point of the knife, pressing in until the pain made her gasp. She was breathing heavily now, her eyes squeezed shut, her teeth clenched. 560 She carefully put the blade of the knife against her stomach and pushed slowly down, catching in her expensive skirt, and slipped the tip down until the flat of the blade lay against her lower lips, tangled in the shock of hair there. She turned it and jerked, savagely, parting the wool material and cascading it down that long fall of leg to land on the floor. She shrugged out of her blouse and remains of her bra, letting them fall as well. She slipped the cold blade of the knife up the side of her neck, working the tip under the shockingly white band of her panties, still drawn tight in her fist. She jerked the knife, and the panties fell away. 561 She sucked in air, shuddered, and wiped the last of the blood on the blade across her stomach. She opened her eyes. 562 She looked; studied herself in the mirror; dark hard nipples, a long and graceful neck, almost ridiculously large new breasts, the slim hips, a dark shock of pubic hair, her flat stomach, her disheveled hair, her half-mad eyes. 563 She looked down at the knife, considering. She dragged her index finger up the length of her sex, then sucked the sweetness from her finger, studying herself critically in the mirror as she did it. 564 She was still beautiful, and all of her scars were on the inside. Her intention had been to bring herself to climax, to come one glorious time, and then to place the barrel of the still-unused snub 38 under her chin and fire. But she hadn't climaxed, not quite. And she hadn't reached for the gun. She looked at the blood, shockingly red, smeared across her stomach. Surprisingly, she giggled. She looked back up into her eyes, reached down into the wet, hot place at the center of her. She took a deep breath, exhaled. Watched her body move and twist as she did it. Her eyes were hungry. 565 "Okay." She said, whispered. She dropped the knife. 566 She stepped over the body on the floor and went to a nightstand, rummaging around until she found a small leather-bound dream journal. She walked out of the bedroom and padded, naked, through the large and empty house. She sat at the kitchen table, the expensive hand-made wooden chair cold on her bottom, and sucked on the end of the pen thoughtfully, looking off into space for a while. Then she opened her eyes, looked down. She opened the journal, flipped to the first empty page. 567 After a moment's thought, she wrote two neat little words across the top: 568 'Things That I Want To Do'. The 'Before I Die' was implied. 569 After another moment of thinking, she put a neat '1', a period after it, and wrote a sentence in a tight, graceful hand. Then a '2'. 570 By the time she was done writing the thing after '73', her hand was cramped from writing, many of the pages were filled, and it was morning. She took a shower, briskly. Her head felt very light, very clear. 571 She had a lot to do. 572 ONE 573 I probably stood there for three or four minutes before the two people I was watching fuck in front of me realized I was there and jumped apart like two cockroaches under a beam of light. Wished I'd had my camera out to get a picture of their faces; I'd probably want to laugh about this later. 574 Not now, but later. Maybe. 575 The bass thump of the house system seemed to be groping my ass, pushing me through the doorway and into this ridiculous situation. A situation that I just didn't want to be involved in, or deal with, or even acknowledge. 576 But here I was. 577 "Did you," I said, in what I knew was a very deceptively calm voice, "even know I was working tonight?" 578 Jazmalin was a cartoonishly voluptuous blonde that made the term 'Stripper' seem redundant. Her breasts were covered in my boyfriend's sweat. She had amazingly large dark nipples that the customers liked to drink champagne off of when the bouncers were feeling generous. She looked at my boyfriend for a second, then back at me, wide eyed. "Um, who y'all talking to, honey?" 579 I laughed, with no humor in it. "You know what? Either one." 580 "Baby," Derek was saying, scrambling to get his pants back on. "Listen..." 581 "No, how about this: Fuck you." I said. Then I noticed something else and groaned, exasperated. "You son of abitch, really? You didn't even use a fucking condom?" 582 Jazmalin dropped her air of fake innocence and adopted one of fake outrage. "You told me..." 583 "Oh, shutup." I said, exasperated. "Everyone knows you hate the fucking things. Oh, and you're supposed to be on stage. Rog is about to trade you up." 584 She squeaked, such a 'blonde stripper' thing to do that it made me laugh in spite of the sight of my boyfriend's cock-sweat still drying on her thighs . She shimmied into her sequined dress-thing, stretching the fabric out over her too-large breasts. She gave me a woeful 'I'm sorry' look and I smacked her ass sharply as she left. It was all the punishment she would get from me, probably. 585 Derek had managed to get his pants back on. He really was a good looking fucker, but with that expression he looked like what he was: An overgrown boy, caught stealing by his mom. 586 "Baby..." He said. I cut him off with a sharp jerk of my head. 587 "No." I said. "I'm working, this place is fucking crazy, we're not going to talk about this now. Go the fuck home and take a shower." 588 "Baby it didn't mean nothing, she was just all over..." 589 I threw up my hands and turned away, walking down the seedy black-painted hallway, long since overgrown with stickers and flyers for various acting gigs and other dancer paraphernalia. I grabbed my tray and order cards from where I'd left them, on the makeup table and checked the mirror. I was handling this thing surprisingly well, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't crying or anything without knowing it. 590 Fucking Derek. And fucking Jazmalin... Funny shit was, I didn't even blame her. She was a slut and everybody knew it. Everybody including Derek; that was obvious now. It was my own fault, telling him all those funny fucked-up stories about her. Might as well put a steak in front of a bulldog. I sighed, looking in the mirror. 591 I couldn't even summon up much anger to throw at Derek. It wasn't like it was the first time. You could make a case that it wasn't even Derek's fault; it was as much in his nature as it was in Jazmalin's. Fool me once, shame on you, etc. If there was blame to lay, it probably went to the leggy brunette in the cocktail waitress dress that I was looking at in the mirror, a girl who could easily be making five times the money a night if she wasn't too chickenshit to get naked in front of people. The problem was Catherine Ames, who was stupid enough to be dating someone like Derek in the first place. 592 The problem wasme, twenty-seven years old and watching her life slide through her hands like a rope she can't be bothered to grab hold of. 593 Thanks, I'd like to be a writer someday. Writing is the province of the coward, right? I'll fit right in. 594 "Cat, honey, you okay?" This was Trish, coming off of a stint on the big stage. A fine sheen of sweat covered her dark skin. I wondered how much some of our patrons would have paid just to lick that sweat off those long, shapely legs of hers. She was toweling her short, punk hair, sending a fine mist of sweat into the air. Trish was cool; she maybe had a little crush on me but wasn't obnoxious about it. 595 I barked a quick laugh, more bitter than I thought it would be. Her eyebrows raised. 596 "Men." I explained. 597 She laughed. "I keep telling you." 598 She gave me a wink and I smacked her with my receipt book, watching her go. Truth? Maybe I'd been keeping her in my back pocket in case I decided to do something crazy, like fuck a stripper. I bit my lip, thinking, then looked back at myself in the mirror. I sighed. 599 As if. Cat the Coward. Cat of the unpaid loans for the degree she never got. Cat of the long string of Derek lookalikes. Cat of the Someday-Maybe's. Cat of the Never-Dreams. 600 I made sure all my parts were where they were supposed to be- our 'tress outfits here wasn't nearly as showy as some, but I had some skin exposed- and put my game face on. It was going to be a long night, and I was already sick to death of it. 601 The sad truth about strip clubs, bars, and amusement parks is this: They're fucking awful places to work. Sometimes I think there's an inverse square law in play, governing how much fun a place is to patronize versus how depressing it is to work at. I'm not sure why that is- just plain nihilism? Or perhaps it's to do with the relentless artifice of fantasy-lands. Whatever it is, it took a conscious effort for me to arch my back, paste a smile on my lips, fake a sparkle in my eye, and push out into the club. I wasn't up on the stage and nobody got to see me take my clothes off, but we 'tresses played a role just like the dancers. We were the facilitators, the smoothers, the procurers, the attainable- but nottooattainable- girls next door. We were the class. We made shit happen. 602 My club wasn't of the highest order, wasn't a Hustler or a Scores, wasn't a chain. But we were near the top, big, and we had a reputation for being a bit more relaxed about the letters of the laws than some clubs. The bouncers, the girls, the 'tresses; all had a complicated language of looks, gestures and signs that let us know what was on the table for a particular customer and what wasn't. Some days I called myself a glorified pimp and I wasn't much wrong, but I couldn't even muster up much outrage for that. It's not like anybody in this place had illusions about what we were selling. 603 I emerged into the cacophony of bass, booze and pseudo-sex just wanting to go home and watch a good TV show, something about beautiful exiting people doing immensely important things in beautiful exiting places. I just wanted to go somewhere and not bemefor a while. I felt like if even the slightest thing more went wrong, I'd scream. 604 So of course immediately the other 'tress on shift, Mary, found me. 605 "Cat," She said, "You gotta save me, honey." 606 Mary was one of those energetic, bustling people who, no matter what the actual size of their workload, were always just about to collapse into a panicked breakdown from overwork. 607 "What's up?" I said, groaning inside. 608 "Table 6." She said. "Some kind of high-class or something, whatever. I got this table of douche that think they got a shot and they're pouring money into me, baby fuckingpouring, but I gotta pay 'em some attention." 609 I tried not to sigh. "It's no problem, hon. What's her drink and poison?" 610 "Goose and tonic, no poison, she keeps turning down dances. Didn't have the time to find out. Thanks, C, I owe you like, six fingerbangs." 611 She bounced off. I shook my head. Mary was as likely to fingerbang me as marry Ellen. A straighter young woman hath never existed than our Dear Mary; a fact that caused much despair with our more 'ladies-focused' workmates. I looked over to 6; saw a good-looking woman, early forties maybe. Put together. Money. Didn't get many of that type in a place like this, but it was hardly unheard of. I started the laborious process of apologizing to my tables, flirting, taking hints, and eventually grabbing a goose and T from the bar. 612 On close inspection, the woman was even more out-of-the-ordinary than I'd thought. She had a piece of ice on her finger that would have bought a yacht and a dress that was worth more than I made in a month. She was pretty in a severe way, with coiffed blonde hair and tits that were too big for her frame. Fake, most likely, but good work. Long legs crossed under a dove-gray skirt; in shape the way these women usually were. 613 A trophy wife just past her prime, this one. Probably watched a few old seasons of the L word and was looking for something dangerous. Husband who had a younger woman; she was curious and out to get a little of her own. I could play this game all day long. 614 And I did; it was called my job. 615 "Hiya," I said, summoning my best friendly smile, "I brought you a fresh drink. On the house." 616 The woman quirked an eyebrow, smiled. She accepted the glass. 617 "Thank you." She said. She had a rich voice, an audiobook reader voice, the kind that sent little trills down your spine. I felt like she was maybe a bit nervous, definitely out of place. Didn't know what to do or who to talk to. I could see why Mary had ignored her; this was the type that probably wouldn't tip very well unless you figured out how to pick that lock. But if you did... Anyways, I had a few minutes and I always liked a puzzle. I sat down across from her. 618 "Now darlin'," Putting on my best Florida southern girl voice, "What brings a lady like yourself into a gin joint like this?" 619 She shrugged, a half-embarrassed, half-it's-too-complicated-to-easily-explain gesture. Her lips pursed in a little smile. They were great lips, set around a wide mouth. She was actually quite beautiful, long necked and poised, with that hard-fought physique that I'd always thought was sexy on older people that took good care of themselves. 620 "Just a whim." She said. I grinned. 621 "A whim?" I said. "What kind of whim, if you don't mind me askin'?" 622 "I don't mind." She said. When she looked at you, she had that direct gaze that cut right into your face- maybe she wasn't a trophy wife after all. Or not ONLY a trophy wife. She had something of the bearing of a CEO, a politician maybe. She looked around. "I've never been in... a place like this. I thought I'd try it." 623 "You never came with your husband?" I said, cutting my eyes to the ring. 624 "Ex-Husband." She said, softly. "Very recently so." 625 "A tale as old as time." I said. "Sorry, darlin'." 626 "Don't be." She said. 627 "Okay," I said, grinning, "I won't. Listen, I have to run around again, but we've got another couple girls coming in soon so I'll be able to pay some real attention to you, if you stick around. Maybe we can have some fun. Okay?" 628 "Okay." She said, and I flounced away, checking in one of the mirrors to see if she was watching me go- aaaaand she was. Had an eye for girls, then, but was used to hiding it. I was thinking either Trish or Danni; they'd both eat this one up. Which one she would like depends on if she liked boyish girls or girlie girls. I'm right in the middle, myself, so that doesn't help. 629 I had a little bounce in my step as I went to grab the rest of my tables- virgins were always fun. Anything, really, to distract me from this dead-fucking-end job and my cocksucker boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how much energy I had. He was good at backrubs, and I'd had worse in the sack. 630 I've had better, too, though. This whole train of thought made me tired and I couldn't afford to be tired, not four hours into a twelve hour shift, so I applied myself to the slightly less wearying task of making strip-club patrons happy. Which is not as easy as you might think, being as how our entire business model is built around NOT giving them what they want. 631 I fended off the usual advances from the usual guys who thought a 'tress in a place like this would be so overwhelmingly flattered to be paid attention to that she would immediately drag him in the back, find a handy closet, and fuck him silly. It was ridiculous, but then again, sometimes it worked. I suddenly remembered that I had met Derek that way. Oh my god-andthe guy before him... 632 I needed to get out of this fucking job. 633 Rog and Mike did the usual goddamn cock-up thing they usually did, which is leave a nearly full club to two servers for half the night, and then panic and call in an extra girl on top of the two that were already coming in. So in the space of ten minutes or so I went from absolutely crushed to having hardly anything to do. Fucking typical- and with rent due this week. Well- back rent. I was considerably behind. Because Derek didn't fucking work. 634 I forced myself not to think about money. Or about college loans. On a degree I did not have. In something I had no interest in doing. 635 I took a ten minute break and just stood there in the break room, staring at the ceiling. They'd offered to cut me, once they realized they had too many 'tresses on the floor, but I had no interest in dealing with the Derek situation just yet. And besides, even if my tables just got quartered, money was still money. 636 Suddenly I remembered the woman in 6 and swore softly to myself. Goddamn it, she was probably gone. I'd completely forgotten about her. I hurried upstairs and yep; sure enough, gone. 637 Goddamn it. I was certain I could have gotten her cracked, and made myself a nice tip while I was at it. Oh, wait- no. Not gone. Just gone to the bathroom. I felt an absurd sense of relief. I caught her before her table. 638 Chapter 3.2 "A drink." I said, "Anything you like, on me. I'm truly sorry." 640 "That's not necessary." She said, that voice tickling me in the tickling places. 641 "Oh, it is." I said. "Trust me. Please, let me make it up to you. Anything you like." 642 She smiled slightly, that little enigmatic smile. She glanced at her coat, and I had the idea that she'd been planning on leaving as soon as she got back from the bathroom. She gave me a considering look. 643 "Very well, on one condition." 644 "Sure." I said. "Anything." 645 "Get two of whatever you chose, and keep me company for a minute or two." 646 I smiled. "That sounds like a perfect plan. I'll be right up." 647 I went to the bar, breathing in relief. I hate disappointing customers, especially nice, non-obnoxious ones. Normally it would be frowned at to just hang out with one customer, but when there was enough help it was winked at, as long as we weren't keeping the dancers away. And that was definitely not my intention. My intention was to get this lady in a dark room with some very beautiful women and blow her mind. And hopefully she would be appropriately grateful. 648 I took up two mind erasers, always my strong drink of choice, and set my tray down on the little table that the couch circled around. She lifted her eyebrow at the viscous pink liquid. I grinned. 649 "Skullfucker." I said. She laughed, a low throbbing laugh. She just had the sexiest voice! I couldn't get over it. I always found my own shrill and flat, when I heard it recorded, but hers was lush and thick, like warm scotch or a clove cigarette. Or drowsy afternoon sex. 650 "That sounds like something I could use." She said. 651 "Right?" I said. I showed her how to do it, the straw-upside-down trick. Then sank into the cushions as the drink hit my system. Man, I DID need it. 652 "That's... interesting." She said, grimacing slightly. 653 "Bet you're probably more of a cocktail girl?" 654 "Wine, usually. Under normal circumstances." She said, smiling slightly again. 655 "But these aren't normal." I said, trying to twinkle my eyes. 656 "No." She said. She leaned back herself, spreading her arms along the edges of the couch, lifting her breasts and confirming my suspicions that they were fake. Very good work; spectacular even, but you don't work long in a club without learning your way around a breast or two. Or a thousand. 657 She crossed her legs, which were very definitely not fake, and very definitely spectacular. I felt a twinge of jealousy over my fatass little stumpers. I wonder how many thousands of miles those legs had put onto an elliptical to get that way. I'd seen a picture of an elliptical, once. She studied me; I let her. 658 "You're very beautiful." She said. I blushed; a studied blush, sure, but that's how this game was played. We'd flirt, get her comfortable, get her some confidence, and I'd find out what she wanted. She didn't really want me; they never did. You want a girl like me, you join a dating site and try to be clever, or send me roses at work, or... I don't know. Whatever. You come into a strip club, you don't come in for the cocktail waitress. You come in for the girls on stage. You settle for the cocktail waitress, and that's something many a 'tress has forgotten, to her shame and peril. 659 I've been in this game way too long to forget it. And Derek's recent little refresher course certainly helped with that. 660 "Thank you." I said. "So are you." 661 She blushed, a real one, and looked away. She was strange- she wasn't shy, I knew how to deal with shy. And I knew how to deal with direct and bold. But she was this curious mixture; like she wasn't shy by nature but she was struggling to overcome layers and years of caked on morality, or something. 662 "So," I said, relaxing in the seat, "What's your name, darlin?" 663 She bit her bottom lip, a really fetching gesture on her strong, aquiline features. A hint of softness in the sculpted planes of her face. She crossed her legs and I let myself check them out openly, knowing she would be flattered by it- and hopefully help her relax. 664 "Amy." She said, finally. "Amy Anderson." 665 This wasn't her real name, plainly, but I didn't raise an eyebrow. 666 "Hi, Amy." I said, leaning forward and extending a hand. "I'm Catherine." 667 She took my hand; strong fingers. "It's nice to meet you, Catherine." 668 I had this weird quick little flash of vision: me pulling her hand close, turning it, and licking the inside of her wrist. It would taste like perfume and salt and expensive body powder, I bet. I'd feel her pulse against my tongue. 669 I didn't do it, of course; I got those little flashes often. Always had; my mother had said it was the hallmark of an overactive imagination. And the sexual nature just meant that the good ol' Skullfucker must be kicking in. A lot of times alcohol just mellowed me out, but sometimes it made me horny as shit. Looks like I'd won the lottery! Which, if I kept going, would probably mean that Derek won the lottery too. Which just depressed the fuck out of me. I let her hand go and sat back. 670 "Well, Ms. Anderson," I said, putting an emphasis on the 'Ms', "How can we make our shocking lack of customer care up to you?" 671 She raised that eyebrow. "Make it up...?" 672 "Ignoring you so long." I said, playfully. "We like to keep our patrons happy." 673 She met my eyes- damn did she have some striking eyes. She seemed to be considering what to say. 674 "I..." She was interrupted by none other than Mary, who was dropping off two more Skullfuckers and a couple of beers. 675 "Thought y'all could use another drink." She said, giving me a wink. Good ol' Mary. 676 Amy had settled back, watching Mary go. Mary was a short little pixie girl, with the kind of curves you could only get on girls under 5'5"; just the best little ass in the world. I waited until Amy's eyes shifted back, and smiled. 677 "I'm sorry. Please continue." 678 She waved this off; the moment was broken, dammit. 679 "Well," I said, "How about a drink?" I had to get her back on her train of thought. 680 "I'm afraid a beer will be fine for me." She said. "Another of those things and you'll have to get me up off the floor." 681 "Party pooper." I said. 682 "I tell you what." She said, reaching forward to take the beer, twisting her white blouse as her heavy aftermarket breasts tried to escape her expensive bra, "I'll tell you what I was going to say, if you do both of those drinks." 683 I raised my eyebrow. 684 "Trying to get me drunk, Ms. A?" 685 She laughed, a low chuckle that made my spine do that trill thing. 686 "As drunk as me." She said. "Even footing." 687 I looked around; the crowd had thinned out a little and I had no tables. I looked at the drinks. Up at Amy. 688 "Deal." I said. "But then you tell me what you want." 689 Her lips pursed a little, then smiled. 690 "That's a deal." 691 I pulled the two glasses toward me, cracked my neck, and tossed them down. Alcohol never hits you immediately, the way it looks like it does in the movies, but these sure felt like they hit me right away. 692 "Gah." I said. "Fuzzy." 693 "Good." She said. She crossed those magnificent legs again. They were just absolutely spectacular- I'd put them, at let's say 42, up against a lot of the 23 year old legs that were wrapped around poles in this place. But these were strong, sure, tight. Like I said, I'd always found it sexy when older people took good care of themselves. 694 "So." I said, fighting off a wave of blur that crept across my vision. "I believe we were talking about how we can keep you happy. Which is something we are very interested in doing." 695 She looked at me for a while, long enough to take a swig or two of beer. She was relatively relaxed; whether it was the alcohol or just a friendly face, she was ready to let that guard down a little. 696 "I would like," She said, toying with the rim of her beer with a long finger, "If this kind of thing is... allowed... to watch two women..." She hesitated, as if unsure if she needed to be clearer. She did not. 697 "Ah." I said. For some reason I blushed, though I'd been certain that was the case. I smiled at her. "That can certainly be arranged." 698 "Is that a..." She seemed to be groping for a word, "Normal sort of thing? In a place like this?" 699 "Oh, honey," I said, laughing, "That's as normal as Budweiser and Apple Pie. A lot of the girls here, they love to put on a show. Especially with each other." 700 "And how about the Cocktail Waitresses?" She said, meeting my eyes. "Do they ever put on shows?" 701 I laughed and stood. "You're sweet. But when you meet Trish, you won't even remember that 'Cocktail Waitresses' exist, even ones as cute as me. Would you like to come along? You may be more comfortable in a private room." 702 She studied me for a moment, her eyes dark. Then she took my proffered hand and I pulled her upright. She was surprisingly light; she had such an air of gravity about her it was surprising to find that she was shorter and smaller than me. 703 "Lead on." She said, with a little smile. I pulled her along, still holding her hand, winding our way down through the tables toward the 'back'. I arched an eyebrow at Rog, he flashed a surreptitious '3' at me. I pulled Ms. Anderson down the dim hallway and into a very dark room lined with velvet so deeply red it looked black. 704 I gave her a little grin. I was flirting maybe a little too much, but I was getting pretty fuzzy. And she didn't seem the type to mind, or report me to my boss. 705 "You," I said, letting go of her hand, "Stay here. And make yourself comfortable. And I," I sketched a little bow, backing out of the room, "Will see you later." 706 I gave her a wink and made my way down the hall. 707 "High roller," I whispered to Rog. "No time limit and ignore the noise." 708 He raised an eyebrow, but accepted it. I knew my job. I went to find me some makeout girls. 709 Trish was finishing up at table dance and I gave her a jerk of my head. She met me back over at the bar. 710 "You got fifteen?" I said. "Got a rich virgin who wants a show." 711 "That one at table 6?" Trish said. 712 "Yep." I said, smiling inwardly. I knew she would have noticed. 713 "Yum yum." She said. "What kind of show?" 714 I hesitated. "What kind of show are you in for?" 715 She pursed her lips. "Rich?" 716 "Yep." 717 "Who's my partner?" 718 "Dalla." 719 "Hoping you were going to say you." She said, with a wicked smile. "But Dalla's fun. So... well, I'll play it by ear. I'd be up for some fun, if the price is right. Think she'll want to get involved?" 720 I thought about this. "I dunno. Like I said, a virgin. Seems like she'd be open to a little fun, though. Took a couple passes at me already." 721 "Well, who wouldn't?" Trish said, seeming to imply that a human person that didn't make several passes at me wasn't worth the blood that beat in their veins. I rolled my eyes. Trish would die flirting. 722 I had one of those little flashes and for a second I had the crazy urge to grab Trish's ass, pull her close, and grind into her leg, just feel something soft and hard at the same time. For a strong second the urge was overwhelming. I blinked, a little unsteady. Jesus, I was horny. I wasn't used to it and it kept smacking me upside the head. 723 "You okay?" She said. 724 "Yeah," I said, "Just got buzzed. Whoosh." 725 "Mmm." Trish said, slipping strong fingers into the waist of my skirt and tugging slightly. "Fun." 726 I smacked her hand with my drinks book. "Get outta here. Go deflower a trophy wife, if you want to do me a favor. Room 3." 727 She let go, gave me a saucy little smile, and turned on her heel. I sat down at the bar and put my head in my hands for a minute. The room was spinning, but not in a bad way. Suddenly I wanted to take a break, go find a remote bathroom stall, and just masturbate the living shit out of myself. I laughed at the thought- it had been years since I'd done that. In my early days, I'd done a lot more drinking and had a lot less in the way of steady boyfriends. It had been almost a safety mechanism around here. 728 Good thing Trish didn't know me back then. 729 How long had it been since I'd had a good, satisfying, screaming orgasm? Too fucking long. I only come hard when I give a shit, and I hadn't given a shit about much anything in a while. Definitely not Derek, even if he did have a fairly decent cock. I could go get a dildo that fit me better and not have to deal with the psychological warfare that he called dating. 730 Plus the dildo would probably vibrate. Pluses all around. 731 A hand on my back turned me around; I saw Trish. I frowned- what was she doing back? 732 "She wants you in there." Trish said. 733 "What?" I said. 734 "She wants you in there." Trish said. "Moral support, or some shit." 735 "Dude," I said, "I can't..." 736 Trish fanned out her fingers. In them was a hundred-dollar bill, bank crisp. 737 "That was just to ask the question." Trish said. I looked at it, dumbfounded. That was big money, even for high-end strippers like Trish. She nodded. "Yeah. So do a shot or something if you need to, but we don't play if you don't play, and this one is dying to spend." 738 "Jesus." I said. 739 "Yeah." Trish said. She took my hand and pulled me off the seat. She gestured to Mike behind the bar. "C's gonna be off the floor for a few." 740 Mike nodded, uncaring. Trish met my eyes. Full on mischievous grin, but there was avarice and sex in there, too. "Come on, C. This is big girl money. Big girls don't turn down big girl money." 741 Slowly, I nodded. I let her lead me through the crowd to room 3, just like I'd done with Amy. My mouth was dry and my heart was beating hard. 742 Cat the Coward. Cat of the Cast-Down Eyes. 743 Amy smiled as soon as I came in. I put my game face on. 744 "Don't like going to the movies alone, huh?" I grinned at her and sat a few paces away on the large comfortable circular couch that ringed the padded duvan in the middle where Danni was sitting. 745 "Do you mind?" She said. 746 "Not at all." I lied. I crossed my legs and tried to formulate a plan, a way to respond if Ms. Anderson made a move. I faced the realization that I honestly did not know what I'd do. Or what to do. I was at fucking sea. I tried not to look like I was hyperventilating. 747 Trish gave me a saucy little grin and caught Danni's hand, who led her around the circle of the duvan a few times, giving Amy a good view of her body moving beneath the barely-there dress. Trish was dark, half-black or Polynesian or something, with a narrow face and full lips that looked great with her short, punk haircut. She wasn't voluptuous; she was slim-waisted and thin-hipped, but she had lovely little b-cups and an ass that made you want to take up sodomy. It was a dancer's body, and she moved like a dancer- I don't mean dancer as in 'Exotic Dancer'. She moved like a ballerina, precise but sensual. I fancied I could see Amy's heart beating harder in the veins of her neck. I felt a little stab of something that almost felt like jealousy. Ha! I was drunk. 748 She slipped onto the duvan behind Danni, who was almost the exact opposite of Trish. Pale, almost translucent skin and flowing dark hair, Danni was a pinup girl come to life. She had tattoos over her arms, neck, and down her back, and the black lingerie she wore barely held her curves together. She was soft, lush, voluptuous. Her breasts were amazing, probably something like E's- She'd gotten me to feel them up one time at a party and it was like sinking your fingers into some heavy firm cloud that just went on forever. Trish slipped her hand across Danni's collarbone, resting it possessively on her neck. I looked at Ms. Anderson; her eyes glowed like coals in the darkness. I shivered a little at the hunger I saw there. 749 She liked this, yes. 750 Trish took her time, her hands never leaving Danni, covering her neck and shoulders with small presses of lips and licks of tongue; a visual seduction that was... well, compelling. To say the least. Danni's breath came a little faster, those magnificent breasts heaving like a restless sea. Trish wound her fists in Danni's hair, slowly, twisting it until Danni's head was pulled all the way back, her throat exposed. Trish pulled until Danni was looking up at the ceiling, and Trish wound her tongue down into the pale girl's lush mouth, slipping her hands under her breasts and squeezing them through the thin fabric. I felt myself blush a little. 751 That looked kind of fun. 752 Danni took control and twisted in Trish's grip. She surged up into the kiss and pushed Trish back down onto the duvan, hand wrapped around her neck. I saw Amy's lips part; she adjusted her long legs. I smiled a little to myself while Danni made her slow way down Trish's body, licking and biting, touching everywhere. When her face reached the little mound of cloth that covered Trish's sex, she bit lightly at the fabric and Trish moaned. 753 I watched Amy, now, as they climbed all over each other; it seemed to me that the older woman was getting incredibly aroused. With good reason, too; this was quite a show. I was already too fucking horny and my judgment was probably not all it should be. I needed a break, before I did something I knew I'd regret. 754 I got up, slipped around the two girls who had gotten each other's bras off and were licking each other's breasts slowly but with a growing rhythm and urgency, made my way to Mrs. Anderson and only tripped a little. They really were fuckin' good at this. 755 I crouched next to Amy. Her legs were slightly parted, her hand on her thigh. I got close to her ear. 756 "I'm gonna go get us a couple of drinks, darlin'." I said, putting a little southern girl purr in there. I put my hand lightly on hers and pushed it a few inches up her inner thigh. "I think they'd be flattered if you had a little fun while you were watching." I slid her hand a few more inches, until it started to push her skirt up. She was looking at me with those burning eyes, and I smiled. Stood up and walked away, because for a moment I'd almost leaned in and kissed her, kept my hand where it was. It had felt pretty good, resting up against the hem of her skirt. And I really wanted... fuckin'... something. Something that wasn't Derek pawing me like a kitten with a ball of string and trying to talk me into anal. 757 I tottered out into the club, feeling too dizzy even than the drinks I'd pounded. I went to the bar and got some drinks, for Amy and me, taking my time, giving the girls a chance to work their magic. These little sex flashes were getting alarming- but why should I be alarmed? What the fuck did it really matter, anyway? I'd just caught my live-in boyfriend fucking a stripper. And it wasn't like I'd never fucked a girl before- I just hadn't lately. Or, like... years. 758 But why couldn't I let Trish take me home, re-enact that little scene on the duvan but with me as the star? What would be so wrong with that? 759 I got the drinks, made my way back through the club, suddenly feeling tired and depressed. There was nothing wrong with that; not a thing. I could do it. I could totally do it. Not a thing in the world stopped me. 760 But I wouldn't. I knew I wouldn't. Because I was a fucking coward. If anybody had sweaty hot licky hair-pulling sex with Trish or Amy tonight, it wouldn't be me. 761 Cat the Coward, that's me. Know thyself, as the sages say. Even if the knowledge tastes of ash. 762 When I came in, Trish and Danni were down to their panties, legs wrapped around each other and grinding slowly while their tongues tied knots. Amy's hand hadn't moved, but it also wasn't moving; she looked up at me with a hot little smile that made my stomach twist up. I handed her a drink, took a sip of mine, sat down. Maybe a bit nearer Mrs. A than I'd been. Who can tell these things. It was dark. 763 God, Danni's breasts were just amazing. I just wanted to rub my face in them, an action that always seemed juvenile when boys wanted to do it to me, but... Totally got it, now. Trish broke off the kiss and looked at me; gave me a sort of sinister little wink. She detangled herself from Danni in a supremely graceful and erotic move that ended with both of them spanning the distance between the leather duvan and the couch. 764 Chapter 3.3 "Um..." I said, as they grabbed my hands and pulled me up. In another supremely graceful move, in that I didn't quite realize what was happening until it had happened, I was sitting on the duvan, facing Ms. A, with two very beautiful and quite lesbian strippers pressed tight on either side of me. 766 "Um..." I said, again. 767 "Relax." Trish said in my ear. 768 "The customer has a request." Danni breathed, licking the lobe of my ear as she said it. I jumped at the sensation. I looked up at Amy, who was looking at me with maybe the hungriest expression I'd ever seen on another person in my life. 769 "Big girl money, darling." Trish whispered. "Big girls don't turn down big girl money." Her hand slipped over my stomach, making me jump. 770 Danni's magnificent breasts brushed my arm and Trish licked my neck. Involuntarily, my eyes closed-. Right there, that's my trigger. Stuff starts to get slippery. I felt two sets of hands cup my breasts through my 'tress outfit; for a moment I was absurdly embarrassed that they'd be able to tell that my nipples were as hard as fucking rocks. 771 "Um..." I said again, but my eyes were still closed and expert hands were travelling all over my body. I felt a hand tighten around my neck (another trigger) and boom: I was WET. Embarrassingly wet. But then the hand turned my head and I felt a long tongue part my lips and slide into my mouth at the same time a different set of expert hands pushed my legs apart and dragged fingernails up into my cunt. 772 I gasped into Trish's mouth; her lips were soft but her tongue was hard and insistent. My dizziness overwhelmed me. Vaguely I felt them undo my dress, then my bra. My nipples felt other nipples press on them and drag across my skin, shocking in it's softness; traded Trish's hot darting tongue for Danni's soft mouth. She sucked my tongue into it powerfully, almost so much it hurt; I felt fingers touch me, remove clothing, touch me some more. It was maybe the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced. I can admit that, I'm a big girl. Even a coward can admit something like that to herself, can't she? I started to reach the point where I thought I might come, then reached the point where I didn't care if I did, then reached the point where I thought I'd go mad if I didn't. The need to experience that release grew and grew until everything else in the world seemed arbitrary and unimportant. 773 I broke off the make-out with Danni and opened my eyes. I was mostly naked now, with just my underwear and stockings on, a tangle of arms and breast and leg and mouth and tongue. Amy was watching me, her eyes somehow dark and bright at the same time. She bit her bottom lip slightly; the first physical concession to arousal she'd shown, and that simple little gesture went through me like a cleaver through flesh. 774 Suddenly, with no transition, I knew that I wanted to fuck this woman across from me, I wanted to fuck her more than I'd ever wanted to do anything in my life; I wanted to do shit to her I'd never even imagined. I felt like I'd do anything in the world to do it, and I felt like I might die if I didn't get to. It came from nowhere and slammed into me and broke me and made me anew; in an instant my whole life seemed paltry and dull in the face of this new, searing, overwhelming, lust. 775 I broke free of the other girls, leaned forward, climbed across the gap like a cat, placed my weight on my hands that touched either side of her thighs and seemed to burn my skin, and kissed her. 776 The world just kind of... went away, for a little while. And then strong fingers wrapped around my neck and Amy pushed me back, breaking the kiss with a soft sucking sound. I whimpered a little. She looked at me with hooded eyes for a second, then licked her lips. 777 "Thank you, ladies." She said, in that thrilling low voice. The other two girls pulled me back; they could tell the show was over. She stood, tucking a fat roll of bills into the fold of the couch. She gave us a smile, adjusted her skirt, and left the room. There was silence for a moment. 778 "Well that was fun." Trish said. Danni had already gotten over to the couch and was riffling the bills. She looked up at us, wide-eyed. 779 "What?" Trish said. I was too battered and lost to even think about it. 780 "There's three grand here." She said. 781 "The fuck..." Trish said. She bounced over and counted it. I sat back on the duvan, feeling muzzy and stupid. That was... it? That was all there was? And now she was gone? I was as wet and hard and horny and frustrated as I'd ever been in my life, and now we just... went back to work? 782 Trish bounced back with a bunch of large-denomination bills in her hand. She tucked the wad into the top of my panties. 783 "Big girl money." She said, impishly. Danni was already putting on her skimpy dress, and Trish started to do the same. She looked at me, concerned. "You okay?" 784 "Yeah," I said. I started hunting around in the dimness for my bra. 785 "You were amazing." Danni said. "Join us anytime, darlin." 786 She gave me a wink and Trish gave me a rather more salacious wink. Then they ducked out of the room and were gone. 787 I sat in there for several long minutes, and then finally started putting my clothes back on. 788 My heart was in my teeth as I walked around the stage and looked to see if Amy had left- for a desperate, terrible moment I saw an empty table but then I realized I was looking at 4, not 6. Ms. Anderson was sitting, legs crossed, as classy as anything, in number 6. I sighed a huge sigh of relief and looked around for my next item of business. I saw it and walked over. 789 "Excuse me." I said to the balding guy that Trish was talking to. "I'll get her right back to you, honey." 790 I grabbed Trish's hand and half-dragged her to one of the changing rooms, locked the door, and mauled her. 791 She had no apparent problem with this; in five minutes she had me back on the couch with my skirt down around my knees, having one of the best orgasms of my life into her strong little mouth. When it was over I shuddered and jittered a little in that way that always embarrasses me but seems to turn other people on quite a bit. 792 "Mmmm." Trish said, climbing up me and kissing me on the mouth. Her mouth was wet with my come, and it tasted strange and wonderful on her lips. She broke the kiss after a moment, before it could get too heated. 793 "Your turn?" I asked, half fearful, half hopeful. Trish laughed and patted my cheek. 794 "Not unless you want me following you around like a puppy dog." She grinned. "And that wouldn't be no fun for anybody." 795 She paused for a moment at the door, wiping the corner of her mouth with one finger. 796 "Just so you know," She said, "You're a bit of a squirter." 797 I froze. The look on my face must have been enough. 798 "Oh, it's no problem." She said, with a wicked little grin. "Quite the opposite. Just thought it's information a girl should have. Weapons at the disposal, and all that." She winked and closed the door behind her. I looked down and saw a significant wet spot on the couch, and blushed about as hard as I ever had. 799 I had certainly never done that before. It made me feel strange, and strangely... Like anything might be possible, tonight. 800 Or maybe I was just really drunk. Either way, Cat the Coward was going to go sit on Amy Anderson's lap and do whatever it took to get her in bed. I had that much courage, I thought. I had just that much. 801 She was gone, of course. 802 For a few minutes I just sat there where she'd been sitting, feeling like I was going to cry. I felt strangely bereft; as if I'd lost something precious just as I'd found it. I felt a hand on my back. 803 "Hey, honey, you ok?" It was Mary, concern on her cute little round face. I felt absurdly grateful. She sat down next to me and patted my hand. "You look like, sad as shit, darlin'." 804 "I'm okay." I said, hoping I looked okay. "Long night." 805 She nodded sympathetically, then remembered something with a little moue of surprise. She reached into her apron and pulled out a sheaf of bills, folded in half. She handed it to me. 806 "I dunno what you did with this one," She said, "But she was happy. That's all yours." 807 I really did feel like I was going to cry now. I clutched the stupid money. 808 "I'm fine." I said. "Really." 809 "Okay, hon." Mary said. "Listen, why don't you get yourself cut? We have too many girls on the floor already, and it looks like you made some bank tonight. Go home and get a backrub from that fine man-meat of yours." 810 I sighed. I squeezed her hand, forced a smile. 811 "Yeah." I said. "I think I might. Thanks." 812 She smiled and bounced off. Good old Mary. 813 I laid back on the cushions, looking at the black-painted ceiling. The bass thrum of the music seemed watery, distant. I thought maybe I would take the rest of the night off. All the alcohol and sex were draining into something sterile, dry, shameful. 814 I wanted to take a shower and sleep for a week. I remembered Derek was in my bed and wanted to cry again. Feeling like I weighed a thousand pounds, I dragged myself up off the couch, slipped the wad of money into my apron, and headed off to find Rog. 815 It was cool outside, cool enough to make my nipples prickle and remind me of how fucking hard they'd been only a little while ago. It was already starting to feel like a hundred years ago, like a dream someone else had told me once. I walked through the parking lot, ignoring the car of drunk assholes who yelled unintelligible come-on's at me. I fumbled in my purse for my keys, feeling thick and slow. 816 I stopped with the key halfway in the lock. Pulled it out and turned, looking up at the stars. 817 God, I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to go home to my shoddy apartment and my unfinished degree and my dying plants. I had been on the cusp of... something. I wanted something more, but I felt it slipping away. I wondered if I would remember that overwhelming feeling I'd felt in that private room, looking at Amy. Already it felt unreal. How long until I convinced myself it had just been the alcohol? 818 The stars had no answers for me. I wished I still felt that heat, wished I had the desire and fortitude to go home with Trish, even just to sleep on her couch. But no, I'd go home to my own bed. And know thyself, right? Just to have some comfort I'd probably let Derek sleep in it. And the inevitable wheel of history would grind on. 819 And tomorrow I'd wake up and get ready for another shift as Catherine the Cocktail Waitress. Cat the timid, Cat the fake. 820 Cat the Coward. Always. 821 "HEY!" I jerked and looked up. I saw Mary running comically in her heels across the parking lot. I frowned; had she given me too much money? Had they got a late rush in there? She tottered up, breathing heavily. She wore an outlandishly sorrowful expression. 822 "Darlin'," She said, "I swear to god I'm the stupidest idiot you ever met." 823 "What's wrong?" I caught her arm to keep her from falling over. She expelled a huge sigh and handed a slip of paper over. 824 "Completely forgot that lady left this for you." She said. "It was with the money but must have fallen off. I just found it in my bag." 825 I looked at the paper. 826 I have a proposition. Then there was a telephone number written next to it in that same neat, precise hand. 827 I looked up at Mary, eyes wide. She blinked. 828 "Is that good?" She said. I hugged her. 829 "I love you." I said. I reached into my bag, got the wad of bills, grabbed a bunch of them and shoved them in Mary's hand. Now it was her turn to do the wide eyes thing. 830 "Cat," She said, "This is..." 831 "Shut up and get your fine ass out of here." I said. "I gotta make a phone call." 832 She looked at me, at whatever she saw on my face. 833 "Ho boy." She said, sighing. "That bad, huh?" 834 I grinned, helplessly. I nodded. She kissed me on the cheek. 835 "Then good luck, darlin'." She tottered away, but I didn't watch her go. I was too busy digging for my phone. 836 "Hello?" It was her voice. That thick, creamy, delicious voice. I felt like I'd been waiting my entire life to hear it. 837 "Hi." I said. "This is Cat." 838 "Catherine." She said. "I was worried you wouldn't call." 839 I bit my lip and leaned against my car. My whole body felt like a plucked string, vibrating to some new harmonic. 840 "I called." I said, rolling my eyes at my inability to use the English language in any coherent way. 841 "I have a proposition for you." Amy said. My heart thumped. 842 "Okay." I said. 843 "I'd like to hire you to find someone for me." She said. 844 "Find someone?" I said. What the fuck? 845 "I'm looking for someone to... spend a few weeks with." Amy said. "I'm going on something of a road trip, and I'd like some company. But this needs to be... well, a special kind of person. Frankly I wasn't going to ask, but..." 846 "I can help." I said, strange weird chills and hot flashes chasing themselves around my body. 847 "I'm looking for someone who's good at procuring things." Amy said. "At making things happen." 848 "An assistant." I said. I could hear Amy smile, somehow. 849 "An assistant." She said. "But an assistant who would be willing to... engage in a variety of recreational activities. A wide variety." 850 I closed my eyes. There was a small pause. 851 "Do I need to be clearer, Cat?" She said. She was still smiling, I could tell. 852 "Oh, no." I said. "That's perfectly clear." 853 "I am, of course, willing to compensate this person for their time." She said. "If it's the right person." 854 "Of course." I said, stupidly. 855 "The terms," She went on, as if I'd not said anything, "Will be fifty thousand up front, to take the trip. And if, when we get to California and go our separate ways, I am completely satisfied... there will be an additional fifty thousand. Including all travel costs and incidentals." 856 "That seems reasonable." I said, as if from far, far away and underwater. 857 "Do you think you could find someone like that for me, Catherine?" She said. 858 "Yeah," I said. "I'm pretty sure I know the perfect girl." 859 "Oh?" She said, sounding surprised. 860 "Yeah." I said, my voice somehow calm. "Me." 861 Now there was a silence on her end. 862 "Hmm." Was all she said. I just waited, feeling like my heart was going to jump up out of my chest. I felt like I had just leaped off a cliff without thinking about it or looking at what lay below, and now I was hanging there, curious, waiting for gravity to grab me. 863 "I'm not sure that you would be... up... for some of the things I have in mind." She said, finally. "I was thinking of someone who was perhaps a little less beautiful and a little more... experienced." 864 My eyes were still closed. 865 "I learn quickly." I said, hoarsely. There was another silence. When she broke it she sounded brisk, businesslike. 866 "Okay, Catherine. How about this. I propose an audition; If you pass the audition, then we'll enter into this deal on a provisional basis. Do you understand what that means?" 867 "I think so." I croaked. 868 "It means I will give you ten thousand up front, providing you ace your audition." She said. "And then further payment depending upon how happy I am with your services. If at any time I am displeased, I will put you on a plane back home. If you make it all the way to California, the balance of the hundred thousand will be yours." 869 I couldn't think of a thing to say. 870 "Still interested, Cat?" She said. God, I wanted to fuck her voice. I wanted to fuck it raw. 871 "I'm interested." I said. "On one condition." 872 Hesitation. "Go on." She said. 873 "That you tell me your real name." I held my breath. I could hear her smile again. 874 "It's Rebecca." She said. I sighed, feeling weak. 875 "That's a lovely name." 876 "Thank you, Catherine." She said. "Now, about your audition." 877 I hung up the phone and looked at it. 878 "Fuck." I said, softly. I looked up at the stars for a while. And then, before this burst of madness could abate, I moved. 879 I slipped Jenna a hundred dollar bill and gave Trish my phone, showing her how to work it. Jenna asked me if I was sure; we both knew I'd probably get fired if I did this. 880 I said I was. 881 I was not. 882 From backstage, I saw Trish get the video on my camera running and point it. I took a deep breath. A song started, something wild and rough from the eighties. 883 I pushed through the curtain and out onto the stage, into the lights and in front of hundreds of hungry staring eyes. 884 The first part was actually fine; I mean I work in a strip club and wear fuck-me clothes professionally. I know how to put the smile on and put the sway into the hips. I even know how to twirl around the pole a little. If it had just been that, there would be no problems, but this was of course not that. Amy had known, somehow. Known what the hardest thing would be. 885 The dancers lined up around the stage, eyes wide; Mike was leaning on the bar, Trish was staring at me, fascinated. Everyone seemed to know something special was happening. One of the cocktail waitresses was on the big pole. I started to hear catcalls, many of them from the girls I work with. 886 Cat the Coward. It wasn't too late; I could walk off the stage and apologize and probably keep both my dignity and my job. Go home to my boyfriend. Water my plants. Get ready for tomorrow's shift. 887 I looked down into the eye of the camera, where Rebecca was watching from her hotel room. 888 I smiled at her, and started taking off my clothes. 889 END